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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

At Lily’s, Lucinda throws the paper at Lily. She asks Lily if she is not curious about all of this with Molly. She spends a lot of time with Lily’s children and is even going to marry Holden. Lily is being too passive about this. Lily tells her that she has taken a note from the serenity prayer and she is just going to focus on the things she can change and people she can help. Lily says Holden is a grown man and he can not make his decisions. Gabriel walks in and Lucinda is stunned that he is still there and hasn’t left town.

Tom visits Craig in jail and tells him that he has a hearing in two weeks but it is unlikely they will prevail. Craig grumbles that he can’t stand it another two minutes much less two weeks. The only reason he’s in there is because Gabriel lied and said he assaulted him. Now he has recanted so Craig should be set free. Tom reminds him that he attacked a guard and escaped from police custody....not to mention that little attack on Lucinda. Craig says Tom is Tom Hughes, an extraordinary lawyer and he can handle piddly charges like this with his hands behind his back. Tom says Craig tried to kill Lucinda. Craig says, “who hasn’t?” Craig says he needs to get out of there to take care of his son. The three minute phone calls are just not making it. Gabriel needs him too; he just doesn’t know it.

At home, Carly calls the school and tries to get Parker admitted even though they missed the deadline of enrolling. She also finds out it is too expensive. At the police station, Jack is handed a document – execution of expungement. He shows up at Carly’s door and she says she needs to talk to him too.

At Metro, Dusty is smiling to himself while looking at the ring he just pulled from his pocket. Janet tells Dusty she is happy to call her baby a son now. She needs to talk to Jack and tell him that he is going to be a father to a son. Dusty encourages her to go now. Jack needs to know. And when she tells him her surprise, come back as he has a surprise for her too.

Jack shows the papers to Carly and asks her to sign and he will sign as the father. He asked the D.A. to expunge the charges against Parker from his record. She agreed and the records will be sealed. This way when he applies for a college or a job, the slate will be clean. She thanks him. She also apologizes for what she said yesterday about him not being Parker’s father and loving him less. She said that in the heat of the moment and did not mean it. Jack says he is glad she said it. Now he knows how she really feels.

Gabriel tells Lucinda that he doesn’t want to be here any more than she wants him to be there. She thinks he surely must have enough money to go wherever he wants to go. She tells Lily this must be ripping her heart apart when she should be focusing on Molly and Holden, and here she is trying to rehabilitate this heathen. When Lily leaves, Lucinda says it s amazing that he never knew his father yet he has turned out to be exactly like him. Gabriel bristles. He says he is nothing like Craig, that bastard.

Craig tells Tom that Gabriel really came to town to get to know Craig. They hit a little glitch. Tom reminds him that he took Parker’s trust fund money. Craig says only to put Monte Carlo on the map. It was a win/win for Carly and Parker. He always intended to put the money back. And now that Gabriel has recanted that Craig did not attack him, they can get back on track. Gabriel has no one so he needs Craig. He says he knows he has done some terrible things in his life, but abandoning his children is not one of them. Those Walsh women kept him from Gabriel for twenty years. Now he’s trying to what is right, but can’t inside this jail cell. Tom says it is a long shot, but perhaps he can convince the judge to grant bail. They would need a sponsor, some family that would vouch for him and take him into their home and tell the court they would be responsible for him. Craig is all for going for it. He thinks there is no one more upstanding than a police lieutenant and a former D.A. Tom points out that his sister is not even talking to him, so do not go there. And not Katie either. She has enough on her plate with a new baby and roommate. He tells Craig he needs to go through his little old address book and find someone with whom he has not burned all his bridges. Craig adds under his breath – or someone who owes him a favor.

Carly says what she said to Jack was awful. She was not thinking straight. She was only afraid that Parker was going to jail. She does not doubt his love for Parker. She loves Jack and she knows he was only trying to do the right thing. He says he knows. He’s just a lousy old stick in the mud who cares more about the law and to hell with his kids. He doesn’t know where they go from here.

Liberty tells Janet that the only reason Gabriel told the truth is because of her. He didn’t do it because it was the right thing to do. She’s not sure how she feels about him. She admits she was tempted to sleep with him, but didn’t. Janet says that was good. Liberty admits it will be hard, but she has made up her mind that she will not sleep with Gabriel. He’s really not the bad guy that Janet thinks he is. Janet reminds her that he has problems. She doesn’t need someone that is so needy. That was her problem with Parker. Maybe Janet is right and she does need to go away this summer. Janet says she will certainly fall apart and miss her, but the bottom line is she wants her to be happy. And that is what her papa’s money will be good for.

Gabriel is surly and tells Lily that he no longer wants eggs. He’s not going to be her little pet project. She tells him to sit down. He owes her a little respect. He needs to meet her half way. He needs an attitude adjustment. She can’t risk her kids being caught in the crossfire. She is giving him a choice. She wants him to look her in the eye and tell her that she can trust him. She’s not talking about keeping his feet off the table or making up his bed either. It goes deeper than that. She needs to really trust him to have him around her children; their safety comes first.

