ATWT Update Monday 6/28/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/28/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

At Al’s, Katie finds Chris having lunch; she offers to buy him his burger. He doesn’t think her buying a burger will smooth over the fact that she used him to falsify records. She is trying to be nice. She feels guilty, but she doesn’t owe him anything because it was his decision to let the changes stand. He can pay his own way. How about dessert at her house; she has peach pie and whipped cream. Chris thinks they should keep things as they are; there isn’t much room for dessert in life, as he walks away.

At the hospital, Allison tells Casey she is happy to see him because she has more strange information regarding Vienna. She was looking through her records again, but this time, there is a record that she is pregnant and that she is about a month along. Casey is confused because they didn’t see that before. Could they have missed that. No, Allison says quite sure. She thinks that there is only one way this would show up now; someone has changed her records.

At the Lakeview, Vienna is walking with Henry to go get food. Her baby is hungry. Vienna mentions that they will need a big kitchen for after the baby is born. He didn’t realize they were going to be acquiring real estate now. They can’t raise a baby in a hotel. Craig does, Henry counters. They are walking by Barbara’s room when they hear muffled noises, which both assume are Barbara ‘entertaining.’ Henry looks a bit dejected, as he mentions that he didn’t know she was back in her room. Vienna remarks snidely about how apparently no matter how old you are some women can still get a man. She drags Henry away telling him that they need to leave Barbara to her personal business. Meanwhile inside, a tied up and gagged Barbara is trying to get out of the ropes, as she rolls around on the floor.

At Fairwinds, Meg is drinking her laced tea. Emily pleads with her to put the gun down. The tea is bitter from all the drugs she has given her, Meg answers. Emily pleads with her to stop drinking. The drugs will take affect soon Emily worries. That is the idea – she will be crazy and she will be dead. She doesn’t want to do that. She is irrational, paranoid and violent thanks to her, Meg answers. Her daughter is upstairs and she wouldn’t put that through her that; she wouldn't want to traumatize her, Emily tells her. She will sleep through it. She will lose her daughter when she gets arrested. It is time to get rid of her, as Meg trains the gun on her and Emily starts backing up. She is Eliza’s mother and she has always been allowed to see her when she was well enough. Meg sneers; that is always the catch – that she is well enough - in her eyes. She is trying to take her daughter away from her. She will never see Eliza again, Emily reminds her if she does this; she will be sent away. She got out when they tried to lock her up before. Meg promises that she has worked it all out; she is going to die and she will get away with it.

Vienna is looking through photos of wedding stuff, but Henry is elsewhere. She is upset that he is preoccupied. He doesn’t think those noises are what they thought. Of course, it is because she it sounded like Barbara was having sex on the floor. Is that what she thinks she was doing, Henry asks alarmed. She is acting like a tramp. Henry stops her. They have done many things like that. A knock at the door interrupts them; it is Katie and she wants to talk with Vienna about wedding plans supposedly. Henry quickly excuses himself to go to the bar. After he leaves, Vienna asks if Katie took care of her medical file. She did; she has been pregnant for a month, as Vienna thanks her. She doesn’t feel good about it; she involved Chris and they almost got caught. Can she trust Chris. She knows he won’t risk his career. Why is she so upset. She thinks this was a big mistake.

Allison and Casey talk, as she thinks he might want to let Bob in. He is not going to tell him he might have gotten a woman pregnant; he doesn’t want to see the look of disappointment. She knows how he feels. Allison thinks he should go to Chris then. There is enough tension between them and he doesn’t want to get into his sex life with him. Allison wonders if the tension is thanks to her. He just thinks there can be another way. Unless he wants to let this go, then he is stuck talking with Chris. He finally agrees to talk with him. Casey thanks her for her support.

