ATWT Update Monday 6/21/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/21/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

At the Lakeview, Janet wants to know how Dusty could let her think the money came from her father. Jack doesn’t want her to get upset because of the baby. Jack explains that he should have told her before, but it wasn’t his place. Janet wants to talk to Dusty in private. After Jack leaves, Dusty explains that she needed the money and a home for her, Liberty and the baby; he did what he thought was best. Regardless how she felt, Janet asks. He loves her. If he thinks that makes it alright then he doesn’t know or love her at all.

At home, Carly is talking with the insurance agent. The police don’t know so by default they ruled the fire arson. He thought it was still being rules arson. Margo, the chief of police, should have called him. She was trying to help this young boy who was down on his luck; he was an amateur electrician named Gabriel. He tried so hard, but she thinks he might have made some errors that led to the fire. The agent wonders if Gabriel had a grudge against her. No, he liked her a great deal, because he was appreciative that she gave him a shot, as Carly looks down coyly. The agent, who seems taken with her, asks her what she isn’t saying. She pretends to wrestle with whether to tell him or not, but she finally decides he will find out about Craig anyway. She is telling the agent how she knows deep down in her heart that the fire was an accident when Parker comes in hears this and wants to know why she would say the fire was an accident, as Carly glowers at him.

At home, Lucinda grabs Lily and pulls her back; how did he get in here, she asks Craig, who is standing in the doorway. She wants Gabriel to call the police. Lily explains that she bailed Craig out. Faith comes in, as Craig says hi to her. Faith wonders if he is staying here too. Lucinda is in disbelief – first Lily lets the delinquent son move in and now she is adding the convict father. Gabriel tells them all that they can do whatever they want, but he is leaving. Craig goes after him. Lucinda can’t believe Lily – first Damian and now Craig – what is she doing. Meanwhile, outside Gabriel wants to know how Craig got out. Lily got him out. What about all the other charges. That would have been harder if he hadn’t come forward and admitted to lying, as Craig thanks him. Gabriel snaps that he didn’t do it for him.

Carly is trying to explain to the agent that her son’s reaction is a perfect example of the assumptions about the fire. Wasn’t her associate Craig arrested for that, the agent wonders. Craig has a lot of problems, but starting a fire wasn’t one of them. What was she going to say before, he asks. Gabriel was found to be Craig’s son; he would never put any of his children in danger. He will look into it and get back to her. She thanks him for his time. After the agent leaves, Parker doesn’t understand what she is doing. This is the only way to get the insurance money. By lying. If this is the way she is going to get the money then she can keep it because he doesn’t want the money. She has to do whatever she can to take care of him. The money doesn’t matter. It will eventually. He wants her to focus on fixing things with his dad. This has nothing to do with their problems. They were together before and now they have split up because of the money. She knows he thinks it is that simple, but it isn’t. He pleads with her to work things out with him. She wants him to hear what she is saying; Jack and she being apart isn’t because of him. Why. They are who they are. That doesn’t make sense. Things don’t work out magically – you have to make things work. Craig owes both of them and she is getting the money back.

Craig wonders why Gabriel told the truth. He doesn’t want to be a liar like him. Does this have to do with Liberty. Shut up; he doesn’t know about her. He does know women. If he doesn’t want to talk he understands, he just wants to get to know him. He won’t stay here. Can he stop being so difficult. Not everything is about him; he was leaving before he got here, as Gabriel rushes off and Craig calls after him. The insurance agent walks up right after and introduces himself, as he asks if that is Gabriel and he hopes he can come back. What does he want with him. He has questions for him. He is his father and he can talk to him, Craig answers.

Lily is annoyed that Lucinda is implying something romantic is going on with her and Craig. Faith wonders if there is. No, Lily answers quickly. Why would she volunteer to take him in. Craig wants to get to know his son. Therefore, she invites the arsonist to live with her and her kids and the grifter. Lily asks Faith for privacy to talk with Lucinda. It is not like she lives here. She asked Craig to move in because Craig told her she paid Gabriel off to lie. She believes him. It sounds like her. She endangers her and her children’s life to get back at her. No, but someone has to repair the damage she did. Will she do it. She won’t lift a finger for Craig. Then Gabriel and Craig will stay and she can leave for however long she wants.

