ATWT Update Monday 5/31/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/31/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the Lakeview, Meg, Emma, Paul and Emily are meeting about Eliza’s christening; Meg is upset because she wants to hold Eliza during the christening, but Emily doesn’t think she should; she has been absent and hasn’t been fine in a while. Paul is rolling his eyes looking uncomfortable and Emma is trying to keep Meg calm. Meg is adamant that she was gone because she was trying to get well for her daughter. She freaked out thinking Eliza was crying the other day when she wasn’t, Emily reminds her. Paul wants them to relax and Emma wants Meg to go with her to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. Meg growls at Emily as she is leaving telling her that she has every right to hold her baby during the christening and shame on her for trying to stop her. Emily tells Paul that it is clear Meg was let out of the hospital too early. Paul wonders if they should postpone the event. Emily doesn’t think that will make any difference; Meg is losing it again. Paul stares at Emily and wonders why that seems to make her day.

At Luke’s home, Noah is watching Luke and Reid through the window. His friend comes up and wonders what he is doing, as Noah stammers wondering who is with Luke. That is his doctor; he told him that he was ‘hot’. Luke and Reid are kissing, as Reid wants to be with him and Luke thinks it is happening a bit fast. He pulls back when he sees Noah staring through the window. Reid calmly reminds him that he can’t see people – only shapes and shades. Luke walks outside and wonders what he is doing out of the hospital. He wanted to surprise him. Can they come in. Luke tells him that he is not alone. Noah tells him that he knows, as Luke stares nervously at him.

At Java, Allison shows up to see Casey; she was busy, but she had a break. Casey was hoping she could help out with locating a doctor. He tells her the name, as Allison wonders what kind of doctor he is. Can she help him without asking questions. She is a bit swamped with Eliza’s christening right now. She kind of owes him, Casey reminds her. She does, Allison admits.

At their suite, Henry and Vienna are in bed laughing and having fun. Henry has put on a red cape, as Vienna admits that she loves him in a cape. He worries that she might get hurt. The doctor said this kind of activity would be fine, Vienna answers. He wonders about the doctor, but Vienna blows it off. She tells him that they have to get ready for Eliza’s christening. She heads into the bathroom when there is a knock. Henry answers the door in his cape thinking it is just room service and is horrified to find Barbara there. It isn’t what it looks like. She has the knack for showing up at the worst time, Barbara answers flatly. She was wondering if he was going to Eliza’s christening. He is. She has a request; she would like him to leave Vienna at home – she is not welcome. It is a small gathering and they don’t need any distractions. She is carrying his baby. She is asking him to do this for Eliza. This is not about Eliza; it is about her. So what. She needs to deal with Meg and Emily and she doesn’t need to watch Vienna drape herself over him. He will make sure she doesn’t. She is asking him to not have her come; they meant something to each other at one time – could he respect her wishes.

Emily assures Paul that she doesn’t want Meg to have a break down. He has to think what is best for Eliza. He has a thought – she could be Eliza’s godmother. That way, she could still hold Eliza at the ceremony and it won’t take anything away from Meg. She is so happy he thought of that. He really doesn’t think Meg will have a problem with that. They kiss happily when Meg and Emma come back to the table. Paul tells them that he has a solution and he tells them about Emily being Eliza’s godmother. Meg stares for a moment before she tells him absolutely not.

Henry comes back in the room and Vienna asks whom he was talking to. Barbara. What does she want, Vienna glowers. She wanted to let them know that the christening is canceled. Someone came down with something. Vienna is saddened; she wanted to wear this, as she holds up her skimpy dress. She will wear it somewhere else. She also wanted to experience her first christening so she would know what to do with their baby. They will be fine and there is plenty of time for that, Henry assures her.

At the hospital, Allison tells Casey that she can’t find any doctor with any spelling like the one he gave her listed anywhere. He is not a practicing doctor anywhere and not in Illinois specifically. What is this about, as Casey hems and haws. Allison assumes it has something to do with Vienna. Vienna said she was seeing this doctor and he wanted to make sure she is ok. She might be lying, but she doesn’t know why she would do that. Allison has to go to the christening. Casey asks her not to say anything to anyone. She hopes he finds what he is looking for. So does he.

