ATWT Update Monday 8/2/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/2/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Reid tells Luke that he just got out of a 7-hour surgery. Luke and Reid flirt and Luke asks him if he remembers that his dad is getting married today. Reid tells him that doesn’t need to tag along to that. Luke wants him to come. He is sorry, but he won’t be there.

At her house, Jack comes in and Carly is nervous that Holden isn’t back. Jack admits that he still isn’t. He knows that he will be back though. She can’t believe he let him go to France. What should he have done – arrest him. Maybe this should tell her something. She doesn’t want to hear it. Maybe Holden isn’t that ready to get married to Molly, as she wants to believe.

At the farm, Natalie and Ethan come in and happily awaken Molly. Faith tags in after them telling Molly she is sorry they didn’t let her sleep in. She smiles; she is happy they are there. They wonder where Holden is. He is at the Hotel because it is tradition; they will see him at the wedding. Ethan wonders if he will see his mom at the wedding too. She is sorry, but she doesn’t think so. Faith tells him today is about dad and Molly, but their mom and dad are cool and friends still. Molly promises that she isn’t trying to replace her mom; she just loves them and wants to be there for them. Abigail comes in as the others leave. She asks how she is. Today will be the best day ever, Molly answers.

Carly tells Jack that she doesn’t have time for this; he better hope that his cousin doesn’t leave her cousin at the altar. Jack’s phone rings and it is Holden. He tells an anxious Jack that he landed in Marseille, will rush over to find Lily and then be back on the plane in time to make it to his wedding. He better be, Jack cautions, or there will be hell to pay. Holden thanks him for covering. He doesn’t want his thanks; he just needs him to make it back on time, as Carly watches him.

In Paris, Craig and Lily are aimlessly walking around unable to find the perfume factory. They have been tricked, Lily announces. Craig corrects her; they have been scammed and he knows who did it. Who. Lucinda. She shakes her head; her mother wouldn’t do this. How about him – this is more his speed, Lily says. Why would he cheat himself. Everyone warned her about him. He gave her a couple million of his own dollars. Look at her mother. She wouldn’t do that to her; plus, she doesn’t know they are in business. She has her ways. They are going to figure out a way to come out on top of this, Craig promises, as they hug. Holden comes up just as this is happening and grabs Craig demanding what he is doing here. Craig and Lily in particular look surprised to see him here. Lily wonders what is he doing here. He came because he thought she would need his help. Holden demands to know why Craig is there. Craig explains he came because he is her friend. He needs to get back on the plane and he wants Lily to come with him. Craig tells them that they can’t figure that out at 50,000 feet. Lily explains that the perfume factory doesn’t exist. Holden thinks Craig is involved. Craig promises he isn’t.

Carly is sure that Holden will be back, as Jack isn’t sure about it. Carly thinks that he shouldn’t be buying into the Molly and Holden are meant to be. He corrects her. She tells him that it was a slip of the tongue. He thinks it might be more then that. Parker comes downstairs, as they are arguing a bit and he wonders what is going on. They claim Carly is busy getting ready for the wedding, as Parker doesn’t believe them. Carly is afraid this wedding will turn into a disaster if they don’t stay on top of this, as Parker wonders what she means, but they blow it off. She wants to leave, as she tells Jack that he better hope that overseas delivery shows up on time.

Reid is doing paperwork when Luke walks over; he tells him that wedding isn’t his thing. Who doesn’t like weddings, Luke asks. They are foolish spectacles dedicated to making promises you can’t keep, Reid answers flatly. Love isn’t his thing. He knows what he means. It is good he operates on brains and not hearts, Luke teases. He doesn’t believe in love, Luke asks. It works or it doesn’t and you don’t need a ceremony to prove it. This would be their first time out as a couple. If he wants to be seen, then he can take him to a nice restaurant where they can hold hands. He just wants a couple hours of his time. He doesn’t want to go. He can work on his people’s skills there. His skills are fine. You mean if you are dealing with people who are under anesthesia, Luke continues to joke. These people are walking; he promises it will be low key. Reid wants sleep and he will see him later.

Craig wonders why he would cheat Lily. That is what he does, Holden answers. Lily intercedes; Craig is her friend and she welcomes him here. He is supposed to be getting married. He came because he thought she was in trouble. She is fine and doesn’t need his help. Did she find anything out. Noone knows anything. They can fly home now. She can fly home later with him and he is not needed, Craig answers. Lily takes Craig aside and asks him to stay on so he can get to the bottom of this. They can get to the bottom, of it together. Lily doesn’t think Holden will leave without her. Craig relents, but he wants to know one thing; she doesn’t believe he is behind this. No, she doesn’t, as he is happy and kisses her on the cheek. Craig asks her to call him when she lands. Holden wonders if she lost her mind; what is she doing with Craig. She could ask him the same thing – flying all the way there when he is about to be married.

