ATWT Update Friday 6/25/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/25/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

At Lily’s, Lucinda tells Lily that all she has to do is show the police the forensic report. They would have arrested Molly Conlan for the shooting and killing of Silas Whitman and Lily would have an open path back into Holden’s arms. Lily points out that if Molly is in that kind of trouble he would only feel more obligated to stand by her. Lucinda calls her bluff and says okay they need to go tell the police and see what Holden does. And she is putting money on Molly Conlan, out of sight, out of mind. Lily says she does not want to win Holden back by default. She deserves to be first in his heart. Lucinda doesn’t think it matters how she gets him back. The alternative is to do nothing and watch Holden walk away from her and their family. That won’t be easy to live with.

Dusty shows up at the farm and Janet asks why he is there. He says he stopped by Al’s and they told him that she had moved back here. He realizes that she does not want help from him, but he doesn’t understand why it has to be the farm with her ex-husband. She thinks it is what is best for her right now with Liberty and the baby until she figures out her next move.

At Carly’s, Craig walks in and says that he thought he just heard Jack tell Carly not to accept the $5 million. Jack says that whatever this guy gives her always comes with strings whether she can see them or not. Carly states that Craig didn’t give her the money; it came from the insurance company. Jack is skeptical since Craig was charged with arson and now suddenly he is free and the insurance company paid off. Craig offers if they have doubts, then call Tom Hughes. And half of that money belongs rightfully to Carly. She says this money will help replace the money stolen from Parker’s trust fund. Jack scoffs. Anytime this guy is involved, regardless of the reason, it causes more grief. He doesn’t care if it is $50 million….Craig can not be trusted and there is always an ulterior motive with him. He can make his amends elsewhere. Carly needs to ask herself if having this money is worth all the pain it is going to cause in the long run.

In jail, Emily tells the guard that she was not stalking Meg. She was set up by her mother-in-law. Barbara walks in and Emily says that she can’t believe she has the gall to show her face here. Barbara gloats that she can go anywhere she wants. She is not the one that put Meg in the hospital. Emily accuses her and Meg of putting the methadone in her briefcase to make her look guilty. Perhaps she did not know it would get out of hand, but now she needs to tell the truth and get her out of here. Barbara doesn’t think that will happen anytime soon. Nor can Emily catch Paul on the phone herself as he is a little busy helping move Meg back into Fairwinds.

Paul visits Meg and tells her it took pulling some strings, but she can stay at Fairwinds if she likes. He talked to Emma too and it took some convincing, but she finally said it was okay. She agrees if he thinks that is best. Seeing and being with Eliza will be the best medicine of all.

Emily doesn’t believe Barbara when she tells her that Paul is moving Meg back in so she can bond with her mother. It’s just a little supervised visit. Barbara believes otherwise as they are making up the guest room and stocking the pantry with Meg’s favorite foods. Barbara tells Emily that she is grasping at straws if she believes this is just a little visit. Newsflash to Emily – she doesn’t have a marriage anymore. Emily rants that she knows that is what Barbara hoped would happen when they concocted this little scheme. But when Paul accepts the truth that Barbara tried to turn him against his own wife, then Barbara can kiss her relationship with her son good-bye. The guard tells Emily that she has made bail and is free to go. Barbara objects and declares that Emily just threatened her. Emily thinks revenge will be so sweet.

Carly tells Jack that surely he doesn’t expect her to give the insurance money back. She needs it for Parker’s education for the future. She can’t rely on Jack for that. Jack tells her that if she does accept it, Craig will be playing her again in a heartbeat. Carly asks Craig to go so she can talk to Jack privately. Craig says no problem, but if she changes her mind and doesn’t want the money just let him know as he is sure he can put it to good use. Jack reminds Carly that Craig set that fire. She knows that. Carly says but they could not prove it. Jack doesn’t think they should have paid the claim in the first place. But if she does accept it, it belongs to Parker, not her. No matter what happens between them in the future, she can always count on him financially. She says that is a very nice sentiment, but not the same as money in the bank. He says surely she doesn’t think that if she takes that money from Craig that he won’t want something from her in the future. She declares that she will cross that bridge when she comes to it. She thinks she is out of options. Jack says she always has options; she just has to keep looking for them. But clearly she has already made up her mind. Carly looks at the check and calls Parker, who says he is at Java. She tells him to sit tight as she is coming over to give him some good news.

Dusty and Janet walk outside and he reminds her how many times they talked about being a family. He doesn’t know why that is no longer enough for her. She explains how happy she was when she thought her father had left her the money and then how sad when she found out it wasn’t true. She knows Dusty apologized and he meant well at the time. Now she wants to make her own way. He doesn’t understand. They could have it all so he doesn’t know why she is afraid. She needs to be at the farm right now. That is what is best for her.

