ATWT Update Tuesday 7/27/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/27/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Tom and Margo’s, Chris pours himself a cup of coffee and tells Tom that he has had an about face and does want to follow in his dad’s footsteps. He does want to be Chief of Staff. Tom thinks that is good and the best news that Bob could hear since he gave him his first toy stethoscope. Chris says yeah, but it is no longer a slam dunk for Bob. He has also asked Dr. Reid, the last person who should have the position. If he really wanted Chris to do this, he would tell Reid to take a hike. He’s such an ass and not a people person anyway. Tom laughs and tells him to play the game; earn the job, don’t just inherit it. Chris agrees. It won’t take five minutes with Reid before a panel of the board for them to see how arrogant he is and not right for the job. He’s looking forward to this and Reid being humiliated. It has been a long time coming. Tom says he hopes Chris is going for this job for all the right reasons.

At Fairwinds, Paul plays with Hallie. Margo calls and Paul tells Gwen and Will that Barbara used her credit card right there in town so she must still be there. Paul kisses Emily and says she was right all along. Barbara has a lot of explaining to do. She must have just been humiliated that she was dumped by Henry. The cruise was just a diversion until she was ready to be found. Will says he is too antsy just to sit around waiting so he’s going to the police station. Perhaps there is something they can do. Gwen says she will go with him.

Katie beats on Henry’s door and wants to see him. He hollers that unless she has Barbara out there, he doesn’t want to see her. But he lets her in. He’s all unkempt and disheveled. Katie reads him an e-mail from Vienna that she printed out. She says she knows Henry hates her now and never wants to see her again, but she will always love him. She’s so sorry for the heartache that she has caused him. Henry takes the letter to Margo to see if she can track it down and then perhaps they can find some clue of Barbara through her. He tells Katie that he doesn’t care what happens to Vienna, only Barbara and this is the only lead they have.

Emily tells Paul that she doesn’t care if Barbara comes back or not. Things are peaceful now. She’s toxic. He’s shocked that she would say this. He’s going to the police station and hopes they can find his mother. She may be difficult but so is Emily so she should be glad that he is not turning his back on his mother.

Chris says this has nothing to do with Reid, it is about him. Tom says he knows that being Chief of Staff is not going to be the adrenaline rush that Chris is used to in his travels around the world. He’s been living in tents and helping people, not because the perks of the job. Tom says he can see where Chris might want to impress his dad, but following in his footsteps might be carrying it too far. Chris says it is not an impulsive decision and not just about Reid or his dad; it’s what he wants……and it’s about Katie too.

Katie tells Henry to stay out of this and let the police handle it. Paul says he can stick to Henry to make sure he doesn’t cause trouble. Margo mumbles that will be a comfort. She finally says okay, they can go to the lingerie shop and ask questions, but they are not to play detective. Paul and Henry go to the lingerie store, Schatzi of Salzburg. The lady there mistakes them for a couple. Henry sets her “straight” and Henry shows them a picture of Barbara and wants to know if she has been in recently. Margo is comforting, but she tells Katie that what she did was a pretty big lie so she doesn’t blame Henry for not talking to her for now. Katie cries that she knows she made things worse, but she was just hoping she could get Henry and Vienna back together…..that things would be like they used to be with Brad. She can’t go on like this. She dissolves in Margo’s arms.

Tom says he didn’t realize that Chris was getting that close to Katie. He thought he had sworn off women when he broke up with Alison. Chris says he did, but Katie is different. She’s full of life but it is buried underneath all that grief. And if he is in it for the long haul, he knows he could do worse than heading up Memorial. He’s safe and somebody she can lean on. She’s taking it slow and she is not making any commitment, but she isn’t saying no either. Tom thinks that is being a little vague. Chris says that is the way it is with them…..three steps forward, two steps back, good days and bad days. Tom advises that is fair enough, but take it slow and not scare her off. Tom quips that if Chris were to marry Katie, they would not just be brothers, but brothers-in-law as well.

Henry starts to hyperventilate when describing Barbara’s zebra striped thongs and needs a bag to blow into. Paul gives the lady a picture to keep. He asks for her to call if she sees Barbara. Gwen tells Will that she thinks Emily and Paul were acting or pretending too hard to be happy perhaps because they are in cahoots in this disappearance of Barbara. He can’t believe Paul would do this just because Emily doesn’t like her.

Henry holds his chest as Paul brings him to the hospital and Chris examines him. Chris has him blow into another bag and advises him to relax. Chris confesses that he knew about what Katie did too; her trickery. Her methods were questionable and illegal, but her intentions were good. She thought he and Vienna were meant for each other. So if Henry is going to be mad at her, then he needs to be mad at Chris too. Katie was only fighting for his future the best way he knew how. Henry says okay, then he is mad at Chris too. Katie did what she thought would make him happy, but she did the opposite. Barbara makes him happy. Paul pokes his nose back in the room and Henry asks for another doctor.

