ATWT Update Friday 7/30/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/30/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the farm, Janet opens the door and greets Lucy. Lucy tells her she came to see her brother, Gabriel. Janet tells her he’s working there but today is his day off. She says she was just craving some lemonade, perhaps Lucy would like some. Lucy admits that she and Dusty have not spent much time together while she’s on this trip. She knows he and Janet have been close in the past. Janet admits the road to happiness has been rocky.

At Java, Dusty runs into Blackie and sneers that he must be fixing a ballgame now. Tony says no today he is just going to watch. And he’s taking Janet with him. She’s a big baseball fan from back in the day.

Lily brings a big vase of flowers for Craig. He wonders if she won a beauty pageant. She says they are for him. He asks if he won a beauty pageant. He accepts her apology for being a total fool at the shower and says on his radar, it was a minor meltdown, that’s all. She was not a fool. She’d like to take him to dinner too. He quips that he has to check his schedule; yes he is free. She wants to go anyplace other than Metro and admits it is the night of Holden and Molly’s rehearsal dinner, so she hopes he can see her through one more meltdown.

In Old Town, Molly and Holden kiss and are delighted when Abigail walks up and teases them by saying to save the kisses for the wedding. He tells Abby that they all make their own destiny and Lily is the past.

At Carly’s, Jack sees the wedding dress and he says weddings bring out the romantic in him. He’d like to go to the rehearsal dinner with her if that is not too crazy. He asks about Lily, and Carly says she won’t be there. She seems to be coping, but it is with Craig and they both know that won’t turn out well.

Craig and Lily share a drink and she thanks him for his support. She reminds him that he was very gallant that night they spent together in the motel. They have a moment of silence for the Sky King Motel. He thinks she is doing well and is wise to stay away from the rehearsal dinner. She doesn’t want to be there, the ex-wife straining to smile and sitting there like yesterday’s guacamole while everyone else is toasting the soon to be new wife. Now that would be pathetic. She laughs that she has never been compared to day old dip before.

Blackie wants to know why Dusty considers him a problem. He’s just a businessman who likes baseball and a girl from the old neighborhood, no problem with that. He doesn’t get Dusty’s insinuation that there is something sinister of him backing Craig and taking Janet out for a game. There is no connection between his work and play. He’s just going to a simple ballgame with Janet. So get a life! There’s no scam and no conspiracy theories except in Dusty’s head. He tells Dusty there is always a winner and always a loser. He goes to pick up Janet and meets Lucy. Janet's had a rough day and sits down and says time-out.

Lucinda spies Craig and Lily. She calls Francoise and tells her they must step up their plan now to bankrupt Craig before her daughter gets even chummier with Craig Montgomery. They must come up with a really costly stumbling block for Craig and Lily. Craig makes Lily laugh when he mentions they need to come up with a special name for the scent of Eau De Sky King, a powerful musty aroma with undertones of mildew. Francoise calls Lily and gives her some bad news that is going to need more money. Craig gives her the go ahead to put up what they need. Lily wants Francoise to know they do have some emergency funds after all; just don’t stop production.

Craig tells Lily that no new business starts out smoothly. He says he has faith in his partners so he’s good for this. She wants to call Carly to be straight with her. He promises her that she can handle this on her own; she does not have to see Carly tonight. He thinks this is just a small excuse for her to go to the rehearsal dinner after all.

At Metro, Jack gives a toast to Molly and Holden. He’ll save the best for the reception itself. Abby has a poem she wrote that she’d like to read. Lily walks in as it is read.

Blackie won’t take no for an answer as he takes Janet to the doctor. She had a few twinges. She sees Lucy at the hospital and says she just felt a little crummy, that’s all. He doesn’t mind missing the game and then he’s going to take her straight home to rest.

Lily tells Carly that she had no choice but she had to see her tonight. An emergency came up and she is going to France to straighten it out. Carly hints that perhaps Lily is going away with Craig. Lily tries to straighten her out again that she just bumped into Craig in New York. It was not planned and no she will not be inviting him to go along to France. She actually considers it an insult that Carly would suggest such a thing. Holden walks up and wonders why Lily is there. She tells him she has a minor problem she is handling so he should go back to Molly and his guests and enjoy the dinner. And tell Molly that she looks beautiful.

Blackie makes tea for Janet. He wants to know what else he can do for her. He declares that he makes a mean tuna salad. She can’t believe he’s taken such good care of her. She says he has changed. He used to be such a guy’s guy, into cars and hanging out with the bad boys and getting into trouble. He says she has not changed at all. She’s still the little angel that he fell in love with, and still feels that way in here…pointing to his heart.

A song plays on the radio. It’s “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. He realizes it is the song that she danced to with Brad at the prom. He confesses he always had a thing for her back in high school and it’s not too late. She warns him that she might step on his feet since she is six month’s pregnant and big as a house. He quips she can not keep making him suffer for as long as he has waited. They dance and he kisses her. Dusty walks up and sees them. Lucy had just told him that she saw Blackie and Janet at the hospital and then he was going to take her home. Janet tells Blackie that she’s tired and she was not ready for that kiss at all. He apologizes. She sits down and falls asleep sitting there.

Craig makes some phone calls and discovers that no one on the other ends knows anything about the Carlisle perfume factory being legit. He calls Lily, then changes his mind and hangs up. He calls for a ride to the airport pronto. Francois calls Lucinda and tells her she stalled as long as possible but Lily may be about to find out the truth that the factory doesn’t exist. Lucinda says they have done everything they can to make the situation as volatile as possible, so maybe it is time for it to totally blow up. She calls Holden and in a disguised half-way drunken state apologizes and tells him that she is concerned about Lily going to Paris alone. Forget her monetary loss; she could be in real danger……but Holden is not to be concerned. Lily is no longer his problem, so go back to his fiancée and his dinner. She is sure Lily will be all right.

Holden and Molly say goodbye. They are going to share separate rooms tonight. Carly takes Molly away for a little girl talk. She leaves Jack for Holden. He has to admit to Jack that he can’t go with him. He has a late night date in Paris. Lucinda called and thinks Lily might be stepping into a trap so he wants to go see for himself.

Janet dozes off for a couple of hours then tells Blackie that he needs to go. She is tired and needs to go to bed. Gently she tells him that she appreciates all he has done, but they are just friends. There is no chance for them. He understands; just not that she is going to wait around for another guy to treat her like garbage. It tore him up when she got pregnant by Brad and left town. Then she married this Jack Snyder and then he left her. Then comes in this tough guy, Dusty. They don’t understand her and what an angel she is. He says yes she is, his angel and he would treat her that way every day and every night. She tells him not to go there, and shows him the door.

Lucy shows up at Dusty’s suite and says she needs to apologize. She claims she did not mean to upset him when she told him earlier about Janet. She thinks he has changed. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would let a woman keep him dangling. The Dusty she used to know would have just taken what he wanted. He retorts that maybe she never really knew him. She says she did; perhaps better than he knows himself. He wants to know what she thinks he is thinking right now. She says the same thing she is. He literally grabs her and kisses her while scooping her up and putting her on the bed.

Molly hugs Carly and says goodnight. Abby says nothing better than a little ice cream and girl talk.

Jack comes by and he has to admit he is not with Holden and he just took Holden to the airport to go to France. Carly rants that he has lost his mind. He should not have let him do that. In France, Lily walks the streets only to find there is no perfume factory. Craig walks up and says he’d like to know why that is.

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