ATWT Update Monday 6/14/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/14/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

At Metro, Janet is on the phone with Teri wanting to make sure she stays at the Lakeview in case Liberty comes back. Parker is on the phone leaving Liberty a message wanting her to check in. Jack and Carly show up wondering what is going on and if they have heard from Liberty. Parker reluctantly explains what happened at the graduation party. Janet worries that the last time she took off with Gabriel they got arrested. Jack promises that they will find her.

At the cemetery, Liberty explains to Gabriel how mad she was at Brad, but she thinks it was more about that she was mourning the father she didn’t have. That is because he wasn’t around, Gabriel flatly says. Neither her or Craig was by choice. She spent a lot of time being mad; she and her dad didn’t end up having a lot of time together to make up for it; Craig wants the same thing. She is forgetting that he knows Craig – he plays and lies to get what he wants. He did the same thing, she reminds him. He stole money from Parker. So did he. He burned down his own business. He lied about Craig attacking him. He deserves that for what he did to his mom. Does Johnny deserve it. Who will comfort him when he cries for his dad, but he is in jail for something he didn’t do. He thinks he should leave and that way he doesn’t have to testify so Craig will get off and they don’t have a case. He will just be up on arson charges. He would just leave and give up the chance to get to know his father, Liberty asks. She should trust him when he tells her that he wouldn’t miss him. What about her. She would miss him. She will, as she nods and then they kiss. Come with him. They walk off together.

At the jail, Margo walks in mumbling about how she hopes Craig is behaving himself. She stops dead in her tracks when she sees an officer unconscious on the floor of Craig’s cell. She shakes her head and chides Craig out loud about how he could do this. She reports on the radio about an officer down and a prisoner having escaped.

At Worldwide, a threatening looking Craig glares at Lucinda, who looks somewhat nervous. What did she promise his son to get him to lie about who hurt him. He yanks the phone out of her hand; how much was it worth to her. His confinement has altered his mind, she answers. One more lie out of her mouth, Craig threatens. So, he can blame her – she seduced the maid and cheated on Sierra. He never knew he had a son thanks to her. She is going to get Gabriel to come down to her office and retract his statement. This is between him and his son. Craig has had it with her, as he yanks out the phone line and holds it up to her. If he is going to jail, then he will go for something he actually did. He then spins her around in the chair and starts to tie her up. There are so many tempting ways to hurt her. He is making it worse. He will let her live because he has to, as Lucinda starts to yell. Craig pulls off her scarf and sticks it in her mouth and heads out the door.

Jack hangs up the phone and tells everyone that they have their description and orders not to spook Liberty and Gabriel. They have to be patient. Parker offers to call some of Liberty’s other friends. Janet is going to go crazy just waiting. Dusty offers to take her for a drive and in the process they can look on the streets. Carly wonders how worried Janet should be. He was a little hard on Gabriel when he interrogated him. Carly reminds him that innocent people get nervous all the time under those circumstances. He also could have been guilt causing him to do this. Jack wonders if Liberty would leave with Gabriel. Carly doesn’t think so; he heard her speech; a put together young woman made that. She has done crazy things before. That was before she got sick. Jack wonders out loud at the possibility of Gabriel holding Liberty, which Parker overhears and starts to get upset. Carly tries to calm him down. It was his fault Liberty was mad; he started the fight. Carly assures him that it is most likely not even a probability. Jack echoes her thoughts by saying Liberty probably needed some time and headed to the pond or somewhere like that. It is too soon to be that worried. Email a picture of Liberty and he will go to the station, Jack tells Parker. Parker wants to go with him, but Carly tells Parker he will be going home with her.

Lucinda hears Faith’s voice in the hall and stomps her feet on the desk. Faith rushes in and unties her. Lucinda tells her that Craig did this. Faith wonders if it had to do with Gabriel. Why. They seemed to be talking at the party and everyone knows that Craig is upset with her mom and she because of the Gabriel situation. Also, Gabriel and Parker got into a fight at Liberty’s graduation party and Parker just called to say no one has seen either one of them. Lucinda thinks it is good riddance if Gabriel left town. What about Liberty though, Faith worries. She can take care of herself, Lucinda promises. Parker thinks Gabriel lied about the night of the fire. Lucinda is all ears; why would he think that. Parker doesn’t think Craig would try to kill his own son and he thinks Gabriel hates his father enough to try to convict him of a crime. Lucinda is frustrated; she tells Faith that her mother should have kept her mouth shut and honored Lydia’s wishes. Faith offers to call the police. Lucinda stops her and sends Faith to look after her mother; she could be next on Craig’s list.

