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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/29/10


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(Hospital) Chris is surprised that Katie would offer to sleep with him so that he will keep Vienna’s secret and not tell Henry that Vienna is pregnant. Katie tells Chris that she knows of a hotel in Bay City where they can go to have sex. Chris wonders if Katie will actually go through with her offer and since he is curious he accepts and they head to the hotel.

(Fairwinds) Barbara looks at herself in the mirror and he mirror self advises her to fight for Henry since she knows that they love each other.

(Lakeview) Vienna is upset with herself because she isn’t pregnant and she throws all the papers that are on the desk on the floor. Henry arrives and helps Vienna pick up the papers she dropped and he is determined to talk to Vienna about his feelings for Barbara. Vienna wants to avoid the subject but Henry forces her to talk about it. Henry tells Vienna that his feelings for Barbara are getting in the way of his feelings for her. Vienna tells Henry that she know why this is happening to him because Barbara is a way out of the wedding for him. Henry tells Vienna that she has always known he is afraid of commitment but Vienna tells Henry he isn’t afraid of commitment because he has been committed to her for years, he’s committed to his sister Maddie because he I a great brother to her, he is a committed and wonderful friend to Katie what he is afraid of is the actual legal marriage. Vienna asks Henry if he is willing to get past his fear for the sake of his child. Henry tells Vienna he will get past his fear for the baby butt the look on Henry’s face tells the audience that he isn’t sure he can overcome his fear of marriage. Vienna asks Henry to marry her tomorrow and he tells her he will marry her tomorrow.

(Hospital) Emma hugs Holden and tells him that Paul set Meg up and proved that she has been drugging herself to frame Emily. Holden is upset that Paul would hurt Meg once again but Emma explains it had to be done to get Meg the help she needs. Meg sees Holden in the hallway and yells for him to come in her room once Holden is inside Meg pleads with him to call Paul because she needs to talk to him. Emma and Holden go back in the hallway to talk and she tells Holden to call Paul because he could be the only person that can calm Meg.

(Fairwinds) Paul apologizes to Emily for putting her through so much pain but it was the only way he could keep her and Eliza safe and get Meg the help she needed. Emily tells Paul that what hurt her most was that he didn’t trust her enough to let her know about his plan. Paul explains that he couldn’t do that because he was afraid that Meg would figure out he was trying to set her up. Emily tells Paul that she was also hurt because he threw her out of the house and then sent her to jail. Paul tells Emily it was only for a few hours because he paid her bail. Emily tells Paul she can’t forgive him because he put Meg ahead of his marriage and Eliza’s safety. Paul tells Emily the gun was full of blanks and he never would have let anything happen to her or Eliza that is why he was hidden in the hallway with Emma and the hospital personnel to make sure that she and Eliza would be okay. Emily tells Paul she can’t forgive him this time and then Holden calls and asks him to come down to the hospital and calm Meg. . Emily tells him to go but she won’t be there when he comes back home. Paul asks Emily to stay until he returns and she tells him she can’t guarantee anything. Barbara arrives just as Paul is leaving and Paul tells Barbara and Emily not to kill each other until he gets back. Barbara tells Emily that she is moving out of Fairwinds and back to the Lakeview. Emily tells Barbara that she has her suitcase packed and she may leave Paul but he wants her to stay and then calls Barbara pathetic for chasing after Henry Barbara thinks Emily is the pathetic one for staying with Paul after what he did to her. Barbara makes it clear to Emily that she loves her son but she would never stay with any man who hurt her so deeply because if she stayed that would give him all the power over her because he would know that she would never leave him no matter what he did to her. Emily advises Barbara to let Henry go because he is marrying another woman and besides Henry is half her age.

(Bay City Hotel) Chris and Katie arrive and Katie wants to make sure that Chris will keep Vienna’s secret. Chris tells Katie once again that he will keep the secret and tells Katie to take off her clothes. Katie wants to eat something but Chris wants to have sex first. Katie starts to unbutton her top but has trouble and as Chris tries to help he notices that Katie is shaking so he tells Katie she isn’t ready and pretends that he didn’t want to have sex with her anyway. Katie wonders why and Chris explains that he does want to have sex with her but only when she is ready and really wants to be with him. Chris tells Katie that he won’t tell Kati the truth but he advises Katie to tell Henry today because she is his best friend and it isn’t fair that Henry should start his marriage with a lie. Katie promises to assure Casey that he isn’t the father of Vienna’s baby and then Chris and Katie head back to Oakdale.

