ATWT Update Thursday 6/24/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/24/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Al’s Diner) Liberty stops by to tell Janet that Lisa has given her a job at Fashions for the summer and Janet worries that Liberty will push herself too hard. Liberty tells Janet she will be fine and that they need extra money so that they can get out of Terri’s place since Liberty is tired of sleeping on Terri’s lumpy sofa bed. It takes some persuading on Liberty’s part but Janet finally agrees her summer job is a good idea although Liberty doesn’t persuade Janet to give Dusty another chance. Liberty tells Janet that Dusty heart was in the right place when he gave her the money but Janet insists that Dusty should have told her the truth. Liberty tells Janet that her new job starts today and she just came by quickly to give her the news. Janet gives Liberty a hug and tells her to be careful and Liberty happily heads for Fashions Liberty sees Gabriel on her way out of Al’s and he tells her he is trying to change his attitude and become a calmer much less angry person. Liberty tells Gabriel that is a good start but he needs to work on giving Craig a chance to have a relationship with him Gabriel tells Liberty he doesn’t think he can do that and has just been ignoring Craig which is hard to do since they are both Living with Lily.

(Police Station) Craig stops by with Tom to gloat to Jack that Tom his excellent lawyer got the arson charges dropped against him so he is a free man. Jack wants an explanation from Tom as to how Craig managed to get away with it this time. Tom explains to Jack that there wasn’t enough evidence to hold Craig for arson so the judge dismissed the case. Tom also tells Jack that the judge felt that Craig escaped from jail because he felt harassed and pressured by the police so he dismissed those charges as well. Tom tells Jack that Craig still has to face embezzlement charges in civil court but he is a free man. Craig also tells Jack that the insurance company has to pay a settlement now since he is no longer being charged with arson so not only is he a free man but also a very rich one. Jack is appalled at this news and warns Craig that he will mess up again and end up in jail for his crimes. Craig tells Jack that he intends to pay Parker back the money he borrowed from his trust fund because that is only fair and he also wants to work on building a relationship with Gabriel.

(TV Station) Lucinda tells Molly she did the right thing canceling the wedding because they both know that Holden doesn’t love her because his true love is Lily Molly cries and tells Lucinda not to worry because she got what she wanted she will get out of Holden’s life. Carly arrives with Molly’s wedding dress and Lucinda leaves and Molly cries as she tells Carly that she had to cancel her wedding to Holden because Lily and Lucinda have proof that she didn’t kill Silas in self defense and they are threatening to go to the police if she doesn’t stay away from Holden.

(Snyder Pond) Holden arrives and asks Lily not to hurt Molly by going to the police with the information she has from the forensic report. Lily tells Holden that she can’t do that because she still loves him and always has loved him. Lily tells Holden he shouldn’t marry Molly to protect her from the police and she worries that if the truth comes out he could be charged as an accessory to murder and go to jail. Holden tells Lily that he doesn’t care what the report says he believes Molly’s version of what happened and he loves her and plans to marry her. Holden asks Lily to let him go and let him be happy with Molly Holden tells Lily that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Molly safe just as he would do for his children and Like he did for her in the past. Lily is surprised that Holden is willing to risk everything for Molly’s sake and Holden asks Lily to look in her heart and do the right thing not what Lucinda tells her to do. Holden also tells Lily to accept that their marriage is over and let him go so he can be happy. Lily walks away with tears streaming down her face and Holden stares at the pond for a few minutes before he leaves.

(Java) Molly tells Carly that there is nothing she can do but give Lily and Lucinda what they want but Carly advises Molly to fight to be with Holden because she wishes she had fought for Jack before he and Janet decided to have a child to save Liberty beca8se now he will be tied to Janet forever even though he doesn’t love her. Carly tells Molly that being noble doesn’t get her anything in life.