Carly tells Jack that she knows they both said awful things, but they can get back to their old selves. He reminds her they are so vastly different. He isn’t sure they are good for each other. He wants to know what she wanted to tell him. She tells him the school story and how she wanted him to fix things. She cries that she suddenly had a fear that he wasn’t her G-man anymore. She is so used to depending on him and making things right. That was sort of dumb of her thinking that. And while she did not mean that about him not loving Parker as much as his real kids, she sees that it is stuck in his mind and she doesn’t know if they can get past this. He signs the papers. Before leaving, he tells her that sometimes all the trying in the world is not enough. And it’s no one’s fault. It just is.

At Yo’s, Liberty finds Gabriel staring at her. That is sort of creepy. She tells him that while everyone else was down on him, she defended him. It worries her about the kind of person he is that he told the truth only to make her happy. He wonders why she is avoiding him. She says she doesn’t trust herself when she is with him.

Lucinda drops in on Craig – she says she needed a quick pick-me-up. She tells Craig that he’s not going to kill her because he’s not going to get out of this cell. She chides him to take his lumps like a man. He did the crime, do the time. She doesn’t know where he got this warped idea that he’s a father. He’s a paternal nightmare. She accuses him of killing Bryant and trying to put Lucy in prison. He threatens to tell Lily that Lucinda paid Gabriel. She counters that she will make sure that Gabriel is long gone. And then she will call in every favor in town to make sure that Craig stays in jail until he is a very lonely, sad, depressed old man. He says then she’d better get on it because the minute he gets out of here he is going to kill her. Lily catches her. Lucinda stammers that she was here with an olive branch. Lily says yeah she bets it had plenty of thorns attached to it. Lily wants to be alone with Craig. Lucinda is hesitant, but Lily says she will be okay. Lucinda warns her not to believe nay of the absurd things he says. Lily says he can ask what he wants. He asks about Gabriel. He tells her that yes Gabriel lied, but Lucinda played on his vulnerability and got him to do it. She also paid him to leave town although he hasn’t done that yet. That is why Lucinda doesn’t want Lily talking to him right now. And here’s what she can do to make it right.

Dusty pays the desk clerk at the Lakeview and says he needs special lighting. He wants the room filled with flowers and the best champagne. He wants it to be a very special day. He bumps into Jack and spills about the baby being a boy. He assumed Janet had already told him. Carly literally runs into Janet in Old Town and they mush and gush about how swell things are. Then Carly becomes her true self and tells Janet that her life really sucks right now. And once again Janet has drawn the long straw. She doesn’t know how what she did to deserve it.

Craig tells Lily that Lucinda got Gabriel to lie. She used him in the worse possible way. Gabriel needs him and Lily should have told him about Gabriel years ago. She says she is trying to make up for that now and will do her part if Craig will do his.

Gabriel and Liberty sit. She tells him that she does have feelings for him, but she can not deal with that when he is so angry. She asks if he still wants Craig in his life but just can’t admit it. Figure it out. He can have his anger or he can have her, but not both.

Janet tells Carly she does not lead a charmed life. Maybe she makes Jack happy. Carly says fine. She can have Jack and Dusty too as she has her eyes on a bigger prize. Jack is happy to hear the news and reminds Dusty that he best remember it too. The baby is Jack’s and the second that Dusty forgets that, they will have problems. Dusty says he knows Jack is threatened by him. Jack says he is not threatened. Dusty needs to back off. He is not the one lying to Janet. He knows Janet’s father had no money. He knows the money came from Dusty himself. So far he has kept that secret. Janet walks up and overhears and blasts Dusty for keeping the truth from her.

Carly looks for Tom at the police station. She tells him that she will give him the short version. She is broke because of his client, Craig. Not only did he deplete Parker’s trust fund, but he destroyed her business which was her only source of income. Tom tells her that is tough and he’s sorry about that. She needs that insurance money. Again Tom says he is sorry, there will be no insurance payout….as long as the insurance company sees there is some possibility arson was involved, they will void the claim. Carly says that she needs that money; she deserves that money. Surely there is some way they can get them to fork it over. Tom says that there is only one way that can happen and that would be all charges against Craig dropped. He doesn’t think that is likely to happen. Carly calls the insurance company and wants to make an appointment to talk to the claims adjustor about the accident and fire.

Lucinda comes to Lily’s and is happy to see that she is still in one piece after talking to Craig. She gives Lily a one way ticket to Montega to give Gabriel. Lily won’t accept it. And she can’t get rid of Lucinda either. She has practically moved in. Gabriel comes out of his room and says that is fine. She can have his room. He is leaving to go anywhere but here. Craig walks in the door and tells Gabriel not to go. He wants him to stay.

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