ATWT Update Thursday 8/26/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/26/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Katie’s, Reid is shocked to learn that Doogie Chris spent the night there…..they actually slept together. At Fairwinds Gwen packs up to leave. Emily offers for her to stay a few more days if she’d like. Gwen says that is extremely generous considering what Iris did to them. Will is concerned when he can’t reach his mom and wonders if his mom has been kidnapped again. Paul beats on Barbara’s door. She opens it only dressed in a towel. When she starts talking about oysters, he’s disgusted and leaves. Henry emerges wearing a white robe and laughs about Barbara teasing her son like that. When she wants to show him again how much she loves him, he growls but says he has something else in mind….just a little breakfast and then go public. He asked her to marry him and now he wants Paul and everybody else to know she is going to be his wife.

Paul returns and tells Emily and Gwen that his mother is more than all right. She was with Henry and it was obvious they had spent the night together. He can’t believe his brother is bumping uglies with his mother. Emily loves it. As long as Barbara is with Henry, that gives them more alone time together. However, the phone rings and it’s Barbara saying she and Henry would like to come visit.

Luke visits Chris and tells him that he knows his secret that he is sick. Chris tells him that he doesn’t need Reid anymore so he absolves him of all his care. Luke advises that he tell his family and get all the adequate care that he needs. Chris nixes that as he doesn’t want them to worry. And if Reid hasn’t told anybody else, he’d like to keep it that way.

Katie doesn’t understand why Reid doesn’t want Chris spending the night or that they get involved. Reid only says he doesn’t want Katie to get hurt. Katie doesn’t understand why Reid would shoot Chris down. He says there are things that she does not know about Chris. Chris shows up and lashes into Reid for telling Luke about him.

Barbara and Henry come to Fairwinds and because Will and Gwen are leaving, Henry has to blurt out his intentions fairly quickly. With all that has happened in the last few weeks, he realizes what an idiot he was about Vienna and he’s ready to say now that he is absolutely in love with Barbara. He’s asked her to marry him and they’d like the ceremony to be here at Fairwinds to make it more special. No one says a word; they are all dumbfounded looking around at each other. Finally Emily speaks up and says she thinks it is wonderful. It’s fantastic that they want to do it right here at Fairwinds. Will thinks it is weird. Paul tells him that he thought it was fine when he thought it was just a fling. No one gets married any more so they can just live together. Barbara is shocked that he’d rather they live in sin rather than Henry making her an honest woman. She is not ashamed of her former mistakes in marrying so many times. Gwen says they all want her to be happy.

Reid wants Chris to tell him why he slept with Katie. Her last husband died on her. Chris doesn’t need to do that too. He needs a reality check. Luke shows up and he sees that he is too late. This is all his fault. He tells Chris that he put Reid in a very bad position. Chris wants him just to keep his mouth shut. Reid says he needs to see a cardiologist. Katie returns before they can say more. Reid tells Luke that Katie is falling for Chris and she could end up losing him too.

Will tells Gwen that just the fact that his mother is marrying again is bringing up all sorts of stuff. Henry can’t believe all of them are passing judgment. Paul feels that everything James Steinbeck touched was cursed and he doesn’t want to see something bad happen to them. Henry can’t believe that Paul would invoke James’s name now. It proves to him that Paul is really James’s son. He doesn’t need Paul’s blessing at all. He will marry her whether Paul likes it or not.

Will goes to see Parker to say goodbye. He asks if Parker ever thinks about his dad. Parker says all the time. He shows him a picture. They talk about Henry and Will’s mom getting married. Will encourages Parker to stay in school and go on to college when Parker says there might be something more important right now. And he thinks their dad would approve. They hug.

Reid tells Luke that he wants the whole enchilada. He better take care of that kidney. If he falls in love with him, he doesn’t want to lose him. Luke is amused that Reid actually said he plans on falling in love with him. He kisses Reid and they start getting more serious and fall to the couch….only for Reid to be bit in the butt by one of Jacob’s toys. They agree to a raincheck. Reid gets it…..Luke would prefer soft music and candlelight.

Chris almost passes out at the daycare school that Katie is checking out. He blames it on the heat and no sleep and the patient he is worried about. He asks for water and then skips out when Katie goes to get it.

Paul tells Henry that he thinks they should take a moment and give it some time. They will have to deal with the public. Barbara is a lot more conservative than he thinks. People will start to talk. Don’t open this can of worms. Henry tells him to take his can of worms and shove it.

Will tells Gwen that his mom has a terrible track record with marriage. He wishes she would just stay single. Gwen reminds him that Henry loves Barbara and he is not a user so they can be happy. He gets it – she has cut the cord with her dysfunctional mom and now she is saying he should do the same with his. They should go wish her well with her marriage.

Chris sees Luke and tells him that if he sees Katie, don’t say a word. He goes into a room and gives himself oxygen. Both Luke and Reid are worried but they will have to keep the secret and worry about the consequences later. Katie checks on Chris and finds out that he’s not there to see a patient. She looks into the room and finds Chris giving himself oxygen and wants to know what is wrong with him.

Henry finds Barbara crying. She says she is so sorry that Paul compared Henry to James. They are nothing alike. She tells him that there is not one molecule of James's DNA in him. He is the most loving, kind, sensitive man she has ever known and anyone would feel lucky to be his wife. She wants to stand before her family and be his wife. He tells her not to say that. He is now withdrawing his proposal.

Reid picks up the phone and puts in a call to Dr. John Dixon.

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