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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/15/10


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(Police Station) Gabriel tells Margo that he lied about Craig hitting him and leaving him to die because he wanted to get revenge on Craig for breaking his mother’s heart and making her suffer. Gabriel tells Margo that Parker punched him and he hit his head and that caused him to lose consciousness Margo wonders if anyone put the idea in Gabriel’s head to lie about Craig Gabriel tells Margo that lying about Craig was his idea and nobody told him to do it. Lucinda breathes a sigh of relief that Gabriel didn’t tell Margo she paid him to lie. Carly tells Margo she shouldn’t be so quick to believe Gabriel because he has been lying for weeks who’s to say he isn’t lying to her now. Gabriel apologizes to Margo for lying and assures her that he is telling her the truth now. Jack takes Carly to the interrogation room to ask her what she is doing because Gabriel is finally telling the truth and she is making things worse for him. Carly tells Jack that she is trying to protect Parker and she is surprised that he isn’t trying to help her. Jack and Carly go back out to finish hearing what Gabriel has to say and Carly tells Margo that Craig could have persuaded Gabriel to retract his story and lie to set him free. Craig tells Margo he didn’t have a chance to do that but Margo recalls that Gabriel went down to Craig’s cell to visit him earlier and he had a chance to persuade him to lie. Gabriel tells Margo he would never do such a thing because he hates Craig. Margo wants Gabriel to take a lie detector test and he agrees to do it and Carly insists that Gabriel should take a lie detector test to prove once and for all if he is telling the truth. Margo asks jack if he thinks Gabriel should take a lie detector test and Jack doesn’t want to tell Margo his opinion but when Margo asks him to give her his opinion as an experienced cop he tells her he thinks Gabriel is telling the truth now and doesn’t need to take a lie detector test. An angry Carly storms out of the station. Margo notices that Jack isn’t paying attention to what is going on anymore so she gives him permission to go talk to Carly.

(Java) Parker worries about Liberty because he doesn’t trust Gabriel and he fears that Liberty may end up in the middle of the Gabriel Craig situation. Faith recalls seeing Liberty get on the Lakeview elevator with Gabriel but she doesn’t want Parker to be more worried so she doesn’t say anything to him about it. Liberty takes Parker’s hand and tells him that they are going somewhere to help him take his mind off Liberty.

(Carly’s house) Faith and Parker arrive and parker wonders how c coming home is going to take his mind off Liberty. Faith puts in a DVD of a move and does her best to distract Parker but its no use all that Parker can do is worry about Liberty. Parker tells Faith that he wants to go to the station and tell Margo that Gabriel is lying about Craig hitting him and leaving him to die but Faith agrees with Carly that he shouldn’t help Craig because he belongs in jail for stealing his trust fund from him.

(Police Station) Margo tells Gabriel that he could be prosecuted for making false statements to the police but Margo decides to release Gabriel. Gabriel apologizes to Margo for wasting the time of the police department and thanks her for not pressing charges against him.

(Carly’s house) Parker thinks that Faith knows something about Liberty and Gabriel she isn’t telling him but Faith doesn’t want to hurt Parker so she doesn’t tell him anything.

(Police Station) Craig tells Margo that he is hurt that she thought that he could leave his own son to die in a fire and the only person who believed him was Jack. Margo apologizes to Craig but reminds him that she has given him the benefit of the doubt before and she has always been wrong about him.

(Old Town) Jack reminds Carly that his duty as a cop is to find the truth and Carly yells at jack that if doing the right thing causes Parker to end up in jail again she will never forgive him for it.

(Police Station) Craig wants to leave and go find Gabriel to talk to him but Margo reminds him that he is still under arrest for arson, extortion, and Lucinda intends to press charges for assault. Lucinda tells Margo she intends to make sure that the charges against Craig stick and that he goes to jail for a long time. Craig asks Margo to allow him to go talk to Gabriel but Margo has him brought back to his cell. Lucinda goes down there and tells Craig that she will make sure that he never gets out of jail. Craig warns Lucinda that when he gets out of jail he will hunt her down and tear her limb from limb for what she did to Gabriel. Craig also intends to prove that Lucinda paid Gabriel money to lie about him. Once Lucinda leaves Craig asks Margo if he can borrow her phone to call Gabriel.

(Carly’s house) Carly arrives and asks Faith to let her talk to Parker alone and once Faith leaves to go to the kitchen Carly tells Parker that Gabriel changed his story and that could mean that he could go to jail for leaving Gabriel on the floor after he hit him. Parker tells Carly he doesn’t care what happens to him he just wants this whole mess to be done.

(Police Station) Margo tells Jack that she is going to recommend to the D.A. that he not press charges against Parker because there is no point because what happened was an accident. Jack is happy and thanks Margo while he is on his way to the door heading home to tell Carly and Parker the good news.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Carly and Parker the good news and gives Parker money to go celebrate with Faith. Jack tells Carly that they can finally put this whole nightmare behind them and move on with their lives. Carly tells jack that she can’t forget that his pursuit of what is right almost landed her son in jail. Jack tells Carly that he had faith that Parker wouldn’t end up in jail and it didn’t happen but Carly thinks that they just got lucky this time.

(Outside Carly’s house) Faith tells Parker that he saw Liberty get on an elevator with Gabriel and they were probably headed to Gabriel’s room to hook up. Parker is stunned but doesn’t believe that Liberty would ever sleep with Gabriel. Faith tries to kiss Parker but he tells her that is the last thing he wants to do right now and leaves.

(Al’s Diner) Gabriel tells Liberty that he told the truth because she asked him to do it and he didn’t want to disappoint her. Liberty is annoyed with Gabriel because he didn’t tell the truth because it was the right thing to do. Liberty tells Gabriel that if he decides to take the next step with Craig or not is his decision because he is on his own now. Liberty tells Gabriel she wants to be alone and leaves. Lucinda arrives and thanks Gabriel for not telling the police she paid him to leave town. Gabriel tells Lucinda that he does intend to leave town but Lucinda asks for her money back since he didn’t honor their deal. Gabriel gives Lucinda her money back and leaves. Gabriel turns off his phone when he sees Margo’s phone number

(Carly’s house) Jack is hurt that Carly called Parker her son and reminds her that even though Parker is Hal’s biological son Parker is his son in every way that counts. Carly shouts at Jack that if it had been Safe in trouble he would have done whatever it took to protect her but since Parker isn’t really his son he didn’t protect him. Jack wonders how far Carly would have gone to protect Parker and Carly tells him that she would have done whatever it took and she wanted him to do the same thing. Jack tells Carly that the badge he wears means that he has to always look for the truth. Carly yells that Jack keeps a list in his head of all her mistakes and jack tells Carly he doesn’t expect her to be perfect. Carly yells at jack that she is tired of him judging everything she does because he isn’t perfect either. Carly tells jack he promised to change when he shot Brad but even shooting his own brother hasn’t change him. Jack doesn’t say anything to Carly but he has a hurt look on his face as he leaves the house.

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