ATWT Update Friday 7/9/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 7/9/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

Barbara beats on the door of the warehouse, begging someone to hear her. She hears the sirens…..she’s a felon…… she’ll try another big bang and hopes someone will let her out. She tries another bottle rocket hoping to create a fire hazard so someone will hear it. Then she hears the vehicle pull away and she cries that she is not going to be found.

On the square Paul looks at a post card and tries to call Barbara when a little girl walks up. He doesn’t know where her mother and daddy is until Will and Gwen walk up.

At the hospital Casey finds Alison looking over a chart for Vienna in which she has a rash. He wants to know if that is normal for a pregnant lady. She says no, she only wonders where she got it from. She tells Casey she can’t have a cup of coffee with him as she has to make a run to the pharmacy.

Henry is stunned – Vienna just told him that she lost the baby. He tells her that he wants her to lie there and get some rest. This is not her fault. He’s the one who should be sorry. He may have caused this when he told her how he felt about Barbara. She says they can not undo what nature decides and she is trying to be strong and doesn’t want to discuss it. Alison interrupts and brings Vienna some crème but Henry throws her out and says that is the least of Vienna’s concerns right now. Alison goes back out and tells Casey that she will take that cup of coffee now as she has to get some airspace away from those two nutjobs.

Paul asks why Will didn’t call first. Gwen says it wasn’t exactly planned but they were worried about Barbara and decided to drive on down. Something is screwy if Paul thinks she is in Bermuda on a cruise as Barbara was supposed to meet then in Carbondale yesterday.

Chris corners Katie in the hospital. She asks why would she tell him to stay when she was the one who told him to go to Haiti and save the world? He says she didn’t mean it. She declares that she did. He says she did say something to him about not being committed and she was right about that. He does fly in and out of his career, the country, his life in general. Katie starts to walk off and tells him goodbye and be safe in Haiti. He tells her to stop misunderstanding him. He wants to start a life here in Oakdale. And the more he sees of it, he sees her in it. He says that is something he can commit to. He teases that he just needs one thing from her. He wants to hear her say that she doesn’t want him to leave town.

Barbara lugs Chuckles around and continues to pound on the door hollering for the cop or the fireman to come back. She resigns herself that they aren’t going to be found and flops down on the floor with Chuckles in her lap. In his Henry voice he says if anyone can get out of there, it will be Barbara.

Chris urges Katie to just say it. She says okay, she doesn’t want him to go. He’s surprised she said it, so he asks her out for dinner tonight. She says she likes him; heck sometimes she even wants him. He inches closer and says good as he wants her all the time. She stutters that the problem is that she is not sure she can be anywhere near ready to give herself to him. He says he gets that; he understands. And he’s not going to push. He says the timing is in her hands. She’s surprised and relieved, so he will let her be the one to decide when they take it to the next level. He says well she will be the first to know so he thinks that will be the best plan. He asks about dinner again. He asks her not to make him beg. She says okay, they can do dinner, but not what he wants after dinner. He says they will get there. She replies she doesn’t think so. He says for now; she says maybe never.

Will tells Paul that they were going away for a few days and Barbara knew they were anxious about leaving Hallie as they have never left her more than a day with anyone. Barbara agreed to come down and be with her. Paul fills them in on Barbara falling in love with Henry and her leaving him…..thus Barbara is in a very bad spot right now. She must have just bolted. Alison and Casey walk up and greet Will and Gwen.

Chris questions Katie and says he wants to be sure. She does want him to stay, but she’s not sure they can ever physically be together. She says yeah, so she doesn’t want to ask him to wait. She couldn’t do that when she is not even sure herself. So if he wants to leave…….He says no, they will figure this out. She has said sometimes she likes to be with him, so she needs to tell him when that is. She explains it was like at Henry and Vienna’s wedding. Great, he wants to know what he said or did that got her in the mood. She says it wasn’t really him, but Vienna. She will have to explain. She says it was just when Vienna pushed her to try and catch the bouquet as an unmarried woman, it was the first time she felt single since Brad died. When she got home, she tried to take her wedding ring off and it wouldn’t, so she took that as a sign that she is not ready to move on just yet. She says she has some news about Vienna. And he will be happy about this. She told Vienna that she has to stop this nonsense about a fake baby or her life with Henry will self-destruct. She wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, but Katie is pretty sure she is going to come clean with Henry as soon as she sees him. Chris says okay, then he can accept that sex is off the table until she is ready. He hopes kissing is okay. She answers negotiable. He asks about hand holding and hand kissing and that is doable. He wonders if she has any special requests as he can accommodate. She answers just continue to being himself like the way he has through all the stuff with Henry and Vienna. He’s been really sweet about that. He tells her that she has to be careful about that because compliments like that can get a girl kissed.

Vienna almost fights Henry and wants to go home. She does not want to see a doctor. He won’t allow her to do that since she needs medical care. She needs to have the procedure she did the last time she lost a baby. She begs him to take her home, but Katie comes in. Vienna insists that she go outside as she just needs to talk to Henry alone.

Will tells Paul that all of this doesn’t add up. Barbara hates cruises since she got sick on the last one. She doesn’t need to go on another cruise and certainly she would not blow off her family. It makes no sense at all.

Barbara beats on her chest and says yes she is Barbara freaking Ryan. She tells Chuckles that she never gives up and never gives in and she will not sit here and rot in this hell hole for the rest of her life. He says that is the girl he fell for. She tells him that she is glad he has Henry’s voice because she likes the way he makes her feel. She feels strong again; she feels she has faith in herself again, feels young. So no more sugar, no more self-pity and no more talking to a doll even though he says nice things to her like Henry would. She tells Chuckles sorry as she stuffs him back in the crate.

