ATWT Update Friday 8/13/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/13/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Al’s, Lily walks in and finds Holden sitting alone. She said she got his message about meeting him but did not say why. The kids are okay about him not getting married. He shows her a necklace….her necklace that she gave to the pilot who flew her back to the States.

In his suite, Craig opens the box and finds a ticking clock. Johnny walks in and asks if it is for him. Craig quickly says no, it’s a mistake meant for somebody else. He’s going to put it out in the hallway. He meets Sierra who seems pleased to catch him at a bad time.

At Lily’s, Lucy tells Gabriel that he better be careful what he says about her grandmother. He reveals that he knows what he heard - Lucinda talking to Francoise and he overheard her say that she wanted Craig Montgomery ruined. She knew she was going to hurt her daughter so do it quickly but she wanted to step up the plan. Lucy understands now. Her grandmother brought her to town to distract Craig long enough that he’d never see it coming when she made her move against him.

At the farm, Janet shows Dusty the door. He reminds her that he is not one of the guys who said he loved her and then bailed. She retorts that no he said he loved her then slept with someone else. Because he told her the truth, it doesn’t make it feel any better. He slept with another woman; his ex-girlfriend. He reminds her that he did ask her to marry him, but she pushed him away. She doesn’t think that gives him permission to sleep with someone else. He says she is amazing and that’s why he has tried so hard to gain her trust again. He tells her it is not too late. He still loves her. So take it or leave it.

At the station, Carly tells Jack to put the wire on her. She saw Blackie not long ago and they need to get started. She can catch him within the hour and get the information they need about Craig. He loves the way she throws into things. She gets carried away more times than not, but he still loves it. They don’t know who Blackie is linked to, but this is exactly what they need to find out. Carly asks if Jack thinks they can work together and not against each other. He admits they can be a team. She’s glad as she would like to see Craig get what he deserves and close this chapter of her life once and for all.

Janet and Dusty are arguing about the ultimatum when Liberty walks in and tells her this is not good for the baby, so lay off. Janet quickly agrees that the baby is the most important thing so Dusty can take that or leave it. He leaves. Janet cries and Liberty hugs her.

Gabriel tells Lucy that Craig is a weasel so why should he tell him the truth. He should keep him in the dark just for what he did to his mother alone. Lucy points out that Craig does have another side. Gabriel snorts that he is sure he is a closet saint. Lucy says Craig has great love for his children and to just remember that they both have a little brother so whatever affects their father affects Johnny too.

Sierra tells Craig that she got a text from Lucy and Lucy is sorry that she came back to Oakdale. Sierra wants to know about this perfume factory scam. She doesn’t believe he could get burned in a swindle like that……and by her mother. And she doesn’t like the fact that it seems that Lucy was being used like a pawn. He assures her that he would not use his daughter like that. And the perfume factory was just business……bad business. Lucinda hasn’t paid for anything that she has done and he hated to see Lily get crushed like that. So if Lucinda gets hurt now, he’s all for that. Sierra says as much as Lucy is her mother’s pawn, Lily’s is his. He says it is not like that. She is a remarkable woman and would be even better if she could break free of her mother. He could be good for her and he’d like to keep this between them. She says her priorities are to protect Lucy. Anything else she can not promise.

Lily can’t believe that Holden went through all that trouble to get her necklace back. He jokes that he paid a small fortune for it, but it was worth it. He puts it on her. She touches his hands and says that was the sweetest thing he ever did. He said he did not want her to sacrifice the necklace for a wedding that never happened. That was a grand gesture on her part to try and get him back to his wedding with Molly. She says it was the least she could do. She wonders if he misses Molly. He changes the subject back to the necklace and quips that she can always hock it if Craig takes all her money. Lily rushes off and Holden catches her. She tells him that was a lousy thing to say about Craig. It wasn’t his fault. He just happened to be in France. She doesn’t want Holden to ever quit caring about her, but he can not tell her who she can be friends with, and Craig is her friend.

Craig runs into Dusty in the lobby. Dusty won’t answer any questions about why Lucy is upset now. Dusty says but he is here to see Johnny. Craig tells him that he is not scheduled to see Johnny today. Dusty says he is going away for a few days and would like to say goodbye. Quickly thinking, Craig tells him that he can take Johnny with him. He’s been thinking that perhaps he has been a little too possessive about Johnny, and this would be good for him. Dusty sees through him and wants to know if it is business going belly up and Blackie putting the screws to him. He wants to know if that bastard has threatened Johnny. He walks off and Craig shouts after him to leave Blackie alone; he will handle him.

Liberty tries to settle Janet down who is throwing the pots and pans around in the cabinet. Liberty is appalled when she hears that Janet caught Dusty in bed with the little princess. Janet says yeah and her with the flipping lasagna with her. And now he wants her to forget the whole thing. Liberty says this was not a quickie she had to get pregnant. It was planned to save Liberty’s life. Janet agrees. She did nothing wrong; Dusty did. He screwed up so she is saying good riddance to him.

Lily hugs Sierra who tells her that she is heading back to Montego. She just had a few loose ends to clear up. Lily guesses – like helping Lucinda drive a wedge between her and Craig. Lucinda would love that. Sierra spies Gabriel and asks how that is going. Lily says they are polite to each other so at least it is not out and out war. Lily tells her that she is doing everything she can with Gabriel to make up for the past. Sierra thinks that explains it……why she is sleeping with her ex-husband.

