ATWT Update Monday 7/5/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 7/5/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At Al’s, the strange looking Star Wars dressed up minister wants to know if anyone objects to the marriage of Henry and Vienna, as everyone looks around nervously. Paul whispers to Henry about now being the time to make a run for it. Vienna moves the ceremony along and asks if Henry has the rings. Henry is unsure at first and then fumbles to find them. Paul has to show him which ring is his. The minister has Henry recite the vows, which Henry is forgetting and Paul has to prompt him to say the right words. Vienna pretends all is fine, as she puts Henry’s ring on his finger, which doesn’t fit, as Henry’s pulls back, as she tries to shove it on his hand. The minister asks Henry if he takes Vienna to be his wife, as he stares at Vienna seemingly unable to say anything.

In a darkened warehouse, a groggy Barbara awakens and opens her eyes. She tries to focus her eyes on something brightly colored in the other corner of the room. She sees that it seems to be a clown, as she cries out scared.

The minister starts to ask Henry again when he cuts him off and quickly says he does. Bob quietly jokes with Kim about it being a cliffhanger. Kim thought Barbara would have shown up by now. Bob thinks that looks like what Henry was hoping for. The minister is about to pronounce them man and wife when Vienna stops him.

Barbara stands up and makes her way to a light switch where she sees she is in a warehouse of party supplies. She tries the door, but it is locked. Barbara picks up a handkerchief and can smell that it is laced with chloroform. She talks to herself about how she now gets why she doesn’t remember how she got here. She looks through some boxes and laughs to herself at the items she comes across. She can’t believe she is in here while Henry is marrying that ‘Swedish liar with a pillow tied to her stomach’, she snarls. She runs to the door, smashes on it with her shoes, while blowing a party horn to try to get someone’s attention.

Vienna tells Henry and the minister that she didn’t want just a simple ceremony; she wrote her own vows. She pulls out a paper and Henry gulps while Paul marvels that it is single-spaced. She thought she might get nervous so she wrote it down. Chris quietly asks Katie how many ways she can say she is sorry she faked being pregnant in order to force a man to get married. Katie thinks Henry looks like he isn’t that mad. Chris thinks he looks crazy; something is wrong. Vienna goes on about how much she loves Henry and how unconventional their love may be, but he is her life and she is so happy. Chris and Katie continue to be confused as to how Henry would be ok with what Vienna did; Katie is very surprised by his reaction, as Chris also wonders about the fake baby bump. Katie assumes that she just didn’t want to tell people at the ceremony. Vienna finishes up her vows and Paul leans in and tells Henry that now is his time, as Henry looks unsure as to what to say. Henry tells them that he didn’t know they were writing vows. Vienna wants him to speak from his heart. Paul tells him if he is going through it – he needs to man up. Henry gives a weird and general sounding vow, but Vienna wants him to speak from the heart. He calms down; they didn’t get here alone – their baby made them see things clearer. Vienna looks guilty, as she looks down. They will be a mother and father soon and he promises to make their lives something she can be proud of. The minister pronounces them man and wife. Bob can see that Kim feels badly for Barbara, as she nods while Henry and Vienna kiss.

Barbara lights a birthday candle and grabs a candy bar to eat. She wonders outloud how the wedding is going. Will they drink champagne – no, because the bride is pregnant, as she laughs. She talks to the clown. That was the oldest and tawdriest trick in the book that Vienna pulled. She asks the clown who put her here because he was there when she got here. There are many that could have done it, but she has narrowed it down to a few. She picks up the frilly handkerchief and declares it was a woman.

Henry talks to Paul and Emily about how he thought he was going to hyperventilate. Henry thought Barbara would show up; he wonders why she didn’t. Emily declares she doesn’t care; she hopes she is gone. Where would she go, Paul wonders. Emily decides she needs a drink. Chris asks Katie if she is going to talk with Vienna about not telling the truth, as Katie walks towards Vienna, who is hugging Bob.

Barbara is chewing on more candy when she decides she will name the clown, Chuckles. She asks him, “Which one of those bitches left her here?” She has information that would blow Henry’s wedding out of the water – so she thinks there is only one woman that could do that – Vienna.

Katie walks over to Vienna, but Vienna practically throws Katie at Henry; they probably want to talk today. Katie tells her that she would like a private word with her, as Vienna looks nervous.

