ATWT Update Thursday 7/22/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/22/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the Lakeview, Lucinda tells Sierra that she doesn’t seem like her old perky self. Perhaps it is jet lag. Sierra says Montega isn’t that far away and she’s made this trip many times, so she is okay. She on the other hand does not believe that Lucinda in genuine when she says she is trying to make amends with Craig and is bringing Lucy back here for that. Sierra says this is not about her wanting to let Lucy meet her new brother and to see Johnny so she’d really like to know what she wants of Lucy. Lucinda sloughs it off as Lily isn’t the only one with a soft spot in her heart for Craig. She’s allowed him to buy into Worldwide. That’s not enough though. Sierra says so she is offering him his daughter instead. Lucinda says she would broker a reunion and perhaps soften Craig up. He might forgive her as much as Craig is capable of forgiving anyone. Lucinda reminds Sierra that Lucy loves Johnny and why shouldn’t she get a chance to meet her new brother now that all of this is out in the open.

At home, Lily lets in Craig and shows him the bad news that the workers hit an old water line in the perfume factory and they have an expensive water leak. She thinks this is turning into a real money pit. She’s afraid it is going to go belly-up before they get into production. Craig tries to calm her down and says he will call Francoise, but if these are the costs they don’t have much of a choice but for him to pay and continue on. There are glitches in every new project so they just need to get over this hump. She’s afraid the way this is mushrooming, Carly is eventually going to find out. He points out that Carly doesn’t need to know every single detail so she does not have to find out he is the silent partner. They should stick to the plan and just tell Carly that Lily is spending more money of her own. She tells him that she came up with something quite radical yesterday to throw Carly off the scent….pun intended. She sees Carly outside her door and grabs Craig and kisses him. Then softly she explains that Carly is watching so don’t go get any ideas. He says the kiss was nice by the way.

Carly tells them that she came to talk business with Lily. Craig says they certainly don’t need him so he will slip out. Perhaps Lily will have dinner with him later. Carly is slightly embarrassed while talking business and then asks if this thing with Craig is more serious than she thought.

Sierra asks how fair this is to Lucy to invite her back into all of this… see all the people who hurt her and left her behind while they carry on with their lives. When she left, Craig would not even consider being be reconciled with her, but now he sees he was wrong. She won’t allow that. Lucinda says it really is not up to Sierra. And she’d like to see Lucy back here and throw her into the path of Dusty again since he is way too mixed up with a new woman who is pregnant yet it’s not his child.

At the farm, Molly works on her wedding vows when Holden stops in and brings out his own vows. She’s happy until she realizes it is his vows to Lily. So any old wedding will do; just save himself the trouble of writing new ones. He quickly explains that he didn’t want to use the same ones or even any phrases so thought they’d better look them over. He wants this to be about them, their future without any of the past accidentally sneaking in. She tells him that she loves him and this is just her insecurity rearing its ugly head. When it’s time for them to speak their vows, if he will just say them like this that is all she needs to hear.

Lily defends Craig that he is smart and has a great sense of humor and is loyal to the people he loves. They go back a long ways and there was a time he wasn’t so disliked. He does have his good points. Carly asks her to name one. Carly says she can not trust him any further than she can throw him; Lily should know that by now. She bets her $50 that he probably has something he is doing now that he is lying to her about. That’s what he does and then manages to justify it later. Lily says they need to change the subject. How she feels about Craig should not concern Carly. But no matter their differences in Craig, she is glad they can be completely honest with other things in their business. In that vein, Lily tells her about the added money she is going to have to pour into the project because of the latest snafu. Carly invites Lily to attend Molly’s bridal shower. Lily doesn’t think it would be proper, but Carly says it can’t be any worse than her attending Janet’s a couple of years ago.

