ATWT Update Thursday 8/12/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/12/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

In Dusty’s suite, Janet stutters that she guesses she should have called first. Dusty pleads with her not to leave, just go stay in the lounge for a minute as they need to talk, but she says they obviously have nothing to talk about. Dusty starts to get dressed and Lucy tells him that maybe he wants to rethink this before he goes chasing after Janet. Perhaps this was the best way to make a clean break. Dusty says that he thinks Janet probably came over to try and mend things. Lucy thought Dusty wanted her today, but she sees now it was only because he thought Janet didn’t anymore. She tells him to go ahead and go after Janet.

At Lily’s, Lucinda gives Gabriel a hard time. She came to see Lily but wishes she did not have to see him at all. He’s fixing one of Ethan’s toy cars. She snarks that is handy, Mr. Fix-It, he is the Montego Marvel. He retorts that at least he has a talent. She agrees and he is applying it so well all around her daughter’s house. He says at least unlike Lucinda her daughter feels sorry for what they did to him. She reminds him that he wasted no time in taking advantage of her guilt. He tries to dismiss her by saying again that Lily is out. She needed some alone time. Lucinda gloats that Lily tells her everything so she is sorry to hear that she is upset. He accuses her of knowing about Lily and her perfume factory problems even before Lily told her as she set it up.

At the station, Jack leaves a message for Carly and tells her that he has been thinking about what they discussed earlier. He thinks it is a bad idea that she go after Craig alone. He will look into it and if Craig is involved in the collapse of her company, he’ll go after him. Then he thinks more about it and deletes the message.

At Old Town, Craig tells Blackie that he doesn’t respond well to threats. Blackthorn tells him that it is not a threat. It’s a fact and he’d like to keep this on a business level and he will as long as Craig lives up to his bargain. Craig says he is trying. Blackie tells him to try harder or he will make it personal.

Carly jumps out from behind the bushes where she has been eavesdropping and demands that Craig tell her what he is up to. He says whatever she thinks she heard she is mistaken. She tells him to cut the bull. She clearly heard that man threaten Craig. She tells him not to play games with her as she knows everything….about him being a silent partner in Carlisle Enterprises. He funded the money then sabotaged them and she wants to know why. He reminds her that he is no longer her business.

Jack bumps into Janet as she makes a mad dash from the elevator at The Lakeview. He inquires about her mood and says he is going up to see Dusty. She snips that now is not a good time as he is otherwise busy. She will only say that she knows now they will never ever be together and she never wants to see Dusty again. He wants to hear what is upsetting her and she says she was taking the lasagna to Dusty as it is his favorite, but how stupid is she. She doesn’t want to talk a bout it...…heck she doesn’t even want to think about it. He offers to drive her home as she is shaking and he doesn’t want her driving in that condition.

Craig tells Carly that believe it or not but he was just as surprised as Lily to find out that the perfume factory did not exist. Carly accuses him of playing innocent as easily as he breathes. She can’t believe that Lucinda would do this as Craig suggests. And he has never explained why he went behind her back to fund the money. He says she knows; she never would have accepted his money. And he thought if he could help her back on her feet in any way that mattered that this was some little way that he could make up to her for what he had done. She says he always has the right answers, but she is not buying it. He assures her that Blackthorn has nothing to do with this. She wants him to promise that he will leave Lily alone. She lost his money, the company folded so just walk away. He remarks that it is too late…..Carly can’t hate him and be jealous at the same time. She chuckles…she is not jealous. He claims that she is, she misses him and that is why she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with Lily.

Carly retorts to Craig that even if he were the last man on this planet, she would not be jealous of him or who he does it with. He tells her that obviously she is lonely nowadays and whatever games she and Jack are playing is no good. She says her personal life is none of his business and this is just another case of classic Craig smokescreen. He answers that he has no reason for a smokescreen when he has nothing to hide. She offers that there is more here than meets the eye. Perhaps he is getting back at Lily for keeping Gabriel from him all these years. He says he lost millions of dollars in this so why would he punish himself. She says she doesn’t care what he does or says anymore, just leave her alone. She tells him to forget about her and Lily. No one needs or wants him around.

Gabriel tells Lucinda that he told her Lily was not here. She says she is her mother and she has as much right even more than he does to be here. She goes and cozies up beside him on the couch. She says she does not know what his dad said to him or what charm he used…and that is all that it is….the operative word is charm and deception; he is the master of manipulation. He’s a liar and Gabriel should not trust him. No matter how much Craig says he has changed, Gabriel has learned that already. She tells him not to be naïve. He came to town with a chip on his shoulder and hatred in his heart.…..hang on to that hatred and do not trust his father. That is the person he should be angry at for knocking up his mom and then disappearing without a second thought. He’d better be careful what horse he backs….particularly and even if that horse is his father.

Craig goes to see Lucinda, but finds his daughter, Lucy, in the outer office. She says she just needs to talk to Lucinda about something. He tells her that he is a little out of practice, but perhaps he can help. Lucy admits that Lucinda lured her here with the thought that she might have a shot with Dusty….only she forgot one little detail….that he was in love with fair Janet.