At the station, Jack smiles as he thinks about the fact he is having a son. Parker comes in and wonders why he is smiling. Jack explains that he just found out that Janet is having a boy, as they hug and Parker explains that he is going to have a little brother. Jack looks emotional, as he hugs Parker.

Janet is infuriated; he pays her off with guilt money, as Dusty can't believe she would say that. He thought that giving her money would make her forgive him faster and he is probably right because how stupid is she that she would think that her father wouldn’t speak to her for 19 years, but he is going to leave her money. Her father loved her. He doesn’t know that. Everything she has she thought was from her father. She was happy though when she thought that. Can’t she hold onto that. No, because he made her feel like she lost her father twice, as she rushes off. Dusty looks very upset, as he takes the engagement ring out of his pocket and stares at it.

Lucinda reminds her that Craig cheated on Sierra, her sister, he tried to kill her and hooked her on drugs. What they did was just as bad. Gabriel is better off without him. She knows why she is doing this; she is so unhappy and in need of a hobby to forget about Holden. Lily growls that she doesn’t know her at all.

The agent is asking questions about if Gabriel was licensed and experienced. Craig thinks he knew some. How is it he doesn’t know about his son’s credentials. Thanks to his mother, he just got to know her. He wonders if this strained relationship might lead Gabriel to want to do something to him. Craig wants to know what is with all the personal questions. He is doing his job. Where did he get his information. The fire inspector. How about the relationship with he and his son. He had a nice talk with his partner, Carly, the agent answers. They are on a first name basis, Craig notes. She is quite charming and forthcoming. Craig bets she was.

Parker wonders if he can tell JJ. Yes, Jack answers. He will tell Sage though because of how competitive she is, as they laugh. Jack wants him to know how much he and his brother and sister mean to him. Does he know how much they can count on him. He knows how much he loves him right. Parker walks by him and pulls out a photo of Hal that is in Jack’s desk; he always keeps it here. Hal was a good man; Hal taught him how to be a good cop, Jack answers. Parker tells him that he and Carly have this guilt thing about her leaving with Simon and he never feeling like he would measure up to Hal. They think all they see is their screw ups, but all they see is how hard they work to make it right; he can stop trying to be a good dad because he already is. Why does he doubt that now. His mother is upset with him; she thinks he didn’t do enough to stand up for him, Jack admits. He knew he wrecked things for them. Carly says it isn't his fault, but he knows. He is mad because of him; he needs him to be on her side. What does he need. He needs her – he just needs to get her to believe that. Both of them go off, but he would never trade either one of them, Parker tells him, as they hug and Janet, who has just walked in, sees them and smiles.

At his suite, Dusty is looking at a picture that Johnny drew of Janet, Liberty and him on top of a wedding cake. Johnny tells him that he wants it to happen soon. Dusty high fives him and tell him that he wants it too.

Carly is at home talking on the phone about how much credit she has on a card she has in her hand. It doesn’t sound like good news; can they increase the limit, she asks. Craig banging incessantly at her door interrupts her. She answers the door; did he finally find his get-out-of-jail-free card. She is going to pay for this, he declares as he walks by her. She sent the agent to harass and accuse his son. She told him the truth. If she wants revenge, she can come after him and leave his son out of it. He just wanted to see Johnny grow up and get to know Gabriel, but he just can’t take this. He is going to confess to the arson, as he heads for the door. She stops him and tells him to snap out of it because there is another way. He closes the door; he is listening. They can blame the whole thing on faulty wiring, it all goes away, and the insurance pays out. What about Gabriel. He is a novice electrician, who made a mistake. That could work, Craig admits. However, that is his money – his investment in Monte Carlo. She and the agent, Gene have become close and one call and he will be back in jail. Alright they can do it her way, Craig relents.