Instead of heading to the bar as he said, Henry is walking up to Barbara’s door, when she hears the noise again. He knocks and calls to her, but Barbara doesn’t answer. She continues to make muffled noises. Henry wonders why Barbara would make those noises when he is out there. He asks the maid to let him in his room; his key won’t work. Inside, a shocked Henry finds Barbara on the floor tied up and rushes to her. He takes off the gag and unties her. She is rambling in an agitated manner; she has to stop her; she is going to hurt her. Henry wonders whom. Emily. She did this to her and she is going to go and hurt Meg; they have to stop her.

Meg is drinking more of the tea and the effects are kicking in, as she seems to be weaving a little on her feet. This is working out like she planned, Meg smirks, as Emily thinks there is a chance for her to grab the gun when Meg closes her eyes for a moment, but Meg stops her and aims the gun more at her. Put the gun down before it is too late, Emily urges. She drinks more; her system needs to be loaded; this will explain all the things she did, Meg smirks. When it wears off, then she will be able to convince everyone why she did this. Emily pleads with her to stop. She will be dead and everyone will blame her for her own death; this is priceless, as a terrified Emily watches Meg unravel more.

Vienna promises she wouldn’t have asked Katie if she wasn’t desperate; she is so in love. She and Henry belong together. She must know because of her and Brad. She feels badly that she asked Chris to go against his principals. He wouldn’t have gone thought with it if he didn’t want to help her, Vienna offers. Vienna can see she likes him a lot now. Katie blows her off; she just hates lying. Since when. Katie tells her that she just wanted to let her know all was ok and she will see her later, as she rushes out the door.

In the on call room, Casey asks Chris if he can speak with him in private. He thinks he might have gotten someone pregnant and he isn’t sure what to do. Did he talk to her. She wants nothing from him; she says he is not the father. He doesn’t believe her though. Why would she lie. It is complicated because there is another man in the picture. Is there anyway to check the paternity before it is born. Yes and no, Chris answers. There is a test, but you need the mother’s consent. Casey just wants a real answer. He needs to know who the woman is; is it Allison. It is Vienna. Chris looks uncomfortable. Her medical files have been tampered with recently; someone changed the files. Chris tells him that he has an emergency he just remembered, but they can talk later. Casey wonders if he can count on him, but Chris is out the door.

Vienna opens her door to find Allison there; she is there because they are updating records for the hospital and hers are incomplete. They need to know her due date, as Vienna hems and haws. Allison wonders how she doesn’t know that. Then she asks her the doctor’s name she saw. Vienna wonders why she is asking this. Allison tells her that she knows the truth – that she slept with Casey. Vienna shuts the door she had opened for Katie to leave; that is a lie; why would say that- she loves Henry. Skip the games, Allison cautions. Casey told her. Fine, so what if she did. Then she announced she is pregnant and Casey wants to know that he is that father. She swears her is not the father of her child on all that she has in the world. Allison stares at her; she believes her and she will tell Casey as much.

Emily is trying anything in her power to stop Meg; she tells her that she forgot about the methadone because they are investigating it. Meg wonders what she is talking about. Her mother hired a PI and he knows that she didn’t take the drugs. Meg looks confused. That isn’t true. There is new DNA testing that can find out DNA left on anything. Meg doesn’t want to believe her, but she looks unsure now. They can work this out, Emily tells her. She can go away; she will give up any claim to Eliza and she will never see her again. She will go away, Meg repeats. Meg’s hand that is holding the gun is wavering, as Emily continues to try to talk her down. She is not a murderer; she is a mother, as Meg repeats those words and smiles. Her hand with the gun drops further and Emily sees her opportunity and they struggle for the gun. After a moment, Meg gets the upper hand, pushes Emily away, aims the gun at her, and tells her to “Go to hell,” as Paul, Emma and a man dressed in white race in, and the gun goes off. Paul helps Emily off the floor and Emma rushes to Meg’s side promising she is there for her. Meg is confused; why isn’t Emily dead, she asks. Emily can’t believe she missed. Emma pleads with Meg to give her the gun, but Meg is irate. Emma tries to get her to look at her. Paul explains that he put blanks in the gun so no one would get hurt. Emily is confused, as is Meg. Meg talks with Paul in a strangely sweet childlike voice that they need to go see their daughter now. She wants him to make the man go away. Paul tells her that he can’t do that. She hears Eliza. Emma wonders if she took all those pills. She made her drink them, Meg declares of Emily. Emily tells them that Meg was going to kill her and say she pushed her over the edge. Paul tells her that he knows. Emily doesn’t understand. He has known all along that she has been telling the truth.

