ATWT Update Monday 7/26/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/26/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At WOAK, Bob comes to see Kim; he wants to head to lunch. She can’t leave yet; she is putting together a segment about Barbara going missing. Does she think she is in trouble because he thought she sent a postcard. Will found her passport; she couldn’t have left the country to go on any cruise. She has this feeling that something horrible is happening. Bob isn’t sure; Barbara might be upset because she is of an age and might be upset that she lost out to a younger woman. Kim scowls at him. She changes the subject; has he talked to Chris. Bob thinks that Chris isn’t interested in staying long-term at the hospital; he wants to go to Africa or somewhere else. She thinks he needs to hear about Reid from him. He thinks he must have already heard and doesn’t care.

At the hospital, Chris is leaving another message for Katie, as she hears him talking on her machine and looks a little pleased at his persistence. He knows she is avoiding him, but he needs to know why; can she call him. She finishes changing Jacob and tells him that she can’t deal with any man right now besides him.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Reid is addressing a nurse about a patient that she paged him on, that was supposedly in pain and now is fine; he quickly and rather bluntly tells her that she needs to get her facts right before she pages him with information that is no longer pertinent. The emotional nurse rushes off after apologizing. Luke walks up, hears this interaction, and tells him that he is there to save him and be his tutor like they talked about – making him more personable for when he takes over as chief of staff. Reid feels he doesn’t need his help anymore; he thinks he can handle things his way. Luke adds if by that he means making nurses cry then that is great. Chris walks over and asks about Reid briefing him on a patient of his that he worked on. Again, Reid lacks any kind of charm, finesse or professionalism when he is blunt and rather business like with Chris. Chris tells him that there are rules and protocols as to how it is done at the hospital. At least until he is Chief of Staff, Reid answers. Chris doesn’t understand. He will be taking over for his dad after he gets his ‘gold watch.’ Chris looks like he is surprised, but he leaves quickly and Luke points out yet another failure in how Reid handled something. Reid glosses over it and wants to get coffee, as they head off.

In the woods, Parker and Faith are fooling around on the ground when Parker pulls back and Faith assumes he is worried about condoms; she has some in her purse. Has she done this before, he asks. Tons of times, Faith answers nonchalantly, as Parker looks worried and surprised.

At home, Carly opens the door to find Jack. He is surprised the shower is over already. They couldn’t leave fast enough. Is he here for Janet’s plates. He is not in any hurry, as he asks if he can have some dessert. What happened. Lily left and Faith was upset so she left. Holden saw her, but then she left and went to Craig’s. Jack starts to eat some dessert, as Carly gets him some coffee. She understands how Lily feels with Holden marrying someone else; she lived it when he married Janet. Jack admits, in hindsight, it was a mistake. Which part. Marrying Janet or leaving her. She deserves an answer, Jack admits. Carly isn’t sure she wants to delve into this because she doesn’t want to do something with him she shouldn’t – like what they aren’t doing until they know where they are going. She talks about how she blames her alcohol with how she handled Janet’s shower. He doesn’t think it is the same because they are getting back together. She doesn’t want him to act like she isn’t allowed to feel what she felt and just erase the past events. Janet is pregnant and living on the family farm; it is far from over. She can’t handle this with a bottle of champagne behind him. He will get rid of it. She greatly appreciates it, as he touches her face. She just wanted him this afternoon and then he showed up. Does she want him to stay or go. Unfair question, as their faces are very close together.

Faith can’t find the condoms. She wants to do it. She has done it so much then what is the big deal, Parker asks knowing the answer. She didn’t mean it that way. He knows she hasn't done it. He thinks they shouldn’t do anything because the first time shouldn’t be some random hook up in the woods. He isn’t exactly the expert; the only person he slept with is Liberty. Besides, she doesn’t think it is random and she would chose it here and with him.

Luke points out to Reid how he handled telling Chris about the Chief of Staff position. He thought he knew. He can’t always worry about feelings. There are feelings and family politics; he could have been more subtle. He should come with him to his place and bring his stethoscope, as Reid slightly smiles.

At WOAK, Chris shows up and asks Kim if his dad is on drugs. Is it true about Reid. How did he hear. It doesn’t matter. Did he ask anyone else; did he post a job opening, Chris asks. Does he have someone in mind. Is he punishing him for turning down the job offer to try to make him compete for it. She doesn’t understand – he said he wasn’t going to be living here anymore so what does it matter who gets the job, as Chris looks down.

