ATWT Update Monday 6/7/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 6/7/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Lark

Outside at the farm, Lily is talking with herself about how much she loves Holden and wants him back. Meanwhile, inside, Holden wants Molly to marry him; he will keep her safe and protect her. What about this situation. He doesn’t want her to worry because he will do all the talking; it was self-defense. There is a knock and Holden opens the door to find Lily anxiously wanting to talk with him. She walks in babbling before she sees Molly there; she tells him that she has to talk with him and she is sorry she came by unannounced probably looking like a fool. Then she sees Molly. Holden quickly explains that Molly’s job was a bust and so she came home, as Lily can see Molly is upset. Did she interrupt something. Holden explains that she did actually interrupt then because he just asked Molly to marry him. Lily looks stunned.

At Dusty’s suite, Janet let herself in while he is on the phone; he sounds upset and hangs up. Dusty explains that Johnny is in a new playgroup. She thinks that is great, as Dusty explains that they are going to be playing in the water tomorrow and they need written permission from a legal guardian – meaning Craig - even though Johnny is living with him. Now he has to tell Johnny he can’t go because Craig won’t make it legal - even temporarily. Maybe someone can talk with Craig to convince him. Tom and Margo tried to talk with him, but he said no way. He is delusional thinking he is going to be released, but from what he hears, Craig is going to do serious time.

In his cell, Craig is doing pushups when an officer walks back in the room; Craig reminds him that he asked him for water a while ago, as the man laughs. His sister is chief of detectives, Craig threatens. The officer snidely tells him that she went all out for his arrangements. He can get him a cushy job in private security, as the officer looks unfazed. Then Craig tries with the fact that he believes that Jack Snyder will be back soon with an ETA of when he is going to be released. The officer tells him that he has no visitors scheduled. Jack was always slow on the uptake Craig mumbles to himself, kids learn faster, as he tells the officer, he needs to make a call to his son. The one who put him in there. No, the 5 year old, who needs him. The officer walks away, as Craig promises that he will remember this when he gets out.

In the evidence room, Carly and Jack stand there with the glass angel evidence smashed at her feet. He can’t believe she just did that. It slipped, an unapologetic Carly tells him. That is key evidence in an attempted murder case. Accidents happen. She knowingly broke the law. She doesn’t care; she only cares about protecting her son. Does she have any idea of the position she put him in by coming here with the sole intention of destroying evidence. What is he going to do; will he toss her in a cell with Craig or share one with Parker. The officer comes back, sees the broken angel and asks Jack what happened. Jack takes a deep breath looking unnerved. He tells him that he tried to put it back in the evidence box and dropped it; can he get a broom. Carly apologizes for what she said before; she should have known he would look out for them. He tells her to stop it; he can’t do this anymore. She knows she went a little far, but he has to understand that she is looking out for Parker; he has to understand. Does he really have to understand that. That is what mother and father’s do – they protect; they are supposed to be on the same side. She just proved Craig right, Jack mutters. He said you would – then he stops himself. Carly wants to know what pearls of wisdom came from Craig’s mouth. Jack pauses for a moment before he answers; Craig said she is toxic, as Carly laughs. The man that stole their son’s future and then burned her business to the ground to cover it up says she is toxic. Jack thinks he is wrong; she is not toxic, as Carly looks relieved. He goes on to explain that they are toxic together though. Carly looks saddened.

Janet is massaging Dusty’s back and shoulders. He wants to be there for her, Liberty and the baby. He already does so much for her. He wants to be there when the baby is born – diapers, feedings and Little League. She hopes he is there for that and so much more. Yes, as a stepfather, Dusty says flatly. She didn’t realize that upset him this much. He is just in a bad mood. She is glad he is speaking the truth. She has to go though because she has a sonogram. Can he take her. No. He doesn’t want to push. He isn’t; she has to make a stop first and Jack is meeting her at the hospital. Enough said, Dusty answers. She will call him after though, as she kisses him and heads out. After she leaves, Dusty calls the police station and makes a request to see Craig.

At the station, Craig is taken to see a visitor. He assumes it is his lawyer preparing him to get out. Instead, it is Janet. It is always a pleasure, he tells her with a smile. It probably won’t be, she answers. She is here to make sure that he does the right thing.

