ATWT Update Thursday 7/1/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 7/1/10


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(Hospital) Casey gives Alison the good news that he isn’t the father of Vienna’s baby and tells her that a doctor assured him of it but he doesn’t tell her that the doctor was Chris. Alison is happy for Casey but wonders what they will do to entertain themselves now that they don’t have anything to investigate. Casey suggests that they crash Henry and Vienna’s wedding but he and Alison decide that would be a terrible idea. Casey gives Alison an awkward hug to thank her for helping him when she didn’t have to help him at all. Casey and Alison decide to meet later to go on a date but they have not decided what they should do yet but Casey promises he will think of something fun.

(Katie’s house) Vienna arrives a bundle of nerves and tells Katie that Barbara knows she slept with Casey and she worries that Barbara will tell Henry and ruin her wedding day. Vienna tells Katie she needs her help to make Barbara go away so that she can marry Henry today and hopefully get pregnant on her wedding night. Katie tries to calm Vienna but it doesn’t work Katie jokes that she can’t run Barbara down with her car and Vienna asks her why not run Barbara down with her car. Katie tries to persuade Vienna to tell Henry the truth but Vienna refuses because she is very afraid she will lose Henry if she tells him the truth. Vienna tells Katie that Brad would want Katie to help her be happy with Henry so Katie tells Vienna she will help her get ready for the wedding.

(Fairwinds ) Emily stares at the ring Paul gave her as an apology for not letting her know about his plan to trap Meg and saying all the hurtful things to make Meg think he was on her side. Paul arrives with homemade orange juice and once again apologizes to Emily. Emily tells Paul she understands why he did what he did but is still hurt that he didn’t trust her powers of deception enough to tell her about his plan. Emily isn’t so willing to forgive Barbara whom she insists hates her and almost destroyed their marriage. Emily tells Paul that Barbara will always hate her while Paul asks Emily to be tolerant of Barbara because she was very hurt when Henry got back together with Vienna.

(Lakeview) Barbara sees Henry sleeping at a table in the lounge and when she touches his shoulder a startled Henry awakens. Henry explains that he hasn’t slept all night because he and Vienna decided to stay apart last night. Barbara assumes that Vienna told Henry everything and she tells him this is for the best. Henry wonders what Barbara is talking about and he explains to her that Vienna didn’t want him to see her before the wedding so she told him they had to stay apart. Barbara tells Henry she jumped to the conclusion that they had a fight and were no longer getting married. Barbara once again tells Henry he shouldn’t marry Vienna and he tells her that he is doing what is best for his child and wants to be friends with her after he is married and Barbara agrees that they can still be friends. Henry orders some coffee for himself and Barbara and they talk a bit before Vienna and Katie see them because Vienna was on her way to pick up some things from her room Vienna worries that Barbara told Henry about her sleeping with Casey but Katie doesn’t think Barbara said anything because Henry doesn’t look mad. Vienna calls Henry to tell him she is in the hallway and she can see he is with Barbara but she isn’t mad she just needs him to get ready for the wedding so he won’t be late. Henry tells Barbara he has to leave and Barbara wants to walk out with him. Barbara walks Henry out and sees Vienna with Katie and tells Vienna she doesn’t understand why Henry wants to be with a woman who treats him like a dishrag because he deserves better then her. Katie pushes Vienna towards the elevator and assures Vienna that Barbara doesn’t intend to ruin anyone’s wedding. Barbara watches Vienna and Katie get in the elevator and tells herself Katie is wrong.

(Hospital) Alison gets an envelope and the address reads Mick Dante and she is scared to open it so she heads over to talk to Emily.

(Fairwinds) Alison arrives to talk to Emily so Paul leaves them alone to talk and Alison can’t help but admire Emily’s ring. Alison asks Emily to open the letter from Mick and read it to her. In the letter Mick tells Alison that the therapy is going well and he is integrating his two personalities and all he does is dream about her so he has to know if they have a chance to build a relationship. Alison tells Emily that she and Casey are becoming friends and she also admits that she was very afraid when she heard the words in Mick’s letter. Emily advises Alison to burn the letter and forget about her past and look forward to the future.

