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As the World Turns Update Friday 7/23/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Lily’s, Gabriel is on the computer writing Lucinda. He tells her that he knows she is trying to bankrupt Craig and if she wants to keep him quiet, she will have to pay him. He’s in business too. Craig comes by. He asks Gabriel if he is working on his resume. Gabriel says that he has wasted a trip. Craig says he wants Gabriel to work with him not for him. He closes the door in Craig’s face. Craig comes on in anyway and says that despite his parenting skills, he is a good businessman and Gabriel could learn from him. All he wants to do is provide a good life for him and Johnny. Gabriel asks why he doesn’t worry about his other kid, Lucy. He never speaks of her. Craig replies that he thinks about Lucy all the time. She is very important to him. Gabriel reminds him that she kidnapped Johnny from him. Craig retorts that Gabriel is quite the family historian…..that was a long time ago. Gabriel says some things never change; Craig is living proof of that.

Lucy surprises Dusty by stopping by his suite at the Lakeview. Johnny is happy to see her. She tells Dusty she thought it was time for a visit. She will be going to see her new brother, Gabriel, but she came to see him first. A lot has happened since they last saw each other and she knows nothing is going to happen between them again. She hopes her dad is being fair about sharing Johnny with Dusty. He says most of the time but sometimes he uses Johnny as a bargaining chip. Since it’s time to eat, Dusty invites Lucy to come along.

Blackie shows up at the diner and Janet tells him he will have to get his mac and cheese someplace else as she is swamped making food for the wedding shower. He asks her out on a real date. She’s not sure she is up for a date….in case he hasn’t noticed, she’s pregnant and her feet are swollen, her back hurts and she needs to be within 50 feet of a bathroom. He won’t take no for an answer. He’s wide open any time she is. She has to go, but tells him to try the cherry pie. It’s delicious.

At the farm, Liberty is working on some curtains for the cabin. She tells Parker that he is awesome at tennis but not so good at this. He offers that give him some time; he’ll get there. Faith comes in and Parker admits she looks hot. Liberty notices.

Outside Carly’s, Holden asks Lily if she is okay with this. He really appreciates her making the effort to be here and he thinks it will make Molly really happy. He’s just afraid all this joy might be too much for Lily. She laughs they are all adults here so she will be okay. She is starting a new exciting business with Carly and he’s starting a new life with Molly so all is good. She lets him know that she is doing this for him, not Molly though. Carly and Molly are surprised that she showed up. Lily says let the party begin. Holden asks Faith if she is sure that she wants to go through this. She says she has to get through this shower as Molly will be her step-mom and she will have much more problems then. It will be good practice. He agrees that he knows this is not a simple situation. She says nothing is simple when it comes to him and Lily but Molly is cool so that makes it easier. She enjoys looking over some earlier photos of Holden.

Janet brings the food by and apologizes to Carly for the other night at Metro….when she was the last to know that Jack was helping fix up a place for her to live at the farm. Carly tells her it’s okay. Janet says she will make up for it by letting her be the first to know when she moves out. She tells Carly that Dusty is going to have to be patient. She has told him she will not make any life-altering decisions until after the baby is born.

Janet gushes that Dusty is being way overly protective which means he thinks he can make decisions for her. She is capable of taking care of herself. She tells Carly about Blackie being in town for a short while and already Dusty is suspicious, watching her like a hawk and deciding who she can or can not be in touch with. She does not call that love. Carly tells her that she is probably the last person she wants advise from, but she is going to give it to her anyway. Whatever Dusty is doing, embrace it….Janet is luckier than she knows.

Lily questions Molly how many guests are they expecting at the wedding. Molly says it has grown to 75 and still climbing and she didn’t know they even knew that many people, but now they are having to cross some off the list. But Holden says nothing is too good for this wedding. He’s really been amazing. He wants it to be the best. Lily offers Janet some champagne. She has to decline since she is pregnant. Lily retorts all the more for her, “the more the Mollier.” Faith admonishes Lily to slow down. She’s had three glasses already. Carly reads a silly poem. Lily has had too much….both of the shower and champagne and slips out. Faith follows her, but Lily says she just left her gift in the car and will be right back.

Craig tells Gabriel that maybe they are not the conventional family and if he wants to carry around all this resentment, then be his guest. But he needs to lose the bitterness otherwise he will lose everything. And that comes from someone who has lost a lot. Gabriel gets up and shows Craig the door and tells him don’t let it hit him on the way out.

As they dine at the diner, Lucy asks Dusty isn’t this where Janet works. He replies yes, but she is not here today. She wants to know where it stands between the two of them. He says he hopes to marry her someday. The baby is Jack’s but he hopes she will say yes when the baby is born. Right now there is an old neighborhood buddy in town. She says this Dusty riding in for the rescue sounds all too familiar.

