ATWT Update Thursday 6/10/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/10/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Lakeview) Janet helps Johnny get ready for his swimming lesson and tells him to go meet his baby sitter who is waiting for him at the elevator. Dusty thanks Janet for persuading Craig to let him be Johnny’s temporary guardian until he gets out of jail Dusty wonders if there is some way that he can return the favor to Janet. Janet asks Dusty to help persuade Liberty to go to summer school and graduate in the fall. Janet is worried that Liberty is pushing herself too hard in order to graduate tomorrow and she may get sick again. Dusty advises Janet to lighten up and allow Liberty to be normal because her cancer is gone now and she is fine. Janet admits to Dusty that she feels like a hypocrite because she doesn’t want Liberty to leave her and go to college in New York. Janet tells Dusty that Liberty doesn’t need her anymore and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

(Al’s Diner) Liberty looks tired when Parker arrives and gives her some coffee Liberty worries that she won’t finish her work in time to graduate with her class tomorrow. Parker thinks that Liberty should go to summer school and graduate in the fall so she won’t be under stress. Liberty explains to parker that brad had the day of her graduation circled on a calendar in his office with her name written in the middle of the circle and if she doesn’t graduate tomorrow she would feel that her father is disappointed in her. Parker understands and offers to help butt Liberty tells him that she must do this alone. Gabriel is walking passed the diner and looks inside as liberty is talking to Parker. Lucinda arrives and tells him they need to talk about his plans for the future.

(Lakeview) Parker arrives and tells Dusty and Janet that Liberty needs their help fast.

(Police Station) A guard tells Craig that he doesn’t know when his trial will be scheduled but his contact at the DA’s office told him that he is sure to be indicted because his son is testifying against him.

(Cary’s house) Molly stops by to tell Carly that she and Holden are getting married. Carly tells Molly that she is happy for her and that she will make her wedding dress. Carly admits to Molly that she is envious of her because she and Jack have had such a tense relationship lately. Molly hopes that Lily will take the news well and that she will be relieved that Holden is happy. Carly doubts that Lily will be relieved about Holden’s marriage but she tells Molly not to worry about it and just be happy.

(Lily’s house) Holden tells Lily about his upcoming marriage to Molly and he and Lily decide that they should tell the children together. Lily tries to persuade Holden to think about this carefully before he makes a mistake he will regret like she did with Damian. Holden tells Lily he probably would have given her the same advice before she married Damian if he hadn’t been presumed dead. Holden tells Lily he loves Molly and he is doing the right thing and even though it seems strange he asks for her blessing. Lily gives Holden her blessing and wishes him happiness on his marriage. Holden leaves and Lily starts to cry because she knows that she has lost Holden.

(Police Station) The sheriff in charge of the Silas Whitman investigation tells jack that there are certain details that he didn’t include in his report. Jack and the sheriff go into the interrogation room and he tells Jack he found a DVD of Silas and Molly having sex and the DVD was found in the trunk of Silas’s car. The sheriff also tells jack that if the D.A. had this DVD he could use it to say that the shooting wasn’t self-defense. Jack explains to the sheriff that Silas Whitman harassed Molly because he didn’t want to get back together with him and he asked her to meet him and he tried to rape her. Jack persuades the sheriff to give him the DVD so that he can return it to Molly because what happened in the past shouldn’t come back to haunt her now.

(Outside Al’s Diner) Lucinda thinks that Gabriel wants to stay in Oakdale because of Liberty and she tells him that he shouldn’t throw away money that he could build a future with over a girl. Gabriel insists that Liberty isn’t the reason that he wants to stay in Oakdale. Lucinda tells Gabriel that if he stays in town much longer people will begin to ask questions about what really happened the day of the fire and she doesn’t want Craig to get out of jail. Craig assures Lucinda that he doesn’t intend to change his story and Craig will stay in jail. Lucinda tells Gabriel that if he doesn’t leave town after Craig’s trial she will make him leave town.

( Java) Liberty arrives and is surprised to find Parker, her best friend McKenzie, Dusty, and Janet all ready to help her finish her work so that she can graduate tomorrow. Liberty’s friend McKenzie will help her with chemistry and Parker will help her with calculus, Dusty will help her with history and Janet will help her with English. Liberty is touched and once McKenzie helps her with chemistry she feels ready to take the test. Janet tries to help Liberty with her English paper but has trouble understanding the Shakespeare sonnet on which Liberty has to write a paper. Dusty understands the sonnet and explains it to Liberty as he reads it to Janet as a declaration of his love for her.

(Old Town) Johnny sees Gabriel and runs up to him and gives him a hug and asks him if he will go swimming with him and Craig once Craig gets out of jail.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives followed a few minutes later by Holden and Molly tells Jack that she and Holden are getting married. Jack gives Molly the DVD the sheriff gave him and tells her not to worry anymore. Once Holden and Molly leave Jack and Carly argue because Carly thinks Jack is more then willing to cover up evidence for Molly but not Parker. Jack explains that the two situations are totally different and he thought she would be happy that he helped Molly. Carly tells jack the situations are the same and jack wonders why Carly is so sure that he would put Parker in jail that she won’t even give him a chance to prove Parker isn’t guilty.

(Police station) Gabriel arrives to tell Craig that he won’t change his story so he should stop using Johnny to change his mind. Craig pleads with Gabriel to tell the truth so they can have a chance to build a relationship. Gabriel tells Craig that Lucinda and everyone else in town was right that he is a low life.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Lucinda that Holden is marrying Molly and then she cries on her shoulder. Lucinda encourages Lily not to give up without a fight and even suggests that Lily find out the real reason Holden is rushing to marry Molly and use it to her advantage to get Holden back in her life. Lily doesn’t want to do that and forbids Lucinda get involved in the situation.

(Farm) Holden tells Molly not to worry about the DVD’s because the police only found one DVD, which Jack gave them so she has nothing to worry about anymore. Holden suggests that they make a fire and burn the DVD’s so that Molly won’t have to worry about anyone seeing them.

(Lakeview) Janet tells Johnny to get out of his wet clothes, shower and change so he doesn’t get sick. Dusty tells Janet that when he sees her he is happy just like it said in the Shakespeare sonnet. Janet tells Dusty that this isn’t the way she thought her family would be when she was growing up but she is happy to be with him, Johnny, Liberty, and the new baby on the way.

(Java) Liberty tells Parker that she wrote her English paper on Dusty and Janet’s relationship and how it is similar to the Shakespearian sonnet that she was assigned to read. Liberty thanks Parker for helping her today because of everyone who helped her she feels confident she will pass the exams. Liberty gives parker a kiss on the cheek and a hug before she leaves to take the exams.

(Police Station) Craig ask the guard to call Lucinda and tell her she needs to see him so the guard calls Lucinda and she is surprised that Craig wants to see her.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Lucinda that she must go for a walk to clear her head and Lucinda asks her to think about their talk.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Carly that he wants to do the right thing for Parker as well as find out the truth. Jack worries that Margo will find new evidence and try and reopen the case. Jack storms out and Parker wonders why his dad is upset but Carly tells him not to worry about it.

(Outside Lily’s house) Jack asks Gabriel to come down to the station for questioning tomorrow and Gabriel looks nervous about it.

(Woods) Holden and Molly make a fire and burn the DVD’s and Lily sees them as she is going on her walk.

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