ATWT Update Tuesday 6/22/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/22/10


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(Hospital) Katie takes Jacob to the doctor for his check up and is disappointed to learn that Jacob’s doctor isn’t there but Chris is seeing his patients today. Katie wants to reschedule the appointment but Chris tells her that Jacob will be fine with him since he and Jacob are old buddies.

(Lakeview) Bob apologizes to Reid for making him choose between Luke and the hospital. Reid tells Bob he knows it had to be done but he doesn’t agree that Bob should sell the hospital to a big cooperation like invicta because then the hospital will sacrifice the personal care it gives to its patients since large cooperations only care about making a profit. Bob tells Reid that Mona from the Invicta cooperation will be at the meeting as well as Luke. Reid assures Bob that he will make sure that the hospital looks good so that the sale goes through even though he doesn’t agree with it.

(Java) Luke tells Noah that he and Reid broke up because Bob made him choose between the hospital and his relationship. Noah tells Luke he is sorry about what happened but is glad that they can share things as friends.

(Lily’s house) Lily gets a call from Tom telling him that the charges against Craig for attempted murder have been dropped. Lily wonders if the rest of the charges against Craig could be dropped and asked Tom to keep her posted on the case. Lily assures Tom that Craig can stay at her house as long as the judge thinks its necessary. Holden arrives and waits for Lily to hang up the phone and then he tells her that he is worried that she has once again not thought things through before putting their lives at risk. Lily tells Holden she loves her kids and would never put their lives at risk and then tells Holden not to dare to bring up the subject of Damin again. Holden tells Lily that Faith is afraid of being in the same house with Gabriel. Lily insists that Faith can’t be afraid of Gabriel because he isn’t a threat to anyone anymore. Lily also points out that Craig is harmless compared to Molly who murdered Silas Whitman but Holden reminds Lily that if Molly hadn’t shot Silas he would have raped her.

(Farm) Molly cuts out pictures from Bridal magazines and cries when she sees a tabloid with Silas’s picture on it that calls her a murderer. Molly accidentally cuts her hand with the scissors and when she sees the blood she begins to sob. Molly wipes her eyes and face and leaves the house still very upset about what the tabloid said about her.

(Hospital) Molly thanks Chris for keeping her secret about her altering Vienna’s medical records. Katie explains to Chris that she knows what she did was wrong but she knows in her heart that Henry and Vienna belong together and since they are her best friends and all she wants is for them to be happy. Chris tells Katie that he didn’t risk his medical career for Vienna he did it because he has feelings for her. (Katie)

(Lakeview) Bob praises Reid’s skills as a doctor and explains to Mona the invicta representative that he has put a lot of work into planning the new wing. Mona is impressed and assures Reid that invicta will make a profit with the hospital. Reid tells Mona that he didn’t go into medicine to make a profit but Luke arrives and tells Mona that he once accused Reid of that and Bob explains that Luke and Reid debated the medicine vs. profit question. Bob gets called away to an emergency at the hospital Reid wants to go with him but Bob insists that he stay with Luke and keep talking to Mona.

(Hospital) Chris wonders why Katie won’t give a relationship between them a chance and once he sees her still wearing her wedding ring he advises her to take the ring off and try to move on with her life. Katie gets mad at Chris and yells that she still wears her ring because she still feels like Brad’s wife and she won’t betray him with anyone. Katie makes it clear to Chris that they will never have a romantic relationship. Katie goes out into the hallway with Jacob and Chris follows her and Bob sees them. Chris tells Bob that Jacob had a wonderful checkup and he is doing fine. Katie tells Bob that she needs to get Jacob home once Katie is gone Bob advises Chris to slow things down with Katie because she is still grieving her husband Brad whom she deeply loved. Bob thinks that if something is meant to happen between him and Katie it will happen once Katie has finished grieving and is ready for a relationship.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Holden she saw him and Molly set fire to some DVD’s at Snyder pond. Molly arrives and tells Lily that she will give her the answers she wants she shouldn’t asks Holden. Molly tells Lily that those DVD’s are part of her past that she isn’t very proud of and she didn’t think anyone needed to see them. Molly wonders if Lily has ever done anything she isn’t proud of and Lily admits that she shouldn’t have kept the secret about Gabriel from Craig. Molly hopes that Lily understands and Lily tells Molly and Holden they should go now.

