ATWT Update Monday 7/12/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/12/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At Worldwide, Lily hangs up the phone with the woman from Paris; she tells Craig that their deal to buy the warehouse is almost complete; Craig seems pleased. Craig reminds Lily that Carly can’t know he is involved. Lilly doesn’t like lying to Carly. People have silent partners, Craig offers. People are aware when that happens, Lily counters. He just wants to stay anonymous. Holden interrupts their conversation; he wants to know what Craig is doing here.

At home, Carly opens the door to Jack and he is happy to tell her that Natalie and Sage love camp. Carly is thrilled; she wants to hear all about it. Jack smiles; he is hoping that they could do that over coffee; they could have that talk about where they stand finally. Carly returns his smile – she would like that. Molly, who walks in, interrupts their conversation. Carly and Jack smirk, as she wonders if she is interrupting something. Jack assures her this conversation will have a rain check, as Carly grins. After he leaves, Molly wonders if she interrupted their ‘finally moment’. Carly beams.

At Barbara’s suite, Hallie is running around, as Will and Gwen watch her. Will wishes his mom could have been around. Gwen thinks she had to get away because of Henry and Vienna. He doesn’t buy her leaving on a cruise ship. He wants to talk with Jack. Gwen grabs Hallie’s bag, which is about an inch from Barbara’s passport, which is on the floor unnoticed. Gwen grabs it, but doesn’t see what would be an obvious sign that Barbara did not leave on her own.

At the Lakeview bar, Katie looks distraught, as a confused Henry asks her what she means when she says there is no baby. He needs to know the truth – there never was a baby, Katie answers sadly. Is this a twisted Katie logic. No, Vienna just wanted to hold onto him. This doesn’t make sense. She was never pregnant to begin with; she told him that out of fear of losing him. There were tests and doctors, Henry answers. Did he ever see that firsthand, Katie says. This is insane. She agrees; she tried to talk her out of this plan all the time. So Vienna pretended to be pregnant so he would marry her and then she pretended to lose the baby so she wouldn’t get caught, Henry asks. Yes. How could she do this, Henry yells.

At the hospital, Vienna pleads with Chris to keep her secret; he will be doing this for Katie as well. Henry will hate her if he finds out that she kept this from him. Katie was crazy to go along with her, Chris answers. She was only trying to help her out. How could she do this to someone she loves. She did it because she loves him and did not want to lose him. That is not love, Chris answers. They belong together. She doesn’t know the meaning of that word; she lit the fuse and is now watching the explosion, Chris explains.

Katie tries to explain to Henry while she doesn’t agree with what Vienna did – her heart was in the right place. How can she say that – she lied to him. She let him believe they lost another baby. He has been worried sick about Vienna and blaming himself. She knows it is horrible, but she loves him so much. She just didn’t want him to lose what she lost with Brad. Henry doesn’t want her to bring him into this. She is sorry; the truth is out and she wants to know what she can do to fix this. For starters, she can ‘stay the hell away from him,’ Henry growls, as he stomps off. A devastated Katie watches him go.

Upstairs, Vienna sneaks back into her room; Henry walks in behind her, as she tells him that he scared her. She just needed some air. Henry takes a noticeable breath and tells her that she shouldn’t be up and around in her condition. He tells her that she needs to get back in bed. Vienna gets under the covers and tells him that they will get through this as long as they have each other. She hugs him and tells him that she loves him. Then she quietly tells him that she is sorry. What does she have to be sorry about. She feels like she let him down. If she loves him as much as she claims then she can never let him down; the miscarriage was not her fault. He wants her back in bed, as he tucks her back in, he sees the ‘pregnancy pillow’ tucked behind the bedpost. He takes it out and asks her what it is, as Vienna looks nervous.

Craig tells Holden that he is there with good intentions. Holden doubts that. He is there to offer a financial contribution for Lily taking in Gabriel. He bids them goodbye. Holden hopes she isn’t taking money from him; there will be a catch. She thinks Gabriel coming into his life has changed Craig. He doubts that. She changes the subject; how is Meg. She seems to be in a great establishment and will get good care. His mom will be staying. He also tells her that Iva says hello. She is happy to hear that. He has a request; he hopes she can help her with the kids; he wants them involved in the wedding – rehearsal dinner and wedding. He is going all out. That is what Molly wants. He just wants to have no conflicts. She will help in whatever way she can. He knew he could depend on her. Lily gives him a halfhearted smile.

