ATWT Update Thursday 6/3/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 6/3/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Lilyís house) Holden hugs Faith and Ethan and they are excited because he agrees to read them a story after dinner. Holden tells Lily that Molly was unable to come because she is working on a story. Gabriel arrives and wonders why Holden is at dinner since he and Lily are divorced. Lucinda laughs at Gabrielís comment and explains to him that just because a couple is divorced doesn't mean that they stop being a family.

(Hospital) Luke tells Reid that he tried to get back together with Noah and Noah didn't want him and it seems that he doesn't want him either but since they are working together so they should have some type of relationship. Reid wonders what type of relationship that would be and when Luke doesn't answer Reid heads to the break room to have dinner. Luke follows Reid and explains to him that when he called him "Luke" instead of "Mr. Snyder" he made him feel wanted and that meant a lot to him. Luke tells Reid that he is still confused in regards to his feelings for him and Noah. Luke sees Reid about to eat a TV dinner that doesn't look so good so he invites Reid to have dinner at his house. Reid declines the invitation because he isn't very good at social situations. Luke tells Reid to enjoy his time alone with his TV dinner.

(Carly's house) Carly gets dressed and gets ready to go to dinner at Lily's house with Jack but Jack wants to make love again. Carly reminds Jack that the reason they are late is because they made love instead of getting dressed for dinner. Jack tells Carly that Gabriel is staying at Lily's house and she tells him that he promised to let the investigation go and if he talks to Gabriel she will give him another distraction so he doesn't talk to him.

(Old Mill Restaurant) Molly is a little nervous when she doesn't see anyone but Silas in the restaurant and Silas tells Molly that he bought out the restaurant for today so that they could be alone. Silas promises to give Molly the videos and the pictures but she has to give him something inn return. Molly makes it clear to Silas that she will only have dinner with him and she wants this whole mess over tonight.

(Lily's place) Lucinda tries to persuade Lily to take advantage of the fact that Molly didn't come to dinner to remind Holden of his family and also tell him how she fells about him. Lily refuses to manipulate Holden and insists that she only planned the dinner to make Gabriel feel like he is part of a family. Lily checks on dinner and Lucinda reminds Gabriel that her offer to pay him so that he can leave town before Craig's trial is still on the table. Lucinda tells Gabriel that Craig will still rot in jail even if he doesn't testify at his trial. Faith arrives and is upset that Lily is throwing a welcome party for the guy who stole Parker's money when she didn't even bother to throw her a party when she came home from boarding school. Lily reminds Faith that they both know she didn't want a welcome party so that is why she didn't get a party. Faith is angry at Gabriel for not leaving town when she gave him Lily's car. Gabriel tells Faith to stop being such a brat just because he didn't do what she wanted him to do. Carly and Jack talk about outside of Lily's house and Carly reminds Jack not to talk to Gabriel for the sake of his family and Jack promises Carly he won't talk to Gabriel so they head inside to greet everyone. Noah arrives to get his things out of Luke's room and say thank you to Lily for everything she has done for him and he also tells Lily she has been like a mom to him Noah tells Lily that he intends to concentrate on school so he won't be able to see her and the kids much anymore . Noah explains to Lily that it is best this way since he and Luke are no longer a couple. Lily cries as she tries to persuade Noah to fight for Luke since Luke still loves him. Noah tells Lily that his relationship with Luke is over and its best if he concentrates on the future. Holden arrives and hears most of the conversation Lily is having with Noah and Lily tells Noah that he will always have a home at her house. Noah goes inside and upstairs to Luke's room and sees a picture of he and Luke that Luke keeps on his bedside table.

(Hospital) Reid throws his TV dinner in the garbage can and decides to go over to Lily's house for dinner

(Lily's house) Lucinda Carly a card to one of the best spas and tells her to call this lady whenever she wants to make a reservation. Lucinda also advises Carly to make sure Jack doesn't keep asking Gabriel questions so that everyone can be happy and parker can have a bright future while Craig rots in jail where he belongs. Faith is hurt that Gabriel called her a brat because everyone that knows her thinks that she is a nice person. Gabriel tells Faith she is a brat because she treats her mother badly instead of appreciating her mother while she is alive because one day she will be gone. Lily continues to cry on the porch as she tells Holden that it is sad when two people that belong together break up. Holden thinks that Noah is right things change and people move on but that doesn't mean a couple forgets their past relationship. Lily apologizes to Holden for allowing Damian to come between them and then she touches Holden's face and gives him a kiss. Holden pulls away after about two minutes and goes back inside the house.

(Old Mill restaurant) Molly calls Holden and leaves a message for him to call 911 because she is alone at the restaurant with Silas and he is on drugs. Molly takes a gun out of her purse and points it at Silas to keep him away from her. Silas tells Molly he isn't scared to die and dares Molly to shoot him. Molly tells Silas she is tired of him terrorizing her and she isn't afraid to use the gun. Molly asks Silas for his phone and he tells her its in his pocket and tells her to go get it.

(Lily's house) Jack talks to Gabriel alone and asks him to tell him about the day of the fire Gabriel tells jack the same thing he told Margo. Jack asks Gabriel what Craig hit him with other then his fist to knock him out since the medical reports say he had blunt force trauma to the head. Gabriel says Craig hit him with a paperweight of an angel that Carly always kept on her desk. Luke arrives in his room while Noah is getting his things and Noah explains to him that he just wanted to thank his family for their help and explain why he won't be around much anymore. Luke tells Noah that Lily and his family love him very much and he doesn't have to stop seeing them just because they broke up. Noah thinks it would be easier this way and remembers kissing Luke for the first time when he packs the shirt he was wearing when they kissed for the first time. Reid arrives and Luke explains to Noah that Reid was going to eat a TV dinner at the hospital so he invited him to dinner. Noah leaves and Reid tells Luke he can go after him because he just came for the food. Luke resents that Reid can joke at a time like this because it still hurts for him to end his relationship with Noah. Luke tells Reid that if he wants to be alone rather then be supportive when he is feeling badly he can leave so Reid decides to leave instead of help Luke through this sad time.

(Old Mill Restaurant) Silas distracts Molly by telling her she can get the videos and pictures and when she turns her head to look for them he takes away her gun forces Molly to kiss him forces her down onto a table and kisses her again as she pleads for him to get off her. Silas tells Molly that they will have some fun now since he is videotaping their romantic reunion.

(Lily's house) Lucinda tells Gabriel she needs to talk to him and gets him away from Jack and Carly tells jack its time to go home so they go say good-bye to Lilly. Faith finds Holden's cell phone and Lily apologizes to Holden for kissing him. Holden hears Molly's message and heads to the restaurant. Lily admits to Faith that she kissed Holden and that she was sad when he left to be with Molly. Lucinda reminds Gabriel that if he sticks to his story Craig won't be able to hurt anyone anymore.

(Carly's house) Jack asks Carly if the angel she kept on her desk at Monte Carlo was a figurine or a paperweight. Carly is angry at jack because he can't seem to let go of Craig's case not even to protect Parker.

(Old Mill restaurant) Holden arrives in time to rescue Molly and get Silas off her Holden tackles Silas to the floor and they fight. Silas tries his best to wiggle out from underneath Holden and reach for the gun which is just inches away from him.

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