At home, Katie is looking sad, as she turns and looks at a picture of Brad on the mantelpiece and then a big smile crosses her face; no one could take his place. There is a knock and Chris walks in wanting to know why she didn’t tell him it was Casey. Allison can’t say much of anything before Chris is going on about how she must have purposely left that information out. Right on his heels, Vienna rushes in and over to Chris; she gives him and big hug and thanks him for helping Katie. She is scared this would come out. He can’t believe she told Vienna what he did. They are the only three people that know, Katie promises. He can hardly wait for the reprimand or suspension; no, he hopes for a medical suspension next, a sarcastic Chris tells them. Why did he let himself get involved with this, as he storms out. Vienna thinks she should go after Chris and she will deal with Allison and Casey. She needs to get pregnant before this comes out. How can she know she will. She is trying everyday. That isn’t a guarantee. Vienna starts to break down; she can’t say that because every part of her being and future depends on this baby, as Katie looks so conflicted by this.

Emily wants to know what is going on, as the man tries to take Meg, who is fighting him. Paul asks Emily to wait, as he promises Meg that they won’t hurt her. Emma wants her to sit, as she promises that she won't let anyone hurt her. Barbara races in and fears that she is too late, as she goes on about how she tried to help Paul, but Emily overpowered her and left her tied up on the floor. Paul is surprised to hear that and asks if she is ok. She is - no thanks to Emily. Paul wants Henry to take his mother back to the Lakeview, but she won’t go until Emily is thrown in jail again. Meg mutters Eliza’s name and Barbara can’t believe that she drugged her again. Paul stops her; she didn’t do that. Meg has been drugging herself, as Barbara thinks that is impossible, as Emily can’t believe he has known that all along.

At the hospital, a contrite looking Katie goes in to see Chris. This room is for hospital staff only, Chris tells her flatly. They have nothing to say to one another. Can’t she explain. What does she want. Vienna is desperate to be with Henry and for them to get married. If he could keep this secret for her. What and give her more opportunity to falsify more records. For Vienna to make it right. He now knows Casey is involved. Casey deserves to know the truth. Is it only that he upset about betraying a family member. Mostly. Then she can tell him with 100% certainty that the baby is not Casey’s. How could she know that. Because there is no baby. Chris doesn’t understand. She told Henry she is and Vienna is trying to be. She isn’t though. She had to change the records to make her look pregnant. She had to get the focus away from Barbara and back on Vienna. He can’t believe she is doing this because Casey is consumed with thinking this baby is his; how could she do that to her best friend, Henry. She promises this won’t last forever. She is right it won’t because he is going to stop this now. What is he going to do. He is going to tell Henry. Or she could. Katie begs him to wait. He can’t do that. Try and stop him, as Katie kisses him passionately. That was good, but not good enough, as he gently pulls back. She can do better.

Vienna comes out of her bathroom talking to herself, as she holds onto the pregnancy test. She just wants to have a baby; she doesn’t want to lie anymore. She looks down at the stick, but it reads that she isn’t pregnant, as Vienna’s face drops.

At the hospital, Allison finds Casey and happily tells him that the baby is not his. Casey seems relieved, but he wonders how she knows. Vienna told her. Casey looks let down; there was no test; she is just taking her word. Why is he so determined to not believe her. Why would she go only on her word after everything; he gets the feeling that she doesn’t want him to know that this is his baby, as Allison looks surprised by this.

