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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/17/10


Written By Wanda
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Luke runs into Noah at Java. Noah tells him that he got the grant so he wanted to dress up and look professional when he sees the administrator and finalize a few things. Luke wishes him well with moving to L.A. He will be living his dream. He tells him that he looks handsome….not only that but capable, responsible and talented. Noah says he assumed when he did go to L.A. that he would ask Luke to come with him. He’s asking him now – come to L.A.

At the hospital Reid chastises Chris for working. He should not be making rounds. The prescription might help knock out the virus that he contacted in Africa, but it will not fix a damaged heart. Chris says he feels fine now. And to keep it down so others won’t hear. Reid tells him he needs to have a MRI and see a cardiologist. It’s not worth this to stay in the race for the COS job. He knows he is doing this for Katie. Chris says she has already been through a lot of unnecessary concern and he doesn’t want to add to that. Reid retorts no, she doesn’t need to walk in and trip over his lifeless body either.

Katie rushes into Al’s Diner and kisses Henry. She’s glad things are like back to old times with them being friends and that he invited her for breakfast. He says he needs a favor now. He insists that she go with him to Sweden to find Vienna. Barbara was the only thing who was standing in the way of him and Vienna, their marriage and a lot of pretend babies. She was desperate so he needs to know what she did with Barbara. Katie says Vienna could not have kidnapped anyone, not even Barbara. He answers that he knows someone did something to Barbara and right now the best choice is Vienna. He says Katie owes him. She has to come with him.

At Fairwinds, Iris is mistaken for Emily when Paul comes up from behind and swats her on the behind. He comments that he didn’t know as she is wearing Emily’s robe. Barbara and Emily are tied up to an old beam in the wine cellar. They think they might be able to push and pull as hard as they can and move it some. All it accomplishes is a shaky ceiling which seems to need repair. It spews a lot of sand down on them.

Gwen and Will tell Paul that Emily didn’t come home last night and they are worried. Paul thinks maybe she is just on some assignment until they say they have checked and no one knows where she is. And it would not be like her not to want to check on Eliza. Iris checks on them and hopes the girlfriends are acting nicely. Barbara calls her names and refuses to give her the password to her accounts.

Henry tells Katie that he owes her. She only thought Barbara was a stop over and a bed buddy on his way back to Vienna. She’s more than that. They end up talking about Chris when she says she does not want to leave town right now. She’s not sure how ready either of them are to move to the next level, but she wants to find out. She thanks him for understanding. He says he will never be happy until he finds Barbara.

Luke says he has responsibilities here. As tempting as the offer is, he can’t leave his foundation and go to L.A. Noah opines this has nothing to do about Reid. He really wants him to go with him to L.A. Luke tries to explain, but Noah says he doesn’t owe him any explanation so he doesn’t need to know about his dating game. Luke tells him that they didn’t really expect this and Reid doesn’t do serious, but yes this is serious.

Chris tells Reid that he is exaggerating the problem here. Reid asks if he even reads the same journals that he does. Chris says he is going to take care of himself. Katie will not suffer. Reid says he doesn’t know why he even bothers. Wishing it to be so won’t make it so. There is no getting through to him. Chris says he still needs help with medication. Reid says sorry he is through. Chris begs him if not for him, then for Katie. Just keep giving him the injections and keep it quiet and not bother Katie. This condition is manageable so just help him manage it. Reid says he always though Chris was a decent doctor and would not compromise a patient, so he doesn’t understand why he’s taking this chance with his own life. Chris answers that he wants more time with Katie. She is letting him in but won’t if she finds out he is sick. He promises that if this doesn’t work, then he will go to a cardiologist. Reid reminds him that he is already overdue for the next rounds of shots. Chris was hoping he could help him with that today. They can’t be compromised here at the hospital so that is why he got them a room at the Lakeview. They can go as soon as they are through with rounds. Reid says he has plans. Chris tries to convince him that it will only take ten minutes and then he can go kick puppies or whatever he wants. Reid tells him they are not conducting a drug deal so meeting in a hotel room is ridiculous. Chris doesn’t know why Reid is making such a big deal about this. Katie overhears them shouting and asks what is going on.

Katie says she thought they were going to stop taking potshots at each other. Chris comes up with a bogus reason; being their fight over being COS at the hospital. Reid says Dougie hates him because he is brilliant. Chris says Reid hates him because he is not going to give up the fight. He fully intends to be his dad’s successor. Reid tells him that Katie came to see him, so don’t disappoint her. She tells him that Henry asked her to go to Sweden. He wants to know what her answer was. She asks what does he want it to be?