Lily thinks Holden’s proposal seems out of the blue; he didn’t say anything to her when he was over for dinner earlier. He didn’t know he was going to do it. Molly tells her that it isn’t what she thinks. Lily can see that Molly is surprised too. Holden explains that he has wanted to ask Molly for a while and just decided to do it tonight. Molly quietly adds that tonight has been full of surprises. It certainly has, Lily echoes. She wishes them well and tells them Faith will be pleased; she likes her so much; she won’t say anything to the children; she will let them share the news. Molly and Holden thank her. Lily wants to head off quickly, as Holden wonders why she came out tonight. She just wanted a recipe from Emma; she can talk with her later. Molly tells Holden that he should go after Lily because she seems upset. She is fine; it is she who he is worried about. She will be fine. He just asked her to marry him and she didn’t give him an answer. Molly wipes away her tears and tells him that if he wants an answer tonight then she is sorry, but the answer is no. Holden looks surprised. She loves him so much and she would love to be his wife, but would he have asked her to marry him if she hadn’t shot and killed Silas. She doesn’t think it is a good time to make plans for their future. He has wanted to marry her for a long time. Molly believes he is desperate to save her and feels guilty that she wound up with Silas alone. He neglected her for Lily and the kids so she felt she had to take on Silas alone. Maybe in the beginning, but tonight was on her and that is not a reason to marry someone. He wants to marry her for many other reasons. She knows - if she goes on trial then he won’t have to testify against her. Noone forced her to see Silas; she knew in the back of her mind something might happen, and that is why she brought the gun. She knew he was sick and dangerous. It was self-defense Holden defends. No, it wasn’t; Silas was going to go public with their tapes; she couldn’t bear his mother seeing those tapes. She decided to pull the trigger. Holden wants her to stop because there was another reason he asked her to marry him that night and it isn’t what she thinks. When he got there and held her, tonight he realized how much he loved her and how right it feels. He wants her to marry her so they can face this and everything else that comes their way together forever. She loves him very much and wants to be with him, but she can’t make any decisions right now. He understands she needs time. She thinks she should go see Carly. He doesn’t know about that. She knows her better then anyone… besides him. He will drive her. He wants to get rid of the tapes first; he will be back.

At home, Lily goes to get herself a drink, as Lucinda pours her a drink because she has the answers to her prayers. She doesn’t care; she won’t listen to her again; every time she does, it will get her in trouble. She went to Holden and to say it didn’t go well was an understatement. Holden proposed to Molly tonight. What is he thinking, Lucinda asks. He is in love with her. Lucinda never saw that coming. Then she has a thought; that is natural and the way he works. What does she mean, Lily asks. She got a call tonight; Congressman Silas was shot and killed tonight at the Old Mill Restaurant. Lily is shocked because she realizes he was the one Molly had the affair with and the one who almost killed her. No wonder she was on edge, as Lucinda snickers. Who was the shooter, Lily wonders. They both know who it was, Lucinda answers. It is a person who didn’t probably look swept off her feet when she should have, as Lily realizes it was Molly. Lucinda shakes her head.

Janet asks Craig how much he loves his son. He is his whole life. Why doesn’t he act like it. Craig realizes Dusty sent her. He doesn’t know she is here. Why wouldn’t he want Johnny to have fun with other kids. It is the camp's rules that he is the one that needs to sign the papers. Why can’t Dusty sign the papers instead. He is Johnny’s father. Does he want to ostracize Johnny because he can’t swallow his pride; he can sign temporary custody to Dusty while he is in there so he can take care of Johnny the right way; when he gets out then he can rescind it. Craig gets up and tells her no. Why not. Look at where he is – he has lost everything; he doesn’t want Johnny taken away too. It isn’t about that; it is about taking care of Johnny and he can’t do that while he is in there and Dusty can. He is sure that he is gloating every step of the way. It isn’t a contest; he hurt Gabriel he shouldn’t hurt Johnny too. She doesn’t pull punches, Craig quietly says. They tell Johnny every day how much he loves and misses him; he won’t forget him. Craig thinks for a moment and then wonders what Dusty did to deserve her.