Jack has to have Carly unbutton her blouse to put on the wire. When he slips it in, he says he is an old hand at this. She says she remembers. There is lots of tension hanging in the air. She asks if it is turned on now. He whispers that they can hear every word, every sound, every breath. She kisses him. He starts to peel off his jacket. She reminds him of the door; it is not locked. When he goes to lock it, Holden walks in. He doesn’t trust Craig and thinks he and Jack should team up and try to get Craig. Jack tells him not to try and be the hero. He and Carly were just talking about this very thing and they have it covered. Holden says okay, he’ll do what he has to do and they can do the same. Carly tells Jack that he can not back out now. They need to get to work.

Blackie calls Janet from the diner. He missed her not working at the diner and wants to know if the baby is okay. She says yes. She’s just a little upset. He wants to apologize again for kissing her the other day. He wants to come over, but she says no, the last time that happened it didn’t turn out so well. Dusty walks up and tells Blackie that he can lean on Craig all he wants to, but nobody threatens his son.

Craig calls Dusty and tells him that he is leaving the same message that he left five minutes ago and ten minutes ago – stay away from Blackthorn. He calls Jocelyn and wants to know if Johnny is okay. He’ll be there as soon as he can. Gabriel walks up and wants to talk to Craig. He says it is not a good time. Gabriel says there is something he needs to know. Craig says whatever it is, he is sure Gabriel hates him for it already. Gabriel says it is not about Craig, but it could affect his son. Craig assures him nothing is going to happen to Johnny. He is seeing to that and if Gabriel is a good son he will stay away from him too. He is always saying how much he hates him, so he should be happy as hell now.

Lily asks Sierra if their mother told her that she is sleeping with Craig because that is not true. They are just buddies. Sierra is relieved. She smiles when Lily says this is typical mother being paranoid, her hate for Craig showing and a little control thrown in. Sierra admits it is not jealousy, but she would have been bothered by that. She’s like to see Lily stay away from him; there will be casualties. Take it from a vet. Lily says she has heard the same thing from Holden and Carly and Lucinda, of course. Everybody has been telling her that Craig does not change. She does not need to hear those words again from her own sister. Lucy walks in and assumes Lily won’t want to her what she has to say either.

Lily hugs Lucy. Lucy doesn’t know if she can go into the whole story, but reveals that Lucinda called her here to get to see her father again and to meet Gabriel. She was a little vague on the details but did mention that she would like to make amends. Sierra admits that her mom said it would be a win/win situation if she were to come too. Lucy says of course there was the part she left out about keeping her father distracted and telling her that she could get Dusty back although he was in love with someone else. Lily says there is a lot to admire there; quite a list. Lucinda sure learned to have such a killer instinct. She told her once that remorse was for losers. She said it like it was the moral of a fairytale. Lily grabs them both by the shoulders and says there is a lot to admire there, as long as they don’t turn out like her.

At the pond, Liberty tells Gabriel that she knows just how he feels. She says she is trying to figure things out but she doesn’t know how. He says Craig is a jerk, maybe they should trade parents. Janet packs up some things and sets them aside. Only Dusty would give her a print of the Mona Lisa.

Blackie tells Dusty that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Dusty says if he threatens his son, he’s going to be the one who gets hurt. Blackie says the only threats are coming from Dusty. Dusty says he may fool Janet with his golden-boy pitch, but he knows who he is. Craig steps in and gets between them and reminds Dusty that he will take care of Blackie. As Dusty walks off, Blackie tells Craig that wasn’t too classy or smart, sending Dusty to lean on him in public. Craig says he did not send Dusty. He just has this Dodge City mentality. He thinks every disagreement should be settled in the streets with a shoot out at High Noon. Craig thinks it can be handled calmly. They are businessmen; they can identify the problem, know where they stand, negotiate and the problem goes away. Blackie says that sounds good but there is one problem. There is no negotiations……Craig owes him money and he wants it back. Time is a’wasting…..tick, tock, tick, tock.

Jack sets up his officer to listen to the wire. Blackie will be coming through the lobby any minute. He’s not a talker though so don’t push him. Carly says she knows what she is doing and will be okay. He tells her to be careful and is apprehensive while doing it.

At home, Craig slips up on Lily. She tells him that she had a surprise visit from Sierra and Lucy. The visit was good and they all made a solemn pledge that they would not turn out like her mother. She tells him that she wants to trust him and that he genuinely is her friend, but they all think she is insane to trust him. Holden slips in and overhears the conversation when Craig says he knows what everyone says about him being a liar and a cheat, but she can trust him. She reminds him that he has said that before. He realizes that, so don’t take his word for it. Let him prove it. He’s made more mistakes than he can count, but he can turn defeat into victory. They can come back stronger than ever by being partners. They can achieve every single goal they set out to do, that’s a guarantee. All it’s going to take is money, only this time it will have to be her money.

Lucy meets up with Dusty in Old Town. He tells her that she needs to stay away from him…..and her own dad as well. He doesn’t want to go into too many details. It is better that she not know. It could get ugly. She is sorry that things had to happen like this, but she knows where his heart is. She gives him back a medal that he gave her for good luck. She says it didn’t work for her but maybe it will for him. She says she is not good at goodbye’s, but she’d just like to say she hopes Janet figures out what a good guy he is. If she doesn’t, then she is a damn fool. She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Waiting at the bar, Carly spies Blackie and approaches him. She asks if he’d like to have a drink with her and he can’t refuse. She only orders soda and admits that alcohol makes her crazy. She gets him to talk about the commodities market and how he more than made it. He beat the odds of all the other guys in his neighborhood. She’s writing a piece on him in a financial blog. She needs to know his secret and they will keep it strictly off the record. Janet walks in and eyes them suspiciously.

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