ATWT Update Thursday 5/27/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/27/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Lark

(Farm) Molly goes downstairs after getting a text message from Silas but she tells Holden that she is thirsty and wants to go down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Holden offers to go get her some water but she tells him to keep the bed warm because she will return to pick up where they left off in a few minutes. Molly searches for Silas downstairs and doesn’t find him until he grabs her from behind and startles her as she walks onto the porch. Molly wonders if Silas went inside the house but Silas tells Molly that he didn’t want to get in trouble for trespassing so he stayed on the porch. Molly advises Silas he had better leave now because there are a lot of guns in the house and the Snyder’s aren’t shy about using them. Silas agrees to leave but he tells Molly he isn’t going to give up on her because he wants them to get back together.

( Hospital) Gabriel awakens and is happy to see Liberty and thanks her for bringing his mother’s pearls for him to hold while he was in a coma. Liberty tells Gabriel she thought it would be a good idea to bring the pearls to give him a reason to awaken from his coma. Gabriel tells Liberty that she should leave because it isn’t good for her to be around germs she could get sick. Liberty happily tells Gabriel she doesn’t have to do radiation treatments anymore. Lily arrives too tell Gabriel he can stay at her house while he recovers from his injuries. Gabriel doesn’t want to stay at Lily’s house and Lily tells Gabriel that it is her way of making amends to him for keeping his father a secret from him all these years.

(Carly’s house) Faith arrives to tell Parker how happy she is that he isn’t in jail for punching Gabriel. Parker thinks that still doesn’t excuse that he punched Gabriel in the first place and he blames himself for his parents arguing about how best to protect him. Parker also tells Faith that Jack could lose his bade because Margo thinks that he kept the information about his punching Gabriel from her on purpose to protect him. Faith tells Parker that being a policeman is just a job and Jack loves him much more then his job. Parker explains that being a cop isn’t just a job it is Jack’s whole life just like it was with his real dad Hal. Parker also explains that when you are the child of a cop you must do your best to be good all the time and he hasn’t done very well in that department. Faith also thinks Parker shouldn’t blame himself because his parents are too dense to realize they belong together that isn’t his fault. Faith points out that her parents are also too dense to realize they should be together and there is nothing she can do about it so she doesn’t worry anymore.

(Police Station) Cary arrives to invite jack to a family dinner to celebrate the fact that everything turned out well with Parker. Carly smiles and tells Jack she and Sage have been cooking all afternoon and they have cooked all of parker’s favorite dishes, which also happen to be Jack’s favorite dishes. Jack tells Carly that pot roast isn’t going to fix all their problems. Jack is upset that Carly lied to him again and didn’t trust him enough to tell him what parker did to Gabriel. Carly wonders if Jack would have arrested Parker if he had told him the truth about what happened with Gabriel. Jack admits he doesn’t know what he would have done but he would have liked for Carly to have trusted him with the decision. Jack tells Carly that lies have always been a problem between them and it looks like nothing has changed. Carly tells Jack that she was scared for Parker and he knows better then anyone that she can’t think clearly when she is scared. Jack and Carly apologize to each other for the things they said to each other in their earlier argument. Jack agrees to take Carly home after he has finished work and stay for the family dinner.

(Hospital) Lily explains to Gabriel that his mother was the one that didn’t want to tell Craig about him because she didn’t want anyone to know that she had slept with a married man. Gabriel thinks that his mother was probably worried that Sierra would find out that her husband had slept with the maid and be ashamed of what her friends would say about it. Lily tells Gabriel that Sierra wouldn’t have reacted that way at all but Gabriel thinks that all rich people only care about how things appear to others. Liberty thinks Gabriel is being unfair to make such broad general statements about everyone who is rich. Liberty asks Lily to let her speak to Gabriel alone so Lily leaves Gabriel and Liberty to talk alone. Liberty tells Gabriel that she knows exactly how he feels because she lived the same situation with her father when she came to Oakdale. Liberty explains that it wasn’t Brad’s fault that he wasn’t with her growing up he simply didn’t know she existed and if he had known he would have been with her. . Liberty explains to Gabriel that she was scared that Brad would reject her so she kept her guard up but once she got to know him she realized that he was a good person and a good father. Liberty tells Gabriel that Craig may have been a good father to Lucy and Bryant but she didn’t know him then the only thing she knows is that he is a good father to Johnny. Liberty advises Gabriel to get to know Craig before he decides if he is a good or a bad person. Liberty also advised him Gabriel to stay with Lily and give her a chance to correct the mistake she made with him. Lily comes back inside and Gabriel agrees to stay with her but he doesn’t want her to ambush him into seeing Craig.

