ATWT Update Tuesday 6/8/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/8/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Java) Alison tells Chris what he said to her when he was on painkillers and thought that she was Katie. Alison apologizes for telling Katie what he said but he thought that she ought to know how he fells about her. Chris now understands why Katie threw him out of her house. Chris gives Alison the “let’s be friends “ speech and tells her that she will find the perfect guy for her. Alison isn’t so sure and thinks she is under a friends curse because all the men she knows only want to be her friend.

(TV Station) Katie tells her stage Manager she will be back soon but she needs to pick up a prescription for some medicine for Jacob but Chris should be there soon to tape the show. The stage manage tells Katie that she and Chris make a good on air team and Katie recalls what Alison told her about Chris having feelings for her. and she also remembers the kiss that she and Chris shared for the segment on Lisa’s show.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Tom returns from his trip to visit Daniel and tells Casey that Daniel is on the debate team at school as well as playing shortstop on the varsity baseball team. Casey is happy that Daniel turned out so well despite the fact that he didn’t spend much time with Tom or Emily. Tom wonders why Casey is thinking about this and Casey tells Tom that he feels badly for messing up so much and not accomplishing as much as Daniel but Tom tells Casey he is proud of all of his sons. Casey tells Tom that he may have gotten a girl pregnant but he isn’t sure if he is the father. Tom promises to help Casey be involved in the baby’s life even if he has to take legal action but he advises him to find out for sure that he is the father of the child.

(Lakeview) Henry wants to go with Vienna to her doctor’s appointment but she tells him that the doctor makes her wait a long time so she will call him so he can come down when she is ready to see the doctor. Vienna gives Henry a kiss and leaves and Henry waits a few minutes and decides to head for the hospital.

(Park) Henry remembers when he and Vienna released balloons to remember the child they lost and then he can’t catch his breath and starts to have a panic attack. Barbara is passing by and she gives Henry a paper bag to breathe into and offers to listen while Henry tells her what caused the panic attack. Henry is hesitant to talk about the subject with Barbara until she tells him that she has accepted that he is marrying Vienna and now she only wants to be his friend. Henry shares with Barbara that he went to buy some presents for the baby in order to surprise Vienna and then he drove by the park and had to stop. Barbara wonders why Henry felt he had to stop and he explains that last year when he and Vienna lost the baby they released white balloons in this park to say good-bye to the baby. Henry admits to Barbara that he is scared that Vienna will lose the baby she is carrying now but Barbara assures Henry the baby will be fine. Barbara asks Henry to commit 100% to Vienna and the baby and not be afraid that he will hurt her because she has accepted that their relationship is finished. Barbara tells Henry not to worry because he will be a good father and then he and Barbara say good-bye and Henry apologizes to Barbara for the hurt he caused her and Barbara covers Henry mouth with her hand and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

(Hospital) Emily tries to persuade Paul that Meg should go back to Deer brook and the doctor arrives and informs Paul that the toxicology report shows traces of methadone in Meg’s system. Emily thinks that makes sense and tells Paul that Meg is medicating herself because she got out of deer brook too early and she can’t handle the pressure. Paul doesn’t think Meg would ever medicate herself to deal with stress and Emily pleads with Paul to take her side one time over Meg. Katie goes to pick up a prescription for Jacob and thinks about kissing Chris again and tells herself that she has to stop thinking about Chris. Vienna asks a nurse some questions about artificial insemination and she tells her that the doctor will soon answer all of her questions. Katie rushes over and tells Vienna she will only make the lie worse because the procedure might not work. Vienna tells Katie she is desperate because Henry won’t touch her because he is afraid he will hurt the baby that doesn’t exist and she is afraid to lose him if he finds out she lied to him about being pregnant. Katie advises Vienna to let nature take its course and a baby will come for her and Henry at the right time. Alison watches Vienna and Katie talking although she can’t hear what they are saying to each other and she thinks that she should tell Casey. Emily accuses Meg of taking drugs because she can’t handle the stress and Meg denies that she would ever risk her health or Eliza’s safety by taking drugs. Paul asks Emily to leave the room so he can talk to Meg alone and Paul asks Meg once again if she is taking methadone and Meg tells Paul that he knows better then anyone that she doesn’t even take an aspirin. Meg also tells Paul that Emily was also in the hospital the day the medicine went missing. Emily talks to Alison in the hallway and tells her that methadone was found in Meg’s bloodstream. Alison informs Emily that Meg was there the day the medicine went missing from the hospital.

(TV Station) Chris tells Katie Alison told him what he said when he was on painkillers and he can’t deny it anymore he does have strong feelings for her and he can’t get their kiss out of his mind. Chris knows that Katie feels the same way but Katie denies it and says that he is arrogant to assume he knows her feelings. Chris tells Katie that she is scared to let go of Brad and he can’t compete with her dead husband this makes Katie angry and she tells Chris to leave her alone and stay out of her life. Chris tells Katie he will leave her alone if that is what she ants and today will be his last show with her.

(Hospital) Emily tells Barbara about the methadone they found in Meg’s system and that she thinks Meg should go back to deer brook. Barbara thinks that that this is all too convenient for Emily and Emily resents the accusation by Barbara that she is happy that Meg has had a relapse. Henry arrives and Vienna tells him that the doctor had an emergency and her appointment was rescheduled and Henry tells Vienna he has a surprise for her. Alison tells Casey that she saw Vienna and Katie talking and Vienna looked very upset. Alison suggests Casey ask his Aunt Katie about her conversation with Vienna but Casey doesn’t want to do that because Katie is Vienna’s best friend. Alison tells Casey she can check the hospital computer to see if Vienna has seen a doctor recently. Alison discovers that Vienna hasn’t seen a doctor since she lost the baby last year so Alison thinks that Vienna is hiding something.

(TV Station) Chris tells the viewers of Katie’s show that this will be his last day but Katie is a wonderful mother and they are all lucky to allow her into their homes everyday. Once the show is over Chris makes it clear to Katie that he was serious about leaving the show and her life and then he tells Katie good-bye.

(Lakeview) Henry shows Vienna a bag full of things he bought for the baby and apologizes for being scared. Henry also tells Vienna that he isn’t scared anymore and he is ready to be a husband and father. Henry and Vienna make love once Vienna assures Henry that making love won’t hurt the baby.

(Hospital) Meg tells Barbara the lab made a mistake with her tests but Barbara understand s why Meg would feel the need to take pills because she has been under a lot of pressure. Meg tells Barbara she didn’t take drugs and that Emily was also there the day the drugs were stolen from the hospital. Barbara tells Paul that Emily was also in the hospital when the medication was stolen so Paul and Barbara both ask Emily if she took the medication from the hospital. Meg smiles as she hears Paul, Barbara and Emily arguing then she takes a bottle of Methadone pills out of her purse. .

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