ATWT Update Tuesday 6/1/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 6/1/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Java) Nancy thinks that Casey and Alison should try to work out their differences and get back together because they made a great couple. Nancy also tells Casey and Alison that when she saw them together she Casey thought she was going to have a great grandchild soon. Casey gets nervous by the talk of children and decides that its time he and Alison headed back to work. Alison and Casey offer to drive Nancy home but she tells them that she is meeting Kim later and she will drive her home. Casey gets another cup of coffee to go and Alison tells him that he knows that he was thinking about Nancy having a great grandchild very soon.

(Old Town) Henry and Vienna walk and Vienna is excitedly talking about the baby and wedding plans. Henry is distracted by his thoughts and not listening to anything Vienna has just told him. Casey and Alison pass by and Alison pulls Henry aside to talk to him about how the money he donated is being used for the new hospital wing. Henry tells Alison that he knows the money is being put to good use and he doesn’t want to know anything about the new wing. Henry asks Alison’s advice about how to make Vienna happy during her pregnancy and Alison advises him to make Vienna feel special and tell her that he is happy about the new baby. Casey wonders why Vienna gave him the name of a doctor who doesn’t exist. Casey tells Vienna that he knows that the word Gravid means pregnant in Swedish and he knows she lied to him and he demands to know why she felt the need to lie. Vienna tells Casey that she has told him several times that Henry is the father of her child not him and she wanted him to stop obsessing about a baby that doesn’t belong to him so she gave him the name of a doctor who doesn’t exist.

(Katie’s house) Chris wakes up after sleeping all night in Katie’s bed and wonders where Katie slept if he was in her bed. Katie explains that she tried to wake him up but the medicine put him in a deep sleep so she slept in Reid’s room since he worked at the hospital all night. Chris thanks Katie for everything and apologizes for taking her bed then he tells Katie he feels fine and gets out of bed. Chris goes to the living room to get a glass of water and then puts on his jacket and says good-bye to Katie. Chris turns to face Katie and say good-bye when he has another back spasm and when Katie tries to help him sit on the couch Chris falls on top of her. Katie is unnerved by Chris’s closeness and wiggles out from under him telling Chris she can’t breathe.

(Fairwinds) Emily gets Eliza ready to go for a play date and refuses Barbara’s help with the baby when she offers to help. Emily tells Barbara that this is her house and if she is going to live there she is going to live by her rules.

(Hospital) Emma and Paul remind Meg what happened after the christening because she can’t remember anything that happened after the christening. Meg wonders what is wrong with her and why she is behaving so strangely. Paul jokes that everyone in Oakdale is a little crazy even him and he makes Meg laugh. Paul wants to talk to the doctor and figure out how to help Meg get better but Emma tells him he is part of the reason Meg is ill and he medical care is none of his business. Meg tells Emma not to be so rude to Paul because he is only trying to help.

(Fairwinds) Emily tells Barbara that they had better try to get along since she and Paul will be responsible for Eliza since Meg will probably go back to Dear brook since it seems that she has had a relapse. Barbara advises Emily not to try and break the bond between Meg and Eliza because Paul will always take Meg’s side against her since Meg is the mother of his child. Barbara tells Emily that she should go be with Paul at the hospital as he sits by Meg’s bedside. Emily allows Barbara to baby sit Eliza and she heads to the hospital to check on Meg.

(Katie’s house) Chris takes his pain medicine and drinks two beers even though he should know better but Chris wants to feel no pain.

(Java) Henry runs into Barbara while he is getting Vienna an herbal tea latte and she tells him that Vienna and Casey seem to be having a heated discussion outside. Henry apologizes to Barbara because he knows that Vienna hurt her feelings at the christening because of the cruel remarks she made about her age. Henry tells Barbara that he admitted the truth to Vienna that he has romantic feelings for her. (Barbara) Barbara tells Henry that he should be a man and decide if he wants her or Vienna because he can’t have them both in his life.