Luke says he never pictured himself with someone like Reid. Noah admits they aren’t exactly the same type. Luke says there will never be another like him. What they had was so special. Noah says for him too, and he doesn’t know how this goodbye is going to go, but no hugging or kissing. Noah tells Luke that he remembers the first time they kissed and the last. When he thinks of those when he wants to be tortured, he doesn’t want to think about the very last, just concentrate on the best. Luke gets a phone call from Reid who tells him that he has a demanding patient, so he’s not going to be able to meet him until later. Luke says he understands, patients come first. Noah starts to say goodbye to Luke. He just wants one last look. When he was blind, he was so afraid he’d never see him again.

Barbara tells Iris that there is not going to be another dime from her. The banker calls and Iris gloats that this is just the start. She will come back and want those passwords and she will have it all. Iris meets with Mr. Milburn who gives her the sad news that the check did not go through. That account was phased out months ago. Henry happens by and smells Barbara’s perfume and catches a surprised Iris. She explains that she is wearing Barbara’s clothes since she didn’t have that many of her own. Will was kind enough to give them to her.

Barbara tells Emily that if she gives Iris Dumbrowski her password and she gets all the money, then she will have no reason to keep them alive. Barbara tells Emily to shut up with the whines. Sooner or later someone will find them. Paul tells Will and Gwen that he got a text from Emily. She’s on a story and will call later. He does think it is strange that she called him baby and there was no mention of Eliza.

Katie asks Chris what she should do. He says they started something, but he wants her to be happy. If that means leaving town with Henry to help him, then he’s okay with that. It won’t be that long. He wants her and Henry to be best buds again. They can make up time for themselves later. When she sees she is getting no where with Chris and he’s practically agreeing that she needs to leave town, she says okay……she will go for however long it takes.

Luke realizes he must have missed Reid, but a nurse tells him that Dr. Oliver checked out of the hospital. Chris goes to the Lakeview and starts to have symptoms. Reid sees him and asks if he is trying to have a heart attack. Chris begs him not to tell anyone, but just help him. Noah drops by the Lakeview and just happens to see Reid with his arm around Chris for support and they are going up to a room. Noah calls Luke and says he needs to talk to him.

Reid attends to Chris and Chris thanks him for not having to do this at the hospital. Chris says he feels better already. Reid reminds him this does not mean his heart muscle is not compromised. He could still die before he calls 911. Chris says he knows that Reid is only trying to scare him out of the race, but that is not happening. Reid tells him to keep his appreciation. If he treated any other patient the way he treats himself, he’d be sued for malpractice. He just wants them to stop meeting like this.

Luke rushes to meet Noah and he tells him the bad news. Reid wasn’t with a patient; he lied to him. He saw Reid with his arm around some guy and they were going upstairs. Luke says he does not want to hear this. He thinks Noah is sinking to a new low by telling him that Reid is cheating on him. This is none of his business. Noah thinks he deserves to know. He doesn’t want to see Luke get hurt. Not only is Reid ambitious but he is cheating on him. Luke says then Noah never should have pushed him away. He’s on his way to fame and fortune and now trying to ruin it for Luke. Noah says no matter how Luke feels about him, just make sure what he has for Reid is not just one-sided.

Henry accuses Will of giving Iris the clothes. Paul at least agrees with Henry that he does not think this is a game anymore. Something has happened to Barbara. Iris rants at Emily and Barbara about the bad check and her little Cougar-hound being suspicious, so she will just leave them alone for a few more days in this hellhole. Emily remembers using the password once before on one of Paul and Barbara’s joint business accounts and she gives it to Iris. Barbara points out that now that Iris will get the money, she has no reason to come back and help them…..they are dead.

Reid tells Luke to get dressed. He’s just been invited to a cocktail party to see the meet and greet people who will decide who is the new COS, him or Chris. Luke says that is fine, but he doesn’t believe a word that he just said.

Chris shows up at Katie’s and says he has been invited to a cocktail party and he knows it is really short notice, but he’d really love it if she’d go with him. She reminds him that just a few minutes ago he told her to go with Henry to Sweden. He says he knows. He just hoped she could wait one more night. He’d really like her at his side. She says no.

Paul tells Henry that he really doesn’t think Vienna is the type of person that would harm Barbara. Henry says then if Vienna didn’t make Barbara disappear and it wasn’t Emily, then someone else did. He fills in Paul about Iris. If she lied about drinking, there could be other things she is lying about.

Iris calls someone and says she needs a really big shipping crate sent to Fairwinds….destination…..very far away….like Madagascar. Barbara and Emily continue to rock and roll until they get the beam to completely fall, but it hits some electrical wires and sends out sparks and a small fire.

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