ATWT Update Tuesday 8/24/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/24/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

The entire episode today takes place at Avalon castle so the locations in this summary are all different locations within the castle.

(Craig’s room) Lily tells Craig that she was just kidding about sleeping with him but she does want to share a room with him because Lucinda arrived and she doesn’t want to share a room with her. Lily tells Craig she went down to the front desk to ask for another room but there won’t be another room available until tomorrow. Craig tells Lily that she can stay with him until tomorrow and Lily makes it clear she will be sleeping on the couch. Lily tells Craig that Lucinda came to ask for her forgiveness butt she doesn’t intend to forgive her because this time she has gone too far. Craig invites Lily to dinner downstairs and she accepts and goes to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed for dinner.

(Ralph’s room) Ralph calls Lucinda by her real name Mary Ellen Walters and thanks her for getting him a temporary furlough from jail and shows her the letter from the Governor granting him special permission to get out of jail because he has to attend the funeral of a relative. Lucinda laughs and tells Ralph she needs his help fixing the part of the plan that went wrong. Lucinda explains that she needs him to get Anthony Blackthorn out of town without fuss because he disobeyed her orders to leave town even though she gave him money. Ralph tells Lucinda that he knows her too well and reminds her of when they used to go to fancy hotels to use the bathroom so that she could wash her hands with the fancy soap and smell like the rich ladies. Lucinda laughs and remembers that was the time she started studying the rich women so she could act like them. Ralph knows Lucinda is keeping part of the story from him so he tells her that he won’t help her until he tells her the whole story. Lucinda tells Ralph that Anthony has developed an attachment to Janet and he won’t leave town without her but he must leave town without her because Janet is in love with Dusty and has many other attachments to Oakdale. Ralph tells Lucinda not to worry her pretty head because he will make sure Anthony follows orders without a fuss.

(Jack’s room) Jack tells Carly he suspects Blackthorn had Dusty kidnapped and brought to the Castle so he could keep an eye on him and make sure that Dusty didn’t tell Janet that he belongs to the saint Carmelo society which is a front for Ralph’s mob organization.

(Castle kitchen) Janet almost goes into the pantry where Blackie and his goons are holding Dusty but Blackie comes out and tells her that there is nothing in the pantry that she could want to eat and he insists that she come with him to find food somewhere else.

Blackie walks Janet to her room after going to the gift shop with her to buy peanut butter and crackers and some juice. Blackie invites Janet to dinner later so that she can have something more substantial then peanut butter and crackers. Janet accepts the invitation and laughs because it will be hard for her to find a nice dress to wear since she is as big as a house. Blackie tells Janet she looks beautiful and he can’t wait to see her later at dinner.

(Jack’s room) Carly worries that Jack could get hurt because he is so focused on putting Ralph the man ultimately responsible for Brad’s death behind bars for good. Carly tells Jack that Ralph is already behind bars but that isn’t enough for Jack because this is personal with him. Carly reminds Jack what happened the last time he got so intense that his job mixed with his personal life and she also tells jack that putting away the mobsters won’t bring back Brad. Jack tells Carly he has finally accepted his brother’s death and the circumstances that led to it and his goal now is to protect Janet and his child. Carly wants Jack to call Margo for back up but he doesn’t want to call Margo until he has more evidence. Jack does call Margo and ask her to check if Dusty’s car is at the Lakeview and she tells him that she will return his call when he has information. Margo asks to talk to Carly and she asks Carly if Jack is okay Carly tells Margo she is keeping him out of trouble and Margo asks Carly to call her if she needs help. Carly wants to order room service so that Jack stays away from the dinning room and Blackie Jack and Carly start to kiss but then Carly stops because she isn’t ready to make love so they decide to go downstairs and have dinner.

(Castle lobby) Jack gets a map of the castle grounds and asks Carly to talk to the castle staff to see if anyone has seen Blackthorn having any conversations with anyone. Anthony calls the jail and asks to urgently talk to Ralph but Ralph comes up behind him and tells him since the business is so urgent he is glad he is there. Ralph isn’t happy that Blackie disobeyed his orders so he respectfully orders him to stay away from Janet, let Dusty go and head back to Chicago and wait for his next assignment. Ralph tells Blackie he is disappointed that he didn’t show respect for Lucinda and follow her orders because the business is all about respect. Ralph also makes it clear to Blackie that he is to leave without stopping to say good-bye to anyone.

Lucinda sees Craig while she is walking beside the indoor pool and he taunts her by saying that he and Lily are sharing a room and that they have already made love several times. Lucinda gets really upset when Craig tells her that he might be her son in law again and calls her mom. Lucinda pushes Craig in the pool and tells him never to call her mom again because he will never be a part of her family. Lucinda also tells Craig to stay away from Lily but Craig tells Lucinda that he and Lily have gotten close so it is too late. Carly arrives shortly after Lucinda leaves she helps Craig out of the pool but quickly pushes him in again because it is the least he deserves for everything he has done to her. Lily arrives and laughs at seeing Craig soaking wet and he explains that Lucinda pushed him in the pool because she somehow got the idea that they were sleeping together and then Carly helped him out of the pool so that she could push him back in the pool again.

(Castle Lobby) Jack tells Carly that he informed the local police about what he is doing because he doesn’t want to risk messing up the case because he didn’t do things by the book. Jack tells Carly that he took her advice and is trying to stay out of trouble. Carly is surprised when Jack tells her that sometimes he takes her advice and it keeps him out of trouble. Carly tells Jack that she talked to the staff and they have not seen Blackthorn talking to anyone. Janet tells Jack and Carly to leave her alone and she refuses to believe jack when he tells her he suspects that Blackie is involved with the mob and has kidnapped Dusty. Janet leaves to look for Blackie who Jack and Carly see a few minutes later and Jack wonders if Blackie has seen Dusty and he says no and leaves to look for Janet. Jack wonders why Blackie's bleeding from his forehead and starts to go after him but Carly stops him. Margo calls jack and tells him that her men found Dusty’s car in the Lakeview parking lot and also checked the surveillance camera DVD’s and saw Dusty being put into an SUV with the license plate Elvis 18.

(Castle kitchen) Blackie asks his goons if they let Dusty go yet and they say no but they are going to do it soon because Ralph ordered them too. Blackie tells the goons that Ralph will be going back to jail soon and he will be the new head of the organization so they should start taking his orders not Ralph’s.

Ralph and Lucinda take a walk on the grounds and Lucinda cries because her plans to hurt Craig cost her Lily when all she meant to do was help and protect Lily. Ralph tells Lucinda that the worst mistake he ever made was to let her go and asks her to run away with him. Lucinda says no she has no intention of going away with him and Ralph tells her that he could put her in jail for fraud.

Jack and Carly find the SUV with the license plate Elvis 18 in the parking lot and they know Dusty was brought to the Castle against his will.

(Craig’s room) Lily tells Craig she is thinking about taking over Worldwide and Craig thinks they should bee business partners as well as romantic partners. Lily agrees to the business partnership but makes it clear to Craig they will never be romantic partners. Craig surprises Lily when he gives her a passionate kiss.

(Castle kitchen) Blackie tells Dusty its time for him to have an accident and so that he won’t get in the way of his relationship with Janet. The goons help Dusty stand and are about to take Dusty away when Janet opens the pantry door Blackie rushes out to stop Janet from coming in the door. Dusty uses his feet to kick things so that Janet will hear the noise. Janet hears the noise and asks Blackie if he heard the noise too and he is trying to think about how to respond to Janet’s question.

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