Meg is sitting on the couch; she takes a hold of a pillow that is nearby and starts to smile, as she takes it into her arms and cradles it like a baby. Paul puts the gun away and Emily is glaring at him. He did know all along. Why couldn’t he say. She couldn’t be trusted, Barbara tells Emily. Shut up, Emily spits. What about her though, Barbara asks. She would make it worse, Paul admits. He knew it would come out on its own. He sat back, watched, and did nothing, Emily snarls. Barbara can’t believe that he had no faith in her. She thinks so little of Emily that she would accuse Emily of drugging him next. Henry wants to take Barbara back to the Lakeview, as Barbara begrudgingly goes. Emma tells Paul that it is time. Meg is still caressing the pillow when Paul promises to take care of her. Meg gives him the pillow and then sees the man; she pleads with Paul to not let them take her. She needs to be with Eliza. Paul promises that she will be ok, as he takes her hands. They are taking her someplace safe and quiet. She wants to stay with him. Maybe next time. Emily is the evil one; she is the one who should be going, Meg yells. Emma promises that Emily will not hurt her; she hopes she believes her. The man takes Meg and leads her away with a crying Emma walking behind them. Paul turns to Emily and asks how she is. She honestly doesn’t know, Emily answers flatly. He is sorry, but at least now, they can go back to normal, as Emily stares at him.

Henry is walking Barbara back to her room, as she is going on about how demeaned and humiliated she is – her own son – he had a plan. It was clever getting Meg to reveal herself, Henry admits. She still blames Emily. She wasn’t drugging Meg though, Henry counters. She bound and gagged her. She was trying to prove her innocence. Can’t she just admit she was wrong, he asks. Does he think she brought this on herself. No. She never should have moved into Paul’s ‘house of horror’s.’ She couldn’t stay here though. Because of him – he will take the blame for that. She thanks him for that. Henry has an idea, which he seems determined about – he wants her to move back in permanently. Things will be different this time – no awkwardness. How is that possible. It is not, he admits. Every time he sees her, this is all he can think of doing, as he kisses her passionately.

Katie has an offer For Chris – if he promises not to tell then she will go away with him to a hotel and all that it implies. That is certainly better then her buying him a burger - sex for secrecy. Are they going on a road trip or not, Katie wonders. She wants to do it today, Chris asks. How about right now, Katie answers.

Henry and Barbara are kissing when they stop and Barbara pulls away. Henry thinks he should go. She knows. Barbara calls out to him and he turns, but she tells him never mind and he slowly heads out the door. Henry stops outside the door looking sad. Then he walks away, as Vienna appears from around the corner and watches him go.

At the hospital, Meg is laying in the bed clutching the pillow to her, as Emma strokes her hair; Paul is right it is quiet here, Meg says. Emma wants her to get some sleep. She misses them, as Meg starts to cry. Emma wants her to focus on getting healthy. She wants to be with her family – Eliza and Paul; please let her go home. Emma promises that everything will be aright, as she soothes her.

Paul admits this was not something he wanted to do, but he didn’t know how else to get Meg to reveal herself. When did she know, Emily asks. When they found out that Meg was taking Methadone and she swore that, she would never put their marriage at risk to harm Meg; he heard the words come out of her mouth and he saw the look in her eyes. He knew that she would never lie to him. That is funny because that was when he started lying to her, Emily growls. No one would believe her – not Barbara or Emma; the only way would be for them to find out firsthand, Paul explains. He had to set her up. He knew when she broke in that she was ready to move to the next level. He sat by and let her get arrested. He bailed her out. She thought her mother did. He is sure she would have eventually, but he had to move quickly. He had a hunch when she was released she would go to Meg. They were watching because they saw her take the gun out of the safe and put the drugs in her tea herself; they now knew the truth. Emily looks shocked – he was here - his plan worked out perfectly then, she tells him through gritted teeth. He is sorry because he had to make her believe that he lost faith in her. He had to make Meg move. He is glad she understands though. She understands this much, as she slaps him hard across the face.

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