Katie glares and tells Henry that he can’t be right. Vienna didn’t just have a miscarriage. Vienna keeps begging and pleading until Henry agrees that he will bring the car around and they can go home. Katie tells Vienna that she is being cold and cruel. She needed to tell Henry the real truth, not that she just lost the baby. Vienna says she couldn’t. Henry kept asking her why she was not showing so she got the baby pad. And then it was moving around and she had to take it off when they had sex and they had sex all the time since she was trying hard to make a real baby. But it was just a matter of time before Henry found out the truth. And he would hate her forever. Now they can start all over and support each other and have a real baby without all the pressures as their problem is solved. Vienna sputters that Henry will be sad for a while but then she will get pregnant and he will be happy again. She hugs and kisses Katie and tells her that she is the best friend she ever had.

Will looks at the post card but still determines that Barbara would not do this. Giving her Hallie was like giving her the keys to Ft. Knox. She would not go off on another cruise like this…..not ever. Paul reminds him that lately all she has been doing is trying to forget Henry. She even moved in with him at Fairwinds so she wouldn’t run into Henry and his fiancée at the Lakeview. Will says again if she wanted to go then she would have called them. Will asks one more question. He says Paul seems to be much calmer so he wonders if he is on any meds right now. Paul declares than Zen Paul is pharmaceutically free. He states that he loves his kid. He has a wife who likes spending time with him most of the time and let’s face it, he’s spent most of his life making drama so it’s time to have a little peace in his life. Will knows it was dumped there by James and then his mom….James is dead but his mom is still around. Paul agrees, he knows that his own wife and Barbara hate each other, but Emily has agreed when Barbara gets back they are gonna make nice. Paul tells Will not to worry so much as Barbara is probably lounging on the ship and watching the waves gently roll by.

Barbara finds a door behind a curtain….but it’s padlocked from the inside so she maintains she only has to find a way to bust it and get out. She vows that she will get out and when she does…..someone is gonna get it.

Hallie has ice cream while Gwen talks to Casey and Alison. Will tells them that Gwen has singing gigs almost every weekend. Gwen tells them that parenting has been pretty easy as she just thinks of her mom. They are surprised until Gwen says whatever Iris would have done, she just does the opposite to the extreme. She asks about them and they admit they are together again but just as friends.

Henry tucks Vienna in bed. She’s not worried about rest as this time there is no pressure. She knows there will be more babies. She needs assurance that he still loves her now that there is no baby. He kisses her and says of course. She just wants to lie here, get some sleep and forget today ever happened. As soon as he is gone, she slips out.

Katie tells Chris that Vienna lost the baby she never had. She’s been lying to Henry the whole time so she could not admit to knowing this too. It was horrible. He asks if she is out of this for good now.

Barbara gets a lead pipe and breaks the lock but……it is only another brick wall behind. She cries and wonders who is doing this to her.

Gwen questions Casey’s relationship with Alison. He admits he hated her when she left him at the altar, but later he realized he was not perfect either. They talk about the baby, Billy, they lost. Gwen tells Will that she will try and be more polite to his brother and only concentrate on what he is trying to do for them now. Gwen says she does not blame Barbara for taking off. It is weird coming back to Oakdale, but sweet. This is where she met him and adopted their daughter.

Barbara says dammit, there has to be a way out of here somehow. She tells Chuckles, Henry, whatever his name is, that she stuffed him in the crate but she really needs his help now. He really has to help her. Out of nowhere a person dressed all in red with red gloves puts a hanky over her mouth and drags her down.

Paul says goodbye to Gwen and Will at the Lakeview. He hopes they will come by Fairwinds and say hello to Emily and Eliza later. He’s sorry their vacation plans got messed up but at least they know Barbara is all right. Gwen wonders if maybe they should call Tom and Margo to have Barbara tracked down in Bermuda. Will says he wished his mom had called but she probably was so ready to get out of here that she just grabbed her passport and took off. Hallie is playing on the floor and holds the passport and sees the photo and says hi to her grandma.

Alison and Casey are talking in the halls at the hospital and see Vienna as she grabs Chris and drags him into a room. Casey tells Alison that is exactly how she treated him when she just dragged him into a room and they did….you know……Alison tells him to leave this alone. It’s none of his business and if it is the same, Chris can handle her. Vienna tells Chris that she needs a favor. He tells her that she needs help, and a lot of it. Katie told him what she did. She should have told Henry the truth. He’s not going to get into this now. Frantically she blabbers that all she needs is a doctor to tell Henry that she will be fine and doesn’t need a procedure. That doctor has to be him; he can give Henry a pep talk. Five minutes. That’s all he has to do is tell Henry they will have more babies. He tells her that she is out of her mind; he wants no part in it. She continues that he is already a part of it since Katie confided in him and she lied to Henry. She thought Chris cared about Katie. The truth will crush Henry and he will hate Katie for lying to him. She will lose her best friend.

Katie catches up with Henry at the Lakeview bar. He grabs and hugs her and tells Bubbles that he is glad she came. He was about to order a six pack of martinis and drink himself into oblivion like he did on his wedding day. He confesses this is all his fault as he told Vienna all abut his feelings for Barbara. He doesn’t know why he did that. He knew she was in a fragile state and she’s been walking around as an emotional wreck ever since. She needs constant assurance that he still loves her and isn’t going to leave her. She wants him to prove it night and day, day and night in all sorts of positions. So it’s his fault…..if his attention hadn’t been split …..if he had focused all his attention on the woman he loved; the woman who was carrying his baby. Katie blurts out that Vienna didn’t lose the baby. There was no baby to begin with.

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