ATWT Update Tuesday 8/3/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/3/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Worldwide) Craig threatens to kick the door in since Lucinda won’t answer it so she opens the door. Craig wonders if Lucinda had anything to do with the nonexistent French perfume factory and Lucinda tells Craig she doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about but when she wonders if Holden was in Paris with Lily Craig figures out that she planned everything to get Holden and Lily back together and get revenge on him by bankrupting him so in a sense she killed two birds with one stone. Lucinda once again denies everything but Craig tells her that if he finds out she was behind everything he will tell Lily and then she will lose her daughter forever. Craig wonders how Lucinda could do such a horrible thing to her daughter and then he storms out of the office. Anthony Blackthorn arrives and tells Lucinda he won’t make the mistake of getting on her bad side and Lucinda orders him to go find Craig so they can put the final part of the plan in motion.

(Canada) Holden is desperate to get home for his wedding to Molly and he pleads with a private airplane pilot to fly he and Lily to Oakdale. Lily realizes how much Holden loves Molly because he really wants to get home for the wedding. Lily asks Holden why he risked missing his wedding to come after her and he tells her that he found out she was in trouble and he had to come help her and he knows that she would do the same for him. Lily talks to the pilot and gives him the diamond necklace that Holden gave her and promises him more money when they land in Oakdale. The pilot agrees to fly them home and Holden wonders why Lily gave up the necklace that meant so much to her and Lily explains that Holden is marrying Molly today and it is time that she let go of the past. Lily also tells Holden he needs to get home to his bride so he can be happy.

(Farm) Carly comes up with a plan to stall the wedding to give Holden time to arrive and at the same time Molly won’t go crazy waiting on him. Carly asks Parker to drive Faith, Ethan and Natalie to the Lakeview while she and Abigail go upstairs to help Molly get ready for the wedding. Carly trips going upstairs and tells everyone she thinks she has twisted her ankle. Jack and Carly exchange a look because Jack knows Carly is faking the injury in order to stall the wedding. Luke asks Reid to examine Carly and Reid talking with his mouth full of food looks at Carly’s ankle and tells her that it doesn’t look swollen or red so he doesn’t think its broken. Carly tells Reid he doesn’t know anything about ankles because he is a brain surgeon so Jack asks Carly if she would rather go to the hospital. Carly leans on Jack as she walks out and once they get on the porch Jack congratulates Carly on the wonderful job. Carly tells jack she really tripped and her ankle really hurts so he picks her up and Cary’s her to the car. Abigail helps Molly get ready for the wedding and tells Molly how much she admires her for handling all of the things that have gone wrong today because not every woman would be so understanding if her groom flew to Paris to help his ex wife. Molly tells Abigail that the only thing that matters is that Holden loves her the rest of the things that have gone wrong with the wedding don’t matter. Molly looks beautiful in her wedding dress and Abigail suggests that Molly toss her bouquet to Carly and Holden throw the garter to Jack so that Jack and Carly will dance and maybe get back together. Molly thinks that is a great idea but wonders why Abigail doesn’t want to catch the bouquet. Abigail starts to cry and tells Molly she has been dating a married man and they broke up because he didn’t want to come to the wedding with her. Abigail wonders if she will ever find a man of her own or if she should just settle for a married man. Molly advises her daughter not to settle and search for a man who will only love her. Molly hugs Abigail and thinks about the advice she just gave to Abigail and silently wonders if she should follow her own advice.

(Hospital) Carly feels happy that she gave Holden some time to return for the wedding but Jack thinks that they should have postponed the wedding until tomorrow. Carly thinks that Holden might already be back at the farm getting ready because things can change in and instant. Jack and Carly recall how their lives changed quickly when Jack almost asked Janet for a divorce on the day that Janet told him that she was pregnant.

(Farm) Holden thanks Lily for the help she gave to him so that he could get back in time for the wedding. Lily thinks that everyone must be at the church and is sad she didn’t get to see the kids dressed up before they went to the church. Holden promises to take a lot of pictures of the kids and tells Lily that if there is anything he can do to repay what she did for him today she shouldn’t hesitate to ask him. Lily tells Holden to just be happy with Molly and then she leaves. Holden enters the house and is shocked to find Molly sitting at the kitchen table and wonders why she isn’t at the church. Holden explains to Molly that the flight was delayed and he had all kinds of problems but Molly tells Holden that she cancelled the wedding because she realizes even if he doesn’t that he loves Lily more then her. Holden tells Molly that isn’t true but she tells him that if he would have told her about Lily’s problem she would have asked him not to go and since he didn’t want to take that chance he didn’t say a word to her. Molly also tells Holden that if he would have said no for once to helping Lily then she would have been sure that he loved her more then Lily but that didn’t happen. Holden pleads with Molly and tells her that it won’t happen again that he does love her and they can get passed this and get married. Molly tells Holden that she knows it will happen again because he loves Lily more then her and she doesn’t want to teach Abigail to settle for a man who doesn’t love her with his whole heart. Molly takes off her ring and gives it to Holden as she walks out the door.

(Lakeview) Abigail calls Luke and gives him the news and he arranges for the babysitter to pick up Natalie and Faith at Lily’s house for a sleep over. Luke tells Parker and Faith what happened and Faith starts to cry and wonders why life is so confusing and people in love just can’t be happy. Parker Holds Faith as she cries a little while Luke and Reid take the kids home.

(Old Town) Anthony tells Craig that he has 24 hours to pay back the money he loaned him with interest or something could happen to Johnny. Once Craig leaves Anthony calls Lucinda to tell her they have Craig right where they want him.

(Lakeview) Luke gets everything together from the bridal suite that Holden had set up and wonders where he should take it or even what to do with it. Reid suggests that they take advantage of the opportunity and make love then he leans in to give Luke a kiss but Luke backs away. Reid tells Luke to give him some things and tell him where to take them and then he has to go back to work. Luke knows that Reid is upset and explains that he has only been intimate with Noah and he needs some time to adjust to their relationship. Reid tells Luke he has never been patient so Luke Kisses him to let him know that they will make love when he is ready and Reid agrees to wait.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Lucinda she feels like a failure because of the perfume factory and makes it clear that she doesn’t want Lucinda’s help to get out of this mess. Lucinda tells that Molly cancelled the wedding because she knows that Holden doesn’t love her enough to marry her. Lucinda leaves and the kids come downstairs to wait to be picked up for the sleep over. Holden arrives as the kids are headed out the door for the sleep over and Holden gives them a quick hug. Lily ap0ologizes to Holden because it is her fault that his wedding to Molly got cancelled. Holden tells Lily it wasn’t her fault and she tells him it wasn’t his fault either but Holden isn’t sure about that and then he leaves.

(Hospital) Carly asks Jack to take her to the farm to talk some sense into Molly so that she and Holden can get married.

(Farm) Jack and Carly arrive and Molly assures Carly that although it was painful she made the right decision because if she had married Holden Lily would always be between them. Molly encourages Carly to be with Jack because Jack doesn’t love Janet anymore. Molly tells Jack and Carly she will come back for their wedding but now she feels like she has to spend some time with Abigail. Molly hugs Carly and Jack before she leaves and Carly cries because Molly’s relationship with Holden wasn’t meant to be. Carly is also crying because she fears her relationship with Jack isn’t meant to be.

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