(Farm) Holden is worried because he thought he hears someone outside Molly tells him she thought she heard the same thing but it was probably some of Faith’s friends playing a joke. Molly tells Holden to let it go but he calls Faith and tells her to come home right away because he has to talk to her.

(Police Station) Craig sees Carly and asks the policeman for permission to talk to her and he tells Carly that she knows that Gabriel is lying because he would never hurt his own son. Craig tells Carly that he would also never do anything to hurt Parker but she must tell the police he didn’t do this and when Jack arrives he tells Jack the same thing before the policeman takes him back to his cell.

(Farm) Faith arrives and Holden wonders if some of her friends were trespassing on the property playing a prank and Faith tells Holden she doesn’t have any friends. Holden then assumes that they are some of Faith clients to whom she sells drugs. Faith is hurt that he father doesn’t trust her and storms out of the house. Molly tells Holden not to blame Faith because it was probably someone else playing a prank. Holden feels badly for jumping to conclusions about Faith and wonders if he has ruined their relationship. Molly advises Holden to go talk to Lily and maybe she can help him patch things up with Faith.

(Lily’s house) Lily makes Gabriel chicken soup and as he eats it she tells him that her house is his home for as long as he wants to stay there. Lily offers to buy Gabriel some new clothes but he is offended and reminds her that he doesn’t need a mother. Lily tells Gabriel she just wants to be his friend. Liberty tells Gabriel that she must go study and she will see him later. Gabriel goes for a walk just as Faith arrives and wonders what Gabriel is doing there and Lily informs her that Gabriel is staying with them. Faith also goes for a walk when Holden arrives because she can’t stand to be in the same room with him.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Carly have a nice dinner with their kids and Sage wonders when jack will move back home. Jack explains that he is staying at the farm until he and Carly can work some things out between them. Carly asks Parker to take Sage to the movies and Sage doesn’t want to leave until Parker offers to buy her ice cream at Al’s Diner.

(Outside Lily’s house) Faith is angry that Lily kicked her out of the house and let Gabriel move in and he is a thief and a liar. Lily explained to Faith earlier before Holden arrived that she didn’t kick her out of the house Faith wanted to move out. Faith sees Gabriel and since she doesn’t like him and wants him to leave she tells Gabriel where Lily hides the spare key to her car and tells him to take Lily’s car and leave town. Gabriel gladly accepts the offer because all he wants to do is leave town.

(Inside Lily’s house) Holden doesn’t want Lily to let Gabriel stay with her because that puts her in a dangerous situation with Craig. Lily tells Holden she wants to give Gabriel a taste of what its like to be part of a family and she hopes that will make up for keeping the truth from him all these years. Lily tells Holden if he can’t help her then he should stay out of her way. Holden promises to help Lily with Gabriel.

(Carly’s house) Jack tells Carly that he loves her but he needs too know if she can live wit Janet and the baby being a part of his life and he wants to know the truth. Carly admits that she is jealous of the attention that he gives to Janet and the baby and she feels selfish for being jealous of a baby. Carly also tells jack she doesn’t like sharing him with anyone but she can’t live without him because she loves him too much. Jack admits to Carly that he loves her but he can’t stand the lies and they must learn to trust each other and Jack and Carly both promise to try and be better people. Jack tells Carly that he has tried living without her before and he can’t do it. Jack and Carly kiss and Jack agrees to move back home.

(Lakeview) Silas tells Molly that he wants to build a life with her but she turns him down and he gets angry and tells her she ruined his life and she will regret turning down his offer.

(Lily’s car) Gabriel stops by to pick up Liberty and asks her to leave town with him but Liberty tells him he can’t pile one wrong thing on top of another wrong thing and advises him to stay in town and deal with his problems.

(Al’s Diner) Faith runs into Parker and sage and tells Parker about her argument with Holden as well as the fact Gabriel is staying at Lily’s house. Faith also tells Parker she gave Gabriel the keys to Lily’s car and told him to leave town. Parker hopes that Gabriel will leave town so that Liberty won’t be around him anymore because the guy is bad news.

(Lily’s car) A policeman stops Gabriel because Lily’s car has a broken taillight and when he can’t give the cop the car’s registration he and Liberty are taken to the police station.

(Farm) Molly calls Holden and tells him that she will wait for him patiently at the farm until he is done talking to Lily.

(Police Station) Gabriel asks the police officer to let Liberty go because she wasn’t involved he was the one who took the car. Craig is surprised when Gabriel arrives and is put in the same cell with him.

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