(Katie’s house) Alison arrives and Katie tells him Chris drank two bottles of bear with his pain medicine and then she leaves Alison to take care of Chris while she goes to work. Alison puts Chris back in Katie’s bed and she asks her to stay while he falls asleep. Chris is delirious from the pain medication and he thinks that he is talking to Katie instead of Alison. Chris tells “Katie “ how awesome and beautiful he thinks she is and that she has become very important in his life. Chris also tells “Katie” that he can’t stop thinking about the kiss they shared while they were taping scenes for Lisa’s show.

(Hospital) Emily arrives with flowers for Meg and tells her that she should concentrate on getting better because she and Paul will take good care of Eliza. Meg coughs and asks Emily to pour her a glass of water and after she drinks the water Meg gets very angry at Emily and calls her evil and accuses Emily of trying to hurt her. Meg grabs Emily and starts to choke her until Emma and Paul arrive to pull Meg off Emily. Paul takes Emily outside and tells her Meg was fine until she saw her and advises her to stay away from the hospital. Emily tells Paul that Meg has lost her mind and belongs in an institution. Paul tells Emily to leave and goes back inside Meg’s room to hear her side of the story.

(Java) Katie admits to Nancy that everything reminds her of Brad and even Jacob is picking up some of his father’s mannerisms like they way the way Brad used to move his feet back and forth rapidly when he was sitting down she also tells Nancy that she misses Brad very much. Nancy advises Katie not to rush into love but wait until she feels ready to fall in love again. Nancy tells Katie not to worry because no matter what she does she will never forget Brad.

(Old Town) Henry sees Barbara with Eliza and is touched by how much she loves her grandchild and how she is around Eliza. Henry offers to help when Eliza gets a little fussy with Barbara since she isn’t used to her. Henry gently talks to Eliza and quiets her and Barbara is also touched seeing Henry with Eliza. Barbara tells Henry that he is very good with Eliza and he would be a very caring and loving father to his child. Barbara shares with Henry that she can’t get along with Emily and she would prefer that Meg were still married to Paul. Barbara also shares with Henry how oddly Meg has been behaving lately and says she can’t explain why because everyone thought Meg was on her way to recovery. Henry sympathizes with Barbara about Meg and jokes that she shouldn’t try to poison Emily’s tea again because it didn’t work the first time. Henry’s comments make Barbara suspect that Emily is putting something in Meg’s tea to make her act crazy. Barbara gives Henry a kiss on the cheek and calls him a genius before she heads to the hospital to visit Meg. Henry asks Vienna why she is arguing with Casey and Vienna explains that Casey is showing too much concern for the baby for someone who is just a friend and she appreciate that Casey is worried about the baby but she wants him to stop worrying about a child that doesn’t belong to him. Casey wishes Henry good luck with the baby and Vienna because he will need it.

(Hospital) Barbara brings Eliza to see Meg and the brief visit from her daughter cheers Meg up. Paul takes the baby out in the hall to give her a bottle and Barbara asks Meg how she felt after the Christening and Meg tells Barbara she felt fine and was drinking tea when Emma took her home and told her what happened she couldn’t remember any of it. Emily arrives and persuades Paul that they should take Eliza home in case Meg has another episode. Barbara vows to find out why Meg has been acting so strangely and Meg is grateful that someone believes her.

(Katie’s house) Vienna arrives very nervous because she can’t take the pressure and admits to Katie that she slept with Casey so she could get pregnant but it didn’t work. Vienna also admits to Katie that she lied to Henry and she isn’t pregnant.

(Metro) Henry arrives and orders a dry Martini to forget his troubles and he runs into Casey who is also drinking to forget his troubles.

(Fairwinds) Emily gives Paul a massage to help him relax and tries to get him prepared in case Meg has to go back to deer brook. Emily tells Paul that they should help Meg by getting her the treatment she needs to get better. Paul thinks that Emily is right and then they kiss.

(Hospital) Meg tells her doctor she feels better and she wants to go home and the doctor tells Meg they will do some tests before they can release her. The doctor goes out into the hallway and Barbara suggests to Meg’s doctor that she add a toxicology test to the batter of tests she is going to do on Meg.

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