ATWT Update Monday 7/19/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/19/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

Downtown, Allison and Casey are with Hallie having fun hanging out. They decide to get ice cream and when Hallie goes to get some, Allison and Casey realize they are getting closer, as Casey thinks she is a natural mom. Allison however worries that she isn’t naturally a good mother. Casey jokes about one woman who wouldn’t be a natural…Vienna.

At the massage suite, Henry is struggling with Vienna, who originally thought he was a masseuse, to keep her from getting up from the table. He knows everything about how Barbara knew she wasn’t pregnant and was going to tell him. He is hurting her, Vienna answers. He is glad he is after what she has done. He wants the truth; he wants to know what she did with Barbara and she isn’t getting out of here until she does. He is scaring her, Vienna cries out. Good, Henry snaps.

At the station, Margo is surprised to hear Katie say that she was with Barbara when she made her last call before she disappeared. Katie was hoping she and Margo could talk in private, but Will wants to hear what she knows. She doesn’t know what happened. She knows something. Katie explains that she wasn’t with Barbara – she was with the other person that Barbara called --- Vienna.

Vienna tells Henry that she didn’t do anything to Barbara; she doesn’t care where she is and hopes she never comes back. She is lying; that is all she knows to do. She wants to leave. He will give her one more chance or it will get ugly in here, as Vienna asks him to let her go so she can leave. She knows he is angry. That doesn’t begin to explain it. She is telling him the truth. Prove it – where was she right before the wedding. She was getting herself beautiful. She was strangely calm for someone who knew she might be blown out of the water. She decided that she wouldn’t let Barbara ruin her day, so she prayed. He can’t believe she could pray. They are over; he wants to know where Barbara is. She probably ran away because he broke her heart, Vienna answers. He wouldn’t have if she hadn’t lied to him. He wants to know what she did with her or…Vienna starts to cry – on everything she is she would never hurt anyone – even someone as hateful as Barbara, as Henry stares at a distraught Vienna.

Margo wants to know what Barbara told Vienna. Katie admits that Vienna wasn’t pregnant and Barbara knew. Everyone is stunned. Margo hopes she didn’t know. She knew and she is miserable that she kept it from Henry. Katie promises that she didn’t know how Barbara knew or anything that went down after that. Will and Gwen are dumbfounded. Margo asks what Vienna said after she got off the phone. Katie pauses before she admits that she said she would do anything she could to stop Barbrara. Will and Gwen are so worried to hear this and Will now is sure that Vienna did something. Katie tries to explain that she doesn’t think Vienna would go that far; she was so worried of losing Henry because she loves him so much. Margo wonders if Henry knows any of this. He does now because she told him when Vienna went too far. What did she do. She told him that they lost the baby. Everyone is even more shocked to hear that they went through this before. How could she do that to him. Katie tries to explain that it was a terrible choice that Vienna made. Margo can’t believe she is still defending her. They all have made bad choices in their lives. Will is more sure that Vienna has done something with his mother, as Margo wants him to calm down; they don’t know anything for sure. His mother is missing after all of this. He thinks she is capable of anything. Not violence. Will is furious with Katie. How could she not tell Henry or even her sister. She thought Vienna would do the right thing. Will is getting more worked up as he yells. Katie tells him that he is sorry, but she can’t help him with anything else. Can’t or won’t. What does that mean. She was protecting Vienna before so how do they know she isn’t protecting her now.

At WOAK, Chris is leaving Katie a message. He keeps leaving her messages – can she call or text to let him know she is ok, he says into the phone. Kim overhears and walks over. Is he ok. Yes, but Katie is another story. Does he want to talk. Maybe another time. She walks away and then Chris walks over to her – Katie is avoiding him. Why. He told her she is making a mistake. She kept something from Henry that was serious and Henry is furious. Why would she do that. She was protecting another friend. Vienna, she assumes. She doesn’t think she likes how this is going. Vienna is not really pregnant, Chris admits. Kim is in shock. Why would she keep it to herself. She thought they belonged together. She knew about his feelings for Barbara. She didn’t think they were anywhere as deep as they are for Vienna. How could she keep that; Barbara was devastated and ran away and Katie allowed it.