Carly and Parker arrive at the farm where Molly and everyone are getting ready. Carly asks Parker to bring the dress upstairs, as Faith asks to help. He has got it, as Abigail follows him upstairs and Faith tries to hide her hurt. The other kids leave the room and Carly asks how Molly feels. Cool as a cucumber…that has been left out in the sun for the week, Molly laughs. Carly wonders if she has an old, new, borrowed and blue. She has the new dress from her and blue emerald earrings from Emma. Her borrowed is a hair clip from Faith but what about old. Does she have any suggestions. Carly looks through her purse and pulls out an envelope. Is this what she thinks it is, Molly wonders. Yes, the feather from her marriage to Jack. She kept it all those years. She wants her to have it to bring her luck, as they hug. Carly promises all will be fine. Molly wonders how Holden is, as Carly dodges the question. She wonders if he got as little sleep as she got, as Carly smirks and answers quietly that she can bet on that.

Holden tells Lily that Lucinda told him that she was worried. How did her mom know she was even coming here. She knows how her mom likes to keep tabs. Why did she think she was in trouble. He doesn’t know, but she has been scammed and he thinks Craig is involved. She doesn’t think so. He is bad news, Holden cautions. She doesn’t want to burst his hero complex, but she doesn’t need his help and Craig isn’t the big bad wolf. She doesn’t want to hear about the mistake she made because she knows this time it is a big one. There is no way she could have known, Holden offers. This is her mess to clean up and he should be focus on his wedding. She can’t be responsible for he being late for his own wedding, so they should get going.

At the station, an officer wonders why Jack is in; he thought he was taking the day off because of his cousin’s wedding. He was, but he was just checking on some work and checking some emails, as he looks at the computer and sees the writing in front of him about a big storm bearing down on the east coast. Jack shakes his head and says outloud, “Oh no!”

Parker and Abigail come back downstairs and Abigail compliments Carly on Molly’s dress; it is gorgeous. Carly asks Parker to go find the kids, as Luke comes in and says his hellos to Abigail and everyone else. He wonders where his dad is. They stayed apart, as Luke smiles; they are hopeless romantics. Carly tells Molly they should go try on the dress, as Molly happily follows her. Abigail asks how he is, as Luke admits that it is a bit weird to see his dad marry someone else because he thought ultimately his dad and mom would find their way back together; he thinks it sounds childish. She doesn’t think so because she didn’t think her mom and dad would make it back to one another, but she is so happy her parents are making it official finally. Luke admits he just wants his dad happy in the end. She doesn’t think he looks happy; in fact, he looks upset. This has nothing to do with the wedding. Jack comes in interrupting their talk, as he says his hellos to them both. He asks where Carly is.

Upstairs, Molly is looking at the dress and declaring how beautiful it is. Jack knocks at the door and Molly says hello happily, but then says she is going to take a shower. Jack tells Carly that he has bad news, as Carly looks like she is bracing. He saw online that there is a big storm brewing over the Atlantic; he read that flights are being canceled and delayed all over. Carly can’t believe this; she prays that Holden got out before that happened. Molly comes back in the room and wonders what flights are being delayed and Holden being able to get out has to do with anything. Jack says they have to tell her. Where is Holden, Molly nervously asks. He is headed back from France. Is this pre-wedding humor because if it is then it isn’t funny; Holden is at the Lakeview. This isn’t a joke; there is a storm and it doesn’t look good. Why would he go before the wedding. He went yesterday. Jack explains that Holden went after Lily, as Molly starts to cry. Jack explains that Lily is in trouble. What is wrong. He doesn’t know. Molly wonders why Carly didn’t say anything. Jack doesn’t want her upset with Carly; he didn’t want her to know because they were sure Holden would get back in time. Natalie and Ethan come in with a wedding bouquet, as Molly kneels down, tells them bow beautiful it is and how beautiful this will make her wedding day, as she turns her head to hide her tears and Carly an Jack look sorry for her.