Luke wonders how Noah knows someone is with him. He can see shapes. Who is it. Reid comes out and says hi. Luke and Reid say they are trying to locate Gabriel. Noah wants to leave now, as Luke asks him to stay so they can all get a drink. Noah is worried that he is drinking again. No, he just wants to celebrate Noah getting out of the hospital. Noah agrees and then asks Reid to join them. He has rounds tomorrow. Noah wants to thank him for all he has done for him…said with a double meaning. How can he say no then, Reid answers.

Emily can’t believe Meg; she is now not good enough to be even that to Eliza; she was the one that asked her to step in as her mother when she was at Deerbrook. Meg tells her that isn’t exactly what she meant; she just wishes that Paul and she had discussed it first. He just wanted everyone to be happy. Emma steps in; she thinks Paul is right. Emma thinks they should leave, as she ushers Meg off. Outside the room, Emma wonders what she is doing. She needs to not let Emily have ammunition to talk to the judge; she can’t act erratically. Meg promises she won’t allow Emily to do anything to her. Emma gets a call; a farmhand has been hurt and she has to go to the hospital. She worries about leaving her here because she wants to be there for her. She could try to find Holden. Meg assures her that she will be fine; she understands she has responsibilities so she needs to go take care of them.

At her suite, Casey knocks and Vienna answers; he shouldn’t be here. He waited for Henry to leave. It is not a good time. If she has an appointment, he can give her a lift. Is she going to see Dr. Gravid. No, she is not going there. Where is his office. Why is he asking. He doesn’t think he exists. He is new in town. He thinks she might be lying because he might be the father. She appreciates him wanting to step up, but Henry is the father. He will be a great father when the time comes. He appreciates that and seems to want to believe her. He wonders if she is going to the christening. Barbara told Henry that the christening is off. He saw Barbara downstairs and the way she was talking it didn’t sound like it. Vienna now looks suspect.

At the church, Barbara is helping Paul with his tie, as she tells him that she believes today will be a wonderful day. He hopes so. Why does he look worried. Meg seems unsettled. It seems to be how she acts these days, Barbara sadly answers. Barbara wonders if he got her message about her wanting to move into Fairwinds. Before Paul can say anything, Emily walks up holding Eliza, and tells them that idea is a terrible one and not going to happen, as Emily and Barbara glare at one another. Meg walks up and Paul wonders where Emma is. She had an emergency at the farm; someone was taken to the hospital. Paul wonders if she wants to do this another day. Meg wants to do it now. She asks Emily to hold Eliza, as Emily pauses and then gives Eliza to her. Allison shows up and Emily goes to see her. She has been waiting for her. Allison apologizes explaining that she had to do a favor for a friend. Where is mom, Emily asks. She had an emergency in the ER. Emily is upset but then Henry shows up and they both greet him. Allison asks where Vienna is. She is under the weather, as Allison looks suspect. Barbara is standing with Meg caressing Eliza’s face when she sees Henry and they lock eyes. Paul goes over to Henry and asks him for a favor – will he be Eliza’s godfather. Henry tells him that he would be honored. What does he have to do. Mainly keep the women in the room from killing each other. Henry wonders what the ‘hell’ is going on. Paul wishes he could explain, as the minister walks over cautioning Henry they are in a House of Worship. They are ready to get started.

At the bar, Reid wants Luke to drop the charade and be honest with Noah. What should he tell him. Meanwhile, at the table, Noah’s friend asks when he is going to tell him that he got his sight back. When the time is right. The friend has to get back to work, as he leaves Noah to watch Reid and Luke talk. Reid thinks he should be honest. Luke doesn’t think Noah can take it. Reid thinks he can; that is his guilt talking. Luke tells him that there is something definitely going on with them; he has feelings for him, but he is in love with Noah. Reid stares for a moment at him before he tells him that he has a decision to make then, as he walks out.

