ATWT Update Thursday 7/15/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/15/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Farm) Janet has a strange craving for pimentos and cream cheese and is eating some when she answers the door to Dusty who arrived with a framed Mona Lisa to show Janet how much she loves Italians. Janet is thankful for the gift and they both apologize to each other for last Night’s fight about her friend Tony “Blackie” Blackthorn. Dusty tells Janet he still has his doubts about Blackthorn and Janet tells Dusty that Tony got in trouble in school but he was always good to her family and she is happy that he has straightened out his life and become a business man. Janet receives a delivery of chocolate turtles with a note from Tony. Janet explains that in middle school and high school kids sold chocolate turtles to pay for school trips and once some of the chocolate was stolen from the Principal’s office it was rumored but never proven that Tony stole the chocolate. Dusty sarcastically tells Janet that it is great that she has a friend who steals chocolate from kids. Janet invites Dusty to have coffee with her and some chocolate turtles but he isn’t in the mood and leaves just as Janet is trying to thank him for his gift of the Mona Lisa.

(Worldwide) Lucinda calls Françoise to find out if she has heard from Lily and her friend informs her that she told Lily that she could stay at her place until she could get a flight out today but Lily said no because she found a room at the sky king Motel and she heard Craig’s voice in the background when she called Lily. Lucinda asks Françoise if she thinks Lily and Craig have something going on and Françoise tells her that crisis brings people together. Lucinda screams for Françoise to go rescue Lily.

(Sky King Motel) Craig wakes up with a hangover and looks at Lily while she sleeps and goes over to the bed to cover her with a sheet but Lily awakes and doesn’t believe his story she thinks he was trying to kiss her. Lily asks Craig to call the airport and check on an available flight to Oakdale. Lily and Craig tell each other they had fun last night.

Holden and Molly stop to drink water after their jog and Molly tells Holden that she picked out a beautiful bridesmaid dress for Faith. Molly gives Holden a kiss and tells him she is very happy although she wonders if Faith will want to be in the wedding. Holden tells Molly to stop thinking that everything will go wrong because everything will go fine with the wedding and they will be very happy. Lucinda arrives and asks Holden to take the Worldwide Jet and go pick up Lily in New York because she is with Craig on business but she doesn’t like the fact she is with him. Holden tells Lucinda that Lily can take care of herself and he won’t go to New York City to pick her up the jet pilots know Lily and she can meet them at the airport and come back home. Once Lucinda is gone Molly wonders when Holden is going to New York but he tells Molly that he has more important things to do like go with her to the caterer to select the food for the wedding.

(Sky King Motel) Françoise arrives and Lily opens the door and she sees Craig on the phone with his shirt unbuttoned calling the airport. Lily explains that Craig slept on the char and she slept on the bed so this isn’t what it looks like and Françoise tells Lily she understands she is French. Françoise asks Lily if she minds if she checks her phone messages but what she really does is take a picture of Craig and Lily and send it to Lucinda’s phone. Françoise tells Lily and Craig that it will cost three quarters of a million dollars to bring the factory up to code before they can manufacture the perfume. Lily is upset with Françoise because she didn’t tell her this earlier and reminds her that she can back out of the deal according to the contract they signed because she failed to disclose this information. Craig takes Lily into the hallway and after a long discussion in which Lily doesn’t want Craig to get taken advantage of business wise by Françoise Craig persuades Lily that it will be okay to pay the money to get the company up and running. Lily and Craig go back inside the room and tell Françoise that she has a deal and they will pay the money to pay the money to make the upgrades and bribe the French officials to get the factory in operation. Lily makes it clear to Françoise that she won’t tolerate any more surprises and if something else comes up they weren’t told about then the deal is off.

(Java) Molly tells Holden she needs to go get changed before they meet with the caterer and Holden tells Molly he has to run an errand so they agree to meet later at the Lakeview.

(Old Town) Holden calls Lily’s motel and Craig answers the phone and lies to Holden saying that he was in New York on business and he ran into Lily in Mid town and they were both stuck because of the strike so they decided to share a cab and look for a hotel but al they could find was two runs in the cheap motel. Craig tells Holden Lily is paying her bill downstairs and they will share a cab to the airport. Lily arrives as Craig is hanging up the phone and he advises Lily that they should head to the airport to try and get a spot on the first available flight back home. Craig doesn’t mention anything to Lily about Holden’s phone call.