On the plane, Lily and Holden are sitting there, as Holden looks annoyed; she asks him what is wrong. He still doesn’t understand why she would turn to Craig for help. He is her friend. He still thinks he is behind this fiasco; why would he do this. Therefore, she would turn to him. She isn’t telling him something. He knows everything he needs to know. What does that mean. The pilot makes an announcement about them heading into some heavy turbulence so he wants people to fasten their seatbelt securely. There is a bump and a flash of lightning and Lily looks nervous, as she instinctively holds onto Holden’s hand, as he looks down at it and then over at her, as their eyes lock.

Jack is getting coffee, as Abigail worries that Holden will be back in time for the wedding. He knows her dad; he will do whatever he has to. Her mom must be freaking out. Luke is sure he will be here if they got out before the storm. Luke wonders if his mom will be with him too. Abigail wonders what kind of trouble Lily is in. He just knows Carly and Lily bought a perfume factory. Luke tries to call, but it goes to voice mail and then he reads the news online about all flights being grounded. He is sure he got out before though. Abigail can’t believe that he took the risk of not getting back in time for his wedding to be with Lily. They don’t know why; there is probably a good explanation. Abigail thinks love is way too complicated sometimes, as Luke agrees. In walks Reid though wondering about how low key this wedding is; where is everyone. Luke is surprised to see him. He invited him afterall, Reid answers. Abigail introduces herself when Luke seems speechless; he must be Noah, she assumes. Reid corrects her. Abigail jokes about letting a big fat elephant into the room. Reid takes it in stride and tells her that it is to be expected. Luke explains that a lot in his life has changed. Abigail wonders if they are, as Luke interrupts and wonders if Reid wants to explain or he. Reid takes Luke’s hand and tells her that they shouldn’t make it complicated; they are together, as Luke smiles.

Lily is taking deep breaths holding onto Holden’s hand still. He reminds her that it is just a little turbulence. She takes her hand away. They can’t crash because Molly would never forgive her, as they both chuckle. They have been through worse and come out the other side. Holden and she talk about her getting scammed; they will figure it out, Holden promises. She can figure it out with Carly. He needs to move on with his life. He agrees that she can deal with it because she is very capable and smart. Maybe. Definitely – he believes in her, as they look at one another.

Molly is looking at her dress while Jack and Carly stand nearby. Jack reminds her that if it is humanly possible Holden will find a way back. There is still plenty of time, Carly reminds her. She appreciated them trying to cheer her up, but she just wants to hear Holden’s voice tell her that he is home. She is going for a walk; she needs to be alone. Jack justifies that Holden did what he thought was right. For Lily and not Molly – the woman he is supposed to marry, Carly counters. She looks at Jack annoyed; she supposes he isn’t that worried because he doesn’t think they should be getting married anyway. Jack admits that he wonders if the timing is right. Carly tells him that Molly and Holden belong together and Holden still worrying about Lily doesn’t change that. He won’t speak for Holden; he had his reasons. She doesn’t want to hear if he doesn’t agree with her, as Carly is getting worked up. Jack takes her arm and tells her softly and simply that he is sorry, as Carly seems to calm down.

Downstairs, Reid is asking Luke and Abigail again, why Holden would fly to France to help his ex before his wedding. It is complicated. He agrees. Luke tells Abigail how Reid feels about weddings. Reid tells her that he is paraphrasing – rather badly. This is a reason why he skips family gatherings. He came to this one, a happy Luke notes. Molly comes downstairs, as Abigail tells her that Jack told them; is she ok. She is fine…. nothing is boring here on the farm, Molly offers. She is not jumping to conclusions until she talks with Holden. She says hello to Reid and tells him that he is probably aware that there are some complications. He is playing catch up still, Reid answers. Abigail and Luke are sure that Holden will explain when he gets here. Molly answers softly saying if he gets here.

Outside, a forlorn looking Faith is sitting alone on the porch when Parker walks up. He has been looking for her, but he went to the wrong area. Accidentally on purpose, she assumes. She is not an idiot; he is avoiding her. He is just being careful. She is that scary. He doesn’t want to give her the wrong idea. That maybe he likes her more than he wants to. He does like her. What is wrong then. He doesn’t think they should, as Molly walks out and Faith wonders why she is outside now. She needs to take a walk. Parker wonders if she is ok because she looks upset and his parents were acting weird earlier. Holden is going to be delayed, but she doesn’t want to get into it. She heads off and Faith wonders why there always has to be a drama; can’t anyone just be happy. Parker doesn’t want her to jump to conclusions; they don’t know anything is wrong yet. Her dad is going to be late to his own wedding – that spells trouble. Parker is sure they will find out soon enough. He starts to walk inside, as Faith stops him and tells him that he never finished what he was going to say about them. He thinks it is a bad idea…to hook up, Faith finishes. They did realize something good... that he thinks she is hot, Faith answers, as Parker can't help but agree before he heads inside, as Faith smiles.