Allison and Casey are with Hallie eating ice cream. Casey tries to clean up Hallie, as Allison smiles. She thinks about how close he came to – dodging that bullet, Casey finishes. Casey thinks the good thing that came out of it was they had fun playing detective. And, not hating her anymore, Allison adds. Casey and Allison share a close moment before Casey jumps up and tells her that he has to go to work. He knows how to kill a moment, Allison answers quietly. He is just trying to slow it down. He asks her to get Hallie back to Will and Gwen. She will. Casey walks away, but then heads back, gives Allison a kiss, and then walks away again. They both smile and look happy.

Katie tells Will that she came here to help and not be accused of anything. She protected someone like Vienna – how do they know what she is capable of. She would never hurt anyone. Margo interrupts; they need to start with finding Vienna. Katie promises that she doesn’t know where she is. Of course she doesn’t, Will sneers. She is telling the truth, Katie counters.

Vienna knows she hurt him, but she will make it up to him. She will never give up on him. Nothing will change how he feels, Henry answers. Their love is stronger then any hate he feels; they are soul mates; he is her Henry. She killed what they had. True love is irrational, Vienna explains. True love doesn’t hurt, Henry counters. True love is stronger then hate. Not this time. Every time. They need to reconnect physically and spiritually, Vienna tells him. Does he remember, as she touches his face. He will never forget Henry softly admits, but then he leans in closer to her…however, he will never forget what she did and he will never love her again; he hates her. He can’t even stand the sight of her. Henry starts to walk away when Vienna asks what he will do. He will get to the bottom of this; they are going to the police, as Henry tries to pull her up and into some clothes. Please don’t do this, Vienna pleads. What is she afraid of if she has nothing to hide. She destroyed everything. She just wanted them to be together and to have a family. He wants her to quit whining. Vienna runs away from him and locks him in the room.

Margo asks where Vienna is. She was going to find Henry. Will wants to go with her. Margo tells him no at first, but then she allows him to come. Katie wonders what she can do, as Will spits that she has done enough. She was talking to Margo. Margo tells her to stay close because she isn’t done with her and if Henry or Vienna calls her, she wants her to tell her immediately, she stresses. Katie promises to do that. Gwen tells Will she will go get Hallie and see him later.

Downtown, Allison is hanging out with Hallie when Gwen shows up. She is sorry she is late. Allison assures her that they are fine. Where is Casey. He had to get back to work. Allison asks if she is ok when she sees Gwen looks odd. Gwen steps away with Allison. She was at the police station. Where is Barbara. They don’t know, but they found out Vienna wasn’t pregnant and only did it to keep Henry and then Barbara found out and was going to tell Henry. Vienna was the last person to talk with her according to Katie. Allison can’t believe this, as she even chuckles. Gwen is surprised, as Allison apologetically explains about how Casey thought he might be the father of Vienna’s baby and come to find out he really isn’t – really of any baby. Gwen is surprised to hear Casey got involved with her. It was after they broke up. Gwen understands. Gwen is upset and worried about Will. Allison wonders if Vienna would do all of that then what is she capable of.

Henry is on the phone trying to find a way out of the suite that Vienna locked him in. He hears a noise and Margo is there with Will. He is rambling about how they need to find Vienna. Margo explains that they knew because Katie told them the story. He tells them that he is sure that Vienna knows something; there is no time to waste. Margo promises they will find her, as Henry tells her that she shouldn’t be that hard since she is wearing a towel. They all start to leave, but Will stops Henry. Henry doesn’t think now is a good time. Will tells him that he owes him answers – what game is he playing with his mom.

