ATWT Update Tuesday 8/10/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/10/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Tom and Margo’s house) Alison is happy that she finally got Jacob to sleep after he had been crying for hours and Chris wonders how she managed to pull of the miracle. Alison explains that she just told Jacob all the bones in the human body and he was asleep when she got to the ulna. Casey laughs and goes to answer the door and wonders why Katie is home so early. Katie explains to Casey that Chris passed out just as they were about to make love and she brought him back to Oakdale and had him checked out. Casey and Alison wonder what caused Chris to pass out and Katie says Chris told her it was acid reflux. Alison thinks that is a strange reaction for acid reflux. Katie goes upstairs to check on Jacob and Allison asks Casey to find Chris and talk to him and tell him that Katie feels rejected by him.

(Hospital) Luke is happy that Reid kissed him in public but wonders if it will damage Reid’s reputation at the hospital. Reid tells Luke that people will always talk but given that the staff hates him flirting with him will probably help his reputation. Luke invites Reid to go with him to celebrate his victory at the union meeting at Metro. Reid tells Luke he isn’t chief of staff yet and they shouldn’t celebrate so early but he agrees to go with Luke to Metro. Chris interrupts Luke and Reid and asks Reid to help him consult on a patient. Reid goes into the staff lounge with Chris who asks Reid to give him a prescription for very strong antibiotics. Reid wonders why Chris can’t write a prescription for himself and go pick it up at the pharmacy. Chris tells Reid people would suspect something and possibly tell Bob. Reid once again advises Chris to tell his family and Katie so that they can be his support system but Chris refuses to do that and pleads for Reid to help him. Reid agrees and goes back to the hallway and tells Luke he has to go to the pharmacy and will meet him at Metro. Casey arrives and tells Chris that Katie feels rejected by him and he should try and make it up to her by inviting her to Metro tonight for a double date with him and Alison. Chris calls Katie and assures her that he is fine and apologizes for his behavior. Chris invites Katie for an apology dinner at Metro with Casey and Alison. Katie accepts Chris’s apology and agrees to meet him at Metro tonight.

(Old Town) Will and Gwen just miss seeing Iris leaving dressed as Barbara they see Henry who shows them the note he found inside the sleeve of chuckles the clown. Henry thinks they should compare the note to the note Barbara sent them saying she was okay so he and Will head to Fairwinds and Gwen stays behind to wait for Iris who promised to meet her there after her meeting.

(Oakdale Trust bank) The bank manger is happy to cash the check for “Ms. Ryan” and after waiting a few minutes Iris leaves the bank with the money praising her for being so good.

(Fairwinds wine cellar) Barbara tells Emily even though she has a gag in her mouth to untie her and set her free. Emily thinks its nice to have Barbara bound and gagged instead of having her blaming her for crimes she didn’t commit or criticizing her for everything all the time.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Katie talks to Alison and wonders if she scared Chris away by being needy and taking too long to let go of Brad. Alison thinks that Chris was just nervous and excited to be with her and that caused him to pass out but she assures Katie that Chris has told Casey he wants to be with her.

(Fairwinds) Will and Henry compare the note Barbara sent them to the note Henry found inside chuckles the clown. Henry and Will both agree that the handwriting is the same and Henry wants to show the notes to Margo but Will tells Henry not to do that until they have more proof because they still don’t have any idea where Barbara could be.

(Wine cellar) Emily thinks that Barbara planned her own kidnapping to punish Henry and make him suffer for hurting her. Emily pulls down Barbara’s gag and she calls Emily sadistic and stupid because she couldn’t tie and gag herself. Emily thinks Barbara has an accomplice but Barbara yells that if she had planned her own kidnapping she wouldn’t have hidden in a party warehouse she would have hidden in Mexico. Emily which of Barbara’s enemies would kidnap her and Barbara smiles and tells Emily she is about to find out then Iris hits Emily on the head with a wine bottle. Iris ties up Emily and leaves because it is time for her to get home from her meeting. Emily is upset with Barbara because she knew Iris was behind her and she let Iris hit her on the head with a wine bottle. Emily vows she will find a way out of the wine cellar.

