ATWT Update Friday 5/28/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/28/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Lark

Luke startles Lucinda just outside Lily’s house. She asks about Noah and Luke reports that he can see some colors and light, but does not know when it might be more. Lily comes out when she hears voices and asks if they have seen Gabriel. She informs Luke that Gabriel is Craig’s son. Lily doesn’t want to listen to Lucinda badmouth Craig. She knows they should not have kept this secret all these years. And she is going to spend all her time trying to make it up to him. She will explain more to Luke later. Lucinda hugs her and tells her not to spend her bleeding heart putting her own children’s lives in danger. Lucinda follows Lily into the house and adds that she’d like to remind her of one more thing – Gabriel can not be trusted. Lily says Gabriel has no place else to go and Craig can’t help him from a jail cell. Lucinda says nor can he kill him from there either. And she is not going to forget that this isn’t the first child that Craig has disappointed as a father. She begs Lily not to get mixed up in this mess that Craig is in. He may be in jail now, but he can still cause trouble. And if Lily brings his kid into this house, there will be trouble. Gabriel is damaged goods and it’s too late to change that. Lily asks then what is it Lucinda thinks she can do; just hand him bus fare and send him off with no family and no support. Lucinda says Lily owes him nothing. She can have regrets; join the club. But giving that kid a nice home and a home cooked meal and a comfy pillow is not going to get that kid to bless Lily. Lily says maybe she doesn’t deserve it, but Craig did nothing wrong. Lucinda begs to differ; his whole life has been wrong. Gabriel said he tried to kill him so that can’t be the kind of man that Lily has compassion for. Lily defends Craig and says he would never hurt his child after what happened to Bryant and he fought so hard for Johnny. She knows he would do anything to be a father to Gabriel. Lucinda says she loves her with all her heart, but this denial does no good. Lily needs to drop this before Craig does serious damage to her and her family. Luke returns and says Gabriel is definitely gone and so is her car.

Johnny tells Dusty that he doesn’t feel like playing the board game anymore. Janet comes by his suite and Dusty tells her that Johnny is not taking the news well that Craig is in jail. He thinks now maybe he should have lied to him. Janet says no, kids can sense it. They are like born lie detectors. She advises him to just give Johnny time; he will come around. She’s had plenty of experience doing the same with Liberty. Dusty scoffs that being a parent isn’t for the wimps. Liberty calls and tells her mom that she is at the police station and needs her help.

Carly puts the moves on Jack and tells him how much she missed him. She tries to take his shirt off, but the cell rings. He tells her that he will turn it off, but glances and sees who it is and says well maybe not. It’s Janet who tells him that Liberty is at the police station, and she is afraid she is going to be arrested. She was with Gabriel in a stolen car and they got stopped. Janet would like Jack to come down and straighten it all out.

Gabriel snarls and wants to know if he is in jail or in hell. He tells the guard he has to get out of there; this guy tried to kill him. Craig asks Gabriel to talk to him. He probably shouldn’t even be out of the hospital so why is he in here? Gabriel says he’s a serial killer; they can play house. Craig tells him to lose the sarcasm; he might be able to help him. Gabriel lashes out that he can handle himself. Craig says he shouldn’t have to. That is what family is for. Gabriel reminds him that his own sister put Craig in here, so he can just stay on his side of the cell and Gabriel will stay on his. Craig says they may as well use this time to get to know each other. He’s gone all this time without a father, but now here he is. Gabriel retorts that if he really wanted a father, it wouldn’t be Craig.

Jack sighs and tells Carly that Janet needs him. Liberty is at the station and may be arrested. She says in that case she is going with him. Lily asks Luke if she will go try to find Gabriel as he is in no condition to drive. She says he used to have a room at the Lakeview. She tells her mom that she is not ready to write Gabriel off yet. The police call and tell Lily they found Gabriel driving her car.

At the hospital, Dr. Oliver tells Noah that he is officially releasing him today. He can not keep him in bed when sick people need it more. The surgery is a success and progress from now will improve with time. Just do the therapy and use the drops he gave him. Dr. Oliver is optimistic. Noah says that is the first time he has heard him use the O word. Reid says not to let that get around or it will ruin his reputation. He should call Luke to come pick him up. Noah says no just yet. His friend Richard is coming to visit so he’ll get a ride with him. Richard tells Noah that he has a hot doctor. Noah had no clue and wonders why Luke had not mentioned it.

