ATWT Update Friday 6/11/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/11/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

Dusty walks up to the table at the Lakeview and asks Janet if he can join her. She tells him that for him, yes always. She just hopes they finish painting the house soon so she doesn’t have to depend on the Lakeview for her food any more. Parker stops by to see Liberty and both sweat the scores to know if she passed her tests and she will graduate today – she does and hugs Parker.

At Lily’s, Gabriel questions Faith about Parker and Liberty’s relationship. She tells him they were married at one time. He wants to know what it is now. Lucinda visits Craig in jail. He accuses Gabriel of channeling Lucinda….it’s almost like he is quoting her and he wonders why.

Jack drops by Carly’s and says he is sorry that things got so out of hand yesterday. She gives him a light kiss. He tells her that he knows Gabriel is hiding something and for Parker’s sake he has to find out what that is so he invited him down to the station to answer a few more questions.

Carly chastises Jack that Craig is the only person who could have had a motive to start that fire to collect insurance money. He says maybe so but he needs to be strong and find out the truth. She tells him okay, go do what he has to do.

Janet gets a text that she better come back upstairs and change or they will be late for the graduation. She does a dance of joy with Liberty. This is the best day of her life. She thanks Parker for helping her and she is forever grateful. She wants to get on the phone right now and line up a party; anybody that Liberty wants to invite.

Both Liberty and Parker start calling and talk to Gabriel and Faith at same time. They both agree to come. Parker is not happy to hear that Liberty invited Gabriel though, but he will try to get over it today.

Craig asks Lucinda if she has been feeding Gabriel his lines. She’s always there hanging around his son’s room. She thinks he is grasping at straws, being too desperate. Carly stops by Lily’s and wants to speak to Gabriel. She wants him to stick to his story and not let Jack get him to say something other than what he has already told the police. He owes that much to Parker.

Teri hugs Liberty for being a graduate. Flowers are delivered. They are from Jack. Then Dusty arrives bearing a spray….a girl can’t have too many flowers. Craig asks Lucinda how she got to Gabriel. Was it her typical M.O. like her pocketbook that can buy anything. He knows she is responsible for turning his son against him. She doesn’t think it is too unusual that she spent time outside Gabriel’s room since he is part of the family. Craig reminds her that it’s part of the maid’s family.

Liberty tries on her cap and gown. Janet cries that she is the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. From now on it’s going to be smooth sailing; she deserves it. They hug.

Carly returns and tells Parker that she will run upstairs and change. Jack will go to graduation, but he’s still working and he will go from the station. They will all be there. Gabriel comes into the station and Jack thanks him. Gabriel says he didn’t think he had much choice. Jack tells Gabriel that the stories don’t match up and he’d like to settle this before it gets to the grand jury. Gabriel previously told them that Parker decked him and he hit his head while landing on the floor before Craig hit him, yet there is only one blunt object trauma to his head.

Jack says he knows it is hard to rectify a mistake but it can be done. Gabriel says he can’t explain it but he knows that Craig hit him and tried to kill him and he needs to be punished. Faith stops by Carly’s and doesn’t cheer Parker up when she says that Parker invited Gabriel as she is really into him. Gabriel stops by and warns Parker that he better get his old man to lay off of him for his own sake.

Craig asks Lucinda if she wants to invite Lily to see him or should he do that. She warns him not to threaten her; that won’t work. This is his own desperate self to cover up his misdeeds of trying to kill his own son. Parker tells Faith that he thinks something else is going on and he is worried about Gabriel. He may be setting his father up for something he did not do. Jack is asking him a lot more questions and he thinks he may have figured it out. Parker says he didn’t know there was going to be a fire, but he did hit Gabriel and left him on the floor. So if it turns out that Craig didn’t hit him, then Parker could be charged and still go to jail. He doesn’t know what he can do to fix this, but he is worried abut Gabriel if he was willing to make up a story to send his own father to jail. And he’s spending a lot of time with Liberty and Parker doesn’t think she should have anything to do with him. Faith says that is her decision.

All meet in the hallway at school for the graduation. Liberty joins her classmates. Carly sits besides Jack and asks if he had his meeting with Gabriel. He tells her he won’t discuss it here. They need to keep it together for Liberty and Parker. Gabriel is sticking to his story. Carly seems pleased.

Gabriel is running late but Lucinda catches him before he leaves for graduation. She hands him a brown envelope. He opens it and is wowed by a large wad of cash. He wants to know what it is for. She says it’s for a new life in a new town. She thinks he wants to go as his father has a grand jury hearing that is imminent and she doesn’t think Gabriel can stand up to the pressure so it’s best he get out of town before it is an issue. He wonders what will happen if he says no. She says that would be a mistake. He retorts that he could just tell Aunt Margo that Lucinda bribed him about her brother. He could even show her the cash. Lucinda says that would be a mistake. He must take her for an amateur. She would just deny it and she knows every judge in town. With a campaign contribution here and there, Gabriel could end up digging ditches. So he has a choice. He can be poor and incarcerated in Oakdale or he can be fancy free and rich elsewhere. There is only one catch – and he loves that word – he must decide right now. He only takes a moment. Gabriel puts the envelope in his bag.

The principal presents Liberty to the auditorium. She gives a heartfelt speech about the people who loved her and the only reason she is here today. She gives a special mention to Parker who stayed by her side through thick and thin. Then she mentions her awesome mother. Whenever she fell down, she was always there to pick her up. Then there is one person she wishes with all her heart could be there today – her dad. He is the real reason she is graduating. He convinced her to stay in school.

Craig feigns a heart attack and cries for the guard to take him to the hospital. When the guard enters the cell, Craig knocks him out. Back at Metro, they all give a toast to Liberty and graduation. Janet thanks them all for taking her and Liberty into their homes. Parker tells Faith that he can’t believe that Gabriel didn’t show up for graduation after all. No sooner said, Gabriel does show up at the party. Parker jumps between him and Liberty when Gabriel tries to get her to leave with him. Liberty begs him not to start something, but Gabriel goads Parker by asking if he is going to hit him again. Yes, Parker does and Gabriel punches back. Both end up in a wrestling match. Security has to stop it. They throw Gabriel out since he is not a member of the class. Gabriel apologizes to Liberty for ruining her party.

Janet asks Dusty to dance and Teri gives her approval. He is about to put a huge ring on her finger when Parker bursts in and tells Janet that Parker and Gabriel got in a fight and they have left town together. Janet panics because of what happened the last time they ran off in a stolen car. Dusty puts the ring back in his pocket without Janet seeing it.

Liberty visits her dad’s grave and gives him credit for her graduating. Gabriel also shows up and she blasts him for hating his father when he knows so little about him…..and then making up a story to get him arrested and sent to jail. She tells him that he is lucky but so stupid that he doesn’t even realize it. He still has his father while hers is gone. She pleads with him to stay. He can’t change the past and whatever role Craig played in it, he did not do it intentionally. So he should not have to pay for something that he didn’t even know about, just so Gabriel can get revenge. She wants him to stay and tell the truth.

Jack brings Carly home and they both wish he could stay. Carly tells him he did a good job filling in for Brad today. He gets a call from Janet. She needs him right away. She fills him in about Gabriel and Liberty and leaving town. Reluctantly Jack tells Carly that he has to go and she says she is coming with him.

Lucinda looks up and there is Craig at her desk. She jumps up and demands to know what he wants. He tells her that either she straighten up this mess with Gabriel or he is going to start acting like the monster that she already thinks he is.

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