ATWT Update Tuesday 7/13/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/13/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the farm, Gabriel helps Liberty sand some furniture. Janet is impressed. Jack has a suggestion for Parker; look for a summer job….not just look for one; get one. Right on cue, Parker gets a phone call from someone and he tells them that yes he is interested. Lily calls Carly who is packing and they are both excited about going to New York to celebrate. Lily turns and tells Craig that Carly is 100% on board. Dusty is at the diner and is unhappy as he tells Janet that Craig won’t let him anywhere near Johnny. She wishes she could help.

At Worldwide, Lucinda talks to Françoise and tells her that she wants to know the minute that Lily leaves the office as she wants to see that moment of the beginning of Craig’s destruction. Lily will never know that she is behind all of this and that there is no perfume factory. Craig advises Lily not to sign anything until she reads the papers all the way through. Lily tells him that she and Carly are going to make money, not lose it. He’s not sure she should trust Françoise since she has done business with her mother. She guarantees him that her mother would never do anything to hurt her and she will not undermine this.

Parker reveals that he got a one day shoot for a TV commercial. It’ll make enough money to keep his Dad off of him for a while; more than he’d make all summer mowing lawns. Liberty and Faith both hug him. Gabriel is not that impressed. Jack stops by Carly’s and indeed likes what he is seeing. He tells her he thinks they have a problem. Parker rushes home to tell his parents about the commercial. All he needs is their permission; it shoots today. Carly says she is sorry but Parker can’t do this. Despite it is $2,000, if she can’t be there she isn’t going to let him go. Jack convinces her otherwise so Carly says she will call Lily and cancel the trip…..that’s show biz.

Craig denies to Lily that he’s still in love with Carly. He says he cares but he doesn’t use that love word anymore and he cares about himself more. Gabriel visited him one night in jail and it was uncanny but he reminded him of himself, a very selfish man. And then he was released and came up from the darkness into the sunshine and was given a second chance.

Janet rushes out of the diner and hugs Johnny. She invites him to come to lunch at the diner as they have chicken nuggets today. The babysitter has errands and can’t do that. Janet convinces her to run do her errands and she will watch Johnny. She calls Dusty and tells him to drop whatever he is doing. Al’s has a special today he won’t want to miss.

Carly calls Lily and apologizes, but she can’t go to New York. Parker needs her. Lily says they have a lot of contracts to sign. She tells Craig that she doesn’t think she can go either now by herself. Craig tells her she can’t launch a perfume line without a perfume factory and she can’t have the factory if she doesn’t sign on the dotted line. So she has to pull herself together and get this done. She asks if he would consider going to NY with her. He tells her that he is supposed to be behind the scenes; Mr. Invisible. She begs him; she needs him. He says okay, when she puts it like that….head for New York.

Dusty is happy to see Johnny and thanks Janet for setting this up. Janet says she will handle Craig. She’ll just tell him that she was watching Johnny and Dusty just happened to come in to eat also. Later she tells Dusty that he’d better wrap it up as Maggie will be back soon. She gets a phone call and finds out that Craig has an emergency and it is okay if Johnny spends the day with Auntie Janet the rest of the day. She agrees with Dusty that fun it is since she is now off her shift.

Gabriel listens but doesn’t believe all Liberty is saying about Parker. Faith comes back all dressed up and says she is not going to paint anymore. She is going to watch Parker do his TV commercial. Liberty is upset that Gabriel keeps badmouthing Parker. He tells her she is more interested in Parker’s commercial and he doesn’t need her, so she might as well go. She does. Carly suggests that Parker change shirts to a solid color for TV. Jack is very impressed. She signs the release form. Parker greets Faith. She gushes she can’t believe she knows the star. She hears that he is practically a pro. He gives her a quick tennis lesson. She does pretty good and flirts that he’s not the only pro around here. Liberty walks up and sees this.

Lily introduces Craig to Françoise. She is handed the papers and she lets Craig look them over. Lily confides to Françoise that she hopes that she won’t mention this to her mother or Carly or anyone else that Craig was here today. Craig tells Lily that everything seems to be in order, so she signs the papers. She owns a perfume factory. Françoise wishes them luck. Lily states that she is delighted to take her place among the best of the French perfume houses. Françoise gets a phone call before they leave. Seems the New York baggage handlers are on strike so there are no flights leaving NY tonight; they will have to stay and celebrate in NY.

Dusty and Janet and Johnny enjoy a movie. Dusty invites Janet on a date to Metro. Jack tells Carly they never had that cup of coffee so maybe they can drop off the kids and have dinner together. She’s love that – Metro it is.

Lucinda gets a phone call. She shuts her door for privacy. Françoise tells her that her daughter signed the papers. Lucinda thinks this is so delicious. Craig will end up being broke and bankrupt. She’s not happy though to learn of the baggage strike and that Lily and Craig will be stuck together in NY.

Craig checks and there are no flights out of NY. Lily says they can not stay here tonight. The airport hotel is a dump. She wants to call Lucinda and have her send the jet. He scoffs that she would be defeating the purpose of making this on her own and giving Lucinda the satisfaction of bailing her out again… much for re-inventing herself. She says okay, he wins, they will stay the night. Just call down to the desk and get another room. He informs her there are no more rooms, this is it. She suggests he at least call and get a cot. He has to give her the bad news that there are no cots. They are all taken by the poor slobs that weren’t lucky enough to get a room. They are bunked in the lobby. Lily says okay, they will just have to make the best out of a lousy situation. She looks around and realizes there is no couch, just a chair. Craig tells her they will flip for it. Heads he wins the bed….tails they bunk together…. guts, no glory. She tosses the flip and her heart sinks as she looks up at him.

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