ATWT Update Thursday 8/5/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/5/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Casey invites Alison for pizza at the new pizza place in the mall but she wants to meet him in the restaurant because she didn’t bring any street clothes and she wants to look nice for Casey since this is a date. Casey agrees and they both head home to get ready for their date the first date they have had since the wedding hostage crisis. Casey is on his way home when he runs into Chris in the hallway and Chris tells Casey that Katie didn’t want to go with him, Tom, and Margo to the Hughes cabin. Casey thinks it sounds like a long double date and Chris tells Casey that is probably why Katie refused to go with him to the cabin. Casey is surprised that Chris is giving up on Katie so easily and Chris decides that Casey is right and heads over to Katie’s to give her one more chance to refuse to go to the cabin.

(Katie’s house) Katie talks to Jacob and debates if she should go to the cabin with Chris or not and she tells Jacob she wants to go but she is scared to move to quickly in her relationship with Chris. Katie wishes that she could talk to Henry but he is busy hearing voices right now. Katie calls Henry who is doing surveillance near Barbara’s room to find out who has been posing as Barbara. Henry tells Barbara he can’t talk to her right now because he is busy doing detective work because he knows that Barbara is being held against her will and he will do whatever he has to do to bring Barbara home. Kati is puzzled after he conversation with Henry and worries that her best friend is losing his grip on reality. Chris arrives and tells Katie that he is going to Al’s to pick up some food to take to the cabin and she can either meet him at Al’s and go to the cabin with her or it will be her loss then Chris gives Katie a tender kiss and leaves her surprised but happy.

(Fairwinds) Emily arrives home from her trip and Paul gives her a kiss and asks her not to go check on Eliza just yet and they kiss some more. Will and Gwen arrive and Will wonders how Emily took the news and Emily wonders what news Will is talking about since Paul hasn’t told her anything. Paul tells Emily that Iris is staying with them and Emily is angry and says that she won’t have that woman staying in her house. Gwen tells Emily she understands her feelings but no matter what she has done Iris is her mother and she needs a place to stay. Paul and Will are the only reasonable ones during the long argument and they both point out that Iris will only be staying as long as Will and Gwen stay and if they have her in the house they can keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn’t cause any trouble. Emily points out that they can’t keep an eye on Iris twenty-four hours a day.

(Warehouse) Iris taunts Barbara by saying that she (Iris) has replaced her (Barbara) in her family since they have all forgiven her and none of them are even thinking about her anymore. Barbara shouts that it isn’t true because her family hates her (Iris) and her own children don’t even want to be in the same room with her. Iris tells Barbara that if she doesn’t give her the passwords to her bank accounts she will become Eliza ‘s grandmother and fill the void that she will leave in Hallie’s life. Barbara wants Iris to guarantee that she will let her go if she gives her the passwords but Iris thinks that in life there are no guarantees and starts to leave but Barbara tells Iris that she will tell her where she keeps her checkbook and if she brings it to her she will give her enough money to go to Tahiti like Iris wants to do because there is no extradition there. Iris agrees and Barbara tells her that she keeps her strongbox inside the fireplace in her room on a small shelf. Iris heads to the Lakeview and Barbara wonders if she did the right thing by telling Iris where she keeps her checkbook.

(Katie’s house) Katie is still debating whether she should go to the cabin or not when Margo calls to tell her that she and Tom will be stuck in court all day tomorrow and can’t go to the cabin. Katie tells Margo it is for the best and hangs up the phone then she calls Alison and asks her for a favor.

(Fairwinds) The argument over Iris continues and Gwen points out that Barbara isn’t a saint either and Emily wishes that both Emily and Iris would be gone forever so they can all be happy.

(Hughes house) Alison arrives with Jacob and explains to Casey that Katie called him because she wanted to go to the cabin with Chris and needed someone to take care of Jacob. Casey is happy that Chris took his advice and didn’t give up on Katie. Alison tells Casey they can’t have their date today and Casey agrees to help Alison baby-sit Jacob all weekend. Casey soon regrets those words when neither he nor Alison can make Jacob stop crying and they are sure the baby is crying because he misses Katie. Alison decides to call Will and Gwen for help and Casey decides to put some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill so they can have a barbeque. Alison calls Gwen to invite them to the Barbeque and since Gwen is tired of arguing with Emily she accepts the invitation.

(Fairwinds) Will and Gwen go upstairs to get Hallie and then they leave for the Barbeque. Paul manages to persuade Emily to let Iris stay with a lot of kissing and a little coaxing.

(Lakeview) iris arrives and goes to the fireplace finds the strongbox opens it with the key and then takes the checkbook out and in do so drops a pen from her purse. Iris leaves and Henry who is nearby in the hallway sees Iris from behind but knows that she isn’t Barbara. Henry goes inside Barbara’s room and notices that her strong box has been opened and calls Will asking him to come to the Lakeview because he has knew information about Barbara.

(Hughes house) Will and Gwen are talking to Casey and Alison Will and Casey are outside watching the Barbeque while Gwen and Alison are inside with the kids. Will and Gwen are both telling their friends the same thing being married is work but you get through it with help from the person you love and a lot of patience especially when you have kids. Will tells everyone he has to go when he gets a call from Henry about Barbara.

(Lakeview Will arrives and Henry tells him that he smelled Barbara’s perfume and saw the imposter leave her room and shows him that Barbara’s strongbox has been open. Henry notices the pen on the floor and reads that is says Party warehouse so he and Will head to the warehouse

(Warehouse) Barbara worries that her family has forgotten about her and she finds some paper and decides to write a note.

(Outside Al’s diner) Chris sees Katie and he is happy that she has decided to go with him and Katie explains that Alison is taking care of Jacob.

(Cabin) Chris wonders why Tom and Margo haven’t arrives and Katie admits to Chris that Margo called and said that she and Tom couldn’t make it because they are both stuck in court all day tomorrow. Chris is happy that Katie knew this and decided to come to the cabin and spend time alone with him. Chris also notices that Katie isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Katie leaves to put the food away in the kitchen. Chris builds a fire and is surprised when Katie comes out in a sexy nightgown. Chris and Katie start to make love but Chris stops after a few minutes when he starts to have chest pains and starts to feel like he can’t breathe.

(Fairwinds) Emily wants to set some rules for Iris and is surprised when Iris gives her a long list of all the things she wants Emily to provide to make her stay more comfortable. Emily goes to pour herself a drink while Iris tells her the reasons that she shouldn’t drink. Iris tells Paul and Emily that if two psychopaths like them can have a good marriage there is hope for everyone. Iris leaves and Emily notices that there is a bottle missing from the bar.

(Warehouse) Henry and Will arrive but the warehouse where Barbara was being held is empty but Henry finds the note and various other things to prove Barbara was there.

(Hughes house) Gwen worries that Will is in trouble and explains to Casey and Alison that it took her a long time to be able to give Will his freedom because of everything they have been through together and Will used to call and tell her where he was just to put her mind at ease but she is better now so she goes to check on Hallie and Jacob. Casey and Alison both hope they can have a marriage like Will and Gwen’s marriage.

(Fairwinds) Emily goes to the wine cellar to pick a bottle of wine then she leaves Iris arrives a few minutes later with the bottle of wine she stole from the bar upstairs and goes into the secret room Iris tells Barbara that she would share the bottle with her but she can’t drink it because she is tied up right now.

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