(Outside Al’s diner) Craig sees Gabriel talking to Liberty and tells him that the charges against him were dropped and Gabriel wonders whom Craig paid off to drop the charges. Craig tells Gabriel that they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him for arson and since they can’t prove arson so he will get a settlement from the insurance company. Craig offers to help Gabriel look for a job and a place to stay but he refuses and tells Craig to get it through his head he wants nothing from him. Craig wonders how much money Lucinda paid Gabriel to testify against him at his trail. Liberty wonders if Craig is telling the truth but Gabriel tells her that Craig is lying. and then walks away and Liberty goes after him because she isn’t sure that she believes Gabriel when he says that Lucinda didn’t pay him off. Tom arrives and gives Craig a check from the insurance company for 26 million dollars. Tom advises Craig to do something worthwhile with the money and Craig tells Tom he intends to make amends to the people he hurt if they will allow him to do it

(Al’s Diner) Janet tells Jack she feels badly because Liberty feels obliged to take a job for the summer so that they can get out of Terri’s place. Jack tells Janet that it will be good for Liberty to get a job and Janet agrees but still feels guilty that Liberty can’t enjoy her summer. Jack suggests that Janet and Liberty move back to the farm since he is also moving back because he is tired of sleeping at the police station. Janet thinks that it would be a step backwards for her but Jack persuades her that it is only a temporary situation until her house is ready. Janet agrees to move back into the farm with Jack and Jack is happy that he will be able to take care of Janet until the baby is born.

Outside Al’s Diner) Liberty once again tries to persuade Gabriel to give Craig a chance to be a father to him and reminds Gabriel that nobody is perfect because he also stole Parker’s money from him when he took the money Craig gave him to keep it a secret. Liberty tells Gabriel to be very careful when he is judging people.

(Carly’s house) Craig arrives and tells Carly the charges against him have been dropped so the insurance company gave him a settlement and he is to give her half the settlement to pay back some of the money he borrowed from Parker’s trust fund. Carly is skeptical and calls the insurance company to make sure that the check has been paid out and the funds are available and once she confirms the information she tells Craig she never wants to be in business with him or have anything to do with him again. Carly demands that Craig leaves her house now and tells him she never wants to see him again.

(Lakeview) Gabriel arrives for a job interview with Lisa for a job as a bartender and Lisa makes it clear that if he had been raised by Craig she would never give him a job because she couldn’t trust him. Lisa tells Gabriel to watch his back because Craig is dangerous but Gabriel defends Craig because he may be terrible but he is his family. Liberty listens and smiles because she is proud that Gabriel defended Craig and Gabriel tells Lisa she can keep the job because he doesn’t want it. Liberty tells Gabriel she is proud of him for defending Craig and Gabriel tells her that he didn’t do it for Craig he did it for himself.

(Worldwide) An angry Holden arrives and demands that Lucinda stop talking on the phone because he needs to talk to her now. Holden yells at Lucinda that she needs to stop investigating the Sillas Whitman shooting or she will regret it. Holden tells Lucinda that he loves Molly and he will stand by her regardless of the forensics report.

(Farm) Jack helps Janet move her things into the farm and she tells him she feels peaceful at the farm. Jack decides to call Carly and let her know Craig is out of jail.

(TV Station) Molly tells Lily that she has won because she can have Holden and Lily tells Molly that she (Lily) has lost Holden and Molly has won because Holden doesn’t love her anymore. Lily gives Molly the forensics report and tells her that she doesn’t intend to go to the police with the information. Molly doesn’t believe Lily so Lily tears up the report and tells Molly she is free to marry Holden.

(Outside Fashions ) Liberty tells Janet that she had a good day at work and enjoys her job very much. Liberty wonders if Janet feels awkward living at the farm again and Janet tells her that she is surprised she feels comfortable at the farm.

(Farm) Molly tells Holden that Lily tore up the forensics report and promised not to go to the police with the information. Molly wonders what Holden told Lily to change her mind. Holden tells Molly that he told Lily that he loved her very much and it was time for her to let him go so they could get married. Molly apologizes to Holden because she didn’t trust that he could handle the situation with Lily. Holden apologizes to Molly for asking her to rush their wedding and tells her to take her time planning the wedding of her dreams and then Holden gives Molly a kiss.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives as Carly is once again asking Craig to leave and Carly tells jack that Craig came by to her half of the insurance check and she checked it out and the check is legitimate. Jack takes the check out of Carly’s hands and gives it back to Craig and with a confuses look on his face wonders if Carly intended to take the check.

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