(Fashions) Barbara thinks that Vienna is trying on her wedding dress inside one of the fitting rooms so she tells her that she will give her one hour to tell Henry about Casey or she will tell him the truth herself. Barbara doesn’t get a response from Vienna so she opens the curtain and finds that she has been talking to another woman the whole time. The salesgirl tells Barbara that Vienna called and said she would be late for the fitting and Barbara wonders why the salesgirl didn’t tell her that in the first place. Barbara leaves and notices Vienna talking to someone in old town and the person gives Vienna a slip of paper. Vienna gets in a cab and heads for China town and Barbara follows her in another cab.

(Cemetery) Henry tells Brad how much he misses having him to talk to because he could sure use his advice right now. Henry tells Brad’s headstone that he thinks he still loves Vienna but he doesn’t understand why he can’t get Barbara out of his head. Henry continues to explain that Barbara helped put him back together after Vienna went away and she also needed him like nobody else ever has and it felt good to be needed by someone. Henry also feels like he can be himself with Barbara and with Vienna he feels like he has to earn her love. Katie arrives and tells Henry that Vienna is the woman he loves and the only thing he feels for Barbara is desire. Henry leaves to go get ready for the wedding Katie cries and tells Brad’s headstone that she feels awful keeping Vienna’s secret from Henry but she wants Vienna and Henry to be as happy as they were when they got married. Katie tells Brad she has met someone else but that will never change the way she feels about him.

(China town) Barbara watches Vienna give a man some money and he gives her a bag with some herbs. Barbara waits for Vienna to leave and then asks the man what he sold to Vienna he refuses to tell her but gives her his card that says he sells herbal remedies for many diseases including infertility.

(Fairwinds) Henry arrives and asks Paul to be his best man and Paul is honored and offers to pay for a case of champagne for the reception. Emily arrives and Paul tells her that Henry asked him to be his best man and Emily is happy for both of them. Emily asks Henry where the rings are and Henry starts to hyperventilate because he forgot to buy the rings. Emily tells Henry he forgot to buy the rings because he has been too busy thinking about Barbara. Emily tells Henry that Barbara ruins everything she touches and Henry and Paul tell Emily not to be so hard on Barbara and Henry points out that if Barbara hadn’t felt betrayed by him she never would have moved in with them. Paul thinks that they should stop talking about Barbara and concentrate on the wedding. Paul makes some calls and puts a rush order on some rings for Henry and then Paul and Emily get dressed for the wedding.

(Hospital) Alison is burning the letter from Mick and she tells him what Mick said to her in the letter and he wonders how Alison feels now. Alison tells Casey she is glad that Mick is getting better but all she wants to do is forget about the past and look ahead to the future.

(Fashions) Vienna arrives to try on her wedding dress and before she leaves she apologizes to the salesgirl for giving her so much trouble. Vienna leaves and Barbara arrives a few minutes later and the salesgirl tells her that she just missed Vienna again. Barbara notices that the store now has surveillance cameras and the salesgirl explains to Barbara that they installed those to help prevent shoplifting.

(Lakeview) Henry is having a hard time deciding which tie to wear and he longingly looks at a tie Barbara gave him.

(Katie’s place) Vienna arrives and shows Katie the fake pregnancy belly she got to wear under her dress. Vienna also tells Katie that she got some herbs to help with infertility and she takes the herbs out puts them in a glass of water and drinks them even though Katie tells her it is a bad idea but Vienna wants to get pregnant as soon as possible.

(Fashions) Barbara waits for the salesgirl to go to the back room then she takes the surveillance DVD and puts it on the store computer. Barbara watches Vienna try on her pregnancy belly and then put her wedding dress on and she knows that Vienna isn’t pregnant.

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