Carly tells Molly that she doesn’t want to jinx herself, but she feels like she and Jack are starting to reconnect again. Molly is so happy for her. She feels badly for barging in. How is the wedding coming, Carly asks. It is going to be big. She feels guilty with all that is happening and what people are going through. She deserves to go all out; someone deserves the fairy tale ending, Carly assures her. Carly’s doorbell rings and Carly goes to get it. She sees through the window Gwen and Hallie and squeals in delight and rushes to open the door and hug her tightly.

Katie arrives home to find Chris waiting for her. What is he doing here, she asks quietly. She will never guess what her friend Vienna wants him to do. She figures she wants him to back up her lie about the miscarriage. Yep. He thinks she needs to stop protecting her because she is setting herself up for a huge falling out. It has already happened. Chris wonders what she means. Henry knows everything. How. She told him and she thinks she lost her best friend.

Vienna tells Henry that it is padding for her car to soften the ride. He snatches it out of her hand and tells her that he thinks it looks like their baby…. come back to life from behind the bed. What is he saying. Henry goes on; he thinks that their baby needs a name – he thinks they should name her Patty. Vienna tries to diffuse the situation – whatever he is thinking he is wrong. He keeps getting louder and louder; he thinks her official name should be Patty considering, as he holds out the padded pillow. It isn’t what he thinks, Vienna promises. He whips it at her; he knows everything; he knows that he gave up everything for her and a baby that never existed, Henry spits at a horrified Vienna. Vienna picks up the pillow; what does he mean that he knows everything. Her partner in crime told him everything. She can explain, as she reaches out to him and he swats her hand away. Does she really think there is anything she could explain or say that he would believe. The one thing he thought he could depend on with her is honesty. She honestly deeply loves him. Is that why she lied about being pregnant and losing a child, Henry snaps. She was afraid of losing him. To whom. To Barbara. He was honest about his feelings for Barbara, but then he chose her because he thought there was a strong bond between them. There is, Vienna promises. This was not done out of love, as he grabs the pillow. It was done out of fear and jealousy and to prove to Barbara that she could win. No, Vienna whimpers. She didn’t mean to do that; she swears. He pushes her away; he doesn’t want her to touch him and enough with the lies. Vienna starts to cry harder; she is sorry; he is right. She was so afraid to lose him to Barbara, but she never loved anyone like him and she knows it is vice versa…even Katie saw it. They can get past this, as she clings to him. She pleads with him to get past it and to forgive her, as she hugs and kisses him while a stunned Henry stands there.

Katie tells Chris that he should have seen the look on Henry’s face. They are probably getting into it now. Poor Vienna. Chris doesn’t understand that; she did this to herself. The irony here is she was doing this to keep him and now she may very well lose him, Katie tells him. Chris thinks you don’t lie to someone you love. Katie puts her head down on the table; Vienna is going to lose her husband and she her best friend. Chris thinks he will forgive her before Vienna. She doesn’t think she is going to count on that. He knows she betrayed him. He won’t talk to her again. Can he do anything. No. The fact he doesn’t hate her means a lot, as she drops her head back down on the table.

Holden thanks Lily for being so cooperative. He knows this is not easy on her. She put him through the same. They have been through a lot. They will always be friends, as Lily agrees. He deserves to be happy. Holden takes her hand and tells her that they both do, as he holds it for a moment longer before he tells her goodbye. Lily looks depressed when Craig walks back in and she tries to hide it. He wonders if she is ok. It is hard watching an ex move on. He knows her heart is breaking. Don’t forget her pride. The one two punch, Craig answers. She is trying not to let it hurt that badly. He thinks he may be able to help; he has just the thing to get her back on her feet.

Gwen and Carly are talking on the couch, as Gwen can’t believe all she has been through in this past year – Craig stealing Parker’s money, her losing Monte Carlo and Janet getting pregnant with Jack’s baby when they were getting back together. She can’t believe she is still standing. She would be in a dark room. Carly laughs – she can pretend she is not tough, but she is. Gwen nods, but her life is pretty good now. Carly is so happy they worked out for her. It will for her too. It will, if she thinks positively – positive thoughts will lead to a positive life. Carly and Gwen giggle as Carly calls her ‘Guru Gwen’. Gwen is confused about if Janet and Jack are no longer together then why aren’t she and Jack back together.