(Hospital) Emma tells Paul that he is to blame for Meg’s condition and cries as she asks Paul why he couldn’t leave Meg alone before he caused her so much pain. Paul tells Emma he doesn’t know why he couldn’t leave Meg alone. Holden warns Paul not to cause Meg any more pain or he will come after him. Paul goes inside Meg’s room and gently talks to her and apologizes for causing her so much pain when all she ever did for him was love him and give him a beautiful daughter. Paul explains that when he had given up on life and went to the cabin and she took care of him with such love he had never experienced that kind of love before so since it was new to him he couldn’t give up on it but he should have left her alone because his love isn’t good for her. Meg tells Paul that she can get better with his help and they can all be a happy family again. Paul explains to Meg that the best thing he can do for her is to let her go so she can get better for Eliza’s sake because Eliza needs her mother. Meg realizes that Paul loves Emily and that Emily wasn’t a replacement for her. Paul gives Meg a gentle kiss on the cheek and tells her good-bye Meg tells Paul that she will never regret having loved him. Paul asks Emma where Meg will go now and Emma tells him she will go to a hospital in Washington D.C. because the doctors think her best chance from recovery is to get away from Oakdale. Emma cries and tells Paul to tell Eliza that her Grandma loves her and will be back soon to see her. Holden thanks Paul because even though he doesn’t like what he did he knows it had to be done. Holden and Emma go inside Meg’s room to tell her about the hospital in Washington D.C. and Meg gets dressed and walks out of the hospital leaning on Holden.

(Lakeview) Chris and Katie arrive and Vienna tells them she and Henry have decided to get married tomorrow and sends Henry to Lisa’s office to get invitations for Chris and Katie. Vienna pleads with Chris and Katie not to say anything because if she doesn’t marry Henry tomorrow she knows she will lose him. Henry returns and Katie struggles to find the words to tell Henry and Chris tells Henry that Katie wanted to talk to them about setting a wedding date. Katie tells Henry she has to leave to go pick up her car at the hospital and Chris goes with her.

(Fairwinds) Barbara asks Emily if she can take a picture of Paul and Eliza since she won’t be a part of Paul’s life anymore since Emily is in his life. Emily gives Barbara the picture and wonders if Barbara will stay away. Barbara doesn’t promise anything but is determined to have a life of her own.

(Hospital) Chris gets Katie to admit that the reason she helped Henry and Vienna is because she wanted them to have their happily ever after just like she came close to having with Brad. Chris tells Katie that it might seem that way looking back but a happy marriage doesn’t exist anymore. Katie tells Chris that Kim and Bob have a happy marriage but he says they grew up in a time when couples were expected to stay together.

(Fairwinds) Paul arrives and pleads with Emily not to leave him because he loves her and wants to raise Eliza with her. Paul explains that Meg is going to Washington DC for treatment until she gets well. Emily tells Paul she is crazy to still love him despite the fact that he hurt her so deeply. Eliza walks in the room and Paul holds her and Emily realizes that she can’t leave them. Paul promises to make them both happy from now on and Emily laughs and says she saw a big diamond ring in the jewelry store window. Paul and Emily kiss as Paul holds Eliza.

(Lakeview) Vienna gives Barbara and invitation to her wedding and then leaves her and Henry alone to talk. Barbara pleads with Henry to change his mind and not marry Vienna because he doesn’t love her. Henry tells Barbara that he loves her but he must put his child ahead of his feelings for her because this could be his last chance to be a father. Henry tells Barbara to find happiness with someone else. Barbara goes to her room to cry and Henry tells the baby that tomorrow he will make his mom an honest woman. Vienna holds Henry and smiles while Henry doesn’t look happy at all.

(Hospital) Katie tells Chris that he has no right to judge her marriage to Brad considering his longest relationship only lasted a few months. Katie starts to cry and Chris apologizes to her as Katie admits that she loved Brad very much. Chris tells Katie he knows that but he thinks that she should try to take her marriage off the pedestal a little bit so that she can let love in her heart again. Katie wonders why Chris tells Katie he did it for her sake and then he gives her a kiss.

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