At home, Carly wonders if Jack wants to come in. Does she want him to, he asks. Not if he is going to call her names. He said they were toxic not her, Jack answers quietly. They can fix it together, she tells him. He has to understand that she did what she had to do. That is the problem – she always does. She gets it - same ole, same ole, Carly snaps. He has ridiculously high standards and everyone else has to be up there with him, but some of us are mere mortals and have flaws, an angry Carly tells him. She saw the world from the bottom of the bottle and was forced to accept all her mistakes; she is ok with who she is. However, she doesn’t think he is ok with her; she doesn’t think he has truly forgiven her. He has forgiven her plenty, Jack answers. Has he – over the years for all of it – like for making Parker cover when she was drinking. Jack moves back in forth with his hands in the pocket. She sees; it is true and if he hasn’t. She is a mess and he loves her. It probably makes him love her more. She loves and accepts him for who he is as well. That is not actually true because she wants to change him too; she wants him to accept everything she does and to not question anything. That is not a fair expectation and he can’t be that to her. Where do they go if neither will give to make the other happy, Carly wonders. She sees Jack’s face – he didn’t come back with her to work this out… he came back to say goodbye. He thought when they got back together this time, it would be different. It is not like they wouldn’t have the same issues, but nothing would happen that would be so extreme that they wouldn’t be able to see the other person’s point of view and move through it, but when she broke the evidence, she shattered the last hope for them. He realizes things will never change; it is about who they are. There are worse things then loving someone so much you would go through anything for them; they love one another and that is all that matters, Carly believes. He has to go back to the station and meet Janet for a sonogram. He walks for the door, as Carly wonders if she will see him later, but Jack leaves without a word.

Craig is calling out to the guard wondering when he is going to be taken back to his cell, but noone seems to be coming. Suddenly, the door opens and Dusty is there with the officer. Dusty wonders why he wants to hurt his child. Craig wants to go to his cell, but Dusty puts his arm in his way. He doesn’t get why he wants to alienate Johnny from having fun with the other kids. Craig tells the officer that if Dusty stops him again, it will be assault. He walks by Dusty and tells him that it is a done deal. Tomorrow, Johnny will be swimming with the other kids; he made him temporary guardianship until he can get out, which will be sooner then he thinks. Dusty looks taken aback; what changed his mind. Ask his better half, Craig answers as he is taken away.

At the hospital, Janet is waiting when the nurse comes out and tells her the doctor is ready. She will be right in; she just needs to talk with the father to see if he is on the way. Dusty walks over – he was in the neighborhood. The nurse smiles and says they are ready. Janet tells him that she thinks he is the father. If she needs a hand to be held, his will fit perfectly. Has he ever told her how terrific she is. What brought this on. He kisses her. She pauses and then Dusty thinks this approach is making her uneasy so he will call her later, as he walks away, Janet tells him that she would love to have her hand held. Dusty smiles as they head into the room.

Lucinda thinks they have light at the end of the tunnel. How can she see this as an opportunity to get back with Holden; he just proposed to Molly, Lily wonders. That was out of pity; he doesn’t love her. His feelings seemed genuine to her. Sympathy is fleeting, but love endures. She doubts that is true, but even if it is true then what should she do. Go back to the farm and tell him that she loves him – so he knows he has a choice and she guarantees he will chose her.

At the station, Jack tells the officer that he has to leave, but Holden rushes in asking to talk with him. He is on his way out, but Holden tells him that Molly shot and killed Silas tonight. Jack is speechless. Holden explains that he gave his statement to Sheriff Dooley, but he wants Jack to hear it from him first. He was there or involved. No, he got there afterwards. They head into a room to talk. Holden explains that Silas had come to town and was stalking Molly. Jack interrupts to ask why they didn’t tell him because he could have had a restraining order taken out. They thought they had it under control. Then he contacted Molly tonight and she agreed to meet him at the Old Mill Restaurant to tell him to leave her alone once and for all. Was he with her. No, she didn’t tell him where she was going and he was at Lily’s. He knows how headstrong Molly can be, as Jack nods. The place was empty; Silas looked the door, he was high and tried to force himself on her. It was self-defense; he knows how dangerous he can be. He doesn’t have to tell him twice because he was driving the car when the brakes were cut. Holden explains that Molly luckily wasn’t raped. Jack is so happy to hear that. If he told the Sheriff that then that is that. Holden worries that some prosecutor could want to make a name for himself or he is concerned if the media gets a hold of it; he needs this to go away now.

