ATWT Update Monday 8/16/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/16/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the farm, Parker and Faith talk about him visiting colleges; he isn’t sure if he even wants to go to college anymore. Is he sticking around because of Liberty, she wonders. He told her that they are just friends. Maybe in time though, she fishes. No. Why else would he be sticking around then…. for her, she adds with a smile.

At the pond, Liberty asks Gabriel what is going on. His father is a jerk. She explains that her mother and Dusty are on the outs. He did something that really hurt – the worst thing you could do to a woman, as Gabriel understands. She is so upset and she doesn’t know how to help. She can’t always help everyone. He is upset about putting himself out there and getting nothing in return. What is going on with his dad. He tells her about the perfume deal and knowing what Lucinda did. Did he tell Craig. Craig blew him off so he can go down in flames for all he cares, Gabriel grumbles.

At Lily’s home, Holden listens inside the house to Lily and Craig’s conversation. Outside, Lily wonders how much money it would take to save the business for both of them. Holden steps out and tells her that she is not giving Craig any of her money.

At the Lakeview lounge, Carly flirts with Anthony Blackthorn. He wonders how he hasn’t heard about her. There are many of financial blogs out there, but she intends to make her mark with an interview with him. She wants to know about his past – something noone knows. He wants to hear about her first. Carly hems, haws, and tells him that she used to be a stripper. Jack is bothered that she chose to tell him this. Carly tries to get him to tell her something, but he doesn’t really bite. She may post it on her blog. All he ends up telling her is that he changed his name. Janet has been listening nearby and walks over. Blackthorn is surprised to know that are acquainted. Jack mumbles to the officer about how Janet is going to ruin this and he hopes that Carly can get rid of her. Carly tells Janet that they are having a private conversation. Janet won’t be deterred and Blackthorn’s interest is now piqued; she should join them for drinks because he didn’t know that they had anything in common. The only thing they have in common is Jack – he is her ex too…did she tell him that, Janet answers. No, she did not. Carly claims that she didn’t know he knew Jack or Janet either. Blackthorn wonders how close she is with Jack. Apparently, not that close since she is coming on to him, Janet answers for her. Carly explains she is interested in him for her financial blog. Janet is stunned; since when does she write a blog or anything. Jack shows up and stops Janet by claiming that she has to go with him because there are problems with the renovations. She is here for drinks with Blackie and doesn’t think his message is an emergency. Not unless she doesn’t want the building inspector to have a problem. Jack is sure Blackthorn will take a rain check, as he and Janet walk away. Carly turns her attention back to Blackthorn – where were they – he was about to tell her his deepest darkest secret, she coos.

Parker tells Faith that he likes her, but he isn’t ready to make a big commitment. She was teasing. So was he, as she playfully punches him. He goes onto explain about how he was walking on the campus and trying to envision himself there and wasn’t sure he can. Faith tells him about how her parents think education is the be-all-end-all. Parker wonders if education is books or life’s experience. Liberty and Gabriel, who have been listening outside, come in, as Gabriel chides him about being a spoiled rich kid because he doesn’t know how lucky he is. Parker stares at him.

Lily wonders how long Holden has been there, as Craig adds eavesdropping. Long enough for him to hear Craig bullying Lily into giving him money. Both declare there was no bullying, as Lily explains again that Craig’s money was the one whose money was lost. Craig isn’t sure why this is his concern if he knows the situation. He is pulling a con – he did with Carly and Parker and now her. Holden doesn’t think Craig even took a loss. Why would he do that. To play on Lily’s conscience. Craig tells Holden that Lily isn’t stupid and she is smart about how she does business. Lily wants Holden to leave so she can finish her conversation. He is playing her. It is her mistake to make, as Holden agrees to leave. Craig thanks Lily for supporting him, but Lily tells him that she isn’t giving any of money.

Janet demands to know what is going on. She knows Jack would not be allowing this to take place since he still loves Carly and she is ‘playing footsie’ with a man he hates. Something is going on, but can he trust her. Fine, as she heads out, but as soon as Jack goes up the elevator Janet comes back in and watches them. Blackthorn doesn’t understand what Janet sees in Jack. Carly goes on about how possessive he is and since she is having his baby – it is worse. Freedom turns her on, Carly purrs, as she eyes him. He would like to take this upstairs. Carly wonders if they should eat something first. They can get room service. An unsure Carly follows him out.

Liberty wants Gabriel to stop. Parker wonders what is rough about his life – living at Lily’s and given a job. He works for what he has, Gabriel snaps back. He blackmailed his father to get it – not exactly working for something; his dad is a jerk and so is he, as Gabriel and Parker start to shove each other when Holden comes in and wants to know what is going on.