Lucinda advises Lily that if she wants Holden then she is going to have to fight for him using every trick in the book. Lily says enough is enough. Holden loves Molly now and if she hurts Molly then she is hurting Holden. She loves him too much for that. Lucinda says that doesn’t make sense. She loves Holden so much that she will give him up to Molly. Lily says it makes sense to her and this conversation is over. Lucinda says okay, the rest of her life will be without Holden. She hopes she is not going to wallow in this misery that she brought on herself. She doesn’t want to see her get hooked on pills again. She needs a challenge. Lily says she will find something to take up her extra time.

Meg comes back to Fairwinds and tells Paul that it feels so good to be back in the real world again. She’s a little jumpy and admits that she is afraid Emily will burst in and come after her. He tells her that Emily is in jail and won’t bother her again. Enter Emily – Paul doesn’t understand and he won’t listen to Emily ranting that Meg doesn’t belong there as she is unstable and shouldn’t be around Eliza. Emily tells him they are a team. He shouldn’t turn against her for something she did not do. She was set up by Barbara and Meg. She is the injured party here. She knows she has done some stupid and twisted things in her life but so has he, and she would never harm Meg. He warns her to stop lying to him. He asks Barbara to escort Emily to her car. And then for Barbara to go back and spend tonight at her suite at the Lakeview. Meg holds Eliza and tells her how much she loves her and has missed her.

Lily is surprised that Lucinda asks her to come to work for her at Worldwide, that might solve her problems. It could be part-time; that wouldn’t be so terrible. Lily says she loves being a full time mother. She might have known that Lucinda would think works cures everything. Lucinda thinks she is adrift and needs to focus and asks her to give it some thought. She doesn’t want to see her vulnerable to the next handsome rogue that comes down the pike. Lily can’t believe Lucinda is saying this and offers that Damian wasn’t just some guy that picked her off the streets. He was her ex-husband. Lucinda thinks all the more – not to trust your ex-husband. Lily says if she didn’t know it before, she knows now that this conversation sealed the deal. She could never work with her at Worldwide. She’ll stick to arranging her own play dates. Lucinda replies that it doesn’t have to be one way or the other; just give it some thought. She gives Lily a hug.

Carly sits down with Parker and shows him the $5 million check. He can’t believe it. He thought that money was lost for good. She suggests it might not be a good idea to put it back in trust. She laughs that he could give it to her.

Craig has lunch with Johnny at the Lakeview when Dusty comes in. Johnny jumps up and gives Dusty a big hug and drags him back to the table. Craig sends Johnny upstairs while he talks to Dusty. Craig says he has a business proposition for Dusty. Dusty says he is not interested. Craig thinks that is a bit premature since he hasn’t even heard it yet. He wants to buy into Worldwide….particularly his production distribution network. Strategically it would be a good move for both of them. Dusty sneers that any financial connection to Craig isn’t good for anybody. Craig says then maybe their other connection would be. They share a son and now that Craig is a free man he could limit his access to him. But if Dusty could help him secure a deal with Worldwide, he’d be very grateful and when he’s grateful then he’s very generous. Dusty tells him to listen to himself….using his son to close a deal. Just shows what a lousy father he is. Craig counters that by him not even considering it at all just shows what a hothead he is. They could both make a lot of money from this and that would benefit Johnny in the long run. Dusty says it isn’t gonna happen; the board would not buy it. He gets up to leave and Craig says he will just work around him.

Jack hears Janet going to cancel her Lamaze class because Dusty was her partner and now he isn’t. Jack suggests that since he is the baby’s father that he will attend with her. Carly will not be a factor into his decision. Janet knows they are on the outs right now, but she doesn’t want to obligate him and he regret it later. He tells her that he is not going to change her mind so all she has to do is say yes.

Meg has changed into a lovely nightgown/robe that Paul bought her. It was still in the armoire upstairs. She tells Paul that being here is the best medicine she could have. She wants him to be able to trust him again. She wishes there was some way she could prove that to him. She wants to kiss him, but he reminds her that she just got out of the hospital and he’s not sure this is a good idea. He gets a phone call and tells Meg that he’s trying to make a deal and this guy keeps giving him the runaround. He needs to go to Chicago and settle it. He will only be gone one day. He makes her promise that if she feels anxious about anything at all to call his mother or Emma to come stay with her. She assures him that she will be all right on her own for one night.