Jack admits that he would change how he handled Janet’s shower. Carly jokes about him ravaging her right there. Maybe. No, he wouldn’t. She always thinks of him as Dudley Doright…he isn’t. He is a man of principal. So, she does like that side of him. Many men have told her that they loved him, but he knows her – not who she pretended to be, but who she is and loved her anyway. When he said those words, him being who he is, she knows he meant them. He still does, as Carly smiles warmly at him. Jack goes in slowly to kiss her, but she keeps him inches from her mouth and tells him that he can’t kiss her because she won’t be able to say no after and she needs to. They want to be together so why aren’t they, Jack asks. He is rebuilding the cabin to make a life for Janet. The cabin is for Janet, Liberty and the baby. It is his baby. What does that have to do with his feelings about her. It is about how she feels, Carly answers. When he comes back to her bed, she wants him here forever. He wants to be in her bed and nowhere else; she is the first – his first thought in the morning, first person he wants to call when he has a good or bad day; she is the first forever. Stop making her want him, Carly tells him softly. She needs to get her mind off of them – she needs to clean her house. He has an idea; he wants to take a walk with her. He is allowed only one kiss, Carly teases. Jack teases back then it will be one long kiss, as they walk out the door.

Chris tells Kim that there is something he wants to talk with her about. She assumes he has decided to go to Haiti. No, he actually has decided to stay, as Kim hugs him tightly. What changed his mind. Talking to Katie made him see that there is a lot here that a doctor can do. He is happy that someone – whoever – changed his mind, as Kim smiles coyly.

At home, Luke tells Reid that he will play a nurse and he wants him to respond to the situation, as Luke plays one out. Every time Luke comes up with a situation, Reid responds rudely or inappropriately. Finally, Reid jokes about playing doctor. He is flirting with a nurse, Luke coyly answers. It is better then being a jerk, as they laugh.

At Katie’s home, Chris is knocking on the door incessantly. He won’t leave until she answers. She comes to the door and tells him that baby is sleeping. He was worried because the last time he saw her, she was going to see Henry and then she disappeared. How did it go. Imagine the worse way she would want it to go and it was worse then that.

Faith doesn't want to be treated like a baby – tons of people do it. Why won’t he have sex with her. Because they are friends and have known each other forever. She knows he wants to have sex with her, as she leans in and kisses him and he kisses her back. Carly and Jack are walking in the woods when they come across Parker and Faith nearby. Carly wants to go over and rip Parker away; he knows better. Jack stops her – he thinks she is right so they should give him a moment to get it right. They wait and Faith and Parker stop kissing, which relieves them. He tells her that she is ‘hot’, which makes Faith happy, but she is so twisted up because of her parents. She is so mad that her parents are so confusing; her dad is marrying Molly and now her mom wants him back. No one thinks of her, her brother and sister. She is so mad and wants to be normal for a while. Parker tells her that he knows how he feels…his parents say they love each other, but his dad is having a baby with Janet so who knows if they will ever get back together, as Jack and Carly stare at one another. Parker explains that parents are always in control and when they lose it, it feels like your life is out of control. Parker explains how he played into his parent’s madness; he married Liberty and they ended up broke, and it was stupid of them to do that. Carly and Jack think he is acting maturely right now. She shouldn’t want to hook up with any random guy or even him to solve her problems. Carly and Jack think this is a perfect time to walk over. They act surprised to find them there, as are Parker and Liberty, as they stammer to explain. Carly tells them Lily has been in touch and is fine. Jack wonders if Parker is heading home now. He guesses so, as Carly offers to walk Faith home.

Katie starts to explain about what happened with Henry. He blames her for using his situation with Vienna to work through her problems with losing Brad. Now Barbara is missing, Henry is so worried and Vienna is gone because she thinks the police are after her. Does she think Vienna hurt Barbara. No, but she didn’t think she would fake a miscarriage. She was trying to help her friends. She has lost Brad, Henry and Vienna; she is losing everyone. Not everyone, as Chris takes her hand.

Luke continues to try to help, but Reid tells him that he isn’t Noah; he isn’t warm and fuzzy. He doesn’t want him to be Noah…so can we try this again. Luke offers another scenario and Reid actually answers nicely. He doesn’t want him to be Noah truly, but if this is going to be anything, then he really needs to know. Reid asks him to work on that over dinner. Sure, as soon as he passes his final exam, Luke adds with a smile.

