ATWT Update Thursday 8/19/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/19/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Katie’s house) Chris wonders if Katie is okay after they made love and she tells him that she is fine and she wonders why she waited so long since it was amazing. Chris and Katie kiss for a few minutes and then Katie gets up and goes to the living room to call the baby sitter to check on Jacob. Katie tells Chris not to go anywhere because she will be back soon. Chris gets up a little and props himself up on some pillows then he gets a chest pain and pos an aspirin into his mouth just as Katie comes back into the bedroom. A worried Katie wonders what is wrong and Chris explains to he that the doctor put him on an aspirin regimen for his heart and with everything that happened he forgot to take the aspirin. Katie wonders if there is something wrong with Chris’s heart so Chris tells her he is fine and so is his heart and he has Katie feel his strong heartbeat.

(Wine cellar) Henry and Paul quickly untie Barbara and Emily and both insist that the ladies go to the hospital and be examined by a doctor but the ladies tell Paul and Henry that they will do that as soon as they catch Iris. Henry hugs Barbara and tells her how happy he is that she is okay because he had a feeling that someone was holding her against her will. Paul helps Emily up the stairs and then Barbara surprises Henry by telling him that she never wants to see him again and asking him to move so that she can get out of the wine cellar.

(Upstairs at Fairwinds) Will tells Gwen that he rushed up there to find her and protect her from Iris who was holding Barbara and Emily hostage in the wine cellar. Gwen can’t believe that her mother could do such a thing or that she fell for her games again and wanted to believe in her and give her a second chance. Gwen texts the babysitter and tells her to keep a closer eye on Hallie and Eliza and to keep them away from the house until Iris is caught. Will is about to call the police when Emily comes in the room with Paul and asks Gwen about Iris and Gwen tells her that Iris is gone so Emily assumes Gwen helped Iris escape. Will defends Gwen and tells Emily that Gwen had no idea Iris kidnapped her and Barbara. Gwen can’t stop apologizing to Emily for her mother’s actions but Emily doesn’t accept the apology.

(Bank) Iris arrives at the bank and is upset that it is closed she pounds on the door asking the employees to let her in because she is Barbara Ryan and she needs some money.

(Katie’s house) Kim calls Chris to tell him that Henry and Paul have found Barbara and she is headed to the hospital. Kim asks Chris to examine Barbara and let her know how she is doing. Chris tells his mom to calm down because he will go to the hospital as soon as he hangs up the phone with her. Chris hangs up and tells Katie the details his mom told him about how Henry and Paul rescued Barbara and Emily. Katie decides to go to the hospital with Chris so she can talk to Henry who must be over the moon with happiness since he has found Barbara.

(Wine cellar) Henry can’t believe what he heard Barbara say and she tells him that he heard her correctly then she heads upstairs with Henry following close behind her.

(Upstairs at Fairwinds) Barbara hugs Will and Gwen who apologizes to Barbara for what Iris did to her. Barbara asks Henry to stay away from her and Henry still can’t understand Barbara’s reaction to him. Paul tells Barbara that without Henry they never would have rescued her but Barbara is angry because Henry married Vienna on the day she went missing. Henry explains to Barbara that he annulled the marriage as soon as he found out Vienna lied to him about being pregnant. Paul tells Barbara that Henry didn’t want to marry Vienna he had to get very drunk to do it but that doesn’t make Barbara feel any better. Henry tells Barbara that since he found out she was missing he has spent every waking hour looking for her but Barbara doesn’t want to listen to Henry anymore. Paul, Will, and Henry insist that Barbara and Emily head to the hospital to get a check up so the ladies finally agree to go to the hospital. Will and Gwen start to look for Iris to put her in jail while Paul and Henry take the ladies to the hospital even though Barbara tells Henry once again to stay away from her.

