ATWT Update Friday 8/6/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/6/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the party supply store Will tells Henry that this is wrong. This is where old party favors come to die. Barbara is not there and they need to go. Henry wants to know how he can explain the pen they found in Barbara’s suite and the vibes he is feeling now. Henry spots Chuckles and finds lipstick on him… Barbara’s. Meanwhile Iris is harassing a tied-up Barbara and wanting her to write a big fat old check and stop being so dramatic. She slugs down the whiskey and says it is mighty fine. Babs will just have to take her word for it as she likes her hostages sober.

At Fairwinds, Emily pours a stiff drink for her and Paul. She thinks they should hide it with Iris staying there……no need tempting her with a $700 bottle of brandy. He says look at it this way….with Iris here it makes his own mother look really normal. Emily promises when Barbara comes back, she is going to work extra hard to make peace.

At the cabin, Katie tells Chris to calm down. He says he is okay and just got overly excited with it being their first time. She finds that flattering but scary. She was afraid he was having a heart attack. He passes out before he can get a glass of water. She manages to revive him but he refuses for her to call 911 or call the nearest rinky-dink hospital. He’d probably check in and never check out. She says she has heard even in the sticks they have real equipment at the hospitals. And if he needs brain surgery, she will cal Dr. Oliver. He promises he will go be checked out as soon as he gets home.

Gwen tells Paul that Henry called and Will is with him. Will calls and wants Paul to come down to the store as they think Barbara has been there recently. Iris has Barbara in Paul’s wine cellar and tells her that the party store and this musty pit is going to seem like a Five Star Hotel compared to where she is taking her next. And no one will come looking for her right under Paulie’s nose.

Henry shows Paul and Margo Chuckles. Paul says he hates clowns. Henry agrees that he used to, but not now. This one he loves because it is covered with the red stuff and the lipstick is definitely a match with Barbara’s. He surmises that Barbara is being held against her will so will they try to keep up. He begs Margo not to leave. Barbara did not make out with that clown. She was acting a little out of her mind but she was leaving evidence for them to find her. He wants them to treat this as a kidnapping which it is. Barbara is being held hostage.

Margo explains to Henry that she knows he is upset, but she has some real crimes that need solving and she doesn’t have time to stand around and match lipstick shades. Will thinks it is strange that Barbara has not been seen around the Lakeview. Margo says there is no proof Barbara has been here or that a crime has been committed. Henry asks about his gut feelings. Margo says with all due respect his gut told him to marry Vienna when she faked a pregnancy under his very nose. So his gut is far from trustworthy. He says his gut actually told him not to marry Vienna, but he was listening to the wrong body part.

Barbara tells Iris there is no way she can get her out of there without someone seeing her. She knows she is bluffing, but Iris says she got her in here without anyone seeing so she can do it again. Emily tells Gwen that she knows what she is going through. Her mother is an alcoholic too and once a drunk always a drunk. Gwen thanks her for the warning, but says her mother is not drinking right now and wants another chance with her and Halley. Emily tells her that Iris is an addict and if not liquor, she will replace it with something else. It’s a beautiful thought to want to be reconnected to her mom, but there is a fine line between support and enabling.

Katie gets Chris back to the hospital and he thinks the last thing he needs right now is a doctor to tell him that he is off his game. And then his mom will be called. He just needs to eat. He needs some anti-nausea medication too. She asks if it is the flu, low blood sugar or a panic attack, perhaps all of the above. She offers some orange juice for his low blood sugar and he jumps at the chance for her to go do that.

Dr. Oliver sees Katie leave the room and investigates. Katie calls Margo and tells her that Chris passed out and it took a few minutes for her to wake him up. He doesn’t want anyone to know, but she knows something seriously is wrong. Dr. Oliver walks into the room and finds Chris drawing blood from his arm. He asks what is going on.

Henry lashes out that just because there is no evidence doesn’t mean there was no crime. Good criminals cover their tracks. Iris tells Barbara that she can make a check out for $25,000 to start. Iris takes it and turns her back and begins admiring the check. Barbara manages to knock her down from behind and clobbers her and then unties her shackled feet. Iris comes to and grabs a toy gun and shoots Barbara. She gets a big laugh when she realizes it is a paint gun and yellow ain’t Barbara’s color.