Craig tells Lily it isn’t a hand out or a loan. He wants her to buy his shares of Worldwide, he takes that money and puts it back into Carlisle, and she can have advantage over Lucinda. She doesn’t think so. Carlisle will thrive and she can dictate terms to her mom. She started Carlisle for herself. Holden is right about her business. Don’t let him lead her life. She wants to cut her losses. She can say that easily because she isn’t in the hole for millions, Craig grouses. They can get a lawyer to sue Françoise, Lily explains. He borrowed some money, the note came up, and he is being threatened. He wasn’t going to use her money for Carlisle. He would pay Blackthorn off and then he would float him a new loan for Carlisle. She can be independent from Lucinda and Holden; he can give that to her. Take some time, but not too much because Blackthorn isn’t too patient, as he leaves.

Blackthorn pours her a club soda. Carly wants the fun details of his life. He sits on the bed, as Carly looks uncomfortable. She wanted the details. Nearby, Jack is nervous about her being alone with him. She asks him how he became a commodities dealer overnight. He made it possible. Did he have a mentor or did someone bankroll him. He had some help. Meanwhile where Jack is stationed in the other room, there is a knock at the door, the officer opens it, and Janet realizes they are spying on Blackie. Blackthorn is coming onto Carly, as she tries to slow it down. Blackthorn goes to kiss her, as she wants to refill her drink. He comes up next to Carly, puts his hand by her shirt, goes under it, and pulls out the bug, as Carly looks nervous as he glares at her. He drops it in her drink. It is a recording device, Carly claims. She wants to record their conversation for their blog. He thinks this involves Jack. He will deal with her right now.

Janet can see that it is personal for Jack since this set up doesn’t appear professionally sanctioned by Margo. This isn’t official. He asked her to trust him. The officer tells Jack that they have lost signal. Jack rushes out of the room.

At Worldwide, Lily comes in to see Lucinda. She wants to know if she brought Sierra to town to keep Craig away from her. She did and she is not apologizing for it. She must be doing something wrong because she, Holden and even Craig think they know what is best or her. She tries to be strong and make the right decisions. What is she talking about, Lucinda wonders. She thought Carlisle would be a huge success. Craig was the reason for that debacle. They were both duped. He has bad karma. It is her she thinks. The man that understands and puts her first is.... Her life won’t be right until Holden is back.

Holden wants to know why Gabriel is always causing trouble. Liberty tries to defend him, but Gabriel doesn’t want her to. This place sometimes is more trouble then he needs, Gabriel snaps. Holden thinks he should pack up and leave. Gabriel agrees, as Liberty wants Parker to do something, as Parker wants to leave too, but Faith stops him. His dad made his point as did everyone else so can everyone relax, she says. Holden stops Gabriel from leaving; he isn’t fired. He isn’t mad at him he is mad at his father. He mentions the bogus perfume deal and how he is playing Lily. Gabriel needs to leave, as Liberty offers to go with him, but he is already out the door.

At the Lakeview bar, Craig gets a drink, as the bartender promises this will make his day get better. Craig mumbles to himself about not if he is dead. Gabriel walks up and Craig tells him that he told him to stay away from him. He needs to talk with him about his business deal that went south. How did he know about that; did Blackthorn threaten him. No, that is not who is after him – it is Lucinda.

Blackthorn grabs Carly by the arms and tells her that she has been a bad girl and he is going to have to teach her a lesson, as he pushes her down on the bed. Jack races in and asks Carly if she is ok, as she jumps up and rushes over to stand behind Jack. She is now, but he threatened her. Blackthorn wonders if they got it on tape. No, her answers his own question, but then again they also don’t have any search warrant to find anything because they never had probable cause. This is harassment; he is a target because of his heritage. Janet comes to the door. Jack told her to stay put. She wants to know what is wrong with them – all Blackie has done is be her friend, as Carly glares at her.

Holden asks Parker what they were fighting about. He pushes his buttons. He knows how he feels. Holden asks Liberty to apologize he didn’t mean to take it out on him. He wasn’t upset about him – it was something else, Liberty offers. Faith wonders if he wants to go swimming. He has something to do. She is sure he can catch up to her. It isn’t what she thinks, Parker answers before he leaves. Holden asks Faith what is going on with her and Parker.