Barbara is now pacing in front of the clown; it has to be Vienna because she called her to tell her that she was going to blow her lies out of the water. She was generous because she did give her a choice – leave town or be unmasked at the altar. She recalls what supposedly happened in the hallway, as Vienna douses her with chloroform and supposedly tells Barbara that she will never keep her from her Henry. Barbara laughs at the clown – would that be too obvious, she asks.

Vienna tells Katie that she doesn’t want to leave Henry. They will only be right over there. Henry assures her that he is fine. Vienna tries to protest more, but Katie subtly tells her that she could say what she has to now. Vienna steps aside with her. What is she doing, Katie demands. She is enjoying her wedding. She knows what she means. How could she not tell Henry. Tell him what Henry asks. Vienna covers and tells him that she didn’t’ want him to know earlier she had a case of cold feet. Katie doesn’t want her to do it. She doesn’t want secrets. Katie thinks that is a good plan. It was about the baby. She was worried he married her only because she is pregnant. He would feel trapped and resentful. She prayed for guidance to Santa Lucia; however, they got here however they did and now the mistakes would be erased; they owe it to their child to make it work no matter what happened. Katie glares at Vienna.

Close by, Kim compliments Emily on her new dress. She liked the other one better, Emily answers. Kim mentions that she is going to call Barbara because she is worried. Emily stops her by asking how she could be worried because she didn’t crash the wedding. Kim realizes she may not understand Barbara, but she is her niece and she was devastated; she should remember, because she did everything she could to provoke her. Emily thinks they should all be happy when Barbara stays far away.

Barbara is talking to Chuckles about how much she likes these pixie sticks. She wonders finally, how Vienna would know of a place like this. How would she know about a place so weird to get rid of the romantic competition and have them collapse of a diabetic shock. She thinks Vienna might not know about this place – but perhaps her sidekick might, as she recalls again, what supposedly happened in the hall outside of Henry’s room, right before she is doused with chloroform. Katie tells her that if she can’t be with the love of her life then she will make sure Vienna will be. She takes Chuckles arm and holds it. Katie isn’t the only one who lost someone she loved. Everyone forgot what she was like before Brad – she was a schemer. She is very capable of doing this to her.

Katie is incensed; how could Vienna say that. How could she claim this is part of God’s plan. Henry doesn’t get what Katie is so upset about, as Vienna tries to blow it off. Katie continues to rant about lying and how she needs to stop this. Chris steps in and tells her that he is sure this is low blood sugar. She doesn’t want him to blame this on lack of food, as Chris explains he will get her some air and a cookie. Vienna claims she doesn’t know what ahs gotten into Katie. Henry is worried; he wonders if she is thinking of Brad because he was. Vienna looks surprised. He always thought that they would be their godparents to their baby. She didn’t know he was thinking of that. He didn’t want to jinx it. He will be better to her. Vienna tells him that she is lucky to have him. He should go check on Katie. She stops him; Chris is out there.

Outside, Katie is infuriated because Vienna married him out of false pretenses. They got married though so she shouldn’t say anything right now, Chris reasons. Besides, she didn’t hold a gun to his head really. She held a baby to his head, Katie answers; that is grounds for an annulment. She can’t be pregnant forever and Henry will find out, Chris answers. Then, he will need a friend. Katie thinks she is a terrible friend; she helped Vienna trick him. She doesn’t want to be the whistle blower – she can’t be the one to break his heart. She wishes she said something from the beginning. She apologizes for dragging him through this. She is the only one that Henry truly trusts, Chris believes. She betrayed him and what if he doesn’t forgive her. With a face like hers, he will forgive her. She should take comfort in what happened at Brad’s grave this morning and move forward. Katie seems confused; what is he talking about. Chris starts to refresh her memory when Katie realizes what he is talking about and tells him, while looking nervous, that this morning seemed like ages ago.