At the farm, Janet rakes the lasagna into the trash. Jack claims that she does not have to blame the lasagna. Janet says she doesn’t; she’s the idiot. She admits she probably shouldn’t be having this conversation with Jack, but she wonders when she is going to find a man who will love her and stay with her. She found out that Dusty slept with someone else; she saw them. She actually went to his room to surprise him and hello…..she was the one who got surprised. Jack tells her that he is not sticking up for Dusty, but to be fair…..she had pushed him away several times and said they did not have a future together so what did she expect. She admits that she had her doubts; she’s only human, but that didn’t give him the right to go behind her back and sleep with someone else. Now she sees that she really blew it. He says she told Dusty that more than once so he just moved on with his life. He wants her to be happy and if it is with Dusty, then that is fine, but don’t beat up on him now.

Dusty arrives. Jack asks if Janet wants Dusty to come in or for Jack to get rid of him. She nods that she will talk to him. Jack says he will be at the station if she needs anything. Dusty tells Janet that she should have called first, but he is sorry that she walked in and saw what she did. She says it is ironic that he is moving on as when he saw her kissing Blackie she was actually on her way to see him and tell him that Blackie kissed her but pushed him away. She was just his friend and Dusty was the only man she loved. She thought she could count on him. Now she can’t get that image out of her head….a beautiful, very rich, very un-pregnant Lucy. She will never get that image out of her head.

Lucy thinks Craig must be ecstatic that there is no future for her and Dusty. He says he knows she won’t believe it now but in the long run she will be much better off without him. He hates to see her be so upset. Once again Lucinda messes up someone’s life. She doesn’t have a heart. Lucy says Lucinda also wanted her to come here to get back together with him. Craig says wow the old lady is really good. Nothing is off limits when it comes to manipulating her family. Lucy defends her. He says Lucinda is not that magnanimous. Things are beginning to fall into place now. She is using Lucy. Lucinda could care less if Lucy gets back with Dusty or if Gabriel finds a way to forgive him. She’s here for one reason and that is Lucinda wants to distract Craig while she ruins Carlisle and blames it on Craig. Lucinda walks up and kisses Lucy. Craig retorts that she didn’t kiss him. She says she hasn’t had her tetanus booster shot yet. Craig kisses Lucy and says he is sorry what happened. She deserves to be happy. Lucy tells her grandmother not to even ask about Dusty. It’s insulting. She already knew that she had no chance with him. Lucy tells her to stop manipulating her; she will have no part of this.

Gabriel pulls out a big packet of photos and newspaper clippings about Craig and his mother. Lucy shows up at the door and introduces herself and that she came to Oakdale to meet him. She hands him a rosary which belonged to his mother.

Carly stops by to see Jack at the station. She knows Craig is guilty of something but he just denies it. She saw Blackthorn threatening him. She can only guess it has something to do with the money that Craig lost in Carlisle. Jack says unfortunately they have no proof. And Carly says Lily is no help as she is under Craig’s spell. Carly points out that taking time is just wasting time. It gives Craig time for more excuses. She is sick of him getting away with everything. She is not going to let that happen this time.

Dusty tells Janet that he never meant to hurt her. She wants to hear him say that he made a terrible mistake with Lucy and that he would have stopped even if she had not come in and found him. She doesn’t know where they are supposed to go from here. He says he doesn’t want to fight anymore, but there is only so many times a man can hear the word no. He doesn’t think Janet knows what she wants any more.

Gabriel asks Lucy where she got the rosary. She says she admired it when she was a little girl and his mother was very kind and gave it to her. She was a very special person and a good friend to a little girl. It was a secret friendship that even her mother and father didn’t know about. They were usually fighting. She knows Gabriel has a lot of anger in him and the way she was treated. One day his mother moved away and she never knew why. She’s proud now to have a brother from Lidia. She can see him in her. She says she is sticking around. There are some things she thought she could correct. She thought she loved a guy here but that is not her only problem. Her father is in this huge battle with Lucinda and she doesn’t know who to believe. Gabriel tells her to believe her father. Lucinda is setting Craig up. He heard her admit it.

Jack tells Carly that it is too risky. He wants her to stay away from Blackie. He’s more than just a sleazy businessman. She’s not going to let him stop her. He says they are in this together. She asks okay, then what do they do first. He asks how she feels about wearing a wire.

Blackie shows up at Worldwide and tells the receptionist he has been summoned. Lucinda asks him to come on in. He tells her that he’s busy and doesn’t appreciate being called in for a command performance. She is not happy with his handling of Craig……not to her satisfaction. He tells her to be patient; he needs a little more time and finesse. He’s called in his loan and he’s not going to be able to pay. He’s put on the full court press and he will break soon. Lucinda says Craig has been a thorn in her side for a long time and it’s time to have that thorn extracted. Blackie tells her not to worry about it; he’s on it. Craig should be stepping into the paranoid zone right about now. He sent him a little message; the kind to make him sit up and take notice. He wonders why she hates this guy so much. She says his crimes against her are too numerous to name. She’s waited a long time for him to get what is coming to him. Blackie tells her to wait no more. The fuse has been lit. All they have to do is sit back and wait for the pop.

Craig speaks on the phone to someone and says they go way back and his word ought to be good for collateral. The man hangs up. He calls another, but that guy isn’t at the bank anymore; he’s retired. A knock at the door and the doorman gives him a package. He stares at it cautiously. Finally, slowly he opens it and finds a ticking clock. He picks it up and when he turns it over there is a note. “No Craig, it is not a bomb, this time!”

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