At the Lakeview, Liberty doesn’t want to see anybody from her party. He doesn’t either; they are going upstairs. To her suite. No to Craig’s – no one will be looking for them there. She doesn’t know – she likes him, but that doesn’t mean she is ready to take it to the next level. That is fine with him; he would be lying if he didn’t say he wouldn’t love it if they did, but he won’t pressure her into anything. He thinks they can relax and that way, they won’t see any of her friends or Parker to give him the chance to hit him again. They can sit in the lobby, Liberty offers. It will be more quiet upstairs – nothing will happen she doesn’t want to happen, as Liberty stares and smiles at him.

At home, Parker is worried that Liberty still hasn't called. His father will find her, Carly promises. Does he want to tell her what happened. No. He got jealous. Ok, he did. There is more though, he admits; he knows neither her nor his dad wants to hear it though. He told Gabriel that he knew for a fact that Craig wasn't the one who hit him and left him there to die. Carly is horrified; he said that out loud in front of a roomful of people. He doesn’t care because it is the truth. The truth could send him to jail – is that what he wants. He wants this nightmare to be over, but it just gets worse. They sit down; she knows it has been hard; he just needs to hold on a while longer. Maybe Gabriel has left town, but he needs to stay out of his way. His dad knows he is lying Parker worries. He has his suspicions, but he can’t prove anything. He will keep pushing until he gets the truth out of Gabriel. Or, he will be convinced that Gabriel isn’t lying. He needs to trust her on this. He can’t do this anymore – he needs to find Gabriel and make him tell the truth, as he heads for the door. She takes him by the arm and tells him that she can’t let him do that.

At the cemetery, Janet calls out for Liberty; she always comes here when she is upset. She may not be upset, Dusty answers. The day started so well too with her graduation. Why is this happening, she asks. Liberty makes the choices she does because she made the decision not to tell Liberty about her dad. Why is she dredging this up. She molded her into the person she is because of her. Growing up with her as a mother molded her too, Dusty answers. She is off with Gabriel though. She is fine no matter where she is. Dusty wants to head back to the Lakeview, but as they are walking away, Janet sees a white rose by Brad’s grave; Liberty was here and she was upset, Janet realizes. Dusty tries to calm her again; she probably feels better now that she talked with Brad. She doesn’t want him to placate her; she knows her daughter better then anyone and she needs to find her because she is upset. Dusty wants her to relax a little because she is getting too wound up. Janet suddenly holds her stomach and makes a noise. She doubles over a bit and tells him that something is wrong.

At the station, the officer holding an ice pack to his neck and head explains to Margo that he thought Craig was having a heart attack. Margo shakes her head; it is the oldest trick in the book; he can think about that when he is on disciplinary leave. Jack comes in and wonders what is going on. Craig knocked the officer out and took off – just when she thought he might be telling the truth, he escapes – he is his own worse enemy. A frazzled Lucinda comes in and they ask her what is wrong. She is yelling about the ‘crazy person’ Craig being on the loose. He attacked her and wanted to kill her – luckily, he changed his mind though. However, he left her bound and gagged and her ‘poor traumatized granddaughter, Faith’ found her. She wants to press charges though so he pays for this. Margo shakes her head in disbelief.

Gabriel urges Liberty to go upstairs with him; she has never felt unsafe around him has she. No, she admits with a smile – even after all the crazy stuff he has done. She finally agrees and they head up in the elevator, as Faith comes in wondering if the manager has seen her mother. The manager goes to see if she is around. That is when Faith sees Liberty and Gabriel waiting for the elevator looking happy. Faith is stunned – what a slut, she mutters. The manager comes back and tells her that her mom isn’t in. Can she leave a message. No, because she doesn’t even know what to say, as she heads off.