Barbara is still chatting with Chuckles about her situation; Katie is so loyal to Vienna, but she has a dicey past. She is so perky and 'white bread' with her flippy hair. Chloroform, is so dark, hardcore and hard to come by. Katie knows Henry loves her and she knows she is really not the enemy. Whoever put her in here really hates her – she walks around for a moment and then seems to have an epiphany. Of course. How could she not have thought of this. The only person vindictive and resourceful enough – is the wicked witch. She recalls the moment again before she is doused with chloroform. Emily grabs her and tells her that she is going to stop her from ever interfering with her and Paul again. Barbara is worried because Emily will leave her here until her candy eaten teeth fall out of her head and then Emily will return to make a necklace out of them. She is a cannibal; she eats people alive. She poisons everyone and has her claws into Paul. She is evil. Then she has a thought; what if Paul helped her do this because she has her claws into him. No, he wouldn’t do that, but she does have him under her spell.

Kim thinks Barbara is miserable and they should look for her. Paul thinks she is licking her wounds and will resurface when she can. Emily answers unfortunately she will resurface. Kim snaps at Emily to get a grip; she won. Barbara is suffering and needs all the friends she can get, as she stomps off angrily. Emily answers back that Barbara should have thought about that before she tried to ruin her marriage again.

Vienna is secretly adding her Chinese fertility treatments to her milk when Henry walks over and wonders what is rancid. He worries that she should not drink the milk. Vienna claims she has put an ancient Swedish concoction for morning sickness in her milk. She can get nauseous anytime of day. It smells worse then it tastes. He offers to drink part of it; he will take one for the team so she won’t have to drink it alone. Vienna pulls it away. She has just been queasy for a little bit. She will do anything for her baby, as she gulps it down and Henry watches holding his nose.

Barbara is worried she will be here forever. Henry and she are both trapped. It is over for them both, as she whimpers.

The wedding cake is brought out and Paul makes the toast, as Katie half-heartedly holds her glass up. Paul waxes on about a new niece or nephew and someone for Eliza to play with. Katie can’t hide her anger, as Kim walks over to her. She has experience with what she is going through; don’t let the bad things in life make you afraid of the good things, she advises Katie. She doesn’t want her to rush into something, but she worries she may walk away from something that may be right for her. Their talk is interrupted by Vienna wanting to throw the bouquet. Emily says she is out of it clearly, as is Kim. Vienna thinks that just leaves Katie. She is the only unmarried woman. She isn’t up for it and doesn’t think it matters when noone is fighting for it. Vienna thinks everything matters, as Katie gives in and Vienna tosses the bouquet to her. She looks down at it and mumbles to herself about being unmarried. Chris wonders if she wants to get out of here. Yes. Henry walks over and wonders if she is ok. Katie tells him that no matter what happens, she just wants him happy. She loves him, as she hugs him tightly. Vienna looks up and thanks Santa Lucia.

At home, Chris walks Katie to her door; it was an interesting day, they remark. She thanks him for being there through the drama. He was right about it being too late to tell Henry; they are married and they will have to figure it out on their own. She quietly says she doesn’t think their marriage will last now however. She looks at the flowers sadly. Chris tells her that the flowers don’t have to be, as his voice trails off. They can just be pretty. He says goodnight and she heads inside. Inside, she leans against the door and looks at her ring. She starts to take it off, but it doesn’t seem to want to come off. So, she stops.

At home, Vienna opens the door, but Henry wants to carry her over the threshold. She is fine because she isn’t as light as she used to be before the baby. He picks her up. She is light as a feather for how pregnant she is, as Vienna looks down uncomfortably.

At home, Emily is marveling about their normal couple night. They seemed to trust in each other tonight. He promises to never let Meg come in between them again. What about his mother. Wherever she is, she is in pain and they know about losing someone you love. That will never happen to them, Emily declares. She is going upstairs. After she leaves, Paul calls his mom and leaves her a message. He tells her that he is proud of her that she stayed away. He wouldn’t have been so classy. He would like to take her to lunch tomorrow. Eliza misses her. He wants her to call him.

Barbara is crying, as she has wrapped herself in Chuckles arms.

Vienna quickly gets into bed and adjusts herself. Henry is about to come in when she asks him to wait. She turns off the light and puts her ‘baby bump’ on the floor under the bed. He wonders why all the lights are off. She is feeling a bit shy. Henry gets into bed and Vienna cuddles up to him. This is the best night ever for her. Henry is staring straight up at the ceiling clearly somewhere else. She says his name to rouse him and he repeats Vienna’s words in a robot fashion, as he continues to look miles away.

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