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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

Katie watches as Vienna straps on her baby bump. She nags at her that she should tell Henry the truth now. He will only feel worse when he finds out after they are married. Vienna gushes that she loves Henry so much. She can’t bear the thought of not having him in her life. She is sure she will get pregnant and all of this will be a distant memory. She opines that his feelings for Barbara are foolish and once he is committed totally to her, Henry will forget all about Barbara.

Barbara calls and taunts Vienna that she is talking to her worst nightmare. She hopes she is getting ready for her little wedding. Vienna says she has no reason to want to talk to Barbara. Barbara asks her to think about her little fertility potion and how that is working for her. Dr. Ming has quite a little apothecary of remedies at his little shop in Chinatown. Okay, maybe he will also have something that will make her feel better after Henry dumps her. Vienna wants to know what Barbara thinks she knows; spit it out. Barbara assures her that she is way past the thinking stage. She looks at her video and tells Vienna that she has proof that there is no baby. She sees Vienna wearing padding. The gig is up and she intends to tell Henry. It’s bad enough that Vienna slept with Casey but now she is lying to Henry too by letting him think she is having his baby. She should be ashamed of herself. Vienna denies it all and tells Barbara that she is the one who should be ashamed of herself. She is the laughing stock of town, chasing a man half her age. Barbara tells Vienna that she so does not deserve this, but because she is such a nice person that if Vienna will leave town now and Henry at the altar, she won’t say anything to him about this. But on the other hand if she doesn’t, then she will go to Al’s and blow this sham of a marriage sky high.

As he is dressing, Henry gulps when Paul questions Henry if he really cares for his mother. He stammers that of course she is an extraordinary woman, so no surprise that anyone would have feelings for her. ……she’s strikingly beautiful, sharp as a tack, witty, she lights up a room when she walks into it. He goes on about her beautiful legs, her beautiful voice, big brown eyes…..and is an unabashed, uninhibited passionate lover. Paul reminds him that if he feels this way about Barbara then maybe he should reconsider walking down the aisle and living the rest of his life with someone else. Henry looks him in the eye and asks if he wants to hear the truth…..he really needs a drink.

Vienna rails at Barbara that she heard her. Go ahead and tell Henry as he will never believe such rubbish. Barbara says he will when she shows him a certain little something. Vienna wants to know what it is. Barbara tells her that she is such a smart little cookie, figure it out! Vienna panics, but Katie says she needs to get to Henry first and undo any damage. If she wants Henry to forgive her, she must do the right thing now before he hears Barbara’s version. Chris shows up at the door but Katie brushes past and says plans have changed and she will meet him at the wedding.

At Java, Bob and Kim sit and have coffee. She thinks they need to get to Al’s as she does not want to be late for this ceremony. She wants to be there early to be sure that when Barbara shows up that she doesn’t make a scene. They discuss Chris and Katie. Kim thinks he is more interested in her than Chris wants to admit. And Katie seems perfect except for one thing; she is still grieving for Brad. Because of his commitment issues in the past, she states they probably ought to be grateful that he does care about somebody. Chris took off both times when he was hurt by Alison and they don’t want to see that happen to him again if it doesn’t work out with Katie.

Barbara grabs the video disc and kisses it then barrels out the door literally bumping into Emily who tries to coax Barbara into telling her why she is in such a hurry to see Henry on his wedding day. Barbara tells her that it is none of her business. Emily points out that Vienna is young and beautiful and pregnant so Henry is not going to change his mind about marrying her. Barbara gloats that she knows something that Emily doesn’t know. And Henry can make that decision all by himself. They bicker back and forth and Barbara tells her to move out of the way or she will move her. Maybe she can take up knitting or stamp collecting, but just stay out of her business. Emily scoffs – this coming from the quintessential meddling mother-in-law. She points out that Barbara accused her of doing all sorts of cruel things to Meg and endangering Eliza and then basking in that and she never even apologized. Barbara says she will if Emily will apologize for leaving her bound and gagged. Emily doesn’t feel they can compare the two. She still wants to know what Barbara could possibly know or do to stop this wedding. But if there is a legitimate reason, then Barbara won’t have to, Emily will do it for her. Barbara still won’t tell and Emily accuses her of knowing nothing. She is just a desperate, bitter old woman. “You’ve lost him, Babs, move on!” Barbara says she’d really like to wipe that smile off of her face, but duty before pleasure. She gives Emily a shove and breaks the strap to her dress. Emily shrieks that Barbara ruined her dress. Bob and Kim walk up and want to know what is happened and they both snap at them “nothing.”