(Metro) Reid arrives late and wonders why Luke made a spaceship from a napkin and Luke jokes that this is Karma because when he was with Noah he was the one who was always late and kept Noah waiting for him. Reid is in no mood to hear Noah’s name every five minutes so he orders a beer. Katie arrives with Casey and Alison and sees Reid at the bar. Reid tells Katie he is on a date with Luke and Katie wonders why Luke is sitting across the room. Reid doesn’t answer but wonders what Katie is doing there with Casey and Alison and Katie tells him that she is meeting Chris for a double date. Reid wonders if Katie is sure about that and Katie is curious why Reid is asking the question.

(Fairwinds) Henry tells Will that he thinks Vienna kidnapped Barbara and he intends to do whatever it takes to prove it and bring Barbara home safely.

(Old Town) Gwen calls the hospital and finds out what time the AA meeting finished and she finds out there wasn’t an AA meeting scheduled tonight.

(Metro) Chris arrives and tells Reid they wouldn’t give him the medication so Reid must go pick it up for him because he needs his first dose tonight. Reid is annoyed and feels like Chris’s errand boy but tells him to make up an excuse for Luke and heads to the pharmacy. Chris tells Luke he asks Reid’s opinion on a patient so Reid went to the hospital. Luke tells Chris and Alison he is dating Reid and Alison tells Luke that Noah got a grant to make another film and is moving to L.A. in September. Luke is happy for Noah but didn’t know he would be moving so soon. Alison encourages Luke to talk to Noah and tell him about Reid. Luke tells Alison that Noah already knows about his relationship with Reid. Reid returns and gives Chris the medicine and wonders why Luke looks so sad. Luke tells Reid that Noah is moving to L.A. in September and Reid wonders how Luke feels about that but before Luke can answer Chris interrupts again an tells Reid he has to talk to him about a patient. Chris asks Reid to administer the shot of antibiotic to him so they head to the men’s room. Reid once again tells Chris to tell his family about his condition but if he can’t do that Reid advises him to tell Katie because she is a good person who has been his only friend and she doesn’t deserve that he keep a secret from her. Reid gives Chris the shot and Luke walks in a few seconds later and Reid tells Luke that he and Chris have finished their consult. Reid tells Luke he will catch up to him in a few minutes then once Luke is gone Reid tells Chris the truth tonight.

(Fairwinds) iris arrives home and admits to Gwen and Will that she couldn’t face the people at the meeting so she went for a walk. Iris apologizes to Gwen for disappointing her and Gwen tells Iris there wasn’t a meeting scheduled tonight. Will tells Iris about the note that Henry found from Barbara saying that she was being held hostage. Iris thinks on her feet and tells Will and Gwen she caught Emily making a phone call to a party supply warehouse and then she acted nervous and said she had to go on an assignment for work out of town. Iris thinks that when they find Barbara Emily will be with her and Will and Gwen are confused and don’t know what to believe anymore.

(Wine cellar) Barbara tells Emily that Iris wants to steal all her money and leave them both to die but Emily tells Barbara to turn and she can use her hand to untie her and she will do the same for her because they will get out of there and neither of them is going to die.

(Outside Lily’s house) Luke is sorry that his date with Reid didn’t turn out well but assures Reid that he doesn’t have any Romantic feelings for Noah and wants to be with him not Noah. Luke kisses Reid and tells him that Noah was an important part of his life for a long time and he will do his best to make sure that his past relationship doesn’t come between them. Luke asks Reid to stay but Reid tells Luke he has to go because he has surgery in the morning.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Casey and Alison laugh and reflect on their strange evening and they decide that they are the only ones that have a normal relationship. Casey and Alison decide to give their romantic relationship another chance and make it official with a kiss.

(Katie’s house) Katie shares with Reid that she can’t understand why Chris is pulling away from her and fears that she may be too needy. Reid advises Katie not to give up on Chris because he has to work some things out before he can be close to her.

(Hospital) Chris sits thinking about what he should do when a nurse asks him if there is anything else she can do for him and he tells the nurse he is fine.

(Lakeview) Henry talks to Chuckles and tells the clown how much he misses Barbara and that when he finds her he will spend the rest of his life making her happy.

(Wine Cellar) Barbara thinks Henry has forgotten about her and is happily married to Vienna but Emily tells her that Henry anulled his marriage when he found out Vienna lied to him about being pregnant. Barbara smiles and wonders what Henry has been doing all this time and Emily tells Barbara Henry has spent all his time looking for her. Barbara smiles and is even more determined to find a way to free herself so she can get home to Henry.

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