Dr. Oliver runs into Luke at the Lakeview and invites him for a club soda. Luke declines and says he has to go find Gabriel. Reid tells him that Noah is being discharged. Luke tries to pretend that he is not disappointed; he’s only glad that Noah is going home. Reid offers to help him find Gabriel; nothing he’d rather do that chase after a car thief.

Craig tells Gabriel not to pass judgment on him. He knows nothing about him. Gabriel says he knows more than he wants to. He didn’t reveal who he was as Craig would not have shown him the real person he is. So he just watched from a distance. Craig accuses him of setting him up. Gabriel says no, he was the one who was stealing millions from a boy who trusted him and then lying to a woman he supposedly loved…..and then starting a fire to cover it up. Craig counters with he did it all for Carly and Monte Carlo. He always intended to pay back the money, but Ellis stole it from him. Gabriel bashes that it’s not Ellis’ fault. It’s Craig that is ruining people’s lives.

Liberty explains that the car was not stolen. Gabriel just borrowed it, and she did not even know that when he picked her up. She tells them that they were just taking a ride, not that they were leaving town. Jack returns and tells them that Liberty is not going to be charged. Janet wants to take her home before the officer changes his mind. Liberty makes Jack promise to keep her informed about Gabriel. Carly tells Jack they need Gabriel to stay in town. They need him to testify against Craig.

Craig tells Gabriel that he blackmailed him like a pro, so don’t make it sound like he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. Gabriel says it was never about the money. It was cool having money to buy a car and renting the plane for Liberty, but that wasn’t why he did it. Craig says yeah he knows. Gabriel liked to see him squirm and now he’s going to enjoy it again to watch Craig go down for something he did not do. Gabriel says, “you said it, not me, Dad.”

Dusty has Johnny draw a picture and all he does is angrily scratches strong lines back and forth over the page. Janet and Liberty come by and Dusty explains to Janet that Johnny is having some sort of melt down. Janet hugs Johnny.

Lily and Lucinda come to the station where she tells Jack that Gabriel is staying with her and he needed to run an errand. He had permission to use her car. She’d like to know what to do to get him out of here. Jack says if there was no crime, then they can’t hold him. Lucinda says surely they can think of something. Lily says it will be fine; she knows what she is doing. Lucinda adds, “famous last words.” She grabs a police officer and asks if he can do her a favor.

Craig tells Gabriel that he admits that he is a deeply flawed man. And he was not there for him and Gabriel is blaming him for not treating his mother with the love and respect she should have had. Gabriel says well at least he can admit that. Craig tells him that he will gladly take responsibility for all those things, but Gabriel cannot go around making false accusations about him. He did not see him the day of the fire at Monte Carlo and he certainly did not leave him there to die. Gabriel says he was there because he said he was there, so game over, he wins. Craig says Gabriel is so cocky for one so young. He better not take him out; he won’t like what happens next. Gabriel says he will take his chances. He sees Lucinda out of the corner of his eye and grabs Craig. Craig grabs him back by the neck and starts choking him. Lucinda commands the officer to do something to break it up.

The officer separates Gabriel and Craig. Gabriel says he tried to choke him to keep him from testifying. Craig wants to know who let the old battle ax in. Another officer tells Gabriel that he is being released. Craig tells Gabriel that he is clever and quick, but he has set things in motion that he may not be able to stop and he will live to regret it. Craig admits that he was cocky too when he was his age, but when you get older you realize that family is all you have. And Craig is it! Gabriel leaves and Lucinda tells Craig that was touching but too late. He is never going to be a father to that young man.

Liberty tells Johnny that she really enjoys his family picture. They will give it to his other dad and he can make Dusty another one. Dusty tells Janet that he has to make sure he is made the legal guardian before more happens to Craig. She says Johnny is lucky to have him as a dad.

Noah puts the drops in his eyes and it stings like hell, but he can see. The first thing he wants to do is to call Luke, but he stops. He tells Richard that he knows he has been pushing Luke away, but he is still in love with him and needs to see him. He tells Richard not to tell anyone that he has his sight back. He wants it to be a surprise.

Luke brings Reid back to Lily’s and no one is home. Reid says he doesn’t want to be in the way so he can either stay or leave. Luke grabs him by the arm and tells him not to leave.