Emily says she will have to go home and change and probably be late for the wedding now. Barbara says it serves her right; she should have minded her on business. Kim tries to get Barbara to calm down and Barbara tells her to shut up. She’s tired of being the nice girl and everyone telling her that she can’t have her own personal happiness and who she can love or can’t love. She claims to Emily that she is going to find Henry and save him from that lying, conniving little tramp and she just wishes she could have done the same thing for her own son. She stomps off.

Paul tries to stop Henry and then realizes that he really is in love with his mother. Henry says some things are just never meant to be. He’s agonized over it, but you just have to let them go no matter how much it hurts. Henry gets past Paul and announces just one drink, that’s all. Paul follows Henry to the bar at the Lakeview. Barbara rushes to the elevator hoping that she can catch Henry before he leaves for the wedding. Paul reminds Henry that the ceremony doesn’t count if he slurs his words. Henry says all bridegrooms have one or two or three drinks to settle their nerves. They discuss Paul’s marriages and how well they turned out. He tells Henry that if he is in love with Barbara then he can not marry Vienna. It wouldn’t be fair to either of them. Henry justifies it because Vienna is pregnant and he did love her a lot at one time. They lost one baby and this baby is a gift and he has to stand by her now no matter what. He owes that to her. He’s made up his mind and he’s not going back now. Paul orders some coffee and Henry tells him that he is the best man he could ever have.

Bob and Kim show up at Al’s and Kim tries to call Barbara again. They wonder if she will show up and cause a scene. They meet up with Chris who tells them that Katie was going to come, but she ran out and seemed upset. He has no idea what she is up to. Bob comments to Kim that they have been married about three months now. She loves being a newlywed.

Barbara tells the young gentlemen detective that she needs to see Henry Coleman. She really wasn’t trying to break into his room. She was just jiggling the door hoping it might be open. She goes through this long explanation that they are almost related since she used to be married to his father although she is not his mother. He knocks on the door but there is no answer. He tells Barbara no one is in and she needs to move on.

As he walks off, someone comes up behind Barbara and puts a chloroformed hanky across her mouth/nose.

Chris bangs on Katie’s door and shouts that he is worried about her. Walking off, he runs into a disheveled Katie and wonders what happened to her. She tells him that she has been running all over town to find Barbara. This is so wrong. And it just hit her…. that she cares too much about them because she doesn’t have a love life of her own. She knows that he has been telling her about that for weeks. She cries that she always thought the four of them would be raising kids together. She apologizes for being such a mess and always bringing Brad up, but she misses him so much. But she realizes now that she can not put Henry and Vienna back together any more than she and Brad can get back together.

Henry and Paul meet up with Josiah who will be performing the ceremony. He’s been to a convention and still has his Vulcan ears on and would like to leave them on if Henry doesn’t mind. Henry’s not sure; that is pretty far out. But says with champagne anything is cool. Paul hands him another drink. Bob quips that perhaps Henry is right. The only way to get through this wedding is to drink. Henry asks Josiah if Vulcan marry for love and he replies of course, everyone does. Henry says no the Vulcans have pon farr. The whole romantic love thing is just a western invention. Some countries even have arranged marriages. Paul can’t imagine how much passion can really be there. Bob tells Kim that at this rate that Henry is not going to be able to stand up at the wedding. Emily finally shows up with a disgusted attitude toward everyone. Paul tries to soothe the ruffled feathers and tells her just to try to stay away form Barbara if she shows up. Emily assures her that she won’t.

Henry explains to Josiah how he kept vacillating back and forth between Vienna and Barbara until Vienna announced this baby on board. Vienna walks in and tells Henry that she has something very important to tell him. Henry notices that she is showing, just like he said she would last night. He can’t believe she would risk bad luck also by seeing him now. She claims she is not superstitious at all. She is not intense, she just wants to marry him right now. Henry says it is too bad that she can’t have some champagne to calm the nerves and she states that she is not even nervous. Paul tells Emily that they better hurry before his mother shows up. Emily assures him again that she won’t – woman’s intuition.

Chris and Katie show up and Katie immediately wants to know if Vienna told Henry the truth. She only replies that she did what she had to do. Bob tells Chris that everything is moving forward. Henry is slapping his cheeks and gulping coffee. Vienna shows Katie that Kim gave her something blue and Emily something old so Katie gives her something borrowed – her bracelet. It would make her so happy for her to wear it.

Josiah begins the ceremony into the bonds of holy matrimony. All look around at the door but no one enters. They hold their breath when the Vulcan asks if there is any just cause why these two should not be married; speak now or forever hold your peace. Barbara lays unconscious on the warehouse floor.

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