ATWT Update Tuesday 7/20/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/20/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Lakeview) Gwen is upset about Iris ‘s surprise visit and is sure that she heard about Barbara being missing and wanted to come get something from them. Iris tells Will and Gwen she is clean and sober because she has found God. Iris explains that she read on Gwen’s face book page that Barbara was missing and wanted to come and find out how she could help them. Gwen makes it clear that she isn’t happy to see Iris and the only reason she doesn’t use stronger language to express herself is because they don’t use that kind of Language around Hallie. Iris tells Gwen she intends to pay Barbara back all the money she gave to her so Will tells her to leave the money with him and he will give it to Barbara when they find her. Iris also wants to see Hallie but Gwen and Will don’t want Iris anywhere near Hallie. Iris heads for the door but Hallie asks her grandma to stay and Gwen and Will can’t refuse Hallie.

(Farm) Lucinda finishes a business call and then looks at the picture of Craig and Lily on her phone and calls out Holden’s name a few times. Lucinda walks in to the Snyder kitchen and sees Gabriel who tells him Holden isn’t home. Gabriel explains to Lucinda that he is helping Jack remodel an old cabin for Janet and Liberty. Lucinda wonders why Gabriel didn’t take the money she gave to him and leave town like they had agreed he would do. Gabriel tells Lucinda he lost all the money she gave him in a poker game and as to the leaving town all Gabriel can say to Lucinda is oops. Lucinda thinks Gabriel is just like his father according to Lucinda and Gabriel can tell Lucinda really hates Craig. Lucinda wonders if Gabriel knows anything about Craig’s new business to which a frustrated Gabriel says that he doesn’t know anything about Craig’s business and he should stop trying to get information out of him about Craig.

(Java) Molly and Holden kiss a few minutes and Molly thinks that Holden is a wonderful guy because he asks her if she needs help with any of the wedding plans besides the food. . Holden offers to help Molly pick the flowers and she thinks that no guy would help his fiancée pick out flowers. Molly kisses Holden again and tells him that everything is almost ready for the wedding all he has to do is show up to the wedding. Molly tells Holden she has to leave because she has to meet Carly at Fashions because Carly is going to help her pick out a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Craig arrives a few minutes after Molly leaves and wants to know why Holden wanted to talk to him. Holden tells Craig that he wants to know the real story about how him and Lily ran into each other in New York. Craig doesn’t think that he should talk about the details of what happened between him and Lily in New York. Craig tells Holden that since he is marrying Molly what Lily does and whom she does it with is none of his business anymore. Holden warns Craig to stay away from Lily and keep her away from any of his schemes or he will pound him into the ground. Craig agrees to stay away from Lily but only if she asks him to do so and tells Holden that Lily is a smart woman capable of making her own decisions.

(Carly’s house) Carly looks at the signed contract and is impressed that Lily handled the negotiation alone and wants to know the details of Lily’s awful night in New York. Lily tells Carly that the baggage handlers strike forced her to stay in a cheap motel with no air conditioning during a black out so she asked herself what Carly would do in the same situation. Lily remembers Craig rubbing ice on her back but Lily doesn’t mention that she and Craig shared a room to Carly. Carly looks at the statement for the company credit card and asks Lily about the charge for 500,000 Euros and Lily explains that is the price for doing business in Europe but tells Carly not to worry because she has the money to cover the charge. Carly appreciates that Lily is honest with her unlike her former business partner Craig. Carly tells Lily she has to help Molly pick out a dress for the rehearsal dinner and Lily tells Carly its okay that she help her cousin besides she has to accept the wedding and move on with her life. Carly admires Lily’s attitude towards the situation and admits that she has been in the same situation a few times and wishes that she had handled things as well as Lily.

(Farm) Lucinda wonders why Craig didn’t offer Gabriel money from the large settlement he got from the insurance company. Gabriel tells Lucinda Craig did offer him money but he didn’t take any money from him because he isn’t for sale. Gabriel wonders why Lucinda takes such pleasure from hurting people and Lucinda tells Gabriel she only hurts people who deserve to be hurt. Gabriel wonders if one of those people is Lily since he has heard them fighting a lot when she goes over to Lily’s house to see her.

