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At the hospital, Katie asks Chris if he is okay. He says nothing that a couple more aspirin won’t fix. She suggests therapy and he asks if she is volunteering for massage. She says it was just her advice. She is grateful to him for saving her from a huge stupid mistake by not wanting to hack into the hospital’s computer. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. She hugs him and he replies that not all impulses are stupid. When they part, she has his ID card.

Dr. Hughes tells Dr. Oliver that he is trying to save the hospital’s future. He needs to assure Mona Cross that there is no conflict of interest. Reid understands today’s theme is sell, sell, sell, get that corporate money. Bob says this deal has become critical and nothing…….absolutely nothing can jeopardize it. Reid reminds him that he is also exposing Mona Cross to him again. Bob says Dr. Oliver is a major asset to this hospital and Luke Snyder is one of the biggest donors. If Mona should get some idea that they are having some sort of relationship they could all walk away from this deal. He has to be able to categorically tell Mona there is no conflict. Bob needs his answer. Reid can’t have both; it needs to be either Luke Snyder or Memorial Hospital.

At the hospital Emmy has a tug of war with Meg. Emily accuses Meg of sneaking out of the hospital and putting that gawd-awful clip in Eliza’s hair to shake her up. She knows she was in her house. She knows Meg is so pleased with herself that things are going her way. But she is on to her and she promises she will not get away with it.

At Fairwinds, Paul shows Barbara a bottle of Methadone with no prescription. It came straight from the hospital. Barbara states that it wasn’t her. It’s Emily. She has been drugging Meg and she doesn’t know why Paul is defending her. He doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions. He can’t believe Emily would ever do anything like this.

Dr. Oliver suggests that if Dr. Hughes wants to wow the suits then start with the children’s wing first in showing the prospective buyers around. Hit the heartstrings first, the purse strings will follow. Dr. Hughes likes that idea. Luke feels like something is the matter and questions Reid about his being distant. Reid grumbles something about a dog and pony show. That’s why he is so thrilled by life today. Mona introduces herself again and Dr. Hughes does take Reid’s suggestion and they start in Pediatrics.

Katie admits herself to the computer room and sits before the computer. She remembers what Chris told her…..stop trying to solve everyone else’s love life and concentrate on her own love life. This hacking into the computer is illegal; she should not do it. Suddenly as she tries to access the hospital site, an alarm is set off and Dr. Hughes and all hear it. Chris comes running and catches Katie and snatches his ID card back from her. She snaps that he broke into her house today and almost caught her naked, so now they are even. He states that they are both in major trouble as she has now implicated him as an accomplice. He bends to unplug the machine and in so doing throws out his back again. Dr. Hughes walks in and Bob wants to know what the hell is going on.

Luke tells Reid that he knows he is going to tell him to mind his own business, but he still thinks something is bugging him. Reid does tell him to mind his own business. He is just ducky.

Emily tells Meg that she is going to prove that she got out of the hospital even as fragile as she is and that she has been drugging herself. She is losing control again and will be going right back to Deerbrook. Barbara and Paul argue and he won’t listen to his mother talk about his wife that way. He tells Barbara that she needs a hobby and to stop worrying so much about Emily. Paul doesn’t want to hear what Emily has to say. He shows her the bottle of pills and says he knows it has been her all along that has been drugging Meg. Emily can not believe that he is serious. She has no idea who put the pills there. She has done a lot of things, but dumb isn’t one of them. She accuses Barbara. She is the one who has been accusing Emily since Day One. It makes perfect sense that Meg also helped her and that’s why she broke into the house today.

Barbara visits Meg and tells her that she looks stronger. Meg tells her that Emily was there and she was calling her sick and twisted. Barbara says they won’t have to worry about Emily anymore. The truth came out. Barbara says it was Emily who was drugging Meg so she could have Eliza all to herself. Meg is distraught. She says they never fought over Eliza. In fact Meg asked her to take care of Eliza. She thought Emily loved Eliza. Barbara says it isn’t about love; it’s about obsession. She is going to get what she deserves and Meg doesn’t have to feel sorry for her. Emily is the one that is sick and twisted. She doesn’t want Meg to let her off the hook so easily. Emily would easily slit her throat. She has to be stopped and now is the time to do it.

Luke follows Reid to his room and asks why he’s being so weird with him. With the alarm just having gone off, Reid tells Luke that he feels like a fire drill has just gone off in his frontal lobe. Luke says fine, just keep it all bottled up and don’t share. Reid wonders why Luke thinks he will always feel better if he will share. A person doesn’t have to have some big bad secret not to want to share. He’s just in a lousy mood, so back off. He opines that he realizes he is not the easiest guy in the world to deal with. Luke agrees, that should be written on his gravestone – “not the easiest guy in the world to deal with.” They both laugh. Luke says “well good golly Almighty, we got a smile out of him.”