Upstairs, Gabriel lets them into Craig’s room, as they look around and see it is empty. Does she want something to eat or drink. She is good. Gabriel can’t believe his day with Jack on his case, then his dad and then Parker. He apologizes about her party. He made it memorable, Liberty answers with a smirk. She is the only one who understands him. She gets him because their upbringing was similar and so were their moms. Gabriel goes to kiss her, but she doesn’t want to right now. They can hold hands. He just wishes she could trust him. She didn’t tell him something. She got pregnant by someone she didn’t care about. She wasn’t ready to be a mom and decided not to go through with it, but she lost the baby anyway. Sex isn’t casual for her. He is glad she told him because it means she trusts him. She does, as he admits he does too. Can they just hold each other and forget about the world for a while. That sounds nice, Liberty admits, as they settle into one another’s arms, but then suddenly they hear the door open. A flustered Craig lets himself in and then is stunned to see them there. Craig starts to wonder what they are doing here; then he thinks that he can see that he interrupted, as Liberty tells him that it isn’t what he thinks. Gabriel wonders what he is doing here. Craig pauses for a moment and then tells them that he got released, as Gabriel looks leery of that. How. He got off on a technicality – they didn’t Mirandize him properly. Gabriel doesn’t believe him. Craig admits that he escaped. He has guts, as Craig thinks they can build on that. He has to be kidding. Margo will be looking at the airports, bus and train stations so they have a long while to sit down and talk about this situation. Gabriel tells that while he is coming up with that fairytale, he is going to call the police.

At the hospital, Janet is in a hospital gown nervously sitting on the edge of the bed holding her stomach, as Dusty wants her to try to relax. She hasn’t gotten a cramp since she got here. She is busy holding her breath. Dusty wonders if she wants him to call Jack. She will call him if there is a problem. She thinks this is a sign, as Dusty smiles. What is God telling her. To stop being selfish and slow down and look out for this baby inside of her. She has been so preoccupied with Liberty and her sickness then helping her graduate. Not to mention the drama in her life. Does she think they are causing this. Their situation right now isn’t ideal. When is a situation idea, Dusty asks. She doesn’t want anything to happen to this baby; she wants to be a good mother. She is a great mother, dusty defends. She doesn’t want this baby’s life to be affected by her and her choices just as Liberty’s was. She thought her life was better now, but maybe it isn’t. She wants this baby to be a normal child with a normal life and if she has done anything to jeopardize this baby’s life. This baby is perfect – like her. Does he think so. Yes, she just has to believe it. When he looks at her like that – she does. The doctor comes in and wants to examine her and hear about the cramps.

Carly tells Parker that Jack has his suspicions, but he can’t prove anything and that way he doesn’t have to chose between him or his badge; he can’t say anything. They can do this. But, they are always fighting over him. No, they turned a corner, but can he stay away from Gabriel. What about Craig – he rots in jail for something he didn’t do. He set fire to her building and stole from him, Carly reminds him. What about him. He just hit a kid; there was no malicious intent. He doesn’t want to go to jail because he will never be the same again. Maybe that is the price he has to pay. If he won’t keep quiet for him, will he do it for her. Craig has taken so much from them; she can’t let Craig have him.

In the interrogation room, Lucinda is going on about the phone chord to her throat. Why was Craig there. It has something to do with the Gabriel secret. He has known about this for weeks; it doesn’t add up, Margo says. What makes sense in his warped mind, Lucinda answers. She has always tried to defend her bother, but it is no use. Margo tells them she is going to check on Craig’s whereabouts.

Craig takes the phone out of Gabriel’s hand; can he just listen to him. Why, it is the same stuff all the time, Gabriel answers, as Liberty wants him to stop and listen. He is not a good guy. He is still his father. He would have been his father if he had known; he felt as cheated too. Lucinda is forcing him to go along with this. Liberty wonders if it is true. Craig thinks she probably told him all he has done – most likely embellished it too. That will make them turn into amigos now, a sarcastic Gabriel asks. No, they are already something – he is his father. Who cares, because he has done just fine with out him for all these years. Has he. Because he thinks he is still grieving his mother and there is a space in his heart; he is alone and afraid. He doesn’t know anything about him. Liberty urges to listen to him. He might try to squirm his way out of this and try to kill him again. Liberty reminds him that he knows that is not true. Craig tells her to forget it because it is a lost cause. He hands him the phone and tells him that he won’t stop him. Gabriel takes the phone, calls the police and tells him that he is at the Lakeview with an escaped felon – Craig Montgomery. Craig looks saddened.

Carly wonders if she and Parker have a deal, as he is pacing and preoccupied with where Liberty is. He won’t talk to his dad or Gabriel about what happened that day, Carly repeats. He wants her to stop pushing him. He can’t deal with anything until he knows if Liberty is ok. Many people are looking her for and she will be fine. Look out for number one – that is her motto, a frustrated Parker snaps at her before he starts to walk out. He is her number one. He can’t make a promise until he knows Liberty is ok.