At Carly’s, she opens the door to find a very quiet solemn looking Molly. She walks in slowly, as Carly tells her that she has great timing. Molly can see she doesn’t have her TV on. She has had a terrible night. Carly empathizes - her too. What is wrong. She doesn’t know where to begin. While she is thinking, she will spill her guts, Carly tells her. She found something out that could hurt Parker and she did what she had to do, but Jack went ballistic. Molly’s attention seems elsewhere, as she seems to drift away, as Carly talks. Carly says her name. Molly apologizes. It is her turn. Molly begins – Holden asked her to marry him. Carly is thrilled – where is the ring. Molly starts to cry. What is wrong. Didn’t she say yes. It is the worst possible timing. She has been waiting for him all of her adult life practically. Why would she say no. She couldn’t say yes to Holden because -- she killed a man tonight. Carly looks astounded.

The nurse comes back in the room telling Janet that the baby is healthy with 10 fingers and toes. She holds out the ultra sound photo. Janet steps back and wonders if she could tell the sex. Yes. Could she just put it in her file. Dusty explains that she and the father would like to know the sex together. The nurse agrees and heads out. Janet thanks Dusty because she knows that can’t be easy on him. It is ok; this is about her and the baby. Janet is tickled that the baby is healthy. Dusty tells her that he owes her a thank you for her visit to Craig. Is he mad. No, he wants to take her to dinner. He has legal guardianship while Craig is in jail. They hug. How did she talk him into it. She appealed to his better nature. Dusty smirks. How did she ever convince him. Janet whispers teasingly – money. They laugh. She isn’t the only one who knows how to help people out, as he kisses her.

Carly tells Molly how sorry she is. It is over now and she is safe. What if they police don’t believe her. Why wouldn’t they; it is the truth. Can she tell her something and she can’t tell Jack. Carly promises. Things didn’t go down exactly how she said. Silas left the room at one point and she was able to call Holden to tell him she was in trouble. Holden came over and pulled Silas off of her because he was on top of her. Holden went out to his car to call the police, and Silas came through. Then he came after her, Carly assumes. Not with words – he taunted her about being a whore and how he would destroy her and Holden’s family by releasing tapes, and so she pulled the trigger because she saw the chance to stop him; it wasn’t self-defense. Yes, it was, Carly barks. Maybe not in the legal sense, but she was right to do it – she would have done the same. Was Holden the one that came up with the story. Yes. Then they need to stick to it and marry Holden. Molly shakes her head; it is not a good way to start a marriage. Of course, it is because he is proving that he would move heaven and earth to take care of her. What would be better. What if Silas is right and she doesn’t deserve Holden. She may not be sure about relationships, but she is sure about that, as she hugs Molly.

Jack wonders what Holden is asking him. This is not his jurisdiction. Doesn’t he know the Sheriff. Yes, he is a good guy. Can’t he talk with him and tell him the history of Silas; he cut Molly’s brake lines, gets out of going to jail on a technicality and clearly had a score to settle. Jack agrees to do that. Molly was afraid not only of being raped but also for her life; it was she or he. He will talk with him. Can he just get the timeline right, Jack asks. The cops called him. No, Molly did. After the cops came. Molly was able to call him while Silas was out of the room. Silas broke her phone. Why didn’t she call 911. She wasn’t thinking. He got there and Silas was dead. So, he called 911 with his phone. Yes. How long had he been dead. A couple of minutes – it is hard to say. Jack explains he is trying to get a picture in his head. Molly has been trying to put her life back together and Silas was threatening to ruin that; can he minimize the damage. Yes, he will. Holden thanks him and heads out. Jack tells Holden to give his best to Molly.

Lily tells Lucinda she needs to leave. Lucinda thinks she should fight for Holden. Molly will milk this, as Lily demands she leave. She wishes she would listen to her. She can stop telling her what to do. Holden will never leave Molly now; she has lost him for good. Lucinda leaves and Lily starts to get emotional.

Craig is back in his cell lying down; he looks at the picture Johnny drew of him, Dusty and Gabriel as a family.

Back at his suite, walk in the door and Janet and Dusty start to kiss, as he closes the door.

At Yo’s, Jack is looking sullen, as he sips his beer. He takes out his phone, looks at it, goes to make a call and then thinks better of it so he hangs up slowly and takes a big gulp of his beer instead.

At home, Carly looks down at her phone on the desk; she picks it up for a moment and then puts it back down. She heads over turns off the lights and heads upstairs in the dark.

At home, Lily is shutting off some lights when she sees a framed photo of her, Holden and Faith. She sits down with it and hugs it tightly.

At the farm, a somber looking Holden gets a beer and takes a sip when Molly comes in. She walks over to him and quietly tells him yes, as they kiss slowly and then more passionately.

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