At the ceremony, Meg and Paul are reciting a passage, as they look at one another smiling, making Emily look slightly annoyed. The minister asks Emily and Henry if they will look after Eliza as well. They agree. Suddenly, Vienna, dressed to the nines, arrives rushing up the aisle, wondering if she is late. Barbara glares at Henry, as he looks uncomfortable. Paul thanks everyone for coming; it is a new beginning for all of them. Barbara assures they are all on the same page; she wants Meg and Emily to agree, which they do. Emily wants to take Eliza because she thinks Meg looks strange. She is fine, Meg snaps quietly. Paul tells her that they need to get back home for the party; the car seat is all ready, as Meg agrees to see them at the house. Barbara tells Vienna that it is a shame she missed the ceremony. Vienna smirks; she will be at the party though, as she tells Henry that they should go. Barbara leaves and Vienna asks why he told her the christening was canceled. There was a misunderstanding. Paul called him and wondered where he was; he didn’t have time to call her. She would have been there in a minute for him. She wants to get to the party.

At the hospital, Casey is on the phone with Bob. He wants to know about a Dr. Gravid, who is new to town. He thinks he might be an OB/GYN. Casey seems stunned by something Bob says; Casey says you are kidding me into the phone.

Luke comes back to the table and Noah wonders where Dr. Oliver went. He got paged, as Noah nods and tells Luke that it is just the two of them finally. Luke looks uncomfortable. It will give them a chance to talk; he needs to tell him something. Luke puts his hand on Noah’s. Things have been rough for them; even before the accident, things were tense. Noah tries to talk. Luke cuts him off; he is not blaming him. He wants him back; he loves him. He misses him and he wants things to go back. Noah can’t believe what he is hearing. Is he just feeling guilty. Why would he. He knows what is going on; he saw him kiss Dr. Oliver. Luke looks stunned.

Emily wants to give everyone champagne. Meg passes and asks for some tea, which Emily goes to get. Henry and Vienna walk in and Henry tells Emily that Vienna will have sparkling water. Vienna smiles coyly in the direction of Barbara, who is glowering; he is always looking after her. Barbara grabs Henry to take him aside; what part of Vienna is not invited did he not get. He told her that the christening was canceled; he doesn’t know who told her otherwise. The worst of it is over; it is just a party now; she won’t even know that she is there. Cue Vienna being heard from the other room asking for everyone’s attention. Henry looks down, as he and Barbara walk back in the room. Vienna tells everyone that she and Henry are getting married and having their own child. Allison looks stunned. Barbara has had enough; how dare she try to make this occasion about her. She can’t stand not being in the limelight, Barbara spits. She is such a narcissist, as Paul cuts her off before she can finish her thought. Vienna wonders what she was going to call her. Barbara tells her narcissist – starts with an n – she should look it up. Vienna thinks it should start with a B because there is nothing more pathetic then an aging old woman trying to compete, as Henry cuts Vienna off and tells her to stop it; she is out of line. They need to get going to another engagement. Henry drags a smirking Vienna off, as Barbara goes on about Vienna being Euro trash. Paul sarcastically talks about what kind of party this is turning into, as he walks towards Barbara. Emily and Allison walk over to talk to one another, as Allison jokes about a catfight to end a christening. She has something important that she needs to do, as Emily wants her to stay. She can’t, as Allison smiles and heads out. Barbara tells Paul that she can’t believe that Vienna would try to embarrass her in front of her own family. A concerned Paul tells her that he thinks she should move in with them; she shouldn’t have to run into Henry and Vienna all the time. Emily, walks over with Eliza, and tells them that is a horrible idea and it will be over her dead body. Meg, who is sitting with Emma, puts down her teacup and wonders if she just heard Eliza. Emma tries to stop her; Eliza is right over there. Meg jumps up and races over to Emily demanding that she give her baby to her because she is an evil person, as everyone stares at her. Emma wants Meg to calm down. Not as long as she is holding Eliza – she is a witch. Emily wants Paul to do something. Paul steps in front of Emily and tells Meg that Emily wouldn’t hurt Eliza. She left her alone in the car; she has to save their daughter. Emily tells her that she is out of her mind. She wants her to stay away from her. Eliza can stay with Barbara because he and her mom are going to take her to see someone, Paul tells a distraught Meg. Meg agrees and settles down. Emily finally agrees to give Eliza to Barbara. Paul wants Meg to go with him to talk with someone so they can figure out what is scaring her. Emily is what is scaring her. Does she trust him. Yes, Meg answers. Then she should come with him, as Paul walks Meg out. Emily looks funny as they leave.