(Fashions) Carly tells Molly that Lily has moved on and intends to make a new life without Holden. Molly doesn’t care what Lily does with her life in fact she hopes that she finds a nice safe guy so that Holden would stop worrying about her. Carly tells Molly that their new business has made Lily more confident since she went to New York alone and negotiated a big business deal alone. Molly tells Carly that Lily wasn’t alone and after some coaxing from Carly Molly tells Carly that Craig and Lily ran into each other in New York since they were both there on business and stayed at the same cheap motel. Carly thinks that there is something suspicious going on since neither Lily nor Craig mentioned anything to her about it.

(Lily’s house) Lily happily tells Lucinda that she now has a perfume factory and that her new business has given her something positive to focus on instead of focusing on Holden’s wedding to Molly. Lily tells Lucinda that she wants to make her proud and is touched when Lucinda tells her that she has always been proud of her.

(Lakeview) Iris shows Hallie pictures of Gwen as a little girl and uses Hallie to persuade Gwen and Will to invite her to dinner with them.

(Farm) Craig finds Gabriel drawing a sketch of some French doors for the cabin and Craig asks Gabriel to come work for him once he has finished the cabin. Gabriel tells Craig that he tried that once and he didn’t like the side of Craig’s personality that he saw when he worked for him. Craig reminds Gabriel that he wants to build a relationship with him since Lucinda took away his chance to know him and pretty soon Lucinda will pay for that mistake. Gabriel tells Craig he just proved his point and Craig tells Gabriel that he just gets frustrated sometimes and that didn’t come out the way he meant to say it. Gabriel tells Craig that working for him wouldn’t be a good idea and Craig asks Gabriel to reconsider because Liberty might like dating a guy who has a platinum card.

(Lakeview) Gwen gets upset because Iris persuades Hallie to have a banana split and Gwen tells her that they will probably get Hallie a small scoop of ice cream since a banana split is too large for a four year old. Gwen is frustrated and goes to the hallway to pace and is about to call the police and report Iris when iris stops her by saying that if she calls the police she will take Barbara to jail with her since Barbara was also involved in the illegal adoption scheme that almost made them lose Hallie. Gwen tells Iris that she will explain everything to the police and help Barbara but she won’t think twice about sending her (Iris) to jail. Gwen demands that Iris tell her what she wants or she will use the front desk phone to call the police and report her so that she goes to jail. Iris tells Gwen that she wants nothing but to make amends to Barbara so Gwen tells Iris that if she leaves on a bus tonight she won’t go to the police. Iris says goodbye to Hallie and leaves a payment for Barbara for Will to give to Barbara when they find her.

(Fashions) Molly asks Holden’s opinion on which of two dresses she should wear to the rehearsal dinner but Holden is distracted and Molly notices. Molly shows Holden the two dresses and he tells Molly that she and Carly have great taste and she would look great in either dress. Holden hugs Molly and he sees Lily pass by the door of fashions and watch them with a hurt look on her face then lily walks away.

(Carly’s house) Carly makes a list of the facts that she knows about Lily and Craig’s relationship and then she leaves the house.

(Lakeview) Iris leaves and Gwen tells Will she wants to believe Iris but she knows that she is in Oakdale for something and won’t leave town until she gets it. Gwen goes upstairs to pack because she is scared of Iris so she asks Will to ask Paul and Emily if they can stay at Fairwinds until they find Barbara. . Gwen is right about Iris because once she is outside the Lakeview she calls the Wagon Wheel motel to make a reservation.

(Outside Lily’s house) Lucinda calls Françoise and tells her to speed up the pace of the plan because she wants to minimize Lily’s pain and give her time to heal. Lucinda tells Françoise that she wants to ruin Craig as soon as possible but Lucinda doesn’t know that Gabriel overheard her phone conversation.

(Lakeview) Carly bursts into Craig’s room and demands to know what he is trying to do now.

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