ATWT Update Thursday 7/8/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/8/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Outside Al’s diner) Katie sees Chris talking to a very attractive woman and looks jealous. Monique asks Chris to go with her to work in Haiti because she needs good doctors to help there and she wonders what is keeping him in Oakdale . Chris stares at Katie as he tells Monique he needs to think about it and Monique tells him the plane leaves for Haiti in four hours.

(Fairwinds) Paul wonders why Emily is getting out winter clothes and Christmas things when it’s July. Emily explains to Paul that she wants to take a picture for their Christmas card in old town today. Emily tells Paul she is just organized but he thinks she is acting a little strange. Emily tells Paul that this is very important to her because it means they will be together at Christmas. Paul wonders why Emily ever had doubts about it because he has always been there with her. Emily explains to Paul that they have been through so much with Meg and Barbara she felt like she almost lost him and now with Meg and Barbara Gone they can be a family. Paul makes it clear to Emily that Barbara isn’t gone and Emily tells him that she just meant that Barbara moved out of the house and back to the Lakeview. Paul goes upstairs to put on a turtle neck a few minutes later Kim arrives and wonders if Emily or Paul have heard from Barbara because its not like Barbara not to let he family know her whereabouts when she is going to be gone. Emily tells Kim not to worry because Barbara just needed some time away after Henry broke her heart. Kim thinks Emily is probably right and Emily asks her to leave because she and Paul are on their way out to Old Town to take a picture for their Christmas card. Kim leaves and a few minutes later Paul comes downstairs wondering whom Emily was talking to since he heard voices and Emily tells him that she was talking to herself.

(Warehouse) Barbara hallucinates that she hears Henry’s voice coming from a toy clown which she has named Chuckles. Barbara tells herself that her top priority right now is to escape from the warehouse and then once she has escaped she can figure out who brought her there.

(Lakeview) Henry tells Vienna he can’t make love to her anymore he needs a break because he is tired. Henry wonders if all pregnant women want to make love all the time and Vienna explains that it is the hormones that make her act that way. Vienna wonders if Henry enjoyed the sex and he says of course because he is a guy. Henry gets up to turn on the light and get some water and he is worried because he sees red spots on Vienna’s face. Henry rushes to the computer to check a medical information website to find out what to do. Henry tells Vienna that the website says to check her stomach and legs to make sure that the rash hasn’t spread to the rest of her body. Vienna scrams no and asks Henry to get her a glass of water and she quickly calls Dr. Ming to find out the side effects of the fertility drug. Vienna is frustrated when the person on the phone can’t speak English and she hangs up the phone when Henry comes back in the room. Henry explains to Vienna that he was going to call room service to get some oatmeal for her to bathe in but then he found tomato juice and he thought that might help her. Henry drops the large can of tomato juice as he looks at Vienna and is astonished that the baby is lopsided. Vienna quickly puts on her robe and straightens out the pregnancy belly and tells Henry that the baby is moving they do that, as they get bigger to get ready for birth. A quick thinking Vienna tells Henry to go to the health food store and get her a homeopathic cream to relieve the itching so she writes down the name of the cream for Henry and sends him to the store.

(Outside Al’s Diner) Chris introduces Katie to Monique and explains to Katie that he worked with Monique in Rowanda and she wants him to come work with a team of doctors in Haiti. Monique tells Chris that his seat will be waiting for him on the plane if he decides to go with the team. Monique blows Chris a kiss as she leaves something that makes Katie think Monique is pretentious and arrogant. Chris smiles and tells Katie that she is acting jealous and Katie denies it. Katie wonders if Chris wants to go to Haiti and Chris tells her he is thinking about going to Haiti. Katie tells Chris he should go a single doctor with no commitments to tie him down and a beautiful doctor who obviously wants to be more then friends with him. Chris explains to Katie that he isn’t going on a date with Monique he would be part of a team helping those who need it the most in Haiti. Chris wonders if there is any reason he should stay in Oakdale. Chris’s question is interrupted because Katie gets a frantic call from Vienna telling her about the rash an asking her to meet her at the hospital. Katie wants to continue her conversation with Chris and tells Vienna she is busy but Vienna pleads with her to go to the hospital so Katie tells Vienna she is on her way. Chris asks Katie to advise him on what he should do and Katie tells him to do whatever he wants then she turns quickly and stomps away.