Craig tells Gabriel that Lucinda hating him is nothing new. He knows about the business deal because he overheard Lucinda talking with the ‘French woman’. She told her that it was a shame that Lily would get hurt, but it would be worth it to take him down. Is he sure. Yes. When was this. A week ago. He is just telling him now. He didn’t know what to make of it. Then, he talked to Sierra and Lucy and they told him that he had to tell him. He tried to tell him, as Craig remembers he blew him off. He didn’t want to send him away; he wanted to keep him safe. He borrowed money and the person he borrowed it from is not a great guy and is connected to boot. He wanted to put distance between he, Johnny and him. He is thankful he told him though. Gabriel cares about Johnny not for him. He cares about Lily, he assumes; there is something he can do then, Craig answers.

Lucinda thinks Lily should go to that spa they talked about. They could get pampered. Lily likes the idea. Lucinda thinks they can even bond. As friends not as mother and daughter so no more advice, Lily tells her. Lucinda is thrilled they are going away, as Lucinda is too. She loves her; she just wants her happy. They hug, as Lucinda tells her they will go fire up the plane.

At the pond, Parker sees Liberty; did she call Gabriel. She was going to but then she decided not to interfere; he has things to work out. They remark how pretty it is, but the summer will be over soon. Nothing lasts forever. He thought they would when they first met. That was the best day for him – no, make that the day she told him she was in remission. She couldn’t have done it without him. He can see she cares about Gabriel. He doesn’t make it easy, but there is something about him. What about Faith. He is never bored around her; she has a lot of energy. He needs that. Parker wonders with all the talk of other people now in their lives – where does that leave them.

Jack knows that Janet still thinks of Blackthorn is her childhood friend, but he isn’t the harmless person she thinks; he is a loan shark. He lent Craig money and is leaning on him to pay up. Janet wonders if he knows that or has evidence; she wants proof. She needs her to believe him. She doesn’t. She wonders how Carly could get involved too. Blackthorn claims he doesn’t want Janet getting upset because of the baby. Carly is irate; he was just threatening her. Blackthorn wants them out, as Jack and Carly head for the door. Janet tells them that she is staying. Carly tells Jack she can take care of herself.

At Lily’s, Craig shows up as she is getting ready for her trip. He wants her to hear what he has to say. She doesn’t want to sink or get into a power play with Lucinda. Craig smirks…even if she did something cruel. She hasn’t. She sabotaged Carlisle; she set Françoise their way. She knew he was the silent partner and the whole thing was to bleed him dry and bring him down and she was collateral damage. Her mother has done a lot of bad things, but she can't believe this. He has proof. Craig opens the door to Gabriel – tell her what he told her.

At the farm, Lucinda comes to see Holden. Soon, Craig will be out of Worldwide and Lily’s life. She has the inside track. Both he and Lily are free agents. With a lot of baggage, Holden reminds her. They are spending a few days together at the spa – it is relaxing and romantic at times. She will be happy to see him if he should decide to show up.

Lily asks Gabriel if he is positive. He shakes his head. Gabriel leaves. How could she do this to her. As much as she loves her – she hates him more. Craig tells her about how Blackthorn got put onto his radar. He gave him the money with no questions and started leaning on him the minute the perfume deal fell through. His mother doesn’t want him destitute she wants him dead. Lily is enraged; she is going to buy his Worldwide stock – every last share.

Liberty tells Parker that he must know that she will always care about him, but they both have been through a lot; she doesn’t want to go backwards. She wants to be – Parker adds that they should be friends only. Best friends Liberty, tells him. They hug, as Gabriel sees them and starts to walk away. Parker sees Gabriel and tells him to stay, as he walks off. She asks what happened, he tells her about telling Craig, and how they told Lily together. That is huge. Craig still bugs him though. He is lucky to still have a father. He is lucky to have her.

Blackie tells Janet she can leave too if she wants. She is not afraid of them; they all think he is up to something and they are overprotective and over the top. They think she is some helpless pregnant person. She is anything but that, Blackie tells her. He likes how she stuck up for him; it means a lot, as they kiss.

At home, Jack thinks it couldn’t have gone worse – Blackthorn is on to them and Janet is defending him. She has this, as she holds out a wallet type of item of Blackthorn’s. How did she get this. She swiped it. He is shocked, Jack teases. She likes the new flexible Jack. They go through it and see some business cards and then what looks like a coin. Carly reads - St. Carmello. Jack will run it through the system, as Carly wants to look it up online. He likes that she will now stick to research – it is safer. She did a good job – Janet messed it up. She hasn’t given up has she. We haven’t given up, she corrects. She walks over to the computer and starts to look it up. Jack leans over her and looks at her worried.

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