Margo tells Katie that Henry might be mad now, but Henry will get past this. Katie says Margo keeps telling her to have hope, but they still don’t know what happened to Barbara. Maybe she is dead. She doesn’t just disappear. That is the way she dealt with everyone out in the open with James Stenbeck all those years. Margo says the guys could come back and say that Barbara bought some lingerie just the other day, so they need to hold out some hope. Schatzi calls to Fairwinds and leaves a message with Emily that she found a bracelet in her shop; thought perhaps it could be Barbara’s and it might help them trace her. Emily says she will be right there.

Margo comes home and is surprised to see that Tom is still there. She gives him a kiss. He tells her that she just missed Chris. He’s going after his dad’s old job when he retires. She’s upset when she hears that it involves Katie and Chris claims to be crazy about her. This is typical Chris Hughes timing. She tells him that Katie just had a total meltdown at the station less than thirty minutes ago. She is a complete wreck. She just can not get past the fact that Brad isn’t coming back and Margo thinks a relationship is the last thing she needs right now. She’s fragile. It’s unhealthy and Chris needs to see that. Tom says he knows the signs of being in love and Chris is in his opinion a goner. She says Chris is family too and she wants to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Tom states that this is not his first relationship; he can handle it. Margo reminds him that Katie was devastated when she lost Brad and she doesn’t think she will fall in love again. Tom pooh poohs that and says he has more faith in her than Margo does. She admits she thinks they would make great friends, but not as partners. He wonders if she is insulting his brother. She ways no, but Tom must admit that Chris’s track record isn’t so great. First there was Molly, then her daughter, and then Emily and then her sister and her sister again and again and again. And what’s to keep himself from grabbing a backpack and taking off to points unknown? Katie can not take that anymore; she needs to feel safe and secure and she is not going to get that with Chris. She’s only looking out for her little sister. Tom reminds her that she could be wrong.

Henry tells Chris that it is too late; he’s a Benedict Arnold. He wants Paul to go to the station and get another doctor to take over. Chris says he does not even need a doctor and he won’t even charge him for the little brown bag. Chris calls Katie and tells her that he just wanted her to know that Henry is there with an anxiety attack, but he will live. Katie tells him that she will be right there.

Emily looks at the bracelet and says it is beautiful, but not one that she has ever seen Barbara wear. That doesn’t mean that it is not hers so she’d like to take it home to show her husband. Perhaps he will recognize it. The lady gives it to Emily and she slips it into her purse.

Gwen and Will run into Paul at the hospital and he tells them why he is there. They want to know about the lingerie shop; so a dead end. They want to go back to Barbara’s and perhaps they overlooked a clue. Emily sits on a bench in Old Town with Eliza and looks at the bracelet. She wonders if she is being a bad person just wanting to be alone with her and Paul; being one happy little family. Paul calls and says he is back home and asks where she is. She said she needed some fresh air and will be home soon. She has something to tell him, but then chickens out and just says she loves him.

Tom tells Margo that she is not being fair to Chris. Yes, he’s been in several failed relationships. She points out that would be in the double digits. Tom says yes but he’s a good looking doctor and he’s had his heart broken too. Margo says she doesn’t want her sister to be one of those that he has broken. She’s had enough of that for a lifetime. He asks if Margo wants her sister to be alone, because if not she is going to have to take a risk and let her heart open and be ready for somebody new. Chris could be her soul-mate. She tells him that he is playing dirty. He says perhaps Chris and Katie may crash and burn, but they could also become like him and Margo and live happily ever after. That’s a chance she should be willing to take. Margo answers okay, but if he breaks her sister’s heart that she will bring down the full force of the law on his head.

Chris hands Henry the release and insurance form and asks him to sign. He advises him to think about what he is doing to Katie. Henry tells him to lay off the lecturing or he will sue him for pain and suffering. Speaking of the devil, Katie sticks her nose in the door. She wants to take Henry home. He says thanks, but no thanks. She tells Chris then someone needs to take him as when Henry gets upset, he tends to weave. He rushes out to catch her. He says he knows what she did and he wishes she hadn’t, but he knows why. Maybe in time he will be able to forgive her, but right now all he wants to do is find Barbara.

Schatzi calls Paul to inquire if the bracelet was his mother’s. She tells him that she gave it to his wife to bring home. Paul shows up at Old Town just as Emily has a little admission to Eliza that she just wants them to be a little family without Barbara’s interference. She puts the bracelet in a popcorn bucket in the trash. Paul walks up and asks what she is doing. A woman dressed in black enters Barbara’s room. Gwen and Will are not far behind and let themselves in.

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