(Hospital) Henry arrives to be with Barbara and even though she threatens to call security to throw him out he is determined to never leave her side again. Barbara throws a pillow at Henry who ducks so the pillow hits Chris as he comes in to check on her. Chris tells Barbara his parents are worried about her and called and asked him to check on her. Barbara asks Chris to tell Kim she will call her as soon as she has eaten, had a bath, and twenty-four hours of sleep. Chris orders standard tests for Barbara and tells her if the tests are okay she can go home. Chris goes to check on Emily and Henry tells Barbara that he loves her and explains that he has been wanting to tell her that ever since he annulled his marriage to Vienna. Henry tells Barbara he knows they are connected because it wasn’t a coincidence that he was the one who heard her voice on baby monitor. Barbara wonders why Henry didn’t find her sooner and he jokes that baby monitors don’t come with a GPS system. Henry tells Barbara he thought about her every day she was missing and he knows that thoughts of him kept her alive. Barbara admits that she did think of him and even heard his voice coming from chuckles the clown but all the time she had to think made her realize that she is meant to be alone. Barbara tells Henry that although he claims to love her he still fell for Vienna’s youth, beauty, and lies. Henry explains that he only married Vienna for the sake of the baby because he wanted to be a good father and he didn’t want to be a bad parents like Audrey and James were to him and Barbara can’t fault him for that and she doesn’t but tells Henry that despite Vienna and Iris they are still not going to be together because she is meant to be alone. Barbara cries and tells Henry no she can’t be with him as she leaves the hospital room. Chris tells Paul that Emily and Barbara are fine and all they need is rest and he leaves to get Emily’s discharge papers.

(Bar) Gwen yells at Iris for kidnapping Barbara and Emily and at first Iris denies everything but Gwen doesn’t believe her and then Iris tells Gwen she truly wanted a second chance with her but she just couldn’t do it. Gwen tells Iris she was making progress and she is hurt that iris went back to her old ways. Gwen tells iris she never wants to see her again and Iris promises to leave town if Gwen will look the other way and not call the police. Iris apologizes to Gwen for kidnapping Barbara and Emily and then Gwen calls for the policeman who was hiding with Will to come arrest Iris. Iris calls Gwen a traitor and tells her that she is an orphan now because only a cold-hearted person has their own mother arrested.

(Fairwinds) Paul can’t find Emily to tell her the good news that Iris was arrested and after looking the entire house he finds her cleaning the wine cellar and crying. Emily is convinced that the kidnapping was her punishment for what she helped Paul do to Gwen and Jennifer years ago. Paul tells Emily that Iris was a sick person and what happened had nothing to do with Karma. Emily tells Paul that when Barbara tells Paul that when Barbara thought they were going to die she apologized for all the pain she had caused her and promised that if she ever got our alive she would never come between her and Paul again. Emily thinks she is an awful person because she couldn’t accept Barbara’s apology. Paul and Emily go back upstairs and Gwen apologizes to Emily for Iris and Emily apologizes for what she did to Gwen years ago. Gwen decides to put the past behind them and focus on Eliza and Hallie an their new happy lives.

(Hospital) Henry tells Katie that he has lost the only woman he loved because he made her feel second best and she has every right to be mad at him.

(Lakeview) Barbara arrives to find a messy room and empty perfume bottles, which she thinks are empty, like her life.

(Outside Katie’s house) Chris composes a romantic text message for Katie and hits the send button then he takes Katie’s spare key from inside the light next to Katie’s door but he has a terrible chest pain when he tries to stick the key in the door.

(Hospital)) Chris calls read on the phone and tells him that he needs to increase the dosage on his medication.

(Lakeview) Katie arrives to tell Barbara not to blame Henry for anything because she pushed him to marry Vienna because she thought that if Henry and Vienna married she could somehow hang on to some of the happiness she shared with Brad. Katie apologizes for helping Vienna and admits that if he had encouraged Henry to be with her instead of Vienna Iris never would have kidnapped her because Henry wouldn’t have let Iris anywhere near her because Henry will do anything to make her happy. Katie tells Barbara that Henry even dressed as a woman to help find her. Katie tells Barbara to be angry with her and not Henry because he is the only innocent person in this mess. Barbara heads across the hall and Henry is happy to see her and starts rambling wondering if Barbara has forgiven him once he finally stops his nervous rambling Barbara tells him she is working on forgiving him. Henry blurts out that she can work on it as his wife and asks Barbara to marry him. Henry tells Barbara that he is serious so she tells him to get down on his knee and do it right. Henry asks Barbara to spend the rest of her life and then some with him. Barbara reminds Henry there won’t be any babies because she is old enough Henry stops her before she can finish the sentence and tells her that everything he wants is standing in front of him. Henry asks Barbara one more time and she says a tearful yes before she and Henry kiss.

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