At the station, Jack finds Will looking at a photo of Hal; he is thrilled to see him and wonders if Carly knows. Gwen is visiting with her now. He hopes all is well with them. Will tells him they are good, but he is a bit worried about his mom. She was supposed to visit to spend some time with Hallie so he and Gwen could go out of town, but she never showed up and now is not answering her phone. Jack wonders if he talked with Paul. She isn’t answering his calls either, but Paul supposedly got a postcard from Barbara, who has gone on a last minute cruise; it just doesn’t feel right. Jack agrees since he can’t picture Barbara cruising around. He has good intuition like his dad, as Will smiles. He will look into it. He is glad he is listening to his gut like Hal used to say.

Vienna claims it was all Barbara’s fault. He shakes his head; she better not go there. She wouldn’t have lied and betrayed him like she did. She pushed her because she was trying to break them up. He told her that she was not a threat. Barbara would have done the same thing if she loved him as much as she did. Henry is furious; he wants her to stop making this about love. What can she do to make this right. She can’t; he can’t stand to look at her. She went as far as to use the death of their unborn baby against him. She trashed his memory for her own agenda. She begs him to let her make this right. Nothing can make this right ever. The level of deception is unbearable, he yells. He thought when she came back they could make it right and he could love her again the same. Vienna hangs around his neck with her arms begging him to make it work. No, they can’t; he wants her out. Please. He yells at her to shut up and he wants her out, as he pushes her to and out the door. Vienna is sobbing outside the door and inside, Henry looks horrified that it came to that.

Chris pours himself a beer, as he tells Katie that she has to feel somewhat better that she doesn’t have to carry around Vienna’s lie anymore. A little. She drinks his beer. Henry will appreciate her honesty in the end. She should have been honest in the beginning. Better late then never. She won’t know until she tries. Katie smiles slightly; he is pretty good at trying to cheer her up. Her phone rings; it is Vienna. How could she do this, she whines. She was the one person she thought she could trust. Henry thought he could trust them both; she couldn’t keep lying. She has ruined everything. Henry said he would never forgive her and she knows he won’t forgive her either now. She is willing to live with that, Katie answers. She won’t accept that; she won’t lose him – not to Barbara or anyone. That is good Katie thinks. She needs to give Henry time though. No, she is not going to wait fore Barbara to come and steal him away. He will need time, Katie reminds her. She doesn’t want her help now or ever again, as a tearful Vienna hangs up the phone. Katie hangs up – so much for feeling better.

Carly admits that she doesn’t know why she and Jack aren’t back together. They keep missing the mark. They could be trying too hard. Maybe. She knows they are meant to be together. Therefore, she should wait for it to happen, Carly smiles. Fate will bring her back to Jack. She has mellowed, Carly notices. Hallie has changed her outlook on all aspects of her life. She and Jack love each other too much. Carly tells her that for now, she is focusing on her business. Carly is happy that for once this Carlisle Fragrances is working and becoming successful on its own without some man in the background telling her what to do.

Craig wants to know what is wrong with Lily, as she paces. She wants to know what is in it for him with she and Carly going to NYC to sign the new contracts. He wants them to have a good time – happy means productive, which means they make money. It would be fun to hang out in NYC, Lily agrees. Have lunch and take in a show. This deal is too important and he won’t out himself. Carly will leave if he knows she is involved. Lily will call her right now.

She can’t imagine how badly Henry is feeling – he must be so angry betrayed. He is probably drowning in martinis. What if he tries to hurt himself. He has never before. She has always been there before. She has to go find him. He thinks Henry needs time. She is worried what he might do in this state; she is to blame partially. Chris will go with her then. She has to do this alone. She doesn’t want Henry to feel ganged up on. He is worried if he lashes out at her. He wouldn’t do that. She hugs Chris tightly before she leaves.

Outside Barbara’s door, Henry knocks incessantly. He knows she may not want to see him, but he needs to see her; his life is exploding in on him. Vienna walks up in the background; he didn’t waste any time. He wants her to go away. She won’t lose him to her. She already lost him. She wants him to hear her out. He has heard her out – she claims she is sorry, that she did it out of love; he is done with her. She deserves his anger, but Barbara doesn’t deserve his love. She can never give him what she can give him. Does she mean deception and heartache – no she can’t – thank God. She loves him more than life itself, as she tries to hold onto him, and he pushes her away. She has a horrible way of showing it. No, she pleads. Has he ever made a mistake. He orders her off of him. He has, but he has never hurt someone that badly. He could almost understand lying about being pregnant, but then to lie to him about losing a child after what they went through is reprehensible and evil. No. She is and what is worse is he hates himself for once loving her, as he stomps off.