The plane hits some bumps, as Lily nervously comments about it being bad. Holden tells her that if they can just get through this part of it they should be fine because they are already running behind. Lily is sure that they can make up time on the other side. She hands him a magazine to get his mind off of it. He would rather watch the storm out the window, as more turbulence hits and Lily looks nervous. The pilot comes on and announces he has more bad news; they are going to have to land in Montreal until the bad weather passes. Holden can’t believe he just said that, as he looks upset; he will never make it now.

Molly comes back to the farm and watches Carly, Jack, Abigail, Luke and Reid through the window, as Abigail reads from online reports about all the canceled flight and the ones that made it being forced to land in Canada. Carly is not giving up hope yet, as Jack thinks they should prepare that Holden might not make it. Can’t they postpone till tomorrow, he wonders. Not until they know and only Molly should postpone it. Luke says he will try his dad again while Reid notices a sad looking Molly through the window; he heads outside, as Molly tries to hide her tears. She wonders if they sent him outside to tell her all would be ok. Nope, he only says that in the operating room and feels he shouldn't say it elsewhere. Cynical doctor – how refreshing, Molly smiles. Yes that and with the romantic stuff, as Luke keeps pointing out, Reid explains. Maybe he should take it to heart. His brain won’t let him. What did sentimentality do to him, Molly asks with a smile. It is the hypocrisy in this town; the residents of this town swap partners as he changes socks. Not all – only most of them, Molly smiles. So he and Luke, she starts. This goes to show her because it was Noah and Luke forever a short time ago. She smiles again and tells him thank you for cheering her up. He tells her that nothing is forever and as people, they are hardwired to cope with it. Maybe, but it doesn’t make it easy. It is what it is. Lucky for him. And for her. He is rambling; she shouldn’t listen t him; he is a brain guy not a heart guy.

At Worldwide, the secretary comes out of a closed conference room door when Craig rushes up and asks if Lucinda is in there. She is in a meeting and doesn’t want to be disturbed. He won't disturb her…he is just going to wring her neck, as Craig rushes by her, as the secretary tries to stop him. The door is locked and Craig yells at her through the door that she better get out there because for the past 24 hours he has been through hell and just got home after breathing through a bag, as the plane plummeted through the eye of a storm; he wants her out here now, as the secretary tells him that she doesn’t want to have to call security. Then she is going to have to do that because he is going to “Huff and puff and blow her whole damn world down,” Craig yells.

Luke says his dad’s phone is still going to voice mail. Carly thinks that he might be because he is in the air getting him here. Faith comes in saying the kids are hungry. Carly thanks her for trying to keep them busy. Faith wonders if her dad will make it to his own wedding. Carly thinks he will be trying. Molly and Reid come in and she tells everyone to cheer up; it is not the first time a groom has been late to his own wedding; they are going to do this wedding backwards; they will start the celebration first. She wants Jack to open the sparkling cider. Jack and Carly cautiously smile at one another – that sounds like a plan. Luke wonders what he said to her, as Reid tells him that he just said love stinks. Luke smiles. At least she is now coping, Reid tells him; he told him that he has people’s skills. Jack hands out the glasses to make a toast, as Molly goes first. “Here’s to coping when bad things happen – the story of her life”, as everyone looks down and then drinks.

In Montreal, Lily asks Holden, who has just walked back in, what is going on. He tells her no flights will be heading out for at least 2 hours. She can’t get a signal either. Holden is able to get a couple of bars, as he calls Jack, who steps out to talk with him. He tells Jack that they are on an airstrip outside of Montreal. How is Molly. She is – coping. He just needs to focus on getting home. How is Lily, Jack asks. She is here with him. Oh. Just get home in one piece – later and in one piece is better then not at all. Carly comes out and wonders what is going on, as Jack explains. She doesn’t want Molly to know anything other then the fact that Holden is doing everything he can to get back to her. This is her special day and she doesn’t want it to get completely ruined. He appreciates her optimism, but she needs to know the truth; she is putting off the inevitable. She will put it off as long as possible. What should they do, Jack asks. Stall the celebration until Holden gets back, as she looks at Molly through the window, and Molly makes eye contact with Carly and looks at her knowing something isn’t right.

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