(Lakeview) Luke explains to Mona that Bob, the hospital staff and board members take the time to get to know the people that come through the doors of the hospital and profit never takes precedence over personal care for each patient regardless of economic background. Luke tells Mona that the new wing of the hospital should follow Bob’s example instead of being so clinical. Reid is hurt by Luke’s remarks and leaves to go to the hospital. Mona tells Luke that she didn’t know Dr. Oliver was so emotional. And Luke tells her that Dr. Oliver doesn’t like to show his emotions.

(Lily’s house) Luke tells Lily why he and Reid broke up and she tells Luke that he doesn’t know what a wonderful person he has lost. Lily tells Luke that she has to let Holden go because he and Molly are getting married. Lily tells Luke she still loves Holden and just because she has to let him go doesn’t make what they shared in the past any less important. Luke tells Lily that he has to support Holden in his marriage to Molly because Molly makes him happy

(Farm) Holden and Molly decide to forget their troubles and concentrate on making wedding plans. Holden and Molly look at wedding magazines and think about their wedding. Holden notices the tabloid and wonders why Molly bought it. Molly tells Holden she wanted to know what the tabloids were saying about her. Holden knows that Molly never cared what people said about her. Molly starts to cry and admits to Holden that she can’t get that night out of her head no matter what she does she still hears the gunshots and recalls everything that happened. Molly tells Holden the nightmare will never be over if Lily keeps investigating and he can’t protect her forever. Holden holds Molly as she continues to cry and reassures her that she is safe because he will protect her. Molly thinks its best to cancel the wedding so Holden won’t be charged, as an accessory to murder and his family won’t be hurt. Holden doesn’t care what anybody thinks he wants to marry Molly. Holden tells Molly that he loves her and wants to marry her today because he can’t wait to be her husband. Molly hesitates a bit but then tells Holden she will marry him today.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Luke Holden proposed to Molly after she shot Silas and Luke thinks that is strange and Lily admits she suspects there is something more but if Holden wants to be with Molly she thinks its best to let him go. Luke agrees that is a good idea and Lily tells Luke that he and Noah set a good example of how to be friends after a romantic relationship ends

(Katie’s house) Reid tells Katie that he feels terrible that he ended his relationship with Luke because of the hospital. Katie tells Reid he feels terrible because he has fallen in love for the first time and he is sad because he and Luke aren’t together. Reid tells Katie he never wants to fall in love again if it is this terrible. Katie encourages Reid to take the plunge into love and fight for Luke. Katie then starts talking to Reid about she loved Brad and now she is confused by feelings for someone else. Reid wonders if they are still talking about him and Katie assures him that love is wonderful and pushes him out the door. Chris arrives and tells Katie he will keep Vienna’s secret an he will also abide by what she asked him today and stay out of her life.

(Hospital) Bob tells Reid that Mona was glowing after the meeting and Reid tells Bob that was his last meeting because he quits.

(Java) Luke tells Noah about the meeting with Reid for the sale of the hospital and he also tells Luke about his talk with Lily. Luke tells Noah that their relationship was a beautiful time and now its over but it was very important to him. Noah agrees that their relationship was beautiful and they talk and laugh as they share memories of their time together.

(Lily’s house) Private Detective Slocum arrives to give Lucinda the forensic report about the Silas Whitman shooting but since Lucinda isn’t home he leaves the report with Lily. Lily tells herself she won’t read it but after a few minutes takes the report out and opens her mouth in shock at what she has just read in the report.

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