Emily calls her mom and thanks her for bailing her out. She’s at the Lakeview and could use some company if Susan can get away from E.R. tonight. Emily shudders when Barbara walks up to her and accuses her of following her. Barbara says Emily did not want to believe her about Paul and Meg but maybe she will now that she has seen it first hand. Emily can’t believe that Barbara would want Meg back in Eliza’s life full time, but that is exactly what she has set in motion…..someone with severe mental problems. So if something happens to that little girl it will be on Barbara’s head and no one else’s. Paul walks up and tells Emily not to talk to his mother like that. Barbara wants to go stay with Meg when she hears Paul is going out of town, but he says Meg will be fine on her own. He tells Emily to stay away. If she steps one foot on his property he will have her arrested for harassment and trespassing. He tells his mother to keep an eye on Emily and not let her go near Fairwinds. Barbara gloats to Emily that she guesses she is all hers.

Carly tells Parker that she thinks they should invest his money. She can’t listen to Jack as he advised her to give the money back. But it is Parker’s money so it’s up to him. She just thinks they could be a little flexible for that bigger payoff in the future. He asks if a car could be thrown in there, then go for it. She tells him that he doesn’t know how much his support means to her.

Jack and Janet examine the facilities. He asks her if she was in much pain when she had Liberty. She tells him no and she promises not to have their son in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. He says she is going to be doing most of the work, but he will help where he can. She cautions that she might be hurling abuse at him during this time. He says she forgets that he arrests people for a living. There is nothing she can call him that he hasn’t heard already. So they need to get busy with her hee-hee-hoos.

Dusty tells Lucinda that he told Craig what he could do with his offer. He’s only telling Lucinda in case Craig comes to her next. She nixes that; Craig would not come to her. But Dusty shouldn’t take Craig’s threats too lightly when it comes to the little boy. He’ll just keep coming after Dusty until he does his bidding. Dusty sighs and asks what is the alternative? She suggests that Dusty tell Craig that he’s between a rock and a hard place and he hates doing this but he has to for business. And then give him a price that is just beyond his reach. That way Dusty plays ball and he can’t fault him about that and he will have access to Johnny. They will get rid of the maniac for good this time.

Craig shows up at Lily’s with a big bouquet of flowers. That is in thanks for her help in taking him in custody into her home when the rest of the world won’t even speak to him. He says he will be staying at the Lakeview until he can find something else more permanent. She tells him that he is getting a new lease on life, don’t blow it. He tells her funny she should say that as she can help him make a fresh start. He wants to finance a venture into the perfume business that he and Carly were going to start with Monte Carlo. He tells her about the insurance money and his luck never ceases to amaze her. He tells her that if she will work with Carly on this that Lily will have zero risk financially. The only thing he asks is that she not tell Carly that he’s involved. Lily won’t agree to that with Carly or anyone else without being completely honest from the beginning. He reminds her that she didn’t feel that way when she lied to him about Gabriel. He owes her this. He thinks his request for payback is pretty reasonable.

Craig comes back to Dusty and is happy that he changed his mind. Dusty says his money is as good as anybody else’s. Craig applauds him that there is hope for him yet. Dusty hands him a piece of paper and says this is what it would take to buy in. Craig says that is a joke. There is no way he’d pay that to buy in. Dusty says well he made he offer; what Craig does with it is up to him.

Lily calls Carly over and says she will not have to put in any money…she could use the write off. She’d like to underwrite the venture for the perfume business. They’ve already done the research and much of the work so they could have the product to market soon. Carly just wonders if they can work together without killing each other. Lily assures her this is an idea they both love and they have settled their differences, so yes they can work together. They need to keep busy to not think too much about Holden and Molly and Jack and Janet.

Barbara catches Emily and states that she is going upstairs with her and spending the night…..or she can call the police and Emily can go spend the night in jail again. No way is she going back to Fairwinds. Her choice – a slumber party or a dark cell.

Paul calls to be sure Meg is all right. She says Emily hasn’t been by at all. She puts a picture of Emily in a drawer and says bye to her….only to turn around and there is Emily staring her in the face. She tells her Barbara isn’t coming; she suddenly got tied up. Emily says Paul was brainwashed. This is her house too so she has every right to be there. So whatever it takes. Meg wants her to leave. Emily snatches the phone from her hands. Barbara is tied up to a chair, struggling to get loose.

Lily and Carly shake hands. They are in business. First major decision for Lily and Carly is what to name the company. Ms. Money Bags and Ms. Creativity - Carly sees a really great future for them. Craig throws away the paper and says Dusty has to come down on the price or his visitation with Johnny is over. And Johnny is big enough to know right from wrong, so maybe it’s time he finds out just who Craig is. Dusty smirks when Craig says this is not over by a long shot.

Meg puts methadone in her tea and tells Emily that she will tell the police that she came there and drugged her. They struggle over the pills and suddenly Meg has a gun in her hands and is aiming it pointblank in Emily’s face. She will tell the police that Emily broke in and tried to harm her so she had to do the only thing she could do to save herself.

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