ATWT Update Thursday 7/29/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/29/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Fairwinds Gwen tells Will that it looks like her mother is back in town to stay for a while, but not with them. Gwen notices Emily’s bracelet. She says it belongs to Barbara. Gwen tells Will the only reason Emily would hide evidence is because she is hiding something. They want to go into Barbara’s room and see if they can find more clues to her disappearance.

Henry tells Katie that he can tell that is Barbara’s lip print and shade on the Kleenex and he can prove it. He calls the maid and wants to know the last time she cleaned the room or saw Barbara. She thinks she saw her today or at least a woman who looked like her. Henry checks with Lisa who thinks all of this sounds kind of crazy. She can’t believe he fell for that old story when women say they are pregnant. They look at the surveillance camera and spot a woman who looks like Barbara. However, Henry finally realizes it is not. This woman doesn’t have Barbara’s “swish”.

At the warehouse, Barbara is shocked to find Iris standing there and admitting that it was not Vienna but her that put Barbara there. She tells Barbra that she owes her “sister” and she is going to see that Barbara pays up. She wants access to her accounts….all of that for her freedom. Iris tells her no one is looking for her as they all think she is dead.

Paul tells Emily no wonder people think she had something to do with Barbara’s disappearance. She doesn’t have to act so glad that Barbara is missing. Emily says everyone will forgive him, but he’s family. She’s not and they won’t forgive her. He kisses her and assures her it will be okay.

Emily catches Gwen and Will in her bedroom and wants to know what in the hell they are doing there. She realizes they are trying to pin something on her and she wrecks the room to prove a point. They can look everywhere they want and they won’t find a thing. She knows Gwen has never forgiven her for what happened to their baby. Gwen assures her that this is not what this is about. Paul catches Emily shouting that she is sick and tired of this.

Barbara rails at Iris for what she might have told everyone about her being dead. Iris tells her that Henry looked happy as a clam at the wedding with Vienna and he’s probably already forgotten about Barbara. But she will allow her to write a note to her family that she is not dead… tricks. Barbara quickly scribbles that she is all right and hands Iris the note. Iris reads it though and chastises Barbara for saying she is being held against her will. Ok, Babs, back to the original plan. She needs those passwords to her accounts.

Emily tells Paul that she will tell him what is going on. She is being treated like she is a criminal in her own house. She is being railroaded for a crime that she did not commit. She won’t stand for it. She storms out. Gwen apologizes to Emily and said they went over the line. The doorbell rings and Paul says he will get that. He just hopes they won’t tear each other’s heads off while he is gone. Gwen tells Emily that she is the one who keeps bringing the baby up so maybe it is Emily that hasn’t forgiven herself. Paul brings a note in just delivered from his mom. He calls Henry and tells him to get over there right away. They have heard from Barbara.

Barbara talks to Chuckles and tells Henry that it is time to find her and come rescue her. Henry reads the note. They compare the handwriting to a recent birthday card and yes it is Barbara’s. Maybe she is playing games so they will appreciate her more when she does come back. But they know she is okay and for now maybe she just does not want to see Henry. Henry can’t help but think this is too short and to the point for Barbara; someone else may have forced her to write this. Gwen apologizes again to Emily for not believing her. Will tells her not to beat herself up. She was only going on the information they had. She tells Will that he loves him, but needs to go for a walk by herself.

Emily apologies to Paul and says she had no right to lose her temper like that. And she doesn’t blame Will and Gwen either. He tells her they can all calm down now and try to get back to normal and just hope that his mother will come back and be okay.

Gwen spots Iris in Old Town who is hanging some yellow ribbons and doing her part in finding Barbara. Iris feigns happiness when she hears that Barbara has been heard from and is probably okay. Iris embarrasses Gwen by falling to her knees and praying to a book in the divine power that has changed her life around.

Emily tells Paul that he can forget about Barbara. She will be okay and come back when she wants to. He just needs to focus on them. Barbara talks to herself and says she must get out of here. She rambles around and dumps a lot of stuff on the floor, trying to find something to help her get out. She finds an old cell phone, but no batteries. She finds a flashlight, aha, she can use those batteries. Katie tells Henry that he better be prepared that Barbara may just have turned her back on him for good.

Gwen and Iris sit at Al’s and Gwen is happy they can spend some normal mother/daughter time together. Iris promises that she has changed and Gwen is going to see better good times ahead. Gwen talks Will into staying a few more days in town now that they know Barbara is all right and could be returning.

Emily tells Paul that when Barbara comes back, he needs to not let her off the hook. She put them through a lot. He tells her that he loves her and he kisses her and says he will keep reminding her of that.

Barbara continues to scream into the phone, trying to get someone to hear her. It has 9 channels and she tries all of them. Katie steps out to get the mail and Henry hears Barbara’s voice calling for help. Katie thinks he has lost his mind; he just needs some fresh air. When they leave, Barbara comes through loud and clear through the baby monitor.

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