Jack tells Gabriel that the only reason he is releasing him is that Lily vouched for him. She pulls Gabriel aside and says she told them that he borrowed the car. She doesn’t know if he was planning on bringing it back or not, she doesn’t care. She still wants him to stay with her at least until he knows what he’s going to do. He says he can’t make any promises.

Craig asks Lucinda how much did she pay to see him rot in jail? She quips that whatever it was it was worth it just to see him and his son – priceless. She is happy to see him have a son that is even more rotten than Craig is. Craig says Gabriel may be a thief and a liar, but he didn’t get that from him. Lucinda says yes he did. It’s a clear case of nature versus nurture. He tells her that she played God and that is why his son hates him and he is stuck in here for something he did not do. Lucinda says she has a clear conscious. There have been plenty of other things that Craig has done. Craig tells her that she owes him for keeping this secret. She tells him that she owes him nothing. Jack comes to get Lucinda. He tells her that she can not be down there. She tells Craig to enjoy his new quarters. Craig asks Jack to stay; believe it or not, Jack is his only chance.

Jack relays that why should he after all Craig did to Parker and torched all of Carly’s efforts. Then he tried to take Parker down for something he did to Gabriel. Craig said he did nothing to Gabriel. He’d like to see any evidence Jack has that he was involved. Jack says he doesn’t know; he’s off the case now. Craig groans. He finds so repugnant Jack’s unbending moral code and his unbearable smug attitude of fairness and that is all he has to appeal to. But he’s not taking the bullet for anyone. Gabriel is lying and Craig thinks Jack knows that. He asks Jack to at least do him one thing and it won’t cost him anything.

Gabriel asks about Liberty. Carly tells him that she went home with her mother. He tells her that he is sorry about the money; it was never about Parker. He has some left and he will give it back to him. Carly says all she wants out of this is to keep Parker far away from it all. Reluctantly Gabriel goes with Lily as he has no place else to go. He doesn’t promise that he will stay, but they can talk about it.

Janet lets Johnny feel the baby kick; an athlete in training. Dusty tells her that he isn’t going to pressure her, but if she ever wants to give it another try, this is what it could be like. If she ever decides to marry him, he would not say no. Jack calls and tells Dusty that Craig wants to see Johnny. He doesn’t have to do it for Craig, but do it for Johnny.

Luke asks Reid if he wants to watch a Cubs game. Reid quips that he is not a masochist. He challenges Luke to a game of chess. Luke wonders if he is hustling him. Reid beats him badly so now he knows he was hustled. Reid admits he used to hang out with 70 year old Ukrainians after school and got real good at it. His folks put him in competitions and he never lost. He admits he was more of a trained seal and not a kid. Then one day he woke up and refused to do it anymore. Reid admits he can’t do this heart on his sleeve thing. He feels like a dorky high school kid wondering if Luke likes him or wants him as much as he wants him. He admits his high school days were agony because of being out. Luke touches his face then kisses him, which Reid returns. Noah walks up and sees them in front of the window.

Liberty admits to Janet that Gabriel was planning on leaving town and wanted her to go with him. She wasn’t tempted though as she could never do that to Janet. Janet tells Liberty that she needs to concentrate on high school. She worked so hard to get her life back on track and now she is on track to graduate with her class. She doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that. Liberty admits she has feelings for Gabriel and he helped her so much when she needed it. He’s all alone and she wants to be there for him now.

Lucinda and Lily watch as Gabriel eats. Lily leaves Gabriel alone with Lucinda who immediately offers a deal to Gabriel. He could take more money and just get out of town after he testifies against Craig. She knows her daughter has a soft spot for Craig and she may talk Gabriel into going easy on Craig, and Lucinda is disinclined to let that happen. Gabriel admits that he did feel sort of sorry for Craig rotting in the jail cell. Lucinda says that is what he does; he charms people that he is a changed man and then he sends people like lemmings off a cliff.

Dusty tells Craig this is against his better judgment, but Johnny is missing him. Craig convinces the officer to take off his cuffs. Craig hugs Johnny and praises him for his family picture. They tell each other how much they love one another. Craig says he will be home really soon. He also wants him to get to know his big brother. Get to know everything about him….tell him that he loves Craig and living with him and tell him that he wants him to come home.

Back home, Jack tells Carly that she is not going to like this but he thinks Craig is telling the truth and that Gabriel is lying. Carly tells him just to forget it. This is not his case. Parker is free and they can get on with their life. He kisses her and says he wants that more than anything.

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