ATWT Update Tuesday 7/6/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 7/6/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Farm) Liberty walks into the kitchen and sees Janet has a far away look on her face and she knows Janet is thinking about Dusty. Liberty tells this to her mom but Janet just tells Liberty she is in the cleaning zone and she wasn’t thinking about Dusty. Liberty offers to help but Janet tells Liberty she doesn’t need any help in the kitchen but she could pull the weeds from Emma’s garden. Liberty really doesn’t want to weed the garden but she goes outside to do it since she offered to help Janet. Liberty gets a call from Gabriel who tells her that he is looking around town for a job and Liberty is impressed that he is up before noon. Jack startles Janet who is so concentrated on cleaning she doesn’t notice that he came in the kitchen and she asks him to give her a massage and he helps her feel better.

(Worldwide) Dusty is distracted thinking about Janet and looking at his calendar where he has Janet’s due date circled. Lucinda suggests to Dusty that he romance Janet with candy and flowers but Dusty changes the subject because he is worried that Craig will get the money somehow to buy into the company. Lucinda tells Dusty not to worry because the price they asked for is too high and assures Dusty she can handle Craig.

(Lily’s house) Craig calls Lily to make sure that she won’t say a word to Carly about him being the financial investor of the perfume company. Lily feels guilty about keeping this secret from Carly but since she still owes Craig she agrees not to say a word to Carly so that Carly won’t pull out of the perfume company. Carly arrives and hears the last part of the conversation and wonders what Craig was trying to persuade Lily to do. Lily lies and tells Carly that Craig was just checking to see how Gabriel is doing. Carly advises Lily not to let Craig use her and her family and she speaks from personal experience because Craig used her and her family. Lily assures Carly she can handle Craig and then changes the subject to finding a name for their new company. Carly and Lily try to combine the names of their children but that just sounds like gibberish so they combine both of their names and eventually decide on the name Carlisle .

(Farm) Jack tells Janet that she has decided to fix up an old cabin that is on Emma’s property so that she Liberty and the baby can live there. Janet tells Jack that she only intends to stay on the farm until the baby is born so he shouldn’t put in all that work fixing up the cabin. Liberty comes in and thinks the cabin is a great idea so between Liberty and Jack they persuade Janet to change her mind. Liberty also persuades Janet and Jack to hire Gabriel to help with the cabin provided that Gabriel wants to take the job.

(Old Town) Craig runs into Gabriel and asks him to come with him to observe a business meeting since everything he has will belong to him and Johnny someday. Gabriel makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Craig or his business so Craig leaves a little disappointed but determined not to give up on a possible relationship with Gabriel.

(Worldwide) Dusty tells Lucinda that Craig threatened to not allow him to see Johnny unless he accepted the offer he was making to buy shares in Worldwide. Craig walks in and apologizes to Dusty for using Johnny in that way and tries to appeal to Dusty to accept the infusion of cash that Craig is offering. Lucinda says an emphatic no to any offer from Craig and Dusty agrees with her. Lucinda’s secretary informs her that Anthony Blackthorn is calling again and she tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to Mr. Blackthorn. Craig wonders why Lucinda is turning down a high-powered investor like Blackthorn and Lucinda explains that she doesn’t trust blackthorn because he is rough around the edges. Once Craig leaves Dusty wonders why Lucinda really turned down Blackthorn but Lucinda assures Dusty she knows what she is doing.

(Java) Liberty tells Gabriel about the job at the farm but he tells her that he doesn’t want her charity. Liberty tells Gabriel she thought he would enjoy spending time with her since she is living at the farm. Gabriel tells Liberty he will take the job if she agrees to be his assistant but Liberty tells him that she enjoys her job at Fashions and doesn’t want to quit. Liberty tells Gabriel she needs the job to save for college and help her mom with expenses since things are tight right now. Once Liberty leaves to go to Fashions Gabriel calls the bank because he wants to close his account.

(Al’s Diner) Craig runs into Anthony Blackthorn who is happily eating a bowl of Macaroni and Cheese and doesn’t really want to talk to Craig. Craig tells a silent Blackthorn that he has an interesting proposition for him and suggests they pool their money to buy into Worldwide. Blackthorn still doesn’t say a word but nods his head and once the meeting is done Blackthorn calls an unnamed boss to tell that person they have a live one.

(Worldwide) Lily arrives and by the look on Lucinda’s face she can tell that Lucinda is about to make road kill out of someone. Lucinda tells Lily that her target is yet to be determined so Lily takes advantage of Lucinda’s joyful mood and tells her that she and Carly have started a perfume business. Lucinda thinks it is a great idea and wants to invest in the company but Lily turns down Lucinda’s offer because she wants to do this on her own. Lucinda thinks the company is a great way to distract Lily from thinking about Holden and is glad that Lily took her advice and got back into the business world.

(Farm) Dusty tells Janet that Craig won’t let him see Johnny very often because now he is out of Jail and taking care of Johnny. Janet sympathizes with Dusty and offers him some coffee. Dusty sees the picture of the cabin and worries that he won’t fit into Janet’s future if she intends to make the cabin her permanent home. Janet insists that she is only gong to live in the cabin until after the baby is born but Dusty doesn’t believe her because he thinks that if she is spending so much time with Jack that she will get into a comfortable pattern with him again and they will get back together. Liberty arrives and Dusty takes the opportunity to leave because he is upset. Janet is sad because Dusty refused to let her explain things to him and she didn’t get a chance to tell him how much she missed him.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and Carly tells him that she and Lily are starting a new perfume company and shows him the new logo. Jack tells Carly that she is keeping busy spending Craig’s money but Carly makes it clear once again that she is in business with Lily not Craig. Carly tells jack that she knows that he has also been busy building a cabin for Janet. Jack explains that Janet Liberty and the baby need a place to live since Janet found out that Dusty lied to her about Rocco leaving her money and she refused to keep the money Dusty gave to her. Carly wonders how Janet found out the information and Jack tells Carly that he told Janet when he found out because he thought she deserved to know. Jack tells Carly that he didn’t come to argue with her he wanted to see if they can get back to where they used to be but Carly tells jack that won’t happen as long as he is nesting with Janet. Carly tells Jack he can’t have it both ways because she won’t keep a candle burning in the window until he chooses to return. Carly tells Jack she is going to concentrate on her new business and asks him to leave when she gets an important business call.

(Lakeview) Gabriel gets involved in a poker game and is about to win all the money he lost when the police burst in because the game is illegal.

(Worldwide) Lucinda is shocked when she gets a call informing her that Craig met the price she was asking for and the money will be wired into the company account. Dusty and Lucinda both wonder where Craig got so much cash and they worry because Craig now owns part of the company.

(Police Station) Jack sees Gabriel when he is brought in and tells the policeman to let him talk to Gabriel. Gabriel tells Jack that he had no idea that the poker game was an illegal one.

(Lily’s house) Craig tells Lily he has had a good day because he has a new investor for an important business deal. Craig is so happy that he invites Lily to go to dinner with him and she accepts the invitation. Lily thinks that Craig wants to help Carly because he is still in love with her but Craig tells Lily that he only wants to make things up to Carly because he took so much away from her. Craig gets a call from Jack telling him that Gabriel has been arrested again and he should come down to the station right away.

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