Paul tells Henry that they are leaving. That clown is staring at him. Henry tells Paul and Will that he does not have the equipment to conduct a search and the police won’t bother, so they need to forget what they can actually see and start another investigation. When something bad happens in a place it leaves behind a bad juju….it’s in the air…in the molecules… alters the feel of the place. Paul shakes his head and says there is no such thing. They are simply in a warehouse with a creepy, ugly clown doll and Henry is a certifiable lunatic. Henry asks him to please wait. Perhaps he can find someone to help change his mind….like a physic.

Katie explains to Margo that when she and Tom called off the weekend at the cabin, she tricked Chris into going anyway. Well not exactly tricked, but she left out the part about them not being there. They started kissing and things started heating up. Margo notices that Katie has taken off her wedding band. That’s good; she has decided it is time to move on with her life. Katie says yeah she woke up that morning and decided it was time and she did go away with Chris. When things got a little intense, all of a sudden Chris couldn’t breathe and he grabbed his chest. When he tried to stand up, he passed out on the floor and it scared her to death. Now he is saying it was low blood sugar or indigestion or something. Margo tells her not to go making trouble when there isn’t any. He’s over the moon for her so he probably just got nervous and is now embarrassed.

Chris explains to Reid that he has a stomach bug. Reid doesn’t understand why he’d be drawing his own blood for a tummy ache. Chris says he is just being careful and he’d like to keep this between the two of them. No need to go around putting it on his friendbook page. Reid says, “Oh yeah, let me go update my status. You now how I am all about social networking.” Chris says it is no big deal. The nurses are overworked so he thought he’d do his own as he is qualified. Reid says when smart doctors get sick, they have real doctors look at them. Chris quips that he never claimed to be a brain surgeon. Reid says he must not have wanted anyone to know as they might hold it against him for being Chief of Staff if he got sick like the rest of humanity. Chris tells him to please back off. He has a stomach ache; he doesn’t need a headache on top of it. Dr. Oliver tells him not to worry. If he doesn’t get the job, it won’t be because he is sick, just not good enough. Chris scoffs and tells him to go to hell.

Emily suggests to Gwen that perhaps her mom is down in the wine cellar. Gwen says no she would not do that. Perhaps she is just outside walking around looking at the flowers. She knows Emily doesn’t like having Iris around, but Gwen would appreciate her not always calling her a drunk every five minutes. Barbara tells Iris that the only solace she will find is when Gwen finds out about her and throws her out on the streets and her head will be spinning faster than a top.

Paul tells Henry that whatever crazy scheme he is coming up with, just leave him out of it. Henry begs Paul to please channel Barbara right now. Paul says he used to have the powers but not now. Henry says fine, if Paul won’t, he will call Kim and find a psychic they had on the show one time.

Chris hands the blood vial to a nurse and asks her to send it down to the lab and have it expedited with the tests that he has written down. Dr. Oliver sees the transaction and picks up the papers. He also overhears Katie when she returns with the orange juice for Chris. Chris dismisses Katie and Margo and tells them two beautiful ladies waiting around for him isn’t necessary. He had acid reflux, pretty sexy huh? He asks Katie for a rain check. Margo tells Katie she is always looking for signs, but don’t read any more into this than it is. Katie says she won’t let this ruin her relationship with her future new boyfriend….boy that sounds good.

Reid questions Chris for the tests he has ordered for himself if he just has acid reflux. He’s worried about him being tested for an obscure tropical virus yet telling his girlfriend, Reid’s roommate by the way, that he has a normal stomach disorder. That’s a lie.

Myra, the psychic tells Henry, Paul and Will that they are brothers but all have a differing view, especially Henry. She doesn’t need any more information. She just wants to feel it for herself with no preconception. She says it is very dark, a heart has been deeply wounded…..deception and a struggle, great pain. And the darkest secret of all is inside that doll.

Emily picks up the bottle of brandy to return it to the cellar, just as Iris is about to leave and they are face to face.

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