ATWT Update Friday 7/16/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/16/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

Katie beats on Henry’s door and begs for him to let her in so they can talk. Vienna rushes up and wants to stop her. It’s Katie’s fault that he is angry, but Katie can help her get him back. Vienna tries to let herself in but her card has been deactivated. Katie wonders what part of he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore that she doesn’t understand. Henry walks up and says he has never been more sure in his life, but he does need to talk with his wife. Vienna throws himself in his arms and kisses him all over. She is sure that he will forgive her. Instead he says he wants an annulment.

At Fairwinds, Gwen tells Emily and Paul that she doesn’t think that Barbara is away on a cruise. They found her passport this morning. At the police station, Margo tells Will that she is sorry, they are trying to find if Barbara used her passport, but as of now she is classified as a missing person. In the warehouse, Barbara comes to when Chuckles slaps her.

Vienna is shocked that Henry wants an annulment as if their marriage never happened. She tells him they can start over. She knows he is hurt but she needs time for her to make him love and trust her again. She knows he is just angry. He tells her that she needs to look up the definition of love because what she did was not love. Either she agrees to this annulment or he will drag her into court for a divorce and he promises that will not be pretty.

Emily tells Paul that his mother is totally into drama so maybe she sent the postcard deliberately so they would come looking for her. This is classic Barbara and it worked. Look how all of them are standing around and talking about Barbara. Will doesn’t understand why she would do this to make them all concerned.

Henry says he can not even stand to look at Vienna right now. She can’t believe he is throwing her away over Barbara….good luck with finding her. Barbara tells Chuckles that he is only plastic and paint, but she’s going to be tied up in here forever if he doesn’t help her. He advises her that the first thing she has to do is get out of the cord binding her wrists. He reminds her after all that she can do anything. Even Houdini managed to get out of his chains under water. She says bully for Houdini. She struggles but manages to get herself untied. She tells him her head hurts and she is freezing cold. He states that it is actually hot in the middle of July. He surmises she might have a fever. She finds an old coat in costume and bundles up inside it. She looks like Queen Elizabeth but Henry says she looks more like Anne Boleyn, the beheaded. Henry plays Henry VIII. A drama ensues and she ends up kissing Chuckles as Henry kisses Anne Boleyn.

Henry rushes to the desk at the Lakeview and asks if anyone has seen Barbara the last few days. No one has. Katie walks up and he tells her that he is annulling his marriage and if he could he would annul their friendship too.

Emily asks Will if he is asking her if she did something to Mommy Dearest. No, they fight, it’s their thing. She knows that Barbara would rather that Paul end up with Crazy Meg instead of her, but no she did not do anything do her. Gwen says she doesn’t believe Barbara would let any man come between her and her family. Paul wants to know exactly what Will thinks Emily might have done to Barbara.

Gwen says no one is making accusations. Emily says you could have fooled her. But if they lived her or visited more often, they’d know she is not the only one in town who wants Barbara gone. A good place to start is the new Mrs. Coleman and leave the hell Emily alone.

Katie tells Henry that he has every reason to be mad at her and she deserve whatever he wants to say, but just don’t give her the silent treatment. He declares that he trusted her more than anyone else. She knew how devastated he was when they lost their first child and then she put him through it again. He was desperate to be a good dad and he was determined to stand by Vienna. He listened to Katie because her opinion meant something to him so he threw Barbara away. She says she knew it was stupid and it wasn’t against Barbara. She just wanted the four of them to be happy again and raise their children together, but it was a stupid idea that wasn’t gonna happen now that Brad is gone. He accuses his losing Barbara because of Katie. Gwen and Will appear and tell Henry they are checking it out, but they do not believe Barbara ever left the country. Henry says he has a feeling something terrible has happened and he has to find her. Gwen finds Barbara’s cell and wraps it up to take to the police. Perhaps it has fingerprints or some message that will help find Barbara.

Henry is shocked to find out from Katie that Barbara did know that Vienna wasn’t pregnant. She was on her way to the wedding to tell him so something must have happened. He believes Katie when she says she had nothing to do with Barbara’s disappearance. They don’t now what happened to Barbara, but Katie says don’t assume the worse.

Emily tells Paul they have come a long way. She’s glad Will and Gwen trust her enough to leave Hallie with her. Now that they are alone, Paul asks Emily if she had anything to do with Barbara’s disappearance. That went well.

Barbara tells Chuckles if she is going to get out of here, she will have to do it on her own. Paul apologizes to Emily. He is just worried about his mom. She might be a monster, but she is his monster. She says as much as she is tempted at times, Paul comes with a package with Barbara so be it. Gwen and Will give the cell phone to Margo. Katie tells Margo she can tell her who the last phone call was as she was there. Vienna gets a massage and doesn’t realize it is Henry who slips in. When revealed, he demands that she tell him what she did with Barbara.

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