At the hospital, Casey is putting away towels in an exam room where a towel-clad Vienna is hiding behind the table. He is shocked to see her. He is not interested; he learned his lesson before, as he heads for the door. She has noone to turn to or to trust. What does she want. She needs him to help her. No way forget it. Whenever he gets involved with her, he regrets it. That is horrible, Vienna pouts. She did what she did for love and he needs to help her. Trouble finds her. Henry tried to kill her; he was in a rage and blames her for everything. She did what she did for him. It is also Katie’s fault. He feels for her, but he isn’t getting involved.

Henry explains that he tricked himself into believing that he was doing the right thing by choosing Vienna. In what universe would he and his mom get together. Henry tells him that it isn’t that plausible. Yes, it is. Henry realizes that may be the case, as he starts to explain. He and Barbara started out as a game that involved James’ money. He tried to seduce James money away from Barbara, but it turned into something strong…stronger than anything he ever felt. Then Vienna got pregnant – so he thought he had to do the honorable thing and marry her; Barbara agreed. Why was everyone telling him how devastated she was. His mother is a lot more selfless then a lot of people know; she urged him to marry her even though he knew that is not what she wanted. Why did he leave her then. He thought Vienna getting pregnant was something greater telling him to chose her. For the record, he was also devastated over losing Barbara. Will doesn’t look like he believes him. It was harder than anything he has gone through. Noone knew the depths of Vienna’s deceit. His mother is missing now; he doesn’t believe she ran off. He will find her at any cost. He sounds like he really loves her, Will realizes. He does and he can’t believe he didn’t deal with this and realize it fully before now. He hopes he doesn’t have any more questions for him because he really has to go find her. Will nods appreciatively.

At home, Katie sees she has 12 messages – all from Chris, as she smiles. Then she decides she won’t drag him into this even if she wants to. She tells herself he is better off without her.

Chris tries to defend Katie. He told her what he thought she should do. Kim realized he knew too – Barbara is family. Kim chides him strongly for not telling. Chris defends Katie explaining that she just wanted her friends together. What Katie did was selfish – she decided that Henry and Vienna should be together and Barbara never had a chance. Chris wonders if Kim is insinuating that it is Katie’s fault that Barbara disappeared.

Katie’s doorbell rings and she goes to it assuming and hoping it is Chris. Instead, it is Henry. He looks irate, as she tells him how happy that he is hear so she can tell him again how sorry she is about what happened. Henry tells her that he is not there to forgive her. She understands it will take a long time. If ever. How can she help him get through this. Tell him where she is.

Downtown, Will meets up with Hallie and Gwen. How are things, Gwen asks. Margo is on the case. Vienna locked Henry in a room and she disappeared too. Does that mean Vienna is involved. Henry thinks so. Henry is really worried about his mom; he seems to love her. Does he believe him. He is a con man but he kind of believes him; they sounded serious. Why did he marry Vienna. Because she got pregnant and Barbara told him too. It doesn’t sound like her. He knows. Does he think she fell in love. It defies logic, but he thinks so. Maybe she really did go away on her own because none of this sounds like Barbara. He doesn’t think so. Does he really think Vienna is involved. Yes, and she could be anywhere. What if she is gone and they never find his mom, Will worries.

Kim thinks there is more then enough blame to go around. Barbara knew the truth, Chris explains. They were tense at the wedding because they thought she would break in and stop it. Why didn’t he tell her. He made a promise. He knows he should have, but he never saw this happening. He is really worried because If Henry doesn’t forgive Katie then she may never forgive herself.

Katie explains that she doesn’t know where Barbara is. Not her – Vienna. What does he mean. He told Vienna that he knew everything and he was going to take her to the police and she freaked and locked him in a room and took off. She promises that she isn’t hiding Vienna here. He is supposed to believe her. She is so sorry. He wants her to stop with the sorry’s because Vienna is still lying, his life is still in ruins and Barbara is still missing. In fact, he thinks he is going to search this place. She tells him to go ahead and do that, as he goes to.