(Warehouse) Barbara fins some candles and matches to light the candles and feels better that she has some light then she hallucinates that the toy clown is walking and chases after him.

(Old Town) Kim walks by and sees Paul and Emily taking their Christmas card picture and once they are done she tells Paul she stopped by his house earlier because she wanted to know if he heard from Barbara and Paul wonders why she didn’t mention it to him. Henry walks by and asks it they know where the health food store is because he has to buy some cream for Vienna. Henry is also worried about Barbara and asks Paul and Kim if they have heard from her. Paul and Kim tell Henry they are also very worried about Barbara. Henry wants to call Barbara and check on her and maybe search for her. Emily tells Henry not to do that before he can take out his phone because she is sure that Barbara needs some time alone to deal with her broken heart. Emily also reminds Henry that since he was the one who broke her heart she probably doesn’t want to hear from him. Henry tells Emily that Barbara is an extremely strong woman capable of handling any situation that comes her way and she wouldn’t leave town just because he married Vienna. Emily reminds Henry that he and Vienna and Barbara all live at the Lakeview and seeing him every day must be torture for her. Emily tells Henry, Kim and Paul that Barbara just needed some time alone to get used to the idea that Henry is married. Emily doesn’t understand why everyone is so worried about Barbara because after all she is a grown woman. Kim and Henry leave and Emily mutters under her breath that even when Barbara is gone she manages to ruin things for her.

(Warehouse) Barbara fins a large firecracker and lights it hoping that it will help her escape the warehouse. Barbara is upset when the firecracker burns chuckles the toy clown and cries that she didn’t mean to hurt Henry since in her hallucinations the clown talks to her using Henry’s voice. Barbara tells herself that she isn’t going to be careful anymore because being careful made her lose Henry.

(Hospital) The doctor writes Vienna a prescription for some cream and goes out to get her some samples to take home until she can get to the drugstore. Katie arrives and tells Vienna that this has gone too far and she must tell Henry the truth before he finds out some other way and she loses him for good. Katie tells Vienna that she made a mistake helping her trap Henry into marrying her and once again tells Vienna to tell Henry the truth or she will lose him for good.

(Warehouse) Barbara cries as she talks to Chuckles and tells him that this is Karma for all the awful things she has done to her children and everyone else. Barbara thinks she has been a bad mother and Chuckles (using Henry’s voice) tells Barbara that she is a mama lion who would die for her kids and everyone in town knows that so she should stop thinking she is a bad mother. Barbara hears a siren close by and she starts pounding on the door and screaming for help.

(Old Town) Chris tells Kim about his possible trip to Haiti that leaves in four hours and he tells her it is a chance to do worthwhile work and also work with Franie and Serina who are also helping there. Kim knows that this has nothing to do with Fannie and Serena and Everything to do with his feelings for Katie. Chris tells Kim that Katie sounded like a recruiting poster when she told him to go and Kim is surprised that Chris didn’t know why Katie acted that way. Kim explains to Chris that since Katie lost Brad so suddenly se is scared to lose another person for whom she cares so the best way for her to protect herself from too much pain is to encourage him to go and do it quickly before she gets to involved with him. Kim advises Chris that if he wants a chance with Katie he has to let her know that he doesn’t intend to go anywhere.

(Lakeview) Henry arrives and when he sees that Vienna isn’t in their room he goes searching for her.

(Fairwinds) Emily tells Paul that she will find a way to accept Barbara because she is an important part of his life. Emily checks the mail and finds a post card from Barbara with a picture of a Caribbean cruise ship on it and the back says “ I need this XXOO Barbara” Pail is suspicious but he tells Emily that he feels better now that he knows Barbara’s whereabouts.

(Hospital) Katie wonders why Chris isn’t on his way to Haiti to do worthwhile medical work. Chris tells Katie he might still go unless she gives him a reason to stay. Henry arrives and tells Vienna that when she wasn’t in her room he figured she must have come there to check her rash. Henry sees the troubled expression on Vienna’s face and wonders what is wrong. Vienna hugs Henry as she tells him that she is so sorry but they lost the baby.

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