At Old Town, Johnny spots a camp friend so Craig lets him visit her while he makes a phone call. Jack happens to walk by and hears Craig on the phone to Blackthorn. Craig tells him the foreign project has had a little problem and it looks like he is going to need a little more money than originally agreed upon. Jack asks Craig since when is Blackthorn his personal banker. Craig comes back that since when does Jack eavesdrop? And why should he be concerned about any of his business dealings. He guesses he should be flattered that Jack is so interested in everything he does. Jack retorts that he’s a cop so he’s always interested in crooks. Craig doesn’t understand why Jack thinks Tony is a crook. Jack replies because he has a rap sheet. He grew up in Chicago as a small town hood named Tony Nero. Now miraculously he is a legit big-time commodity dealer. Craig reminds him that people grow up and change. Jack doesn’t think so. Craig is surprised to learn that Janet knew Tony from way back and that is why Jack is worried about her. He offers Jack a word of advice – if he wants to patch things back together with Carly then perhaps he should quit worrying about protecting his ex-wife so much. She’s not his concern any more.

Carly apologizes for being so nosy about Craig. Lily says it is okay. She just caught them kissing. It wasn’t like they were in bed. Carly hopes that has not happened yet….then realizes she is doing it again, being too nosy.

Lucinda tells Sierra that it will be good for Lucy to see Dusty again. She knows how guilty she felt when she ran away with Johnny. Perhaps she just wants to be forgiven for that and as well by her father. She probably could convince her father to give more access to Dusty with Johnny. Sierra says Dusty does not need Lucy to stand up for him. Lucinda says he was her first love so perhaps it would be good if they could reconnect.

Lucinda calls Francoise and delights in asking if Lily knows about the factory. She wants to put the screws to Mr. Montgomery and him go down in flames. She doesn’t wish him to spend any more time with her daughter. And she informs her that her other daughter is here and if anyone can distract Craig from his business, it will be Sierra.

Molly meets the Reverend and she explains that her cousin is throwing her a bridal shower this afternoon. She and Holden are working on their vows and they are really beautiful. Holden is the best husband that a girl could ask for so she doesn’t know why she has this awful feeling in the pit of her stomach. He wants to hear more about this especially if she doubts Holden’s love for her. She says no that is the weird part. She completely trusts him. But no matter how much he loves her and is committed to her, Lily will always be between them….not memories or history as that is to be expected. But there is this horrible feeling that she can not shake that Lily is always with them every day. Not just for the kids. She feels Holden has this little corner of his heart that will always belong to her, not to Molly and she will never have all of him. The Reverend says if Molly trusts him, then she must have faith. He chose her, not Lily, so keep that faith.

Craig spots Sierra at the Lakeview. He thinks it is strange that Lily did not mention it earlier. Sierra admits it sort of came up last minute. Craig figures that is code that Lucinda dreamed it up. She can’t believe how big Johnny has gotten since she last saw him. He retorts that yeah, that’s two sons she kept from him. She says she is sorry. He knows – he’s heard it all before. It was a mistake and shouldn’t have happened. She says she knows he has forgiven Lily for this. He figures she wants the same forgiveness. She reminds him that she has forgiven him. Doesn’t he remember that Gabriel was conceived while they were still married. Craig says no it hasn’t slipped his mind, and he never meant to hurt her. She says considering that he’s had over twenty years to defend his affair, she was really hoping his explanation would be more than a tired old cliché. He tells her that she kept his son from him for twenty years, so if she is expecting groveling she won’t get it. He really is sorry for the affair. For a long time he made it all about himself, his pain, his betrayal and he had not stopped to think what it did to Sierra. The affair just happened. Because he could, it was as simple as that. Sierra says she did not find out that Lidia was pregnant until after Craig left. She didn’t know what to do and Sierra didn’t know what to do either. She does know that Craig can be a good father and he should have been allowed to know her son from the beginning. He asks about Lucy.

Holden drops some tablecloths and paper plates by Carly’s and thanks her for having this shower for Molly. Carly says she is happy too as she has been waiting a long time for Molly to re-marry and now she is marrying one of the nicest guys that she knows. He vows that he will take good care of Molly. He just hopes it is not going to be awkward with her being in the wedding party and in business with Lily. Carly assures him that they are getting along great. The only thing that concerns her is Lily’s involvement with Craig. Carly says she knows she should not bring this up especially today, but she is afraid that Lily might be hurt by Craig.

