ATWT Update Friday 6/4/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 6/4/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

At their house, Jack tells Carly that he doesn’t want to fight with her. She snaps that he should have thought of that before he started interrogating Gabriel. He fires back that he wasn’t interrogating Gabriel. He only wanted to know what he was doing when Craig supposedly attacked him. Jack argues with Carly that this is not an open and shut case. They only have Gabriel’s word for things. She tells him not to blow it. He’s officially off the case so just let it go. He reminds her that he has to know the truth. She says the truth is that Parker is free. And they have a chance to have a fantastic life together unless Jack ruins it.

Craig calls Liberty and wants to hear his son’s voice so asks her to put him on the phone. Craig tells him that he wishes he could be there with him. He reminds him of the other day when he said he should see Gabriel. He wants Liberty to take him to see Gabriel and tell him that he wants them to be one big happy family.

At home, Lily admits that she still has feelings for Holden but confides in Faith that she is not trying to break up him and Molly. She kissed Holden like old times but that is all it was, just a gesture of affection. Meantime, Holden and Silas are grappling for the gun. Holden manages to knock him out and runs to comfort Molly. Silas continues to rag on Molly by saying she likes that little red light on the camera. She loves the camera and vice versa. He loves to give her what she wants and she likes it rough. She’s a regular little spitfire. Holden sucker punches him and then ties Silas up to a chair. He comforts Molly but wonders why she came out here alone. She cries that she is so glad he is here. She met Silas in public as she thought others would be there. She wishes she could say he was lying about the videos, but it’s true. And she didn’t want Silas to show them to Holden and cause him more embarrassment or disappointment. Holden says he will call the sheriff’s department and they will come and take Silas away and she will never have to see him again. Holden goes out to the car to get his phone. Silas comes to and taunts Molly more about their hot times. He tells her that she will never be happy on that farm or with that straight arrow farmer with his picket-fence family. She may think she can have a new, squeaky clean life, but she won’t. Holden doesn’t love her. As much as she has to offer a man, she’s a mistress, not a wife and he has the footage to prove it. Just remember that hot woman on the video who was crawling all over him; videos don’t lie. She picks up the gun and points it directly at him and tells him to shut up.

Lily tells Faith that she knows that Faith does not believe Lily deserves to get Holden back since she re-married Damian so quickly after she thought she lost Holden. And it’s a moot point because now he is with Molly. Faith tells Lily that Holden is not with Molly right now. Lily says she knows Faith can’t understand this, but she was just feeling disillusioned and fragile and Holden happened to be there for her. It was just a moment but like he has been most of her life. She really doesn’t think she should have to explain or justify this to Faith. Some feelings are private. Faith says that she does know what or who makes Lily happy. She doesn’t want to see her be miserable most of the time. They have a close moment and Lily says it is the nicest thing she has said in months.

Parker runs into Gabriel in Old Town. He’s surprised to see him out of the hospital. He wants to talk to him about Liberty. He doesn’t want to see Gabriel get her in trouble like when he stole Lily’s car. And he feels they are even now. Gabriel stole a lot of money from Parker’s trust fund and Parker hit him and got back at him. It might not exactly balance out, but it’s all over now. Gabriel feels like he saved Parker’s butt by fingering Craig, so don’t point the finger at him. He should be thanking him. Parker reminds him that Liberty likes him but feels sorry for him too and Gabriel is taking advantage of that. They bump into Liberty with Johnny.

Carly harps at Jack that he needs to let this go. She just wants him to protect their son. If he can’t do that then they have nothing to talk about. She feels he is bending over backward to be sure that Parker does go back to jail. Jack argues that Tom will ask these same questions and poke holes in the story about the glass angel. If it was used like Gabriel said it was, then it should be shattered into a million pieces and not intact like it is. This whole case hinges on Gabriel’s testimony and he makes no secret of the fact that he hates Craig. Carly bellows at Jack that for her sanity could he just let this go. He says he can’t. It’s not because he is obsessed or stubborn, but just trying to do the right thing here. Parker slips up on them and comments that it’s great – they are fighting again.

Carly tells Parker they are not fighting about him. They were just having a heated discussion about their vacation. She makes a hasty retreat by saying she will go to the library and check all of this out. Parker tells Jack that he hates it when they fight. Jack admits that he can not say yes or no, but just know when they do fight it’s only because they want what is best for Parker, even if they can’t agree on what that is.

Gabriel takes Liberty and Johnny to the diner. Johnny says he misses his dad. Jack visits Craig in jail. Craig is reading a book and Jack says that is just what they need, another jailhouse lawyer. Craig says Heaven helps those who help themselves. Jack says Tom won’t appreciate Craig’s trying to second guess him. Jack tells him he needs to question him again as there are some inconsistencies in the statements of what happened that night at Monte Carlo. Maybe they won’t have to go to trial. Craig says he will take any chance he can get, so hit him with the first question. Craig tells Jack that before he came in, he had no hope. At least now he has some. He knows what he did and did not do and he will leave it up to Jack to read between the lines. And he knows how hard this is for Jack. If he proves that Gabriel is lying, then that could put Parker in serious trouble. And for the record, that is the last thing Craig wants. He says it is not easy being a dad and that is all he wants is to be a good dad to Gabriel and make up for lost time. Jack says he will let him know if there is any change in the case. Craig wants to thank him and give him something in return – a warning about Carly.

Carly visits the police station and sweet talks an officer into letting her look around for Jack’s supposedly lost watch. She spies the box of Monte Carlo evidence. She hopes even though this is an authorized area, he will bend the rules for little old her and let her look at the Monte Carlo evidence as maybe Jack lost it in there when he was investigating. Left alone, she takes the glass angel.