Molly opens up some gifts. Lily cringes as she walks up and sees Molly hold up some sexy lingerie….ready for the honeymoon. She leaves her gift out on the porch and turns around and leaves. Janet returns to the diner and Dusty introduces her to Lucy. Janet says this is a surprise. She didn’t know Lucy was back in town. Janet can see they interact as a family.

Blackie drops by Craig’s suite. He understands that Craig needs more cash and he has it, but he better be good for this as every time he turns around Craig is asking for more cash. He pours himself a stiff drink and advises Craig that he will have the money transferred right away but he better put the money to good use as he wants it flowing back to him eventually. Outside the suite he calls Lucinda and says he delivered her message loud and clear. He tightened the screws pretty good if he does say so himself.

Gabriel calls Liberty and wants her to meet him at Java. Parker asks if she is going and she hesitates but says yeah. And for his information, she is not jealous of Faith, but she does ask if they are together. He says they are just friends, like he is with her….well maybe they are more than friends as they are making curtains together.

Faith tells Molly and Carly that her mom left the gift but her car is gone. She must have returned home. She’s going to call her dad first. Molly takes the gift from Lily and asks Carly is she takes the bow off, does she think it will blow up. They both listen….no ticking.

Faith calls Holden just as he gets back to the farm. She tells him that Lily drank more than she usually does. She was trying to act super happy but she is worried about her. She went out to the car to get her present and just disappeared. Holden says it is just a tough situation and she just needed some alone time. He tells Faith to try not to worry. He will go look for Lily and call Faith when he finds her.

Holden is about to head out when Lily walks up. Lily cries to Holden that he must let her stay long enough for her to say what she needs to say. She went to the shower and tried to be chipper and cheery and a good little guest but she just couldn’t do it. He invites her in to sit and calm down. She says no, she just needs to say that she knows she has no right to say this considering what she put him through with Damian, but she can not bear to hear another person wish him a happy and blissful life with another woman. He says she does not have to apologize for that. Still she hates it. She tells him that she wishes him the best always, but she can’t be here when he marries Molly. In fact she thinks she needs to be as far away as possible and the fact that he understands that makes it even worse. She says she does love him. He wants to know where she is going. She doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want him to follow her, not if he loves her at all.

Faith looks for her mom at Old Town. She calls Parker and tells him that she is freaking out. Her mom was at the shower and then she just disappeared. He doesn’t understand. She explains that Holden and Lily have done this dance for so long. He says his parents are the same way, it never ends back and forth. She has to find her. She is afraid she might hurt herself or do something weird. He wants to know where she is as he could come help her look. She quickly says she has to go.

Carly tells Molly that she too is worried about Lily. Maybe she could call Holden and find out if Lily has been in touch. Molly wants to know why her bridal shower has to be all about Lily. Holden walks in and admits that Lily came to see him at the farm. Faith runs in the woods calling out for her mother. She finally just sinks to the ground.

Craig opens his door to find Lily standing there. She cries that she can not be here…..not in Oakdale when Holden gets married. She is going always and would like him to go with her.

Liberty meets Gabriel and wants to know what is going on with him; he sounded so mysterious over the phone earlier. He tells her that he has a sister that he has not met yet. But he wants to, at least maybe, he thinks he does and he would like her to be there when he does meet her. She says name the time and place and she’ll be there.

Johnny hugs Lucy. Dusty says he is still her biggest fan so she has to come back and see them soon. She thanks Dusty for making her re-entry into Oakdale very easy. Blackie comes back to see Janet and springs a surprise on her. Don’t call it a date, but “an offer she can’t refuse”. He’d like to take her to a Cubs game at Wrigley complete with vendors to rub her feet. Holden tells Molly that Lily won’t be at their wedding. She needs time to regroup. Molly says good as it is supposed to be about joy….their joy and it would be no fun for her to sit in the church and hear their vows. Parker finds Faith sitting on the ground and crying. He assures her that her mom is going to be okay. She just wishes people could work things out. She knows her parents are never going to get back together. She was so mad at her mother to be seeing Damian and she became this Mollie groupie. She was totally punishing her mother. But today she saw her mother’s face and all she remembers are the awful things she said and did to her. Lily looked so lost. She wonders how Parker found her. He said he’s a genius and he just remembered this place from when they were little….a place where they could go and talk over their problems. She wonders what could be wrong with her. He says nothing. If she wasn’t crying, he would be worried about her. He leans over and kisses her. She grabs him by the shirt and pulls him on top of her and they kiss again.

Carly calls Craig and asks if he has heard from Lily. He tells her as a matter of fact, yes she is there and all right. Lily tells Craig that she just needs to get out of this wretched town. She doesn’t care where. She’s even go back to that horrible hotel, Sky King with the mice and heat and nightmare bathroom as long as it would get her 500 miles away from Holden and Molly when they marry. Craig pulls her head over to his shoulder and whispers that everything will be all right. He promises to do whatever he can to help.

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