(Worldwide) Dusty tells Lucinda that Anthony Blackthorn is an old friend of Janet’s from school and he told her that he was working with Lucinda. Lucinda tells Dusty that she has no idea why Blackthorn would say such a thing unless he was trying to impress Janet. Dusty wants to do a background check on the guy but Lucinda advises him not to since Janet will only get mad at him again for acting jealous and trying to manipulate her.

(Farm) Holden calls Lily and leaves a message for her to call him when she gets home to make sure she got home okay. Janet arrives with a jar of Emma’s home made pickles that she got from the root cellar and asks Holden if he thinks Emma would mind if she ate them since she has a craving. Holden tells Janet that Emma made the pickles to be eaten so she wouldn’t mind if she ate them. Janet offers Holden some pickles but he tells Janet he has to meet Molly for a food tasting for the wedding.

(Lakeview) Lucinda pretends to read a newspaper while she talks to Tony Blackthorn who is standing by the elevator. Lucinda tells Tony to be careful what he tells Janet because she will tell Dusty everything. Lucinda tells Tony that Dusty wants to have him investigated and she doesn’t know if she can stop him because when Dusty gets it in his head to do something he is like a dog with a bone. Tony tells Lucinda to distract Dusty and then gets in the elevator but Lucinda tells herself distracting Dusty is easier said then done.

(Lily’s house) Holden wonders how Lily is and she says she made it home okay and he wonders why Craig answered the phone when he called her Motel room. Lily tells Holden that Craig was in New York on business and they met at the airport and decided to share a cab and find a place to stay until they could get a flight back home. Holden tells Lily that Craig said they met in midtown so Lily tells him that happened later and then she gets mad and tells Holden she went to New York on business and who she saw there is none of his business.

(Lakeview) Craig tells Anthony he needs three quarters of a million dollars to grab a bigger piece of Worldwide. Anthony hesitates a bit because that is a lot of money and he has to check with his investors but Craig reminds Anthony they got into business together to grab Worldwide. Holden arrives late to the food tasting and Molly can tell he has other things on his mid and after some coaxing form Molly Holden tells Molly that he is afraid Lily is involved with Craig. Molly tells Holden that after the mistake Lily made with Damian she would never get involved with Craig. Holden decides to stop worrying about Lily and he and Molly taste samples of wedding cake.

(Farm) Janet tells the baby she thinks she and Dusty are getting back on track and a few m9inutes later Tony arrives to tell Janet not to tell her boyfriend Dusty everything he tells her. Janet tells Tony that he never mentioned that his wanting to work with Lucinda was supposed to be a secret. Janet tells Tony that Dusty isn’t her boyfriend because they are working on their relationship. Tony was about to leave but changes his mind and decides to accept Janet’s invitation to stay for coffee and some chocolate turtles.

Françoise calls Lucinda who is in her Limo and asks her if she has seen the picture she sent to her phone. Lucinda checks her phone and downloads the picture and isn’t happy to see Craig with his shirt unbuttoned standing next to Lily. Lucinda tells herself this wasn’t part of the plan and thanks Françoise for the information. Lucinda calls someone and tells the person on the other end of the phone she thinks its time they came back home.

(Worldwide) Dusty calls a private detective and tells him to do a complete background check on Tony Nero alias Anthony Blackthorn alias Blackie.

(Lakeview) Lily is upset with Craig for not telling her Holden called the motel and what he told him. Craig apologizes but since he knows that Lily hates lying he didn’t want to put her in the position of having to lie to Holden. Lily wants to reveal to everyone that Craig is the silent partner in the company but Craig reminds her that Carly would quit and Lucinda would remind her for the rest of her life that she made another bad business decision. Lily thinks Craig is right and she tells Craig she will wait until the company is up and running before she tells everyone the truth. Craig smiles and leans over to kiss Lily on the cheek but she stops him reminding him their relationship is strictly business.

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