Molly tells Silas that Holden will be back any second with the sheriff and if Silas knows what is good for him that he will keep his mouth shut. Silas tells her that he actually likes the gun thing. It’s sort of sexy and they will have to use that in their next video. She says there will not be a next video. He is going back to jail where he belongs. He taunts her that he will show her a magic trick and pulls his untied hands out from behind his back. She cries out for Holden. He tells her that is not necessary. He’s already thinking ahead. Yes he will go to jail, but only for a little while. He will beat whatever charge they throw at him. He has connections, and then he will come back. It will happen so it’s only a matter of how. He could share the videos to her family and friends if that is what it takes to persuade her. He’s hoping she will realize that all alone she must know that she belongs to him, no on else, and certainly not with that pathetic farmer. He is too tame and she will get bored. He doesn’t have what excites her… and power. She is a whore, his whore, now, then, forever a whore. As Holden walks into the room, she shoots Silas. Holden runs to Silas while Molly cries that Silas wouldn’t stop. He manages to take the gun from her. She wants to run, but Holden says they can’t. He’s already called the sheriff’s department and they will be coming. He assures her this was self defense so that is what they need to tell them. Silas was on top of her and he would have raped her if Holden had not come in. She had no choice. He grabs the camera and sticks it in his pocket. He tells Molly that the police will understand. They will tell them that Silas had been stalking her. He tried to kill her. He was high and irrational. He wanted sex from her and wouldn’t listen. She had to shoot him; she had no choice.

Lily lies down and has a dream that it is her wedding day to Holden. Even Faith is happy about it. Holden tells her that he is happy that he has a second chance with her, and this time it is forever. She wakes and jumps up and thinks of what Faith just said that Holden isn’t with Molly right now. Still what she is thinking is insane. But what could be worse right now; she picks up her purse and leaves.

Liberty tells Johnny that she knows that he misses his dad but he’s helping the police right now. It won’t be forever and he will be home soon. Gabriel doesn’t want to talk about Craig. Liberty tells Gabriel that Craig tried to kill him so he deserves to be locked up. He only told the truth and yes Johnny misses his father and that stinks, but Gabriel did nothing wrong so he shouldn’t feel guilty. Faith helps Parker with a quick history lesson. He thanks her and says he should hire her as his tutor.

Jack laughs and tells Craig that he is not interested in any of his theories about Carly. He points out that Craig is in jail for what he did, no other reason. Craig says it’s not about greed or anything else. But it’s what set things in motion. He simply fell in love with the wrong woman. He remembers the first time he laid eyes on her. His head went hot and numb at the same time. Not only was she in his life; she became his life. That’s not love. He became obsessed with her. She has messed with his head and left him bankrupt, emotionally, financially and morally. He vows that the day he gets out of here, she will not be his drug of choice and that is exactly what she is. She’s toxic. She gets under your skin and alters reality and you get hooked. And you start doing things that are against your nature. Jack won’t listen to anymore. He will not stand there and listen to Craig blame every bad deed he has done on Carly. The only one responsible for where Craig is right now is Craig. Craig says he rationalized that for years too, but in the end she will win and push Jack over the line too.

Gabriel jumps up and leaves. Liberty follows and wants to know what is wrong. Gabriel says he could not stay with that little kid who will know soon what a rotten father Craig is. He’s saving himself from that misery. Liberty defends Craig and tells Gabriel that he totally loves that little boy and is not the total creep that Gabriel thinks he is. Gabriel says that he rues the day he came to this town and wants to just leave. He doesn’t belong at Lily’s house. That is a joke and he has no idea how to be a brother. And he’s not Craig Montgomery’s son, no freaking way. Liberty tells him that she is sorry if she gave him the wrong impression but she can not go with him. She runs into Parker with Faith and gives them the evil eye.

Holden brings Molly back to the farm. He says the questioning went well. She admits they gave them a pretty good story. She hopes that is the end of it, but he says he is sure they will want more statements later. She’s shocked when she sees Holden with the video tapes Silas made. She wants him to burn them without watching. The police cannot see them or they will know she did not kill Silas in self defense. She cries that she is so sorry that she didn’t tell him sooner. It’s obvious that he is hurt that the stakes were so high and Silas was threatening to show the videos to her family and yet she felt she could not tell Holden. She cries that she was just afraid he would think it was a ploy to get him away from the dinner party. She did not want to take that chance. Lily walks onto the porch.

Parker calls out to Liberty for her to stay. He confesses that Faith was just helping him with homework. She confides in him that she is bothered a little about how he and Gabriel are fighting over her. She doesn’t know who’s fault it is, but she wants it to stop. Her treatment is done and her hair is growing back, so she finally feels like she is getting back to normal. She really needs to focus on finishing school right now and not worry about getting caught between him and Gabriel. She misses being just his friend. They hug.

Craig returns the book to the guard and tells him that he won’t need the next one as he is getting out of here. The police officer tells Carly that something is missing. She sheepishly says that she knows it was wrong but that angel sat on her desk for ages and it’s been through a million ups and down with her and she misses it so much. She knows it is evidence…….Jack walks up and says yes it is. Why is she here? She says she only wants to help. As they discuss the angel, she deliberately drops it and it shatters into many pieces.

Lily practices what she is going to say to Holden before she walks into the room. Holden blames himself for what Molly had to do in fighting off Silas. He admits he was spending too much time with Lily trying to protect her. He’s sorry and he won’t let that happen again. He lost his bearings and even judged Molly. He wants to make that up to her. Now he knows exactly where he wants to be…..with her. And they are not just words. He wants to prove it to her. He loves her and wants her trust back. “I want to keep you safe and make you happy. Molly Conlan, marry me.”

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