Lucinda stops by Lily’s to explain that Sierra is here. Lily doesn’t buy all her excuses and says it has her fingerprints all over it. What a coincidence just as she finds that Lily is spending more time with Craig……no that is not suspicious at all. Lucinda wonders if that is such a bad thing. Lily rails that she is not fifteen any more and Lucinda can not choose who her friends are. Lucinda hopes that is all there is to it, just friends. Lily says they are not having this conversation. Stop interfering in her life. Lucinda says she will stop interfering if Lily will stop pretending that she doesn’t care that the love of her life is marrying another woman.

Holden tells Carly that obviously he doesn’t like Craig spending time with Lily, but it’s none of his business. She told him they accidentally met in New York while both there on business and that is the extent of it. Carly tells him about the kiss. He tells her that he can’t get into this with her right now. He is marrying Molly and his focus needs to be on her and his kids, period. Molly walks in as they are talking and wants to know what they are discussing. Holden tells her the truth that he knows about the Craig situation but he is butting out. She appreciates that and for him telling her the truth.

Jack brings in some food from Janet for the shower. Molly tells Carly that Lily moving on with anyone, even including Craig, is a good thing, so Carly should keep her mouth shut. Molly tells Holden that she called Abigail and she can’t come in today, but will be there for the wedding.

Lily tells her mother to give up on this. Holden is marrying Molly because he loves her. And he’s happy and if he is happy then she is happy. Lucinda argues that Lily is not happy. She is miserable but her pride holds her back. She knows she is just trying to get over Holden, but with the worst possible man in the entire world, Craig. She is making a fool of herself. Lucinda says she is just trying to protect her the best way she can and keep her happy and Craig is not the way. She is just too naïve to other people’s motives. Lily says she is wise to Lucinda. She’s just upset because she is not front and center and calling all the shots, manipulating her like always. She doesn’t like it that Lily is making decisions on her own. Lucinda says it is all right to move on, just move on without Craig. Lily tells her mother goodbye. She has a business to run. Lucinda says she also has a bridal shower to attend. She is sure Holden will put in an appearance and it will be Lily’s last chance to show him how superior she is to Molly. Lily says no, it is her chance to show them she is supporting them and wants them to be happy. Lucinda says, “Denial, thy name is Lily.” Lily tells her to go find Sierra and meddle in her life. Lucinda says okay, just don’t come crying to her on the wedding day.

Sierra tells Craig that she doesn’t think Lucy is a subject they should be discussing now. He thinks he deserves to know how she is and if she knows that he has forgiven her. Sierra says Lucy is fine and she doesn’t ask about Craig much, she is sorry to say. She left because of the way Craig treated her, cut her out of his life. Craig says he was wrong and he tried to tell her that. And even Dusty enjoyed letting him know. She inquires how things are going with him and Dusty. He doesn’t think she wants another Civil War on her plate. He admits they try to keep the peace for Johnny’s sake. She’d like to know the last time he let Johnny be with Dusty. To make a point, he calls over to Johnny and asks if he wants to spend some time with Dusty today.

Craig stops by Worldwide to see Lucinda and asks why Sierra is here. She tells him not to be so paranoid. She simply wants to make amends after all these years. He asks if he looks stupid. She wonders if he really wants an answer to that. She reminds him that Sierra is a saint. She feels badly for covering up about Gabriel all these years.

Jack kisses Carly and tells her to have a great party. And stop worrying about Craig; one detective in the family is enough. She can’t help wondering if Craig is trying to get back at her by using Lily. Holden kisses Molly and they agree they are so lucky to have found each other again. They should put that in their vows. He tells her to enjoy the party and not to wear one of those silly party hats home. On his way out, he meets Lily who has on her happy face and says she changed her mind. Carly invited her so she really must have wanted her there. And Lily wants Molly and him to know that she is happy for them.

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