Allison wonders why Casey didn’t tell her. Casey sarcastically wonders if she can help him because he got some girl pregnant that is marrying another guy. She gets it that it is a mess. How does he feel about it. He doesn’t know; he doesn’t know about being a dad. He needs to know the truth. She tells him that he is not the father. Does he believe him. He wants to, but she is acting all weird. He talked with his granddad and he told him that he doesn’t know anything about this doctor and in fact, gravid means pregnant in Swedish. That sounds a little too ironic. Why would she make this up unless she was trying to keep something from him. What are they going to do to find out. Allison looks at Casey; what does he mean what are they going to do, as Casey stares at her.

Back at their suite, Vienna and Henry are walking in the door, as she is annoyed with what is so wrong. What she said was cruel. Why does he always have a need to defend Barbara. She always takes her side over hers. She knows why too. There was no cancellation of the christening; he just didn’t want her to go; he wanted to be alone with Barbara. She has that all wrong. No, Vienna snaps. She can’t stand pretending anymore. It might have started as a trick to get his father’s money, but it turned into something; she wants him to admit that he feels something for her. All right – he does; he cares about Barbara, Henry admits.

Luke can’t believe it; he can see, as he is thrilled. Why didn’t he tell him. He was busy with Dr. Oliver. What happened between he and Reid was nothing, as Noah hears him call him by his first name and comments about it. Luke promises that he means everything he said; he wants them back together. It was just a kiss. It looked like a lot more then that to him. He can’t believe he was so worried about them hating each other when they were hooking up. It did really start out like that. He was sleeping with him all along – like the whole time they were in Texas supposedly to help Dr. Oliver with his medical license – he owes him the truth. Not then and not ever, Luke answers. He has to understand that he was pushing him away and he was hurt, confused, and angry. Dr. Oliver was there then. It didn’t go anywhere. Is he attracted to him. Yes. He can’t believe he didn’t see it – oh yeah he was blind Noah sarcastically answers. They can still make it work, Luke presses. He doesn’t think so; he won’t be his safe choice – a fall back guy. Noah gets up and angrily tells him that they are done. He doesn’t want his help or his pity – he has his sight now so --- he doesn’t need him, as Noah stomps off. Luke watches him go.

At home, Reid is watching TV, as there is a knock. Luke is sorry he showed up like this. Reid thinks he looks as bad as he feels. Did he tell Noah. He didn’t have to because he already knew. How. He is very good at what he does. He has his sight back. That is fantastic. It would be, but he saw them kissing. What does that mean. Noah doesn’t even want to try to reconcile even after he told him that he loved him and wanted to get back together. Why is he here Reid asks flatly. He doesn’t know. Reid wants to understand this – he didn’t come here because he told Noah about them, he came because Noah found out and then dumped him. No, it is not like that. No, it is; he came crying to the nearest shoulder. He can go lick his wounds elsewhere. Luke tries to stop him, but Reid tells him that he will make it easier on him – get out. Luke pauses for a moment and then heads out the door. Both men stop on either side of the door.

Henry tells Vienna that he does have feelings for Barbara but nothing is going to come of it. How can he be sure. He loves her, and he won’t leave her for Barbara; she knows that. She can’t pretend everything was fine. If she weren’t pregnant would he be so in love with her. That is silly because she is. That is not an answer, Vienna says holding his stare.

Casey knows it isn’t exactly fair because they talked about having kids not too long ago and here he goes to find out if he is the father of someone else’s. Allison admits that it is a lot to ask, but she can’t say no to him after all she has done to him and all they have been through – she is in.

Barbara wonders to Emily where Paul took Meg. Hopefully to Deerbrook if he is thinking straight. Now, no judge will award Meg custody of Eliza. Is that all she is worried about, Barbara asks. Of course, not she is worried about Meg too; she called her the devil though and she shouldn’t judge her because if she were in her place she would be thinking the same thing, as Barbara looks after her.

At the hospital, Emma is trying to get Meg to lie down in the bed. She doesn’t want to be here; she has to go get her daughter. The doctor wants her to rest and that is why they gave her a sedative. She needs to go get her daughter from that evil woman. Emma wants her to calm down. Emily is trying to steal Eliza. Can she promise to keep Emily away from her and Eliza. She promises that she will, as she touches Meg’s face to calm her down. Paul is standing outside the door looking strange.

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