At the farm, Holden is sitting with Ethan when Molly comes in. He thought she was with Carly. Her sister Gwen is in town so she thought she would give them time to catch up. That gave her time to go wedding shopping and to book an appointment for Ethan’s fitting for his ‘big boy suit’. Ethan doesn’t look that interested. Holden wants to know if he wants to be in the wedding. As long as his mommy is there, Ethan answers, as Molly looks unnerved. Holden answers quietly that she might be there. Ethan wonders why he isn’t marrying his mommy then, as Molly now looks concerned, as does Holden.

At Worldwide, Carly shows up and Lily thanks her for coming. What is going on. Contracts are ready to be signed tomorrow. She has an idea – she wants to go to NYC to sign them in person. Carly wonders if she can leave her kids. Sage and Natalie are in camp, Ethan is in day camp, and Faith is old enough and out at the farm. Carly hesitates for a moment she thinks it is a good idea then. Lily thinks she could use a girl trip since she is hearing more then she cares to about Holden and Molly’s wedding. Carly apologizes. She is happy to have a trip planned with her too. She is going to go tell Jack while Lily tells her that she is going to book the tickets… to their new company, as they both smile. Craig comes out from the other room – he can see it is all set.

At the station, Carly tells Jack about her plans to go to NYC with Lily. He is so proud of her throwing herself into this company. She has a good feeling about this and she finally has a partner she can trust. He can’t believe she will be making French perfume. Soon she will be eating Foie Gras and Truffles. Bite your tongue, Carly teases…she will never give up her burger and pizza. She is a woman after his heart. She sure is, Carly smiles coyly.

Holden explains to Ethan that he and Lily have been married for a long time, but their lives have gone in different directions. He doesn’t love her anymore, Ethan asks. He does, but just not in the marrying kind. He loves Molly that way. Yes. Molly promises Ethan that she does not want to replace his mom, but she will be here anytime he needs anything. Holden tells Ethan that he has a lot of people that are looking out for him. He hopes that is ‘cool’ with Ethan, as he shakes his head yes. Holden asks Ethan if he can talk with Molly alone. He apologizes. It is bound to happen sooner or later and he handled it well. Molly wonders if they should have a big wedding and put the kids through it. They will be fine; he wants her to have what ever she wants – if it is a big wedding or a small intimate one. Molly hesitates and then admits that she wants to go all out. He is glad; he doesn’t want to make any more sacrifices.

At Henry’s suite, Katie knocks and tries to door but it is locked. She talks through the door to Henry, who is sitting on the floor with a bottle of vodka. She knows he hates her, but she is here for him if he needs her. She is sorry and she wants him to know that. She turns away and Chris walks up, as she wonders what he is doing here. He wanted to stay close if things didn’t go well. Henry won’t talk with her. Give it some time. She cries into his arms; she knew this would end in disaster. She is a mess – a lonely widow who can’t deal with her own sad life so she meddles in everyone else’s and then hurts the people she loves the most. If he were smart, then he would stay away from her. Chris tells her that he isn’t that smart then. Chris hugs her tightly.

Will and Hallie are sitting on the floor rolling a ball to one another, as Gwen sits closely by. She knows Jack will figure it out. He wishes he would show up now and tell him everything is ok. Hallie throws the ball away from Will and Gwen goes to get it. She picks up the ball and then sees Barbara’s passport under the couch. She quickly shows it to Will; how could she go on a cruise without her passport. Will as well as Gwen now look very concerned.

At Al’s, Vienna is having a huge bowl of ice cream; she promises herself that she won’t give up; she will find a way to win him back no matter what, as she looks pensive.

In his suite, Henry is drinking from the vodka bottle, but then he looks at the phone. He hesitates and then makes a call – to Barbara. He leaves a message telling her that he knows she is avoiding him, but everything in his life has changed and he needs to talk with her about it – please. He needs and loves her he tells her before he hangs up the phone.

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