Janet wonders if she should come back. No, as he wonders how it went when with Dusty when he left. She blows the question off – it is fine. She came here to tell him something, as Jack and Parker smile. Janet realizes they know; how do they know. Dusty told him, Jack admits because he thought she already told him. She wanted to be the one to tell him. Parker offers up his assistance to baby-sit or look after his baby brother. He has to take off, as Jack tells him goodbye. Jack turns to Janet and tells her that he is sorry; he knew and he just didn’t want to say anything to be a wet blanket. Did they work it out. No. How can she trust him now. Jack rolls his eyes. Besides, he ruined her surprise; she also wanted to be the one that told him that he was having a son; she wanted to see his face. Dusty didn’t know; he thought that she had told him. She can see his face now, as he smiles broadly. He is already tossing his baby a baseball in his mind. Does he look like this, as she pulls out the ultra sound photo. That’s their son.

Downtown, Parker sees Gabriel, as he walks by him, he tells him to stay away from her. Gabriel smirks – or what – he will hit him again. Go for it because every time he does, Liberty kisses and makes it feel better. Faith might think she saw that because she is a drama queen, but Liberty would never be into him, Parker hisses. Gabriel tells him that he is wrong because he and Liberty have been ‘hooking up, ‘ as Parker looks crestfallen.

Lucinda is sitting on the couch when Faith walks in the room; what is going on. Her mom is really mad at her. Craig is really staying there. Yes. Why would she ask him. She cannot accept the fact that Holden might marry Molly; she is overcompensating for that. She is filling the house with strays. Why can’t Craig go to his own home. She doesn’t know. Then Faith alludes to the fact that Liberty is probably with Gabriel, which annoys Lucinda because she thinks that means he will never leave town then…unless, as she seems to have an idea. She is such a pretty girl, who could turn many a head. She seems to be formulating a plan in her head, as a stunned Faith is wondering if she is asking her to sleep with Gabriel.

At his suite, Johnny is sitting on the bed with Johnny looking at his drawing. He loves to see them all in the photo. Johnny mentions how Gabriel needs to be in the photo too because he is his brother too. There is a knock and Dusty opens the door to find Craig there. What is he doing there, as Johnny sees him and races into his arms happily, as Craig hugs him tightly. Dusty tells him he is surprised to see him. He is out on bail. He tells Johnny that he wants to take him for ice cream. He also tells him that he is staying with Lily and Gabriel and wonders if he wants to some for a sleep over. Dusty reminds him that they had a deal. He appreciates all that he did for Johnny, but that deal was only while he was away. Johnny runs to go get his pajamas while Craig follows him and Dusty looks frustrated.

Parker doesn’t believe Gabriel. Liberty just feels sorry for him, Parker snarls. He wishes. He knows Liberty; they have been through a lot together. Liberty hangs out with him because he feels sorry for people that have less then her. He has his own money to dote on Liberty, Gabriel explains. He was going to use this to blow out of the town, but now he thinks he will stay and spend it on Liberty. He doesn’t want him too depressed when he sees them out on the town because he wouldn’t want Liberty to feel badly for him, as he walks off smugly and Parker looks upset.

Lucinda thinks Faith is adorable; she would never suggest that. It sounded like that to her. She had an idea to recruit her to stash some drugs on Gabriel. She might be able to get some from her school day, as she eyes Faith and she has left over drugs from when she took chemo and if some got into Gabriel’s bags, as she raises her eyebrows. What does she think. First of all she is not doing drugs anymore, but it is good to know her grandmother is a pusher and not a pimp, Faith says flatly, as Lucinda laughs. Doesn’t she want Gabriel gone as much as her. Why does she want Gabriel gone so much, Faith wonders. Lily interrupts their talk when she comes in, as they both look at her. She wonders why they look guilty. They aren’t up to anything, Faith tells her. She just thinks this house is going crazy with all the people being invited to stay here, as she heads out the door. After she leaves, Lily asks Lucinda what they were up to. Nothing.