Casey offers to get Vienna some scrubs. She thanks him. Allison finds Casey outside in the hall, as he tells her about Vienna hiding out without clothes because Henry tried to kill her. Allison can’t believe that, but he would be well within his rights, as Casey seems to be walking away as they talk. Where is he going. To get her scrubs and help her out of town. He can’t. She sounds sincerely scared. She should be because his mother thinks she is involved with Barbara’s disappearance. Why. Barbara had information that would stop her wedding. What is it. She tells him to brace himself; Vienna was never pregnant to begin with. Casey’s mouth drops open.

Henry comes out of one of the rooms and Katie wonders if he is satisfied. He probably just missed her; she may have given her clothes and just sent her away. She helped Vienna destroy his life. He was only trying to make them happy. She would never help Vienna again because she cares about him. She was supposed to always care and love him and be his best friend, but she chose Vienna. She ruined his life –does he look happy. Look at the damage she did to him. She wanted to bring them together. She let him believe he lost another baby. That is where she drew the line; she told him the truth. She shouldn’t be able to use that word. How can they get back to how they were. They can't. If she wants to tell the truth, then he should tell her what happened to Barbara.

Casey can’t believe it – no wonder they found no information on her appointments; it was all a lie. The miscarriage too. She did it to hold onto Henry. She was afraid he would leave her for Barbara. Everyone knows now. Vienna is expecting him to help. He won’t help her right. She seemed sincerely worried. Henry wouldn’t hurt Vienna physically. She seemed scared though. Maybe because she is involved and is worried about getting caught. If he helps her then he could get in trouble; she urges him not to get sucked into it. He realizes he could be an accessory. Margo shows up; someone saw Vienna here. Have they seen her. Allison looks at Casey, as Casey admits to where Vienna is.

Katie assures Henry that she knows nothing about where Barbara is. Does she think Vienna might have hurt her. She doesn’t want to believe that Vienna could do something like that. That isn’t an answer. She wants to do anything she can to help. The only thing he wants from her is for her to call him if Vienna calls her. She promises to do that. Then they have nothing else to say. He needs to go find the woman he loves. Is that Barbara. Yes. She wants to help him find her. If she is trying to assuage her guilt, then go find a nun. She only wanted him to finally find happiness. Well then, she can count this as one big fat failure, Henry snarls. She asks him to stop doing this to her and let her say what she has to say. She is so sorry she just didn’t know the truth. What truth. That he was in love with Barbara. Henry looks down understanding for a moment. He didn’t know it either until it was to late. It doesn’t have to be. The only way that will be right is if he finds her and brings her back. She won’t forgive herself until he does and maybe not even then. She will do everything in her power. He almost believes her, Henry says. That is a start. The sad thing is it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t change a thing, Henry sadly answers, as he walks away. Katie looks devastated.

Casey and Allison walk with Margo to the exam room where Vienna is. They head inside except they find nothing. Casey swears she was just here and wearing only this sheet, he picks up from the table. She isn’t wearing anything now, Margo comments.

Will and Gwen are walking back to Barbara’s room with Hallie, as Will tries to find the key. He finally pulls it out and they walk into the room. Immediately, Gwen asks Will if he smells that perfume. He isn’t aware of anything at first. That is definitely Barbara's perfume, Gwen is sure. Will realizes she is right and with a hopeful sound in his voice, he calls out to his mom. Instead, in walks Iris holding Barbara’s perfume bottle spraying it on herself. Will and Gwen look stunned; what is she doing there. Iris tells them that she knows they are thrilled to see her and she missed them too. Why is she in here. She is waiting for them and playing with Barbara’s stuff – she is sure she wouldn’t mind. Will and Gwen stare at one another and then back at Iris, as Gwen almost instinctively and protectively holds Hallie closer to her.

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