Gabriel tells Craig that the police are on their way. He wishes he hadn’t done that because he knows that one day he will regret that. Is that a threat. No just the sad truth, but after a moments pause – he tells him what is done is done, as he walks by and out the door, and Gabriel looks down. That might be the last time he sees him, Liberty answers. Good. Craig was right about him – he is scared and alone. No, he is not, as he takes her hand. She thinks Craig should be punished for what he did and not because of a lie. Does she know what he did – he killed his mother. He broke her spirit. Then he should go after him and vent to him. Her dad was a saint his is a monster. No person is all good or all bad. He is the only father he has and he let him get away. Meanwhile, Craig comes down the elevator in a hooded sweatshirt, but Margo is waiting for him – end of the line, she tells him.

Janet is told that the heartbeat is strong, as Dusty reminds her that is a good sign. Something could still show up on the tests. Her phone rings and Janet excuses herself promising she is waiting for a call. It is Liberty, as an anxious Janet wonders how she is. She is fine. Where is she. There was a fight at the graduation party. Janet knows because Parker told her. Is she with Gabriel. They are talking. She wants her to meet her at the Lakeview. Liberty starts to explain that she is ok. Janet tells her that she has enough on her plate so she wants to see her in person. Liberty wonders what that means and if she is ok. She is fine – she is out, but she will sees her soon, as she takes Dusty’s hand. Liberty promises that she will after she tells her that she loves her. Janet hangs up and Dusty tells her one off spring is fine, as he turns to the doctor. The doctor tells her that he doesn’t know why she got the cramp because her little boy is fine. Janet is so happy and then she realizes that he said boy. She looks at Dusty with tears in her eye and tells him that they are having a little boy, as they hold one another.

At the station, Lucinda is walking out of the interrogation room with Jack when Margo brings in Craig. Lucinda is thankful how quickly they did their job. Craig growls at her, as he tells her to stuff her scarf in it. He should have killed her while she had the chance. He admitted to it, Lucinda wants them to note. No, but she was the one that convinced Gabriel to lie. Lucinda feigns ignorance. Margo ushers Craig away. Lucinda wants to go in the room, but Jack stops her; he wonders if it was a lie. Of course it was. Craig wants Margo to go talk to Gabriel. Get him to admit to it. He is now facing assault charges. She deserves it because she turned his son against him. When he gets out of prison, he can deal with that what he needs to do and reunite with long lost son now is the time to call his lawyer. Is Tom at home or on his cell, Craig asks flatly. Meanwhile outside the room, Jack wonders why Craig would say that. Lucinda doesn’t know. She is leaving. She thought she wanted to stay. Not now that she is being made to feel like a perpetrator; she is the victim and he will do well to remember that. She is heading out when Liberty walks in the station with Gabriel. Jack is happy to see her; she has her mom worried sick. She just talked with her; she didn’t know they would freak out. Gabriel sees Lucinda as they look at one another; she reminds him that they had a deal. Gabriel walks by her and tells Jack that he has to talk to him.

Janet is looking at the sonogram picture. He knows she and Jack wanted to find out together. There should have been a note in her file. It is ok. She just found out she is having a ‘slugger’. He knows what color to paint the nursery now. He will show her the ropes. She can’t stop smiling. Johnny will be excited to hear he has a brother on the way. They are all lucky. She wants to do right by this baby. Thanks to her dad - he helped her by giving her the money; he helped her, Liberty and his grandson… it is like he is still with them. She wants him to have all Liberty didn’t. A loving mother is all a child needs. They kiss.

At Java, Faith sees Parker. He is still looking for Liberty. He can’t believe she might be with Gabriel. What is it, Parker wonders, as he sees Faith’s face. Has she sees Liberty.

Carly tries to reach Parker by phone but gets his voice mail. She calls Jack; he is a bit busy, as she tells him that she is worried about Parker. He might be looking for Gabriel and she doesn’t want him to make things worse. Jack tells her that Gabriel and Liberty are at the station; he has something he wants to tell him. What is it. He doesn’t know, but it sounds important. Carly tells him that she is on her way. Jack hangs up and opens the door to the room where Craig and Margo are. They might want to hear this, as they walk out. Lucinda doesn’t want them to believe a word Gabriel says. Jack silences her; they want to hear what Gabriel has to say. Gabriel tells them that the day of the fire, Craig didn’t hit him. In fact, he wasn’t even there. Everyone looks from one person to another in amazement – none more then Craig, as Jack eyes him.

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