At Java, Jack is staring at the ultrasound photo, as he and Janet have tea and coffee. Who does she think he looks like. Nobody yet. He thinks he looks like a Jackson to him. Jack, Janet, Jackson, as they rattle off J names. They add more weird J names into the mix, as they laugh. Dusty comes in and Jack wonders if she wants to talk with him. She probably should. Jack leaves and walks over to Dusty and asks how he is. He will find out in a moment. Dusty walks over and tells Janet that he wants her to see something. He pulls out the engagement ring, as Janet stares at it.

Outside her house, Faith runs into Gabriel; he is back… to stay. Will it make her crazy. Then he may stay forever. Why stay where noone likes him. His mom likes her. She is all messed up. Liberty likes him. Her brain cells are fried from chemo, Faith answers. She might want to get onto ‘Team Gabriel.’ What is in it for her. If she plays her cards right, she might get Parker. Inside, Lucinda sneaks up to the window to watch them. Lilly sees her and Lucinda thinks they are asking for trouble if Gabriel talks with Faith; he is bad news and that will rub off on her. Faith doesn’t live here anymore, Lily answers. Proximity will trump hormones; she should know. She should focus on Holden and her real family not Gabriel and Craig. She is messing up her life these days. They don’t want to go down that road considering her life too. Holden is gone and she can’t change it, Lily tells her. She can, but she won’t try to make it happen. She has lost a huge part of her family with Holden so she won’t let it happen with Craig and Gabriel. Lucinda kisses her and heads out the door. Lucinda walks by Faith and Gabriel and tells him not to get to comfortable. Is she for real, Gabriel asks. She will get rid of him by any means necessary if she wants him gone. He is not afraid of her. He should be.

Downtown, Johnny and Craig are having ice cream. Johnny wonders what is Gabriel’s favorite ice cream. Craig admits that he doesn’t know, but he thinks they should find out together.

Janet can’t believe that Dusty would be asking her to marry him when she is still so mad at him. He wants her to understand why he keeps saying the wrong things; he has been carrying this around for the right time so it won’t be like last time. She can’t. He knows and now, he at least knows why. She thinks he forces things instead of letting them evolve, Dusty tells her. Janet smiles. He just wants her to know that he is going to let things evolve and will have the ring waiting around when it does. Janet wants to know about his wife. Why. She wants to know about Jennifer. He loved her and she died, Dusty answers. How did he get her to fall in love with her. Before or after Johnny. After. What is she waiting to hear. When did he know and felt she was in love with him. Craig made her think her son had died and he brought him back to her. No, that is not when she fell in love with him. How does she know. She sees what Jennifer saw in him. Dusty leans forward; is she saying she still loves him. Janet nods and she will tell him why. Because he listens, weighs everything, pays attention and has this quiet confidence. When a guy that careful tells you that he loves and wants you then you believe him, as she starts to tear up. She wanted Jack, Dusty says. She wanted Jack to love her more then Carly and he doesn’t. She wants him to love her enough to respect her. He does. Janet nods no he doesn’t. Lying to her is not respect. Trying to control and make decisions for her is the opposite of that; he is a fixer. They can both take turns fixing one another. That won’t help. They can take it slowly and he can try the proposal again. She needs to start over; she can’t take his money, stay in the apartment or even take the washing machine. Done, she doesn’t have to; they can take things slowly. Janet starts to cry; she can’t be with him. Dusty pleads with her not to do this. She knows what he did was from the heart, but that doesn’t work for him. It doesn’t have to be this way. She has been in this spot before and she has made it. She doesn’t want him to worry about her. She gets up. Where will she go. She doesn’t know. She walks away, as Dusty tries to reach for her arm but she keeps walking. Dusty looks overwhelmed as he watches her leave.

At the station, Jack is at his desk when he looks at the ultra sound photo. He then picks up a photo of Hal and talks to it; he hopes his son turns out to be just like his.

Carly is on the phone telling the person that her credit has been good for many months now. She is annoyed with the person telling them she wouldn’t be calling them if she could get that kind of money. She hangs up and sees a very upset looking Parker stomp in the house. What is wrong, she asks worried. She is right; money does matter; he has changed his mind, and he wants his money back. Carly smiles; she is glad and his timing couldn’t be more perfect.

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