At home, Jack comes in with Parker. He is telling her about Faith and how she was acting with him. He was right to protect her, Jack answers. He is confused because Liberty gets annoyed when he tries to protect her. How does this work, as Jack laughs about him asking advice after the trouble he and Carly are having.

At the farm, Faith thanks Carly for walking her home. Does she want to talk about Parker or her family. She knows she must be confused about what is going on with her family; she has a lot of experience with confusion and drama. Her affair with her dad ruined her parent’s marriage. She won’t talk too much about that, but her parents got back together after and she and her mom are partners now. Faith concedes. Everyone makes mistakes, but she knows that life generally works out how it is supposed to. She doesn’t know what happened with her and Parker, but she does know, that everyone wants to be loved. Carly explains if she asks a guy if he wants to sleep with her then the answer will probably be yes. What if you ask a guy if he loves you, Faith asks. You shouldn’t have to ask that. You should be sure he means it if he answers yes though. In the meantime, you wait and talk; you do things together and ask yourself if he listens to me, makes time for me and does nice things without being asked, Carly answers. What if he looks at other girls. It depends on how long he does. What if she doesn’t want to wait. She should. Why should she listen to her; her life is as messed up. That is true, but she is working it out. The thing she should know is true love is worth the wait, as Carly leaves.

Parker tells Jack how Liberty doesn’t have much time for him so maybe he should spend time with Faith or someone else. Sometimes not knowing is ok because he has his whole life to figure things out. Rushing a woman is the easiest way to lose sight of her and what is important. Jack looks down and then around the room and decides he should clean the place from the baby shower.

Chris tells Katie he is not going anywhere. She doesn’t know if she can even sleep with him…what is the point. She is worth it and he loves her son in a way he didn’t know. The fact that she still loves Brad makes him want to dig in and stick around as long as possible. Will he still want her then. She can meet him halfway and decide how they want to move forward together and until then, she knows where to find him.

Carly comes home to find her house cleaned. She thanks Parker and Jack. Parker takes the trash out, as Jack wonders how it went with Faith. She wishes all of life’s problems worked out as easily as loading the dishwasher. She thought she was going to impart all this wisdom, but then she got her thinking about their situation. Looking at how they are now makes her think, that this isn’t how it is meant to be, as Jack stares at her.

At the hospital. Luke and Reid stop and see the nurse Reid yelled at – this would be a perfect test, as Luke pushes him at her. Reid awkwardly approaches her, as Luke whispers her first name. He wanted to tell her that it turned out to be a nice day, as the nurse looks awkward; what did she do now. Nothing, but then Reid can’t help himself and he rattles on that given her track record, he is sure that something will come up, as the nurse rushes off again and Reid can’t understand what he did; he was being civil. Luke smiles and tells him that it is a good thing that he likes him, as he tells Reid that he wants something to eat.

Katie comes out of the room with Jacob, as she talks about what Chris was saying to her. Does he think she is scared to take a chance. She does like him, but if she tries and it doesn’t work out; she doesn’t know what to do.

At Al’s, Chris walks up to Bob and Kim, who are having dinner. He is sure that Kim mentioned to him about him staying in Oakdale. She did mention it, but he needs to tell him something after he asks him a question, as Kim starts to stop him. Bob goes on to say that he is glad he is staying, but he wonders if he is staying based on his attraction to Katie. He doesn’t know what is going to go on with him and Katie, as Kim wonders if that means he may be leaving anyway. He likes her and would like it to turn into more, but he won’t build his life around it. That is mature sounding, Kim tells him. He has another reason to stay. He tells him that he wants him to take over for Memorial when he steps down. Kim is thrilled, but Bob tells him that he loved that idea at one point, but he has offered that position to Reid. Kim is sure he can do something. He can’t rescind that offer, as Chris explains that he understands. Bob answers that he can submit bother their names and let the Board make the final decision, as Chris stares at him.

Jack and Carly sit down, as he tells her that with all they have been going through, he knows it isn’t ideal, but they are moving in the right direction. Every time she thinks they have moved past something, then something else comes up. He won’t push it today, but he will take that kiss they talked about, as Carly and Jack leans into one another and kiss. They separate and Jack promises her that it is meant to be. She hopes he is right, as he tells her that he knows he is, before he gets up and walks out the door with a slight backwards smile before he heads out. Carly smiles and then looks around her clean room and then over at her coffee table, that has a vaseful of flowers on it and she looks ever happier.

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