Dr. Hughes wants to know what set off the alarm. Chris makes some feeble attempt to say he was showing Katie how the system worked. It was for part of her upcoming show. Bob tells his son to make sure he locks everything up when he leaves. Katie thanks Chris. He says nothing to it, putting his medical license at risk and lying to his dad. He says she might have dodged the bullet one time, but he must go into the computer and change the changes she made. He won’t let her continue this scam. She stops him. He tells her it is wrong to falsify records. Nothing is ever solved by being sneaky let alone breaking the law to do it. She says it is already done. He doesn’t want to know all the details and this can only be a one time thing. He agrees when she promises not to be a matchmaker again. He tells her that of course she is making promises because she got what she wanted. He is very disappointed in her.

Dr. Hughes tells Luke there is a conflict of interest. He can’t believe that Dr. Oliver didn’t discuss it with him. Kim walks up just as Bob tells Luke that this could compromise the sale of the hospital to Invicta and Reid knows this. He must make his choice – either the hospital or Luke. Kim confronts Bob and says she is a little disappointed. He always has shared his thoughts with her before. He has devoted his entire life to this hospital and in their 25 years together he has never kept details like this to himself. It goes against everything he has ever done. It would not have been a burden to her. It was an ultimatum he gave Reid. He’s always been about the people who need this hospital, so when did that change?

Katie follows Chris and tries to explain that she is sorry that she took his card and personally put him at risk. He won’t listen to Katie’s explanation. All he sees is a friend who is willing to accept criminal charges to help someone else, but won’t do anything to help herself. He follows her home. He quips that this time at least he knocked. She doesn’t want to talk to him. He says good, too much talking. He grabs her and kisses her and she returns it. And then he leaves.

Emily and Paul continue to argue. He doesn’t want her to check on Eliza, not in this state. He doesn’t trust her with these stories and conspiracies. She throws the pill bottle on the floor and says she is the one who can not believe that she is telling the truth and he doesn’t believe her.

Dr. Oliver tells Luke that he’s the best of the best and he doesn’t want to walk away from this. Luke says he is walking away from this, so Reid’s choice is safe. He can’t believe that Reid is selling him out for his hospital wing, for his hero number. He hopes they are happy together, him and his brilliant career. Luke doesn’t feel that he ever had a chance. Not with competition like that. Reid stops him before he can walk away and says he hopes he is through with the drama. Things aren’t like that. He’s not selling him out as he is not letting him go. Luke doesn’t understand. That means he is giving up the hospital position. Reid says no. That hospital is a state of the art right now because Reid is state of the art. He’s the best at what he does. That is not ego, just fact. He offers that as soon as the sale of the hospital goes through or even if it doesn’t go through and Bob is retired, no one is going to be thinking about this little conflict of interest. This issue will go away. Luke asks what happens in the meantime. Reid says they take a little break. As soon as it is politically acceptable they will pick right back up where they left off. He can’t see it taking more than a couple of months. Luke repeats then it will be at Reid’s convenience. Reid says not convenience, but when it makes sense. Luke apologizes but says he can’t be anybody’s convenience. He thought this might work, but this is good. At least he knows now what Reid’s priorities are before he gets more deeply involved. Reid says this doesn’t have to change anything. Luke says yeah – if he hides in the background until the coast is clear. He can forget that. And Reid can thank him. Luke is walking away and making his decision for him. So his investment is safe.

Kim reminds Bob that he always said there was more than one way to handle and solve any problem and over the years he’s always been proved absolutely right about that. She kisses him and says she loves him. It gives Bob something to think about. On his way out, he runs into Dr. Oliver and asks if he has made his decision. Dr. Oliver says yes. He is a surgeon and he plans on treating and saving as many patients as he can at that phenomenal new wing of theirs….and do nothing else. He hopes that answers his question.

Barbara returns and Paul tells her that he kicked Emily out. He can’t figure out how all of this happened. Barbara plants the idea in his mind that Emily might try to finish the job she already started with Meg. With him out of the room, Barbara calls the police and says she wants to report a crime.

Meg wakes up to find Emily standing over her. She grabs for the nurses button, but Emily has taken it and says they will leave the nurses out of this. Emily tells her to stop with the lying. She knows everything that she did. She just wants to know now if Barbara was part of this. It was her idea. Meg cries that she needs to stop torturing her and leave. Paul walks in and insists that Emily leave Meg alone. He didn’t want to believe this, but she leaves him no choice. Despite her protests, the security comes in and announces to Emily that she is being arrested for stalking with malicious intent. Emily is drug off screaming